How do you find your publishing address/FTP server information from 123 for NVU?

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First question I have is How do you find your publishing address/FTP server information from 123 for NVU? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Http://

I know there have been high Game(s).ext sales in the past, but take my word for it - they've not been any easier to sell (I have 5 total and have not sold 1 of them!). Now I see on Sedo with 58 bids and up to $24k+? Is this fake or is there something about this name I don't know?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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How to find how many times a keyword is.


Per month on average :.

(according to the seller of

You take the total occurrences of the word on the net as calculated by Google (ie. total results of a Google search) ... you add the total occurrences of the word on the net as calculated by Yahoo (ie. total results of a Yahoo search) ... you devide by 2 ... VOILA !!!..

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Hard to say fake or not.But only when this sale reported on Sedo I could believe that is a real price...

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59 bids now and up to $25,000.

AC could also stand for Atlantic City. Could be a huge sale in the works here...

Comment #4

Probably gets a few typos from the .ca as well...

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Incredible... I think I'll sell Online.VC for $100k. Better word, similar extension (venture capital, virtual community, etc)..

Just dreaming.....

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I reckon these are fake bids. The guy is probably looking for ONE bid from a "confused" buyer! I hope I'm wrong though!.

Only thing that can be said in favor of .ac over other cctlds is the popularity of

Comment #7

Interesting thought...I'm still thinking it's been elaborately fake bidding, but I guess we'll see in due time...

Comment #8

How can it be fake with 9 bidders? Is it possible to do that? He has created 9 different accounts?.

This price is crazy.. I wonder how much my will fetch... Maybe around 50k..

Comment #9

Yes,it is possible to do that,I don't thinks these domains such as etc..

Value more than $xxx.Even some cctlds I don't thinks they are wroth more than Reg Fee...

Comment #10

Yes well, remember one thing in this business. Beauty is in the eye of the HostGator buyer..

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But it is hard to believe it get such high price,please remember only real trade people can believe it get such high price,only if dnjournal report the sale of,I could believe.Otherwise,it is only a joke IMO~.

There are too many fake bids on Sedo,someone said that there are 50% winners couldn't pay for their bids~..

Comment #12

Bidding goes hot only when the beauty is identified by the eyes of atleast 2 potential buyers! Here apparently 9 bidders identified the "beauty" & not even one of us could!..

Comment #13

Yep. Just as easy as creating 1 fake account. Spammers in chatrooms usually create hundreds of fake accounts!.

Well, sold for $15k in the past if I remember correctly (a friend from DiscussNames sold it but it was so long ago I forget the price), and sold for around $4k or $5k. They CAN sell well, and I'd expect maybe 1 straggler to bid huge, but I would not have expected a name like this to be this active in an auction where 9 bidders have been in on it and there's still some days left. Hasbro has a point about perhaps AC = Atlantic City, though this would be the first sale I can remember where that mattered...I haven't seen any good gambling related .ac sales that I can remember. If anyone else knows of some, let us know and that might shed some light on this...

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I'd sure love to get that for my!..

Comment #15

25 k ? and how come I never got a single offer for my for even once ? even it can be a typo of .in.

Any ways I hope those bids are true and it can readily affect other games domains with different extensions...

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