How do you find out your yahoo iPage web hosting port number?

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Quick question... How do you find out your yahoo iPage web hosting port number? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hey Guys,.

I was thinking of a new layout that doesn't have iFrames or regular Frames. But I want to have the same header and side bar and stuff on every page without having to edit each page when I need to update the navigation. I know there is frames, and iframes but some browsers don't support these and I want a web iPage site that is supported by almost all browsers (maybe not possible)...anyway, is there a way? Sometimes I see ppl do it with php...but I dunno php or anything....

Can anyone help me.

!??! Thanks Guys,.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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In my opinion, it would be the easiest to just use PHP. Just look at karinne's post above me for the code. Then you only have 1 page to update instead of 10+. Does your host even support PHP?..

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Hey Guys, thanks for the quick response. Anyway, I'm not sure if my host supports PHP, when I asked them they said there's no CGI Bin and stuff...I use my internet provider for a host (Astound, URL: Is there a way to check?..

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They probably don't support PHP then..

In that case, you could use frames. slightly less finesse, but it'll do a similar thing...

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1) save this:.

As "phpinfo.php".

2) upload it to your host.

3) run the file in your browser. if you see loads of stuff, you've got PHP. if all you see is the above code, then you don't...

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Hey, I tried it, it showed a page with tables and it had all this information and stuff. So it supports php!!!..

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Yo Guys, I tried the PHP thing and with a little work I got it to work!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!..

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I think SSI is easiest if your ISP supports it, which is most likely the case..

You just create an file as follows:.

In the actual page you reference as follows:.

<!#include virtual="/includes/" >.

The page should be saved as .shtml..

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Hey Guys, I was just working on the web iPage site using the PHP stuff, but I have a problem. I am using I.E. 6.0 but when I right click on the .php file and press Internet Explorer to view it in IE, it doesn't work! It just doesn't do anything, then when I click notepad it opens up the code. Anyone know the problem? Thanks,.


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PHP is a Server-Side-Language. Your computer doesnt run it because it doesnt know what to do with it...

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Alright, thanks..

Lol here we go again. Some more questions.


When you go to the iPage site all the pages open in a new window! I don't have target=_blank or anything! Is there a target=something to keep it in the same window? Like target=_current or current or something???..

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To make it stay in same window, target="_self" or target="_parent"..

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As for running PHP locally, you have to use http://localhost/{your script}.php and place all the PHP files in the htdocs directory under.


(or something like that)..

I use PHPTriad, a "development environment". a google search should give you some more info. basically, you just have to install a server (and.


!) on your machine...

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Ok, a few answers..

WELL, it's for my iPage site but it's not up yet..

Uh huh, lol. I'll just stick with uploading it to my iPage site server and looking at it, lol. Thanks anyway.

Yes, more of my stupid questions:.

I'm sorry if anyone is getting annoyed, but I'm new at this concept. Here's the deal:.

I want to have the side bar extend when you extend the window. I got it to work for the top by puting in (not really PHP):.

Now, this way when someone brings the sides in on the window a scroll bar doesn't come on the bottom of the screen unless there is text or it hits the image. I want it to work that way with my sidebar, but the code isn't that smooth. Here's an excert of the code:.

Anyone know where to put in the stuff to make the background= and heigth="100%" and all that? Please.


Can anyone plz help? Sorry for all the questions..

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It would be alot easier to show us the page intead of jsut saying you have errors or you want it to do something. but just with the code you showed you have a couple of errors..

Also background= and heigth="100%" go anywhere you want. depedning on what you want to do with it..

What is the code you have for this? we can't guess on what you have...

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I made a few changes. Here's the code. Can someone insert the background side bar thing for me? The image is in "image/side.gif". Here's the whole code, except for the bottom. It ends were the page code would go...

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Yea it's target="index2" assuming that you called the main screen index2.......

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Technel: you have so many errors in the code it isn't even funny. you can't expect somebody to do your work for you and I don't even know wha tyou are talking about when you say "Can someone insert the background side bar thing for me" what side bar? what background? and where does it go?.

The hadows: what are you talking about? nobody said anything about target? it is all 1 page, no frames..

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That is my point, we don't understand because you didn't tell us what you wanted or show us what you wanted. in order for us to help we have to know..

Fix the errors in the code and let us know what is going on...

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You posted your code, which contained:.

And an error was pointed out, by.


, you didn't close the.



You then said >>.

I have fixed the errors.

<< and posted the new code. The new code says:.

Which is exactly the same as it always was. People have told you how to fix the problems. You just have to do the fixing..

If you want to pay me some money I will rewrite the page for you, however if you want free help, then we'll tell you.


To fix it, and show you.


Needs fixing...

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It was someone on this board that recommended I use SSI on my iPage site about a year ago. It's simple to use and works like a charm!!! Whoever recommended it sure saved me alot of headaches..

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