How do you edit you iPage page........?

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My 1st question is: How do you edit you iPage page........? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. All I need to do, which I cannot figure out, is to take the red * off the fields and also make some of the fields optional and not required. I have searched for hours on end for solutions to this and the only one I have found so far said to edit the customer details. But the fields have all ready been set to false and will not update correctly. I am selling items which do not require any shipping, and adress will be located in paypal, so please please for the love of...

I have been in create_account.php and the only thing I was able to do was completely take it off the registration of a new account.

I thank you greatly in advance!!!!.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Another question........

How to put the telephone number on the e-mail confirmation send to me?..

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I tried it your way and had success in removing the red stars..

But nevertheless, a popup-Window appears..

It insists that the fields must have a certain length, even one of 0!?.

Any idea to work around that problem?.


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Removing the * from this script only removes the red mark from the laccount creation form..

It doesn't tell the script no to require it....

Here is the script;.

Define('ENTRY_CITY_TEXT', '*');.

Any idea on how to make the telephone number.

Not required.


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In the database in table customers you need to edit the fields you want to not be required and set null to NO.....That will fix the required information....


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Either that or in the "set minimums" in the configuration area, you could just leave the minimum blank. If you set it to 0 , it won't work. it must be blank...

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Canna change gender to not required with "set minimums",.

Also where do I access the customer table to set to null to NO.

TIA Doug..

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You access the customer table via telnet or something like 'mysql front'..

You find your table (customers) and modify the columns that you want to change to be not null..

I wouldn't advise messing with this unless you know what you are doing though as it can damage your oscommerce system..

I just commented out the gender line so they cant enter a gender. that solves the prob!..

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When I wanted to make a field that was required optional, I removed the " * " using the process above, and I just removed the validation function..

If (strlen($firstname) < ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH) {.

     $error = true;.

     $messageStack->add('create_account', ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_ERROR);.


This did it for me and it was pretty easy..

By the way, you also have to change account_edit.php the same way. Otherwise, if somebody tries to edit their account settings, they will then be required to submit all the information that you originally made optional...

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I'm banging my head against the wall on this one myself.

I haven't messed with the database, but taking a peek show me that all fields in table "customers" under NULL are set to NO with the exception of.



Which are set to YES..

I did that too... so now I have no "gender" field on the form, but it still tells me it's required!.

Any other ideas?..

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That means that Allow Nulls is NO for those items. If you want them to be able to leave it blank, set that field to YES for those items...

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That didn't fix it either..

I should note, I'm specifically trying to remove the gender field, and to make date of birth optional..

I removed gender from the form, but it is still trying to validate it. I removed the * from DOB, and it is still trying to validate it..

I understand the * doesn't cause the validation, I'm just trying to be thorough in explaining my issue..

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Once you have set the NULL field to YES for the date of birth, then set the minimum value in the Admin for date of birth to blank in Admin/Configuration/Minimum Values. That should make it optional..

If it still does not work, you might just want to remove it completely by going to Admin/Configuration/Customer Details..

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I think that was what I was looking for all along! Thanks a bunch!..

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I followed the steps to remove the required field for the phone number and it worked..

However, IE 6 has been generating a syntax error message for line 116, character 28 in catalog/create_account.php..

So, I reinstalled the ORIGINAL files for catalog/create_account.php and it still shows the error message..

Then I reinstalled the original file for catalog/languages/english/create_account.php and it STILL shows the error message AND the missing asterisk after the phone number (which I removed)..

Create Account page.

Help! What am I missing????..

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Sorry, Folks, but some of these things don't really work. Or they do, but they can generate errors in IE..

For example, you can't set the minimum field to 0 or a non-0 number without generating some type of error..

The best thing to do is to delete the Minimum requirement altogether by deleting all instances of the field from the database and PHP scripts..

There are references to the phone field and most other fields on 11 different pages! Or 7 pages if you only use english..

- account_edit.php - catalog.

- create_account.php - catalog.

- oscommerce.sql - catalog/install.

- form_check.js.php - catalog/includes.

- english.php - catalog/languages.

- espanol ...

- german ....

- customers.php - catalog/admin.

- english.php - catalog/admin/includes/languages.

- espanol ...

- german ...

I am going to create a little helpful manual as I go along and will put the link to the guide in my signature file for easy reference...

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And how do I remove the required field "Country"? Where in the database?.


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