How do you know how many points to have on the Medifast Diet?

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My 1st question is: How do you know how many points to have on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. July Jem babes......

We welcome ALL new members!!.

The July Jem Babes has members that are in the weight loss phase, reaching goal or maintaining. Many here have walked the walk and are true inspirations..

Support, guidance, inspiration and motivation are so very important to the Medifast program to achieve success..

Supporting one another is our motto and you will find it here in the July Jem Babes!.

You must take care of yourself and love yourself enough to do this. Believe in the beauty of your dream of being healthy, happy and thin. You can do this!.

So, lets have some fun, enjoy the journey together and reach our goal of maintaining the weight loss for LIFE!!!.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Good Morning!.


, thanks for making us a new thread! You're awesome!!! Hope you have a great day...I read your post and thought you said you and DH were "making a movie" tonight!.

TeeHee! Either way, HAVE A GREAT TIME!.

I'm going into week 15! I can't believe how much more quickly this pregnancy is going by! I think with all of the chaos we've had in our life that time is flying...We find out the gender NEXT month! WhooHooo!!!.

I'm off to help my friend with wedding stuff today. She HATES all the planning that goes with having a wedding, and I honestly think I could be a wedding planner. I absolutely LOVE it!.

Have a great day, ladies!!!..

Comment #2

Hi Jemmies,.

This is such a glorious day, the rain has finally stopped and the sun is shining. We've been out all day at the local farmer's market buying fruits and vegetables and walking around the harbor..

Dawn - Thanks for setting up the new thread, we all appreciate it. I've got my pom poms ready to cheer you on.

We need Tina's cheerleader, she was awesome..

Tricia - 4/2 is such a nice change, I bet you are enjoying that. Enjoy all the homecoming festivities, sounds like a lot of fun. It's so nice to see you get involved with your kids..

I've been thinking about Sarah too. Hey kiddo, I hope everything is going well for you - MISS YOU!.

Jill - Holy Cow, you are just about 4 months pregnant!!!!! This is so cool. Tricia is right, we need to have a virtual babyshower. How's DH feeling - any better with the last surgery? I sure hope he'll be back to his good ole self...

Comment #3

Hi Girls,.

Happy October...isn't that crazy...where has this year gone?.

We had some company pop in this weekend unexpectedly (but a good unexpected.

) it's kept me a little busy..

I just had to pop on a wish Dawn the best tomorrow. I was sorry sweetie to hear you were down on yourself. If I had heard someone talk to my friend Dawn that way I would have given them *&%#.

! So, be nice to her....she is a fabulous, determined, couragous woman...who has set a wonderful example to all of us. Tomorrow as I walk the "Race for the Cure" I will be cheering you from a distance....wishing I could run 1/2 of what you will tomorrow. But, I decided to not give myself a hard time either...instead, I think we should both take each step (no matter how slow or fast) in honor of the ladies that are too sick to get out of bed ...or even for all the women that are too embarrassed to come out of their houses because of their weight..

JEMS rock!.

A special thanks to all of you! No matter where you are in your journey...just remember God is not surprised or in a hurry...He has you there for a special purpose...look around and see who HE needs you to touch along the way ...and enjoy the journey!..

Comment #4

Morning guys....race starts in less than 2 hours...I am up, having a little coffee and then my Medifast breakfast! I am nervous but excited....will go out and do my BEST!.

I am wearing my pink ribbon hat (in honor of my friend) and a shirt that says "Impossible is Nothing!".

DS thinks he is going to do the 1 mile Fun starts at 8 and my race starts at 8:30. Should be a good morning!.

Will be back later-babysitting right after race, so will try to be back as soon as I can!.

Love you guys-thanks for your support!..

Comment #5

Go, Dawn, Go!!!!! We want a full report. Saying a prayer for you RIGHT NOW!.

I had a fun date last night. We have been texting back and forth all week because he is the coach of the HS football team in the neighboring town. They played us Friday night and we won in overtime! Of course we had a bet - pretty much whoever won we went out Sat night. LOL.

Imagine my surprise when he showed up in a Porsche. (a teacher/coach? really????) Anyway, we had so much fun. Patio dinner, then we ended up having coffee at IHOP and talking for hours..

I don't imagine anything serious developing, but I really enjoyed myself..

What kills me is when I go on dates and these guys have no idea I used to be so overweight. When I whip out my salad dressing packet, they say things like - "wow, you don't need to be on a diet - not by any stretch of the imagination".

I'm thinking, "Buddy, if you only knew. This fat girl is staying in the cage!!!!" LOL.


, how are you feeling????.

Love to all my Jemmies! Have a great Sunday. We are pulling for you,.


...........and SO PROUD!..

Comment #6

Quick post...I did it...I am off to shower!.

My time was 38:02. I feel amazing....the next one will be even better! I am so psyched-it is a rush that I can not even explain!! Thanks for everything guys! I truly felt you there cheering me on (and kicking my a** to keep going!!)..

Comment #7

AWESOME!!!!! It's so exciting to see people step out of the comfort zone and accomplish new things. Thanks for reporting. YAY YOU!!!!..

Comment #8


I am so excited for you I can feel your rush. This is a day you will never forget - like Tricia said, coming out of your comfort zone is AWESOME..


Comment #9

Becky and Tricia - I see you girls are also in a race - Good Luck.

JEMS ROCK!!!!!!..

Comment #10

This is such a sweet post Becky. Doing it for the ones who can't do it for themselves - just beautiful! You've really touched me, let's see if I can pay it forward and touch someone today.

We'll be waiting to hear how you made out today...

Comment #11

This is such a sweet post Becky. Doing it for the ones who can't do it for themselves - just beautiful! You've really touched me, let's see if I can pay it forward and touch someone today.

We'll be waiting to hear how you made out today..

I'm having a hard time posting, I keep getting kicked out. Anyone else having this problem?..

Comment #12

Tricia it sounds like you are having a ball. You are in such a good place in all areas of your life, this is wonderful..

You girls don't know it, but you saved me this morning. My kids are over and my DH made breakfast for everyone..............Pancakes, sausages, bacon etc., etc. etc. I was doing it with him but then little thoughts of "oh I can have a little, it won't hurt" started to buzz around in my head. I got out of the kitchen PRONTO and came on here. Just seeing your faces and reading your posts lifted my spirits and my mood has changed.

Love you guys - have a great Sunday..

Comment #13

So glad to hear it, Mary. I truly believe that this support is what has made the difference. It is a DECISION. We are in CONTROL if we want to be. I choose to surround myself with people who support my healthy choice and will encourage me. I am grateful for you all as well! :-).

