How do you register a web page without going through someone like 123

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First of all How do you register a web page without going through someone like 123 Hoping for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I purchased a HostGator through sedo for a couple hundred dollars, and now I'm awaiting the transfer to godaddy.I put in all the transfer codes, and everything I had to do, and yet nothing has happened. All sedo needs to do is click the link in the email they received to finish the transfer, and yet this hasn't been done. I've emailed sedo about 5 times now, and they haven't responded in over a week..

Does this company not care about customers? Does anyone else have these problems?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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More the reason to dump sedo and move to afternic tbh! having a london auction is no excuse for lame customer service specially when they are charging fees... the transfer shouldn't take longer than 1 week max, they need to hire more staff, sedo is degrading into the whole corporate greed thing to maximize their profits... I hope they will lose all their customers soon because they sure dont seem to give a damn about them...

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Yesterday I received a support answer from SEDO (I sent the question 3 days ago).

Answer was unrelated to my question and didn't help at all.

Thats my experience this far, will see if I sell any domains currently on auction and how the transfer will go..

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Unfortunately Sedo is.


When it comes to communication - The only person to ever reply to my emails quickly was Mara, who no longer works there.


Come to think of it.... I have'nt seen her replacement posting very much here at namepros since she left !.


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Guess what? I`d like to work for Sedo, problem is they don`t have a branch in Australia!..

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Unless you have a degree they probably wouldn't give you a job anyways... it's pretty much how it works in germany I heard. sedo sucks these days, they cancelled my auctions sending me a template email of some bs when I clearly know the person who bid on my names, they said it was me, I told them to prove it (knowing they cant) and it's been weeks and no reply to my email, what a surprise... so I listed all my names on afternic, you get much more exposure there anyways and I bet their parking isnt a crap as sedo...

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I guess I have just been lucky. I have had pretty good luck with Sedo. Not only have I had contact thru emails, but last week I even received a call at home from my rep at Sedo. I have also received calls from Sedo in the past. The HostGator being sold was not for $xxx,xxx, but a mere low $xxx. I found it surprising that Sedo was spending the money for a long distance call on a sale like this..

I don't want to spma my rep with a thousand emails, but it you need help, pm me, and I will give it to you. Hopefully, he can help, where others haven't..


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Come on guys keep those comments coming inregards to sedo customer services..


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I'm operating on a theory that Sedo utilizes a daily email wipe to keep their inbox manageable. So they get X amount of emails daily, but only manage to reply to Y amount. So X-Y = Z amount of emails that get deleted and are never seen by Sedo.

This makes sense since I would also rate their customer service as a Z...

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I gave up on sedo and moved all my domains to bodis. There customer service is just horrible and more and more I'm seeing "domainers" start to deal directly with buyers/sellers on there own. This is equals no commission and more money for us...

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I'd be great if someone got up to the plate and actually made a site that killed sedo. It'd be great to have this a 3 click system thats fast, Not a thing that takes weeks...

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No....the buyer payed SEDO 4 days ago, I pushed the name 3 days ago and since then I`m waiting the payment, while the HostGator is already in control of the buyer..

I asked if they pass via Mass Pay with PayPal or using a credit card but since Thursday that the transfer rep. forwarded the question to their accounting dep ....I`m still waiting.....think about it......3 days to get an internal info at SEDO is not enought..

"Dear Lorenzo,.

Thank you for your email. I will get back to you with an answer as soon as I hear back from our accounting department."..

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Let us know when this nightmare finishes.

Again, good luck for u..

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Thanks....I think that SEDO is understaffed. Too b ad I don`t have a degree otherwise I`d love to work for them but probably they would not even consider a work from home position...

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They are possibly busy helping out answering the emails sent to their holding company 1+1 or maybe they just don't have a professional business model. Recommendation? Delete and run...

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