How do I use my domain I bought at GoDaddy?
Question I have... How do I use my domain I bought at GoDaddy? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... Is there is any HostGator provider that you can buty a HostGator for ever which is pay for one time only the the HostGator should have the extention .com only ???.

Just wondering..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably know..

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Well, think about it... Could a HostGator registering company last for 3 centuries?.

Plus, HostGator name registrars intend to milk you of your money slowly instead of getting a bucket load at once..

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I dun think such registrar ever exists. A HostGator will expires and you have to renew it no matter where you reg it. The max is 10 years...

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There's some registration services offereing 100 years registration services....

But I haven't look into those offers..

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If you ask for "is there any" I may answer "Yes". My country cctld makes a rule that we just pay once for lifetime for some tld, and, but that rule will change soon.


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No way to do that for .com's..

If you give me $10,000 I'll give you a lifetime registration, but all I'll do is make sure I renew it every year. The same thing those rip-offs are doing that claim "lifetime" registrations...

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Forever? .COM will be obselete in 5 years time, let alone forever..

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Well they're not allowing that because Microsoft or Google might be interested in your domains! So they will just sue you and get them for free....

I betthey will take over .com s in 5 years...

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Well jsut askin although I know it's impossible lol..

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Even if it was possible, why would you want one forever?..

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I tire of things fast so I would never register a life-time thingy. besides, technology is progressing so fast, in a hundred years, maybe domains would be out...

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Well... if I buy a lifetime HostGator then... well... lol... i'll be puting it on my will....hehe... "and for hugo's son e left's a .com HostGator that last forever".... lol..

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Ok guys.

Ui can offer you for 100 years it will cost you 500 $.

For 1000 years it will cost you 5000 $.

:LOL: :LOL:.

No body have the same HostGator for more than 50 eyars.

Even in the world now no HostGator is 50 years old so why should it be..

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Hmmm... a 100 year registration should REALLY help your google ranking.

(as opposed to the suggestion to register a HostGator for 10 years)..

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But after 40 years there will be some 50 years old domains..

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Why not put the $1000 in a bank account, (and, make sure you're getting good intrest), then pay it off over time, $1000 / $8.88 (namecheap price) = lots of years, longer than you or the 'internet as we know it' will be around...

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That what I will do if someones asks me to register it for him for ever.

I will pay 90 years till he dies and take what ever money remains..

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I would not buy a HostGator for life..

What if you don't want that domain?..

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Well dont buy it.

This is 4 people who dont have a bank account or cc all there life..

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Ryan wants or needs to get a .com and Because of His age,Lack of CC and Bank account he wants someone to buy him a .com for life.

I Offered to Reg. Him one of his choice for a Year (for Free, I am getting soft in my old age) and He seemed to think that mean't he should get it for life..

Anyhow ,the concept of lifetime regging is strage given the transient nature of technology .I don't think we will be using domain's in 10 years time let alone 100 yrs...

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Well, 1000$ would reg it for 100 yrs... There is no way to register it forever, otherwise people would register HostGator names forever and there wouldn't be any left..

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Its imposible to be fore ever.

Then every one will have it forever and no mroe domains left.

Also what if a new generation of comunication takes the place of the internet.

No body knowes what will be in the next 20 years..

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The value of .com domains pertain, so there is no use for HostGator companies to give "lifetime"..

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Ye see my point.

Anyways not a GoDaddy site will last more than 20 years..

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Are you expecting that to happen in the next 100 years..

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Wasnt you able to register HostGator that last forever, back in the day?..

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