When I started this journey almost 90 pounds ago I told myself everyday.

"you can eat what you want, or you can be thin".

I choose to be thin. IT FEELS GREAT!..

Comment #14

Ugh! It double posted. I don't know how to delete, so I'm gonna edit. Hmmmm, what do I want to say?.

But of course...........what else?.

DRINK UP!!!!!!..

Comment #15

Thanks so much for being my cheerleaders guys! You are the best! My friend that battled cancer was there this morning...she walked the whole thing! I almost cried when I saw her afterwards!.

Tricia~Sounds like you are having a BLAST girl!! SO excited for you!.

Mary~You resisted!! Woohoo! Be proud!.

Becky~How are you???..

Comment #16

YAAAY DAWN!!! I'm so proud of you! You did it, girl!! Whooooooooooopieeeeeeeee!!!.

BECKY - hope your race went well today too!..

Comment #17

High Five Dawn!!! So proud of you, you have come along way and at the end you have been a guiding light to all! Miss you..

Tricia, I see you made goal!! And enjoying life I see as well. Fat can be an obstical, but it does'nt define you. We only think it does, because it prevents some us from living. I know many over weight people who love themselves, and there lives. Its just not for the people who have chosen a weight loss journey. Your dates are lucky to be spending time with you, because you are an independent strong woman who is caring and compassionate.

Is Mary sick ;(.

Just checking in on all, I will have to find the old thread to see what else I may have missed. But you guys are always in my heart..

Im going strong, been sitting between 135-140 for the last couple of months, but eating well and getting on my treadmill about 4-5 times a week. No effort any more, just a way of life. I can say that I eat the Medifast Ice Cream EVERY night. I was worried about some of the reviews, but I got it perfect from the start. Use twice as much ICE and it makes alot..

BP, claims have kept me very busy. This is the first weekend in months that I could breath!! Jeff has been in Iraq for awhile but comes home in about three weeks. FINIALLY!!.

So to all the Jemmies out there........Be the Best you can be, and above all..LOVE YOURSELF! oxoxome..

Comment #18

Thanks for your kind words, Kelly! It's great to see you in Jemmie Land! Yep, I have been sitting around 132-135 for over a month now. I'm just playing with how to maintain that. It feels like a good size for me. Now to firm up the flab!.

Good for you for being consistent with your exercise. I need to get back to that on a regular basis!.

I have been meaning to try the soft serve. Think I will after hearing your review!..

Comment #19

Hey Girls,.


Way to go proud you must feel...I'm so excited for you.


The Race for the Cure was wonderful...the crowds were amazing and I got to talk to so many women with inspirational stories. Crossing the finish line with my sister by my side was a special moment. I wore her "bald headed picture" on my back in honor of her fight. It's hard to even think back to the days she was so sick...since she's strong now. The whole journey reminds me not to take a day for granted..

The day finished on a difficult note. A good friend of mine lost her husband a couple days ago and the funeral was today..

So, as I lay my head on my pillow tonight...I'm grateful for each day...and each of you!..

Comment #20

Hello Jems,.

Quiet day in Jemtown...guess I have to go grade papers.


Hope everyone got their week off to a good start. I walked in from work and the house was full of yummy smells...hubby had thrown a chicken in the crock pot since he worked from home today.

Gotta love the cooler weather and the ease of crockpot meals. If anyone has any good OP recipes...please share...thanks!.

Night Night..

Comment #21

Kel! SOOOOOOO good to see you!!.

I miss ya!.

You sound like you are doing AWESOME!!! So proud of you for staying fit and healthy!!.

Good to hear Jeff will be home soon....will he get to be home through the holidays or will he be leaving again soon!?!.

How are the kiddos???..

Comment #22

Sounds like your Race for the Cure event was awesome and emotional. You are so right about not taking anything for granted...I think most days I do...until something happens to put things back into perspective!.

Hope you are having a good week!..

Comment #23

Tricia~I am so proud of your consistency with the plan and maintaining!! You are doing so well! Let me know if you figure out how to tone up the legs have gotten better but I am still working on my abs/stomach and my bat wing arms!..

Comment #24

Hi Girls,.

Hope everyone is doing well. It's really getting chilly here...we just broke down and turned on the heat tonight! Tomorrow is our annual "turtle derby" at school. All the kids bring in turtles and race them on the playground...always a fun time!.

Chat with ya tomorrow!..

Comment #25



For your encouragement! The Medifast food is my crutch, though, and I will have to find away to get away from it. I'd like to hear more about how you transitioned. You are maintaining so well. Once of the things I have noticed, is that though others move on after losing the weight, you have been dedicated to Jemmie Land. I , too, think I need to stick around for the accountability. It would just be too easy to slip!.


- a turtle derby! How fun!.

Well, I hit a milestone today. We officially reached 500 new students this year! I've worked hard to achieve that. It feels good, but now the trick is to keep it all together!.

I swear, it's like losing the weight. You can't let your guard down for a minute!.

Sweet dreams, my friends!.

My Relay for Life is from 7pm Fri to 7am Sat. that should be interesting!..

Comment #26

Becky~Have fun wth the turtles!!! do you get to race one, too?.

Tricia~Congrats on the 500+ students! What an accomplishment! I have to keep coming around here...I am afraid if I don't I may end up taking things (my weight loss) for granted and end up gaining pounds back....I need this!.

Mary~Where are you?.

Theresa~Hoping all is well!!.

Deb~How are you doing? Are you staying warm?.

Jill~Hope you are feeling good!!.

Shannon/Melissa/Mo/Kate/everyone else...miss you guys!..

Comment #27


This was HUGE for me in keeping to my goal for over a year...I just kept coming back to the boards and I know it helped me maintain. I miss it so much, but now that I'm in a different "boat" so to speak, it's not the same. I will DEFINITELY be faithful to the boards again when I'm an MF'er after baby....I think the accountability and encouragement here is so amazing!..

Comment #28

Hey There!! I'm doing good! Just tired....the nausea is finally SOOO much better! thankgod! I've been keeping super busy lots to do. Liv is in a co-op preschool, so I'm very involved with that. We're headed out of town to my in-laws for my m-i-l's birthday......Hubby is feeling better and better each day so life is finally starting to feel like it may get back to normal again!..

Comment #29

Great to see you, Jill! I was on fb looking at Liv's pictures just tonight. What a doll! Can't wait to see the next one. lol. You and hubby make good looking babies!.

