How do I use the right side of my page on a iPage site?

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My first question is How do I use the right side of my page on a iPage site? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... I added a banner and turned it on to green but nothing is showing up? do I have to do something else in order for this to work? please help me. thank you.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I used the banner manager and put in a couple of new banners. I turned the oscommerce banner off (clicked the red button). My banner is the right size, in the banner folder with the oscommerce banner. It is a jpg..

When the page loads all I see is the text I used to name the file on the banner inclusion form thingy. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here? no box with a red x, just the text..



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Read the text.....

HTML Text has priority over an image..

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I am havin a problem with my banner..

I was trying to customize it and put my own banner in place of the default one. Well, I changed the banner group to the size of my banner, not knowing that this will mess up the whole thing!.

I changed it back to 468x50 (that's an X right? not the symbol?), but it's not showing on my iPage site (.



What am I doing wrong?.

I should also mention that I changed the template meanwhile and I am giving it a thought that the new template might have disable the banner or something..

The display/clicks statistics is working though.....

Any hints?..

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Why does this banner thing not work? Is there any other banner manager software that is stable that I can put into the footer that will rotate the banners?..

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Yes, changing the group to 468x50 worked for me too..

Logic need not apply, as always...

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This it works for me. I can see the banner now..


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Yap.....confirm it works for me as well, after changing the banner group to 468x50 !!.

Strange but it works..

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This is stupid but it works if all else fails. Rename the banner you want to use to the file name already taken (oscommerce.gif I think)..

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Thanks got it.

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: 27 December 2007, 02:17..

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The reason it works when you make the group name 486x50 is because the default osCommerce code in footer.php, is coded to display that group banner. If you want to have a different group banner you must change the code to look for the banner that has the new group name..

Current code.


Echo tep_display_banner('dynamic',.




Or, you can make a static call to the banner function with a specific banner id..

Possible new code.


Echo tep_display_banner('static', '1'); where 1 is the specific banner id you want.



Echo tep_display_banner('dynamic',.

'your group name'.

); will dynamically pull banners from the group you specify.



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: 04 January 2008, 17:24..

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I've got this sort of figured out. But how to I get a rotating banner box below the other boxes on the left or right column?.

When I use this code from the tutorial it seems to be too much info and places the banner on top of everything else..



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O.K., I just answered my own question by looking at my other site..

I created a file in 'includes>boxes>banners.php.

And than just add this 'box code' where ever I want the random banner to appear:.



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How do I change the banner at the top?.

The banner management system only does the footer.

Anyhelp? =]..

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The banner management system does ALL banners, but right now, the only banner that it is being called for is the footer one..

Basically the banner manager is just ONE STEP in getting a banner to show. When you upload the banner and name it, the banner manager puts it int he correct spot and creates the code that it needs to use incase you only want it to show at certain times.. After you upload teh banner, then you have to go to the page you want to put it in and tell that page to call for that banner..

So you upload a banner for a 4th of july sale. You name it independenceday. If you want it to display in the right column of your website, you just go to the column_right.php and you add the code that calls for the banner (otherwise your iPage website would never know where to put it!).

So in column_right, you put.


Echo tep_display_banner('dynamic', 'independenceday');.


Where you want it to show. You can also put it inside an info box by using the code posted above...

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I added a banner and turned it on to green but nothing is showing up? do I have to do something else in order for this to work? please help me. thank you.


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Add the Banner Group: 468x50.

Any banners should use this group name.

It worked form me.

See manual at:.


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