How do you sell a domain name thru 123

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First question I got is How do you sell a domain name thru 123 Hoping for any response. My other question... I didn't want to make this public, but now I feel that I have no choice..

Last Monday, FPForum PM's me asking for a $60 loan. He seemed deperate for it, as he went as far as contacting me at DNF when Namepros went down shortly after receiving his PM..

I replied to him here, he said he'd return $72 by last Tuesday, Wednesday latest. I sent him the $60 as he seemed like a reputable member with close to 20 positive itraders..

I send him the money and he tells me how he has good news, he's selling some domains and will get at least half the money to me sooner then expected..

So, now a week has gone by, I haven't received ANY money back, and I'm seeing all of my PM's go unanswered. I'm seeing him selling domains over on Digital Point, making money, and all I've been asking in my PM's is to "At least update me on the situation"..

I have just watched him sign in again, after my third "please update me" PM, and sign back off with no reply. Enough is enough. I'm a patient person and would have been more than happy to wait if he was in constant touch..

This is the first time I've had to make a money problem public and I've been involved with problematic transactions for much more than $60 bucks. However, this time around, I was doing a favor and not buying a product, and I feel like this is especially wrong...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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I'm just asking him to update me and he hasn't. If he updated me, even if it was to say, something came up, this post wouldn't be here..

Oh yeah, and I completely neglected to mention. I have loaned this guy before and he paid me back and was in constant touch. That's why I didn't consider it spam..

Why am I worried? Well, I'm not really. It's more of the principle of the matter...

Comment #2

ITrader is useful, but one has to consider the value of what one is selling ... if that person usually only sells domains at or near reg fee, then $60 is probably a big chunk of change for them....

This leads into the next question ... where is the member located? -what age is the member? -what do they do for a living? etc....

Those are questions one should ask / consider when choosing to lend money ....

Loaning a relatively small amount of money in and of itself to others here can be ok, since many active members on NP are honest - if they take out a loan, they will pay it back ... key is to appraise the person's overall situation before making that small loan..


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Completely agree with you and that's what I did..

I don't loan big amounts. I do checks on the person, ask them the who/what/where/when/why and in this case I've loaned him before..

That's why I am stumped as to why he's just not PMing me his problem. It's completely fine if he can't pay me back right now...

Comment #4

Sounds like perhaps a deal fell through for him and/or an unexpected expense came up ... you can't get blood from a stone, but if he has anything of value, you could try to get him to pay you back that way ... ie. in HostGator names, his services (assuming he is talented in anything), etc..


Comment #5

Again though, I'm not asking for my money back right now if he doesn't have it. I'm simply asking for him to let me know what his situation is. If I have to wait, no biggie. His ignoring of my PMs is what I don't like...

Comment #6

Glad for you it's "only" $60 and good to make it public..

I had helped some NP member some time ago, he also had like 20 TR rating, although he paid me back as agreed, so I can easily imagine you helped someone out, nothing wrong with that and makes it indeed even a bit harder as he 'abused' your good trust..

Although $60 is still a considerable amount, I can't imagine it's worth it for anyone to ruin his / her reputation here and on the internet..

Hope FPForum reads this thread and pays up or makes any payment arrangement to clear his name...

Comment #7

Thanks, johntv..

Honestly, $60 is a considerable amount to me. But, after getting grilled by some people in this thread for helping others out, I didn't feel like making a big deal about it. I mostly keep to myself around here, other than the obvious buying and selling and than helping people out (whether it be warning of scammers, giving a newbie advice, etc). When I post a problem, I get jumped on..

Thanks to those who've been cool. Again, I'm not looking for pity, not looking for anything from anyone. I just knew that things would progress if it was posted on the forum. I've seen it done in this section of Namepros plenty of other times and it seems to get things done (moreso than what my PMs were accomplishing)...

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Hi Bindergang,.

Do continue to PM him for the status. Put in the title of your message, "I'm not asking for a refund now, just an update will do.".

From the fact that he's asking for a $60 loan from you, I'm assuming that he's wanting to buy a drop name as Pool or Sedo. (Can't remember which is charging $60). He might be waiting to gain ownership of this domain, then resell it to the buyer..

Feel sorry for you if you really got scammed. In the meantime, you might want to check his itrader reps to see if the people giving him the reps are reputable themselves. I don't know if someone is willing to go all the way to create 20 fake accounts to give himself itrader reps...

Comment #9

Very reputable members, decent sized transactions. Not only on this forum, but another well known webmaster forum too. A total of probably over 50 positive itraders from both forums with decent sized transactions and reputable members...

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Well if you did get scammed.. I am sorry for you if not, lets hope he does contact you.. but I know how you feel, I loaned $30 to some jacka$$ at talkfreelance, he said oh ya ill code a layout for you and ect, for payment back, or my money.. he dupped me and never gave me nothing.. I was stuck with no coded layout, and down $30 and even after sending him massive amounts of emails, PM's contacts by MSN. He ignored me like I was nothing...

To everyone else, so if the owner of asks for money, remember to say NO!..

Comment #11

I doubt he'll risk his reputation over $60 but sh|t happens sometimes. Give him a few more days. How did you pay him? Are you able to do a chargeback?..

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When you are not a bank or a gangster loan only when you get something considerably more in value as collateral. IE a HostGator or domain(s) worth at least $600 transferred to you. This way you can fire sale when they don't pay you back...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.