Of course you are in a different boat now. Enjoy this time! We will be here, so come in when you can! I know that I need the accountability. It's still a battle, and as I start to loosen up a bit, I can feel the sleeping giant trying to arouse! OH NO YOU DON'T!!! LOL GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE!!!!!..

Comment #30

Jill, how much of that time during the year would you say you were utilizing Medifast foods, actually doing the 5/1 or 4/2?????.

Do some people do this during the week and then loosen up on the weekend? Ideas, thoughts???..

Comment #31


Thanks for the sweet compliments! Liv is SO much fun right now and just LOVING the fact she's going to be a big sister...makes this weight gain thing a little less painful for me!.

Once I hit goal, I pretty much immediately went to 4&2...and continued to lose some. but for the rest of the time, I pretty much ate about 2 Medifast meals a day and was super careful the rest of the time. I did take some days off....a weekend day or something occasionally...but I weighed EACH day and if I ever got a couple of pounds up, I hopped right back OP to get back down..

I'm sure you've seen this, but this guide is helpful:.


You have worked so hard to lose, you're not going to let yourself slip back into your old habits have some faith in yourself! I think that with this program, you lose so quickly, it takes a bit for your head to catch up with what has happened to your body!..

Comment #32

Hey babes, I have to say I feel AWFUL for not reading posts, but I swear I just dont have the time. But I wanted to say I only have 1 pound to go. There is so much to catch up on with everyone..

I made a HUGE decision and retired from the FD or will the first of November. BC I am going to go to work for the Department of Defense at a military base doing thier PT !!!.

Willh ave to move, but have a final interview with thier board of directors and attorneys next wed at 9:00 am, more later, but it's time for me to head out to the academy. I MISS YOU ALL !!!.



Comment #33

Stopping by quick...Today DH and I are going for a motorcycle ride. (It is in the 80's again today! So much for it being fall here, yet!) Might stop by this place that has a turkey testicle festival going on!! BLECK-gross! But LOTS of motorcycles will be there. Then late this afternoon going shopping with my 2 step-daughters! Looking forward to a fun day!..

Comment #34

Great to see you Super MO! So proud of you for the progress you've made, and congrats for your exciting new postition. Sounds like things are going GREAT! (((HUGS)))..

Comment #35

Hello Jems,.

It is a beautiful, sunny day in Big D! I can't believe I feel so good after walking from 7pm to 7am in the Relay for LIfe. (American Cancer Society) What an awesome experience that was! AND, I was able to do so without FAT holding me back from full participation. Thank you, MF..

DD is home from college for the weekend, so I'm excited to spend some time with her! It is also DS's Homecoming Dance. Kyle has an adorable girlfriend - his first girlfriend ever - and he is SO excited! I'll post a pic tonight of the handsome couple..

I'm off to get my hair cut, colored and highlighted. Boy, does it need it!.

So proud of myself for avoiding all the junk food and snacks at the walk last night. I wasn't sure how I would handle staying up ALL night. I re-fueled with a cheese stick and delayed a few of my medi-meals..

I'll attach a pic of my youngest dd and I at the walk last night. She is so TALL! Can you believe she is only in the 8th grade? It was an awesome event to experience together..

Hope you are all well. Love to all!.


Comment #36

Good grief that is a big photo. lol. Sorry!..

Comment #37

Good Monday morning, Jemmies! Where is everyone?.

I had a full weekend. I walked in the Relay for Life on Friday/Sat. It was a 12 hour walk, and I think we raised $102K to fight Cancer. It was an awesome experience!.

Sat night DS had his big homecoming dance. He was adorable, and so was his girlfriend. I just might have to post a pic. I've never seen the kid happier..

DD was also home from college, which was perfect because one of our very best friends had her baby! Gosh it's been awhile since I held a newborn in my arms. What a precious bundle!!!!.

Last night I went over to a male friend's house (I reuse to say "boyfriend" lol) and we watched The Hangover. Hysterical movie, but I wonder how many F bombs were in there total??????.

All in all, a great weekend!.

*I did have a handful of honey roasted cashews during the movie last night and was like.....omg...........this. is. sooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!.

Lol. It had been almost a year since I had hosted something sweet/salty/crunchy in my mouth..

Back on track today. Still hanging around 134, so I think I'm good. I just have to watch it really carefully!.

Love to all.................

PS Pictures.

Kyle and gf Kaitlin.

My fam (since they were all together I had to snap a pic!!!)..

Comment #38

Hey Tricia!!.

LOVED the picts! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I loved the Hangover....SUPER funny!! Hope you're having a great time with your.


"friend." Or...boytoy.


Way to stay at're rockin' it, sister!.

Hope all you Jemmies are doing great!..

Comment #39

Hi Girls,.

Missed you week got away from me, then hubby and I decided to take off for the I've been unplugged. Everything is good...I'm down a few more pounds even though I'm adding a variety of foods, so I'm still looking for the right "maintenance mix". Need to order some Medifast stuff...just trying to decide how much..


So now we know your secret for maintaining...hang out at turkey testicle festivals...pretty good motivation to stay OP I think.

Tom and I went out on the motorcycle this weekend was so beautiful. Sounds like we'll have nice weather all week, so there's some good riding days left..


Glad to hear you are feeling well and it's wonderful that your hubby is doing better...we will continue to keep him in our prayers..


1 pound to go ...go girl, go!.


Love the pictures...thanks for sharing them. Isn't it great when the kids come home from college?'s such a treat. Way to go, walking in the Relay for Life. I was so inspired by my walk and just being part of a good cause that I did some research and it's amazing how many "walk/runs" there are. I put several on my calendar and now some of my friends want to tag along...just seems like a great way to get some exercise and be inspired at the same time. Good luck with your 500's gonna keep you jumpin'..

Other Jemsters:.

Hope you are well and staying OP...look forward to you popping in and letting us know what happening in your world..

Well, I gotta run catch up on some work I let go over the nice weekend.....

Comment #40

Good Evening Ladies,.

Looks like everyone is off enjoying the beautiful weather that is blanketing most of the country...or else you are nibbling on something naughty.

Nothing much happening I don't have anything interesting to report or any wise words. Just know that I'm thinking about each of you and sending hugs your way..

Sweet dreams JEMS!..

Comment #41

I have no wise words, either, Becky. I'm struggling with a jar of PB. It keeps calling my name. Dang it! I wish I had NEVER let that monkey get on my back!!!! Don't believe, "just a taste"'s the beginning of the slide, I tell ya!..

