How do you put html pages on a website (using iPage)?

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Quick question: How do you put html pages on a website (using iPage)? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hiya.

Does anyone know how to add a provision for selecting clothing sizes?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Am I correct in seeing that you have to add one value for each option at a time per product?.

For example, if I have a 'blue shirt item', and I want s, m, l option then I would have to:.

-choose the blue shirt item, then add the size option with the s value.

-then choose the blue shirt item again, then add the size option with the m value.

-then choose the blue shirt item a third time and add teh size option with the l value.

I have to do three entries for each shirt item I have. Does that sound accurate? That seems tedious..

You would think there would be a way you could specify an option with it's set values. Then apply that option to a specific category (say 'shirts'). Then by default, in the product_info.php page, if the item was in category 'shirts' then it would display the option drop down with all values. Does that make sense? Does OSC do this and I'm just missing it somewhere?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.....


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I had question about this also. You can seutp the sizes as a attribute but does it inventory the attributed item? For example, if I have 3 size 3's and 4 size 5's and sell a size 5 does it deplete the size 5's or just the total inventory?.

If it does not, is there a way to setup OS so that there is a parent/child relationsihp where it displays one picture with mulitiple sizes and inventory each sizes independently?.


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Yoou should be looking at the Master Products contribution..


See it in action here

(this is a live shop do not make any test purchases).

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Thank you again, excellent resource. Will checkout the iPage site (no test purchase) and see if we can integrate that approach..


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I just installed alternative attribute... it might be of some help as well. worked great for my needs..


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I too am looking for a solution to the size/separate inventory issue. I explored the Master Products contribution, but I can't get it quite right. This is what I want:.

When a customer clicks on a product, the product comes up with a drop down menu with the sizes (s, m, l, or xl). The customer clicks on the size he wants and adds the product to the cart. There is separate inventory tracking for each size. When I look at the sites (like the tie dye shirt site), there is a separate "item" for each size, and the customer enters quantity. Am I getting this right?.

Thanks for the great postings. This forum is sooo helpful!..

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Does anyone know how to add a provision for selecting clothing sizes?.


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You can do this via the Attributes section....

Catalog > Products Attributes >.

First you need to create a "Product Options".. such as:.


Second you need to create "Option Values".. such as:.




Third you need to add this attribute to your particular product under "Products Attributes".

Hope this helps you a bit....

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