How do you get files on to to create a website?
My question is How do you get files on to to create a website? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... He asked 2300$, I started with 300$, after several rounds, he is quite confirmative on asking price of 1700$ when I put my offer on 1200, and when I said I couldn't afford this and was going to cancel the neogotiation, he said he accepted my offer of 1200$. But, actually, I am still not sure if it is worth it..

I am a newbie on HostGator bidding, and this is the first time I offered more than 1000$ on a name, so I am not sure if I should decide my mind..

Please give me some suggestions...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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Personally I think you should of done your homework properly before bidding and rebidding. All you have done is get the sellers hopes up on selling..

On the other side of the coin, the name will be worth some good money in a couple of years. See all my .in and's I have invested in for the future. If I got a good bid then I would take it but I see a lot of potential in the extension with the growth in India the way it is moving so it would have to be good bids for mine..

So I can personally understand the sellers price. a 3 letter and a word in the .in extension will be quite collectable in a couple or so years..

Remember this is my view on this so seek more advice before you decide on your action...

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Tips is correct IMO you should not have bid not knowing what you were doing. wherever you did this could not let you bid there anymore. I believe in India too but $1200 too expensive without a definitive end user need. I mean I see DB selling a great name like for $150 much better bargain IMO..

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Its a crap price to $1200 not worth $100................

The world does not end with .in and too much hype.

On it at the moment you can buy for $7 so don't waste.

It on that crap extension...

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I agree that the HostGator is not worth $1200. I recommend you get out of the deal..


I respectfully disagree. One of the first 3 letter .IN's I registered (and sold) has already resold for $500, and it wasn't as good as this one, and I've already had multiple XXX offers on 3 letter .IN's that I currently own..

Now THAT would be worthless..

I wouldn't call .IN domains a "crap" extension. Young and mostly unproven - yes. Speculative - yes. But hardly crap. I also can't help but chuckle seeing such a statement coming from somebody who has spent their money on domains. Enough said..

No offense...

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I agree totally, at least .in is A REAL .tld with Immense Potential.

I am still missing the whole Point of domains..

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My and have 100x comfortably paid the reg may surpise you how many clicks I'm getting for something called novelty value.......

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100 x , Congratulations.. , not a bad 3 letter combo at all, if you had something in mind for it then $1200 may not be a bad deal, if you made the offers without thought then you should rethink your strategies...

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I see a lot of 3 letter .coms for sale ranging from 1000$ to 2,000$. Just look for it instead of .INs..

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I think instead of, go for or

In india, she is not very popullar name but if go for / , I think it is worth...

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Three letter one word (She) .com for $1-2K , wow, let me have some of that..

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To much for that name, even $500 is too much IMO. But it's up to you. If you feel that name that important and got some really good plan for development, go for it!..

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Me Three, I will have some of that

Comment #13 sold for about $25K so in a few months I guess could have some value don't you think?..

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It will take awhile for the value to come up, I'ed say is still worth a good big $800 ish because in the future it will be more...

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And I'm saying that if you bid on any HostGator , you should pay..

Thats our business , and if some of us wouldnt pay after agreements , we'll lose all..

Thanks and good luck anyway...

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I would say if you bid, you should pay also. Like everyone else has said, if you weren't expierenced, you should not have bid that much on a new extension such as .in. But, I don't like all is lost. If you do buy it, you will just have to hold on to it for a year or two. Hopefully, you will be able to make most of your money back, and maybe even ,make some. If not,well, as your mother would say, let this be a lesson to you!!!!.

Ha!!! Good luck, I think you will do ok..


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She? What kind of GoDaddy site would anyone develop this into anyway? she sells sea shells by the sea shore in india?..

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I personaly think that it's an end user price for - which can really be justified for if you have some real plans for it and that name real fits in. But if you are buying it as an investment in HostGator thinking the value would be 3x in 3 years, you could have got really decent 2-3 3 letter .net ( I remember & getting sold at like 700-800 ), which would be wiser investment imho than spending 1200 on one 3 letter .in.


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We can't speculate the value of right now but overall, since 3 letter .in are increasing in value, it is not TOO bad a price. But yeah, you have to hold on to it for awhile. And you can even develop a woman GoDaddy site out of it. Ladies clothings, handbags, cosmetic, shopping, shoes, health issues etc. It is a rather broad range. Personally as a domainer, it is wiser for you to pay for what you bidded despite regretting it later on.

Just the right business ethnic. Wish you luck with the sale..


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I am not sure if SHE.IN is worth of 1200$ at the moment..But .IN names are 200% better than names. It's the country code for the fastest growing country..

I call investment in the HostGator names is a gamble, and I prefer to gamble with the ones that have scope for growth. That's where the stratagy is and you gotta understand that...

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Here comes my 3 cents.

It is a very nice HostGator which I would appraise right now at arround $800 or up.

And it will reach your closed auction price definetly in about 3-4 years..


PAY cause thats the TOS or ethics you agreed upon (I see this one is sold through sedo)..

Do what you planned with or set up whatever affiliate site..

Set it up for sale again and WAIT.

And last but not least:.

Close lessons learned "Bidding".

I maybe wrong, but I suppose you played arround with the seller cause you hoped that he will counteroffer and then you stepped back. Ergo you never wanted to pay the bid you placed...

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I hope you bought the name, only because you wasted the seller's time with your bidding and then changed your mind?..

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There is no enforceable contract in this business until you actually pay. It is quite OK for you to change your mind at the last minute. People do this all the time when they are buying/selling cars. There are zero ethical obligations here. You do not want the domain, so do not pay. The seller will live to fight another day...

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Yoshiwara, in this particular issue you are totally wrong..

This HostGator deal was closed via sedo, and this is a BINDING CONTRACT according to GoDaddy TOS wich is subject to leagal actions by the buyer or seller if one party does not comply..

In fact for my domains, I force those fun bidders legally if they value of the sale is >2500$..

(4 cases sucessfully closed so far, and all extra costs paid by other party)..

Eaven more a simple Email stating that they will buy the HostGator for X$, or a phone call confirming the sale is a binding contract under the accepted industry practices and laws..

And after all this comes the ethics..

Do not think that this buisiness is a backyard game for kids, you are dealing in a total adult enviroment. Hence you have to know the rules, and act accordingly..

If the buyer in this case will or not take legal actions is uo to see...

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I'm not referring to anyone here @ NP or in general, but from some of the stories I've heard/read a lot of people learn exactly what you stated the hard way..

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I don't think the value of is more than a thousand yet though. maybe if you hold on to it and develop it, you could try selling if off later...

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