Comment #42 should get some pb2. I hear it's supposed to be great for those pb cravings. I certainly craved pb isn't it strange? I made some "oatmeal cookies" with a little bit of it and that helped SO much..

Becky, way to go on losing a few more pounds!!! that is awesome!..

Comment #43

Been really busy the last few days...had Open House last night. Was super busy trying to make everything look AWESOME. Kind of disappointed with the turn out...we only had 1/2 of our kids come!.

Sad at the first grade level...normally have more!.

DS's birthday is Friday...working on getting ready for that now! He is turing 10! YIKESSS....double digits!! No big party party. Just taking him and a couple of friends out for dinner and then to a haunted hayride!!.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather! Miss you!..

Comment #44

I'm considering it, Jill - but I'm afraid I'll abuse that too! I sent the jar home with my assistant today. I just can't be trusted!.

It scared me, really - I hadn't experienced that crazy "binge" driven feeling in a long time. Yikes! That ***** is still in there. She needs to say in her cage! LOL.

No news here. I hope all my Jemmies have had a great day! :-)..

Comment #45

Hi Jemsters!.



How far away does your assistant live...cause I think I can still hear that jar of peanut butter still calling you.

Hang tough can do it...we believe in you!.


It's disappointing isn't it...when you spend so much time preparing and then the parents don't invest the time in their own children.

I know how sad some of my kiddos were when they wrote special notes to their parents but no one attended, so they couldn't write them back. Enjoy the festivities with your lucky we are that God has entrusted these little boys to us. I can't wait to see mine...just heard he'll be home Tuesday night for a few days on "fall break"..


Thanks for the congrats. Tomorrow is weigh-in for we'll see where I am this week. I didn't really do much different so I'm not sure where the loss came from...could have been TOM or perhaps my body just adjusted to the lower weight and is now willing to give up a few more pounds...who knows..

Time to turn in...gotta get out the warmer blanket...brrrrrr!..

Comment #46

Haha @ Becky. I sent my assistant a text and asked her to bring it back but she just laughed and said "that's not happenin".

So I guess I'm kicking that PB monkey to the curb. Where in the world did that come from ? Weird! Nothing's gonna derail me after all this hard work, though!.

Night Jemmies!!!!..

Comment #47

Hi all you beautiful Jemmies,.

You probably all thought I bit the dust - NO WAY JOSE!! My computer has been on the fritz for 2 weeks. I've been at my wits end with the cable company. I hope I'm back in business for good..

It's so good to see you all...............I need to be in Jemmie land and connect with my girls. I saved an old pair of my biggest jeans just to look at. Since I couldn't come here I took them out the other day to get some inspiration. Welllllllllllll, let me tell you, I NEVER WANT TO FIT INTO THOSE JEANS AGAIN!!!!!! I've been OP and I'm feeling so good again..

Tricia - Glad you kicked the PB to the curb. I felt surprised at how those old cravings came back. It really shocked me, I didn't expect it. After losing 70 lbs., I thought I worked through it. This is definitely a work in progress and it's just part of the journey. How wonderful that you are aware of what is going on and nipping it in the bud. GO YOU!!..

Comment #48

Crossing the finish line with your sister, WOW, what an awesome moment that was for the both of you, one I'm sure you will never forget. How wonderful that your sister survived her ordeal and is strong again. Makes you appreciate life and one another. Kudos to the two of you for getting in the race and crossing the finish line...

Comment #49

Hey Jill,.

You are doing awesome. The fact that you are still coming here is keeping you somewhat accountable. You are very aware that you must take care of yourself and not pile on the pounds. I think you are doing great and you look sooooo adorable. Have a great time at you MIL birthday celebration. I'm was so happy to read that your DH is feeling better and that life is getting back to normal - YAY!!!!!..

Comment #50

Dawn - TURKEY TESTICLE FESTIVAL - Now I've seen everything LOL. That is really funny.

It must have been really fun spendiing the day with your DH on your motor cycles. Just you and the road - VVVRRROOOOM! How sad that you didn't have a good turn out for Open House, especially at this age. Your students are lucky to have such a caring and loving teacher - you make a difference..

Tricia - I just saw your pictures, you have a beautiful family. Your son is very handsome and your DD is a beauty just like her mama. How wonderful to have shared the "Walk" with her, BRAVO for getting involved. Just look at how your life has changed. So proud of you..

Mo - Glad you were able to check in. Congratulations on your new job, it sounds really exciting. Working in the FD was so hard on your body, so this is a good move for you..

Well, it's almost 12:30, time to go to bed. It's so good to be back here - I missed you MMWWAAAAA.


Comment #51

Hi my dear Jemmies!!!.

Well, life is good and the wedding is OVER!! I have to tell you......I NEVER want to do this again in my life! LOL What was suppose to be a joyful and fun time was spent arguing with my daughter to the point I almost didn't go. She was mean, nasty and ungrateful during this time which is pretty sad. The thing is though.....she has not lived with me for five years and is very close to her husband's family. I didn't know those bunch of hoopies until all this......ummmm, she is one of them. I have also enabled her where I am still helping them out financially....well, no more. Anyways, sorry for sounding bitter but on a lighter note, she was a beautiful bride and I gave her the best sweet wedding I could.

The photographer photos will be ready in a few weeks..

Now for more big youngest daughter has lost.

72 lbs..

On Medifast now!!! I am SO proud of her and she is really coming out of her shell too. We are even heading to the beach next weekend to just relax and enjoy the scenery. Our next big thing is getting her to goal and then graduate from UCF next year. Then to law school!!!.

Good times.......still maintaining within my 120-125 lb. range but I ate too much yesterday. LOL So, gonna watch it today. I have a cupcake delivery this morning of 4 dozen cupcakes for a little girl's 13th birthday party. If you wanna check them out here is my blog......


I hope everyone is doing's snowing up north and I wonder if Deb is getting any. Take care ladies and love yas!!!!..

Comment #52

Good Morning Everyone,.

Theresa CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm sorry you had some hoopla to deal with but I'm glad you were able to put those feelings aside and go on to have a good day. Both you and your DD looked beautiful. So proud of you maintaining your weight. You've learned so much, it's beautiful to see what you have accomplished..

This was a busy weekend for me, I had company. We had a lot of fun and I'm happy to say that I was OP. There was a lot of eating and drinking going on - I went into this with my mind made up and I just enjoyed being with people that I love. I'm slowly getting back to the weight I was and I'm feeling good again. It's so weird how my mind got cloudy and I alllowed myself to be seduced by food again. I lost sight of what was important on so many levels.

