How do you put graphics on a 123 reg website?

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First question I have is How do you put graphics on a 123 reg website? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Whats the most did you ever saw a long HostGator go for? Our some long domains good or all of the worthless?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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I have a long HostGator name I think can go for a nice chunk of change so I'm going to hold on to it for a while. Hopefully some big time company come along and make me an offer. The field I'm talking about is a up and coming industry it's hot..

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What does Pferdehaftpflichtversicherungen means? Must be one hell of a word to have sold for 1.3k..

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Some names have to be long in some industries. Take for instance the globalwarming and the alternative energy names. Without using longer names this area of HostGator names would be very few..

That's not by chance the area you are referring to is it?..

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Long names can occasionally be quite valuable, but they certainly are hard to market to other resellers (and thus will be difficult to recapture any value if you've got a dud). The high value comes pretty much exclusively from end users. So you should gauge your risk against how many potential end users you know for your targeted field and the types of domains they typically use...

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John I have quite a few longer names myself and added a couple more recently. Maybe this could be a good thread for longer names that have potential. Do you mind showing us the name you have and I will post mine also. Perhaps we can also state why we registered the name...

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I have longer HostGator names. As long as they make sense I think they will be valuable. Its getting hard to come up with good names to register of any kind including longer HostGator names. I dont see why they have been cheap. Of course a one word HostGator is best but a good sounding name with 2,3 or even 4 words may end up being worth a decent amount of money...

Comment #7

That is interesting.

I nerver pay attention on this category in the past..

Comment #8

Talking about long domains, a few days ago I saw has sold for $4k, which I was totally amazed, but it seems that some people thought that it went for cheap. See.


Comment #9

Even though good long names can be sold for a certain amount (if you can find the right buyer) I would suggest to be careful about investing a lot of money on them ....

Firstly , many look "ugly" and "unprofessional" for a quality company or in the logo at the top of the page ....

Secondly , they can be tedious to type , with possibilities for typos and possibly very little type-in traffic ....

Thirdly , many times there are many alternative word-combinations that a buyer.


Choose to buy (or reg if available) , which can drive the price for a long HostGator down ... eg. the word "world" can.


Be replaced by "earth" , "globe" , "global" , "planet" , "terra" , etc ... now if the other two words have also a couple good substitutes , a long HostGator can be (in certain cases) one of many very similar domains or ... it might have a slightly-lower-quality alternative that could be available at reg fee ... also , usually , the No1 combinations for many marketable adjective-adjective-keyword , adjective-keyword-keyword and 2/3/4-word-phrase are already taken ....

Lzy- "Pferdehaftpflichtversicherungen" means "horse liability insurance" in German ....

Go to Goggle >>> click on Language Tools >>> put a text in the "Translate Text" box >>> choose languages >>> hit Translate ... (it also translates webpages)..

Comment #10

Me too, long names are also usually a very loooooooong shot !.


Comment #11

Although long names are difficult to remember but search engines love these names, It is easy for spiders if they found some keywords in HostGator name. I think there is nothing wrong to have long HostGator names if someone wants high rankin...

Comment #12

OMG !!!! 1.3 K ??? thats a hell lot ov amount for this un-understandable word !!..

Comment #13

Long phrases do OK, too..

This one just popped up on sedo, "" SOLD for $1,000..

It seems HostGator tasters have no patience..

I typed it in as "wevegotyoucovered" at google and looks like it got shuffled around like a hot potato last year...

Comment #14

I'll take that chance..

Here are my long domains:.

Comment #15

I found out that most long HostGator names are not the company name it just redirect them to the company web page...

Comment #16

That reminds me of the longest words in spanish:.


Don't bother... it's registered..

Comment #17

I saw there was a reported $400,000 sale of at the Affiliate Summit Live Auction about a month ago. But, I don't see that confirmed or reported elsewhere as a sale. Perhaps it didn't go through...

Comment #18

Long domains have fall backs though... short HostGator names are more prefered as it's more catchy and can result to more visitors...

Comment #19

Horse liability....

Thanks, wanted to rep but I'm already too fond of you...

Comment #20

IMguru - it is true, some long keyworded domains can get high SE rankings , even more so if they have dashes ....

But ... there is a big possibility , that a surfer/buyer might not click on a really long possibly-lower-quality-looking HostGator and prefer to click on a shorter quality-conveying HostGator ....

Jonh karr - this might be a good idea , if the long HostGator describes one of the products/services of the company (even as a trophy domain) ... but it would also drive the price down because.


People spend a lot money for domains either for the brandability/recognition/prestige potential or for the traffic ... people will probably spend a much lower amount for a HostGator to just redirect it to their site especially if it has many alternatives (unless it has huge traffic).

Lzy - excuses , excuses ... lol..

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