How do you put html pages on a website (using GoDaddy)?
First of all How do you put html pages on a website (using GoDaddy)? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... Hey.

We are a group of college students without a real concentration of industry. we typically enter into random ventures and need a professional business name..

Any ideas?.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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The only way to describe it is, imagine a group of 3 college graduates with no real direction, who have done some brainstorming to see what is available in the market, or has room for growth..

We have taken 3-6 of the best of those ideas, and they are extremely random..

1) a bottling product.

2) an investment service.

3) a NYC documentary.

4) another physical product.

5) mortgage service.

..... and so on...

Currently own myventurepal and which I think are both too long, wordy, and don't do the trick...

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Creating a Business name is not very easy if you want to do it right..

It takes many brainstorming session when you talk about.


- what are we going to sell?.

- what kind of company are we?.

- are we formal or informal?.

- is the name taken (also look at the .com).

- is the name we have in mind not taken by someone else?.

- what kind of colors do we wanna use? (website, logo, etc...).

- is it a personal company?.

- etc.....

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My favorite company name is.

Two Men And A Truck ....

Does anyone have any doubt about what they are?.

The best names identify who and what you are ... that's why in small town USA, lots of business names contain a person's last name and whatever industry they are in ... like Jones Photography ....

Now ... that said ... in general ... it is almost impossible to trademark a business name that includes a "surname" (Don't tell Hilton Hotels <grin> - so there are always exceptions) ... and this is one of the reasons why many large national companies will choose a company name that is a non-existant word ....

So the last good option you have is to select a "sound" name ... make up a brand new word ....

One of the great advantages of this last choice ... is that it is probaly going to be really cheap to register your HostGator name <grin> ....


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This is a project for yourself and your partners. Since you can brainstorm a bunch of ideas, surely you can brainstorm some domains..

A few years ago I wanted to start a company to support my projects, but I wasn't sure what kind of projects I was going to do quite yet, but I did know they would be internet related projects... so I would need a techy sounding name.. After alot of brain storming and some time at enom, I found a HostGator and a company name...


I like it..

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Well you could start company called.

Yesterdays Treasures.

And put.

A GoDaddy site up like Ebay but only for collectors of old Memorabilia like.

Stuff they gave away on old radio shows for example..

There's a huge market for that stuff plus old Pez-dispensors, comic books.

And a million other things..

With the right work and promo it would make a Buck, just check ebays.


It would also be great for advertising on the radio old time programs.

Which there are still alot of on the air..

Treasures that collectors pay big bucks for that was Free Yesterday basicaly,.

And you could even get the HostGator everyone would remember to go with it,. & .com..

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I think you subconsciously named the business already..

Random Ventures.

, sounds good to me..

P.S. and are all available. Personally I would take

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You really need to come up with a company name that you can use for all your ventures, then use that as your domain..

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You can choose domains like.


Its doesnt have to be very specify.

Chosoe names easy to remember and simple..

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