Looks like a busy time for everyone - I hope you are all doing well {{{HUGS}}}..

Comment #53


Where does the time go! Seems like I blinked and several days have gone by without a visit to Jemmyland. Not to much earth shattering going on in my world. I've been busy doing some campaigning for the upcoming elections. Tomorrow night is a big black-tie fundraiser for the Maryland Governor's race. Should be a nice evening. I have to remember to eat something good before I go "just in case"...after the dinner they are having a fashion show, so it should be fun.

I feel so much better! I was starting to get nervous thinking about the holidays being right around the corner. It's hard to think about decorating when there is "stuff" in the way. I love the house when everything is "in it's place" the trick is to keep it there.



Glad your computer issue are all worked out...we missed you. I'm thrilled to hear you are doing well..


Thanks for sharing the pics with's nice to share vicariously in your big event...I'm sorry it didn't go a little more smoothly for you. It's a memory your daughter will have all her life...and I'm sure years down the road she'll be able to see how difficult she was...feel proud you did your part to give her the special day..


Glad the peanut butter didn't find it's way back to rock!.


How is school going? ...are you creeping up on report cards yet?...are any of your kiddos sick? We have kids dropping like's so early to be starting that already.

! I really need to go get my flu shot...I planned to do in a couple weeks ago and got sidetracked..

Well, I gotta run and bake muffins for our birthday luncheon at school..

I will not eat one! I will not eat one! I will not eat one!.

Oh my...they're pumpkin chocolate chip...I love them..

I will not eat one! I will not eat one!.

Sweet dreams!..

Comment #54

Hi Jem Babes!.

Been feeling kind of icky since Friday-caught the crud that the kiddos have! ICK! Head cold/sinus headache! Report cards go home on Friday so trying to make sure I have everything assessed correctly and get the grades into the new system! Kind of stressful using a new program but I think I will like it better in the long run! We have conferences next Wednesday night and then the week after on Thursday night! Can't believe it is that time already!.

Theresa~LOVED the pictures. Sorry things got kind of stressful/icky before it. Glad you went and that you will have this memory to share with her. Super exciting about other DD's success with the program!! What a role model you have been for them!! Going to check out your blogspot after this..

Becky~Hope you survived the muffin making!! I know what you mean about liking everything in it's place...crazy that is already almost Halloween. Fall is here in Illinois for sure!.

Tricia~How's the dating world? And work? Obviously keeping you busy!.

Mary~Hope all is well with you! Glad your computer issues were figured out...I was worrying about you!.

Off to work for a bit and try to get to bed early tonight!..

Comment #55

T-the cupcakes are pretty! You have an amazing talent for this!!..

Comment #56

Hi Everyone,.

It's so late and I'm just getting to my computer - Yawn.

I'm very tired, it's been a long day. Had to pop in here and say Hi and tell you all that I'm thinking of you. I'll be back tomorrow when I have more time..


Comment #57

Good Morning Jemmies,.

Becky - How was your Black Tie affair last night? It must have been fun to get all dolled up and have a night out with DH. I've recently gotten involved with campaigning also. A local resident is running for congress and I liked what he stood for, so I figured why not..

Dawn - Sorry you are not feeling well. Your job is certainly hazardous to your health - yuck! Report card going out already - holy smokes, it feels like you just started back. Wow time is flying. I saw Christmas decorations out the other day.

It makes me crazy just thinking about it..

I'm going to work now and then I'm meeting up with 2 friends from high school. We've kept in touch over the years but we haven't seen eachother in 5 years so I'm looking forward to a great afternoon..

I want to thank you all for your kind support, I appreciate you so much..

Have a great day everyone - love you..

Comment #58

I just got back from seeing my high school buddies. We had so much fun catching up with eachother's news. It's so great seeing old friends, we got right back to where we were yeas ago - loved it..

Gotta get dinner going..


Comment #59

Hi Girls,.

Got home pretty late last night from my dinner/fashion show and was greeted by my son who came home for fall we stayed up super late was a great night..


Hope you are getting your strength back and feeling better. We have a new system at school this year too and it takes so much mental energy to do what I used to be able to do in my sleep. I know it's just temporary and this one will get automatic eventually...but for now it's such time sucker..


Sounds like fun seeing your old pals...makes me want to call up some old friends. Yes, I did have fun last night ... the energy in the room was electric and it's coming down to the wire...exciting time!.

Well, before I go...I have to confess...all the muffins didn't get I brought them home (mistake number one.

). Then, I broke down and ate one (mistake number 2.

) Now I want to have another one.

! Anyway, my son is headed over to my sister's house in a few minutes to see his cousins (3 strapping teenagers) guess where the muffins are going?.

Hugs...and good night vibes to all the Jems!..

Comment #60

Shhh!...whisper...I think the Jemmies are sleeping..

Just wanted to say hi since tomorrow will be a busy day for me. My youngest son is home from college and his big brother's b-day is all the kids and their spouses will be here and I might not get a chance to pop in. I'm gonna run and get a few things ready since they'll be shortly after I get home from work...and I want to be ready to go..

I'm wishing all of you a lovely weekend..

Nighty Night!..

Comment #61

Hi Jems,.

Hey, where are you guys...I feel like I'm talking to myself.


Well, dinner is cooking and all the kids are in the basement "carrying-on"...nothing like an empty nest full of laughter and commotion.

! ...thought I'd say a quick "hi" and see how everyone is doing..

Well, looks like all the Jems are busy putting their mark on the world..

Go get them Jems!..

Comment #62

Hi guys!!.

Becky-thanks for keeping us going! Enjoy your time with the kids!.

Busy weekend....babysitting for GS night tomorrow night and babysitting again on Sunday!.

Will try to check back in...

Comment #63

Hi Jemmies! LOL @ Becky. You are so funny! I do miss you guys. Sorry I've been MIA. I have been busy dating!!!! Lots! haha. My goodness I'm having some fun. (good, clean fun.

We are growing so quickly!.

I weighed in this morning at 131, so I'm under my goal of 135. All is well. I'm still addicted to medi-crack, though..

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!.


Comment #64

Tricia~Glad you are having fun and living it up with the dating!! So exciting! ENJOY!..

Comment #65

Hello My Friends,.

Great to hear from you guys...glad everyone is doing well..


That's awesome about your weigh in. Your addicted to medi-crack comment reminded you remember when I said one of my student's mom is a Phd researcher for product development at Medifast? Well, she came with us on our field trip and we got to talking...and she asked if I'd be willing to taste new things as they develop's like finding my very own "pusher".



