How do I use GoDaddy to redirect to my account?
Quick question... How do I use GoDaddy to redirect to my account? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... I received an E-mail asking about a HostGator I registered two days ago. The sender wants to know my price and if I have received any other offers for this domain. He also requested that this correspondence be kept confidential.

Confidential and privileged information. Veiwing of this message by unintended recipients is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify us immediately and delete it from your computer. Is this notice used frequently on E-mails pertainning to domains sales?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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Did it come from a "" email address?.

Did they claim to be a "consulting" or "software" company?..

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There are many posts like that. It is a scam (but you could reply just for fun)..

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I've posted on.

Another thread.

Regarding this scam. Feel free to look over the text file, this guy seems to use a lot of common things in his emails..

I'm disregarding his request to keep it confidential, BTW. If he wasn't a POS scammer, I'd have no problem respecting that request for confidentiality, but since he IS bilking people out of money, I feel it's important to spread the word so people don't fall into this trap...

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Did some research and followed the trail to a web GoDaddy site that is a wholesaler of domains for hosting world wide. If you would like to buy a HostGator you can select a service provider from their list. I guess I will answer this E-mail just to see if they ask for a appraisal. Not sure what I will reply, but will think of something. He did claim to be a software company. Toughguy was not the return address...

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That's a very common notice that many companies require their employees to use when sending email from their corporate email server...

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The large company I work for has a very similar outgoing message. Very common business practice..

Off topic: Awesome quote Gene..

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Can I asume then, that this E-mail came from a company?.

Thanks for the info...

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It is absolutely scam, if he asks for appraisal. but you can have fun with him. dont get excited about the sale. take it easy.

I am sure whatever link he sends for appraisals, would point to.

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I know it's a scam, but I always reply with my price. Is there any harm in this??? Ive never even gotten a reply...

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Wait a minute here why is everyone assuming it's a scam? You didn't say whether or not he asked for an appraisal. What you did tell us in your first post looked like a legitimate request to me..

If he did ask for an appraisal, THEN it gets suspicious. But don't lose a potential sale... it may very well be a legitimate inquiry...

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Gene - I don't know about anyone else, but the person that wrote to me did not ask for an appraisal. I was just wondering about the request for keeping the E-mail confidential. What the reason might be. He just asked my price and if anyone else had made an offer, and to please keep it confidential...

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That's how they start..

No assumptions..i guess ppl posted here have already experienced this before. Lines from the email posted here are verbatim to what I recieved..

It will be very depressing to know at the end (after 2 - 3 days of emails) that it was a scam !..

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Thanks-I wrote and told him I haven't thought about selling, as I have only had it for two days. I told him, if I have the time, I plan on developing the domain. Thanks to all of you for your information! Best wishes and good luck with your domains!..

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