How is everything? sounds like you're having a good weekend...a little grandma time and a little date time...that's wonderful..

Well, hubby's sister from Ohio just called and she has a layover nearby...since we haven't seen her since last Thanksgiving, we're gonna head over to share a quick dinner with her at the I gotta run. Tomorrow is our Fall Festival at school...looks like the weather is going to be superb....a large auction...lots of games, crafts, demos, shows, ....and lets not forget food! Here's an OP option... seafood mac & cheese....

OP = off program.

Hey Dawn...Hubby and I donate a pizza dinner and motorcycle rides around campus for 5's always a big hit...guess the kids just can't get over I ride a bike..

Hugs to all!..

Comment #66

LOL @ Becky - your own pusher! So jealous!.

Well, girls, I was thinking tonight - it's almost my birthday again. In fact, it will be on Thanksgiving day. Last year on my birthday I bought my first box of medifast and gave myself the gift of a new life. Here I am about 90 pounds thinner. Wow! I think I need to blog about that. Best.

Gift. EVER!!!!.

Don't want to cook on my birthday so I'm thinking of taking the kids to a B&B Thanksgiving getaway! I think I will go off plan for the first time that day. Will I get sick? Do I need to ease into it? I would like to enjoy just one day! Then maybe I'll do that Christmas too. Hmmmm.


Comment #67

Hi Tricia,.

Have you read Women, Food, and God? I think you would enjoy it. It's supposed to be a book that will help people lose weight without know the drill "stop making food such a big deal...with tons of power". She is kinda "anti diet" and I don't really bye into that 'cause you gotta get the weight off some how. But... I do think it's a great book for those of us that have made the journey, and now need to reintroduce ourselves to food in a healthy way. It's one of the best explanations of the "voice" we all hear in our head.

I have had tons of training as a lay counselor...and counseled for many years, but even with all that, the way the author presented this really struck me. I think you'd find it helpful..

Have a great night Jemsters!.


Comment #68

Hi Jemmies,.

Sorry I haven't been on for a few days. DH had some time between construction jobs so he decided to do some things he hasn't had a chance to do around our house. So, we've been busy clearing things out so he can work. I've had a crew of guys here all week, so I've been busy. I miss being here, actually I need to be's important to my mental health...

Comment #69

Hey Becky, I haven't read that book. I've been reading some Overeaters Annonymous books. They talk about overeating as addictive as alcohol. Unfortunately, I see myself in the readings and it's given me a lot to think about..........sigh. What can I say, I have some work to do..

It is sooooo cool for your students to see you riding a bike. I'm sure they don't think of you as a "Biker Chic" LOL...

Comment #70

Tricia - Sounds like dating is going great for you. It's time for your butterfly to be free and enjoy herself - you've earned it. Kudos to you for going below wonderful!!.

Dawn - Spending time with your g-kids sounds like fun. We went pumpkin picking Sunday with our clan and DH helped them cut out faces. Our newest gdtr. is 3 1/2 months already and is so adorable. She is smiling and cooing now - just love her..

Sending big hugs to everyone...

Comment #71

Good Morning Ladies,.

Getting ready for a busy day - construction guys are here and it's noisy and dusty. I can't let all the dust bother me, I have to let it go.

DH knocked out our den wall to make the room bigger and he's making some other changes. It will be great when it's done, I just wish I could leave and come back when it's over LOL. Making coffee for everyone now, so I'm gonna get going. I just know that I have to check in and say "Howdy.".

Make it a good day everyone - love my JEMS..

Comment #72

AAACHOOOOOOO - just chasing the dust away.

HAH!! I'm keeping my cool!!..

Comment #73

Hi Mary,.

Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on. I know it's a pain...but I'm jealous. If you remember a while ago we were talking about "downsizing" ...but I just don't see us "pulling the trigger"...and if that the case, there's some stuff I'd like to do. It's just so overwhelming to decide where to start. Very cool that you have a hubby that can do that stuff..

I really think you would like that book. If you end up reading it let me know...I love to chat about some of her thoughts..

Well, I need to run...I'm writing up sub plans for Monday since I teach straight through on Friday and won't have time to prepare them tomorrow. I swear it's easier to go in and teach that get everything ready for a sub. Right...Dawn???.

Hugs to the Jems!..

Comment #74

Great to see you,.




....................and hello to all the other Jems..

We've kind of settled down, I guess, but I will never stay away for ever. I need "home base"..

I'm approaching my 1 yr anniversary and am thinking that since my Medi anniversary, Thanksgiving and my birthday are all at the same time, I will allow myself a free day on my birthday this year! I don't plan to pig out, but I will allow some "splurge" foods. I still have kept pretty true to the 5/1 or 4/2 plan. Do I need to do anything before going off plan at Thanksgiving? I don't want to be sick on my birthday! Any thoughts? I know I need to transition better..........I'm just in a routine. I've added extra fats and a little PB to keep from losing any more..

Hang on,.


All the dust will be worth it, right??????.

Thanks for keeping us going,.


What 'cha doing,.


I know you are still here!!! :-).

Love to all you guys,.


Comment #75

Hey Ladies,.

I had a great morning with gkids. Today they had Halloween parties at school. first I went to nursery school to see Sophie in her parade and then I went over to her older brother and sister's school to celebrate with them. It was a lot of fun. This afternoon I am picking up my other g-son and we are all going to where my DD2 works. Her company goes all out for Halloween and decorates to nines and has magicians and other entertainment for them.

Becky you sure are busy. Teachers have so much work to do. I really feel, as a whole, you are all underpaid. I still remember the teachers who made a difference in my life. I wish I could thank them for their mentoring and inspiration. My youngest DD (26 yrs.

It's really like being a don't realize what your parents did for you until you become an adult and especially after you have children of your own. Wow, I have gone off on a tangent here.

.....................I'm just saying LOL..

About the house - I totally understand what you mean. I'm ready to scale down and move to a smaller home. DH is just not ready and besides he feels the work he is doing will make the house more marketable in the end. I suppose he's right. I do appreciate what he is doing, he's very talented and has a great sense of design..

It's time to fly the coop and go to party #2. Have a great Friday night - HUGS..

Comment #76

Tricia, WOW, I can't believe just about a year has gone by. You have done a awesome job, and I know you are feeling terrific. I think it's a good idea that you want to get advice from those who have walked the transition path before you. You will find your niche and do great..

I'm busy today at home trying to keep up with cleaning. DH put heavy plastic by the doorways to keep the dust at bay, it's helped a lot. We have a shop vac so I'm picking up the dust etc. so that I'm not overwhelmed later. It's a beautiful fall day here in the northeast and I'm hoping to get out and walk around the neighborhood. I hope you all have a great day and stay away from the Halloween goodies.


Comment #77

Hi Girls,.

Hope everyone is having a good day... it sure is beautiful here. I just came in to take a quick break from raking leaves...what an endless job. Yard looks so nice for a few hours, until the next gust of wind ...then is look like %$#@.

Oh well, at least I'm getting some exercise...right?.


I bet those little ones look so cute in their costumes. That's my favorite part of Halloween. At our school activities yesterday, the bigger kids didn't dress up, but the preschoolers did...their little parade was adorable! Is the house project coming along? What are you actually doing? Do you help out or just stay out of the way?.

Oh, and thank you for your's nice to know "somebody - somewhere" appreciates what teachers do. I'll think of you when a sit down to grade papers...after I finish raking.



Don't worry about transitioning...just keep to the principles of several small meals throughout the day and make sure at those meals you eat high quality protein and good carb choices...if you feel like a little splurge have a bite or two and I bet you'll find it's enough. You will do great...I have no doubt. I think as long as we are committed to weigh-in and face the music each week and stay in touch on the boards...then we have the safety net in place that keeps us from "denial" and letting pounds creep back. Goodness knows we all know how to get them off if a few come back.


How are you? Are you guys doing the Trick-or-Treat thing at your house? I miss having little ones to walk around with. How is school? We are having one kid after another out with strep it's even started to spread through our middle school. Since Tricia has been asking about made me think of you... "queen of transition and maintenance" ...what do you think has been the number one thing that has helped you maintain so successfully?.







Comment #78





Hope everyone had a good day. Hubby and I went on lovely drive today to look and leaves and houses....yup, that's right Mary...I got him to go look. I knew if I got him out he'd get excited...I was right. Well, we'll see what happens..

Anyway, looks like the trick-or-treaters have finally gone it's off to bed for me. I have a conference in Baltimore tomorrow, so I have to be up and out a lot earlier than I do for school. Should be a profitable day...I'm signed up for some great sessions...and a good friend is going with me..

Keep calm and carry on....oh yeah, and get rid of the left over candy.








Comment #79

Hi Jemmies,.

Well, I for one am very happy to have Halloweeen over with. We were out all day with our g-kids. We went to DD#2's house - her neighborhood is great for trick or treating, no hills and very kid friendly. Her neighbors came over after the kids were done and partied. It was fun but there was a lot of eating and drinking going on. It left me a little edgy.

It was a good day, and there are no traces of Halloween left in my house. Our construction project is going well. Becky, my DH knocked out an exterior wall and extended our den. He always felt he didn't make the room big enough. We have a great room so I didn't think we needed a bigger den.

He's doing some work on the fireplace in the big room and he's building a bar in there. He's really trying to contain the dust etc., I can't complain, he's doing a good job of it. So, you got your DH out looking. Hey, you never know you just might see something you like - real him in baby LOL. Good for you doing some raking done.

I hope your conference went well today..

Tomorrow is election day and my g-kids are off from school because their school is a voting place. My DD#1 has to work so I'll be taking care of her children. I've got some art projects and jewelry making planned for them to do, I hope they like it..

Time for bed - Nightey Night girls...

Comment #80

Hi Jemsters,.

Conference was OK...not as good as I had hoped...but it was nice to have the day away from the classroom..


Sounds like a pretty involved should post some pics of the mess...I mean progress.

! Enjoy your day with the kids tomorrow...sounds like you have a fun day planned...they are very lucky..


Do you have the day off for election day? I don't... we aren't a polling place and being a private school, we're business as usual. It's always a bit of a hassle to find time to vote...but I'd never miss it. As of now my plan is to get up early, early, early. But seeing how it's midnight and I'm not in bed yet...I might need to go to plan B.

Thinking of you and hoping all is well in your world..


Sending good thoughts and hugs your way ...looking forward to you popping in!.

Night Night..

Comment #81

Hi Ladies,.

I just read this and I wanted to pass it on: ".

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.".

I imagine you are thinking this is about the freedoms we experience in our country. This quote was in reference to being free of the obsession of food. This freedom is not free, it takes work and effort on our part and is certainly worth all that it takes to get it. I sometimes forget how precious that freedom is and I get tired of doing the work. I'm reminded of how freeing it is to know that everything in my closet fits and is comfortable. I don't have to worry about what I am going to wear - ladies, this is freedom.


Comment #82

Becky, your last post was after midnight.

I hope Plan B went well LOL..

Hi Dawn and Tricia hope you guys are doing well..

I had a good day with my little chickies - it was a beautiful fall day so we went to the park and rode bikes and played all afternoon. I figured we would do the artsy stuff on a rainy day. I've got to get dinner going - have a nice evening everyone...

Comment #83

Hey Ladies! day 2 for me.... first day back to exercise for me.... I have been on a campaign team that has taken up most of my time...those of you on FB wish me luck...will update ticker soon... I'll be Hope all is well for you all.... got a sick drs tomorrow...but I really need you guys......

Comment #84

Hey ladies!.

I was just checking in to see how everyone is doing and LOOK who's here! It's tinalicious!.

What's up, babe?? I will be coming back too as soon as I'm done begin preggo.

It's been SO hard to see the scale creep up-up-up.....but it is what it is....

I'm in my 19th week......this pregnancy is flying by for me! We find out the gender next week, and I can't wait! I think it's a boy, but both dh and I kind of want another girl....we will see! Either way will be so exciting!.

Hope you're all doing well. Sad that this thread has slowed down so much I'm always thinking of you ladies.....

Have a great day!..

Comment #85

Hey my sweet Jemmies,.

Tina and Jill it's so great to see you two..

Tina I know you have been busy campaigning. How did the people you were rooting for do yesterday? I did a little campaigning too, our man didn't make it. I was sorry about that, he seemed like an honest guy whose heart was really into helping our country. Anyway, I love seeing you here and am thrilled to have you back. I've had a rough time of it the last couple of months but I feel like I'm back now. Let's go girl, we can do this..

Jill - 19 weeks already. With the holidays coming it's really going to fly by. So you find out the gender next week - have you thought of any names yet? Our new g-baby is doing great. She's 3 1/2 months now and is smiling and cooing. She sleeps all night, my DD is soooo lucky. DD went back to work and she's doing Medifast again and it's all working for her.

This is such a wonderful tool. You'll see, it will work for you too..

My DH's secretary/bookkeeper is going in for surgery next week so I'm trying to learn some of the things that she took care of. I'm nervous about doing bookkeepping on the computer. I used to take care of things in ledgers - you know me and this computer, I am not the greatest.

I usually take care of real estate stuff, so this is all new to me. I'm taking a lot of notes - WISH ME LUCK..

Comment #86

Hey guys...just popping in to say thanks for the messages and posts to my page. I have been dealing with time issues with report cards, conferences, basketball and grandkid. That was why I hadn't been here in awhile. Was putting everyone else before me and was going crazy..

Monday I got a call that my sister had a stroke. (They were are on vacation in Florida.) She is only 38! She couldn't move her right arm and had trouble speaking. Now her strength is night fully back in her right her arm, but can do some things. and she is able to speak short sentences..

She is still in a hospital in Orlando and they think she may have this really rare disease that is only "fixable" through surgery..

Anyways, right now my stress level is through the roof. But had to pop in let you know what was going on. If I disappear for awhile again I have probably gone to get my niece from Florida and take her to her home in Wisconsin to get her back to school/routine..

Thanks again for checking on me....I love you guys!..

Comment #87

Rushing in and then rushing out...but you are all on my mind...hugs to all!.

Special prayers going up for you Dawn...and your extended family...

Comment #88

OMG.....DAWN!!! Thinking of you and your sister. That is just horrible. I am SO sorry! I can't imagine the stress you're under...Take care of yourself! HUGS!..

Comment #89

Hi Girls,.

How is everyone? Wow, it so scary what Dawn is going through. It's time like this I wish we were all neighbors, so we could help "hands on"...make meals, run errands, give hugs...or just sit and listen. Dawn, please know that we are all thinking of you and hoping that there is good news for your sister. Let us know when you can..

I'm headed out to see a movie called "The Race to No Where". It's a documentary done by a mom/movie maker about the high stakes/pressure on our kids/schools and that even in the midst of all that children aren't prepared with the real life skills they need to be happy and successful. I'm meeting some of my teacher friends...should be interesting. Gotta run!.

Weigh in day for me ...down a bit. Seems like that's my pattern... up a little, down a little, up a little, down a long as I'm under goal...I'm happy.

Raining, raining, raining here......

Comment #90

Dawn your sister and her family are in my prayers!!!.

Tina- Welcome back! I will be sort a in your neck of the owwd Thanksgiving weekend out at Red Rcok, come on by if you dont have plans we will be there for 4 days riding and having fun !.

Jill- Cant believe your 19 weeks already, I am so happy for you.

Teresa- Isnt it funny how our DD turn into something we worked so hard for them NOT to be when they get married, mine ididi the same thing, Hope things get better. My son in law just deployed and I am hoping my DD and GBabies will be home soon for a visit, miss them terribly..

Mary- Sounds like your busy with DH work and Gbabies, you sound good ..

Becky- I dont know you, but you soundl ike your a busy one too ! Its nice to meet you - LOL I have been in and out for a LONGGGGG TIME !!!!.

On a happy note I am 9 pounds PAST goal and feel so GOOD !!! I am desperatly trying to find the time to get another camera so that I can take some pictures and send themOr at least attach them to my page. So much going on, cant really get into everything, but know I think of you ALL each and EVERY DAY to help me stay on course. I feel sooo good and honestly and shooting for another 7 and then I will be ever LOWEST since probably 8th grade- seriously.

152 !!!.

I'm at 160 now.

And I feel so good. I NEVER posted my actual weight because I always felt my goal wasnt low enough seeing everyone at 125 - 130 but I know for my height and bone structure 152- 160 is GREAT for me and I should be in a 8 by then I am in 9's now and OMG I feel so good!!.

Miss you girls , off to the academy, only 6 weeks left with them. I PROMISE TO SEND A PICTURE OR POST ONE ON MY PAGE SOON!!!..

Comment #91

Hi Jemmies,.

DAWN - I'm very sorry to hear about your sister. What a shock this was for you and the familiy. Being away from home makes it that much harder for her and DH. I pray that the doctors are able to help her and that she will regain her speach and complete use of her arm. Taking care of yourself is essential to your well being and will enable you to be of help to your sister. God Bless.

Mo - Congratulations on reaching and flying past goal - just strut those tail feathers baby.

Sounds like you've had a busy and productive few months - I'm very happy for you..

Becky - That movie sounds interesting. Is is being shown nation wide or is this something only in your area? You are doing an awesome job maintaining your weight. You are staying in control and managing yourself beautifully..

It's been a little crazy around here. DH started this project at home and his secretary will be in the hospital on Nov. 15th. I'm hoping he will be done with our house by then. I will have to be at his office and I don't like workers in here when no one is home. He's working fast and hard, so I'm thinking he will be done.

The day flys by and before I know it, it's over. I haven't been looking at the scale. It was doing a job on my head. I'm focusing on doing 5/1 and drinking the water, the weight will come off. My clothes are feeling better and DH mentioned my breath.


Hey Jill - Good to see you here mama.

I'm off to get dinner started. You won't believe what I'm making - RABBIT! A friend of mine went to an area in the Bronx that is Italian and they have a lot of delicacies that you can't find easily. Well, what made him think I would like a rabbit - too funny!.

CYAS later - Hugs..

Comment #92

Hello Everyone,.

I just wanted to check in before going to DD's house for game night. She is having the family over for Chile and games. It's always fun, so I'm looking forward to it. I've made my Medifast version of Chile and she is having salad so I'm all ready. I'm bringing an Medifast brownie too. I won't be around tomorrow, we are going to the NY Marathon.

It will be an all day affair and it should be exciting. Everyone enjoy the rest of the weekend - make it a good one.


Comment #93

Hey Jemmies!.

Sorry I've been MIA! Find me on FB if you really want to keep up with me! I check in from time to time here, and I will NEVER disappear forever. I am eternally grateful to my Jemmies!.

Still maintaining the weightloss. I tend to use Peanut Butter as my tool. I eat some if I want to keep from losing and get rid of it if I need to keep from gaining. Hah! I watch the scale very closely!.

Thanksgiving and my birthday will be my first "off" day. We'll see how that goes!.

Oh what a difference a year makes! I need to blog about it soon!.

Great to see.








, looks like you are back on track. Woot woot!.

I've been busy dating! Once in particular, but I just don't want to zone in just yet. I'm praying daily that God will make the intended path VERY CLEAR to me! In the meantime, I am having a great time!.

Hugs to all! DRINK UP! LOL..

Comment #94

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.