How do you sell a domain name thru

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do you sell a domain name thru Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. Hi,.

I noticed that my add to cart button is not working. This is only happing in my make an offer department of my catalog. Can some help me fix this. I sure it's simple, but it seems those are the ones that alway stump me. thanks.


My Webpage.

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: 14 May 2004, 13:23..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I guess I must be blind I still havent figured it out. thanks..

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Process of elimination here. try and remove:.

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Make an offer" onClick="parent.location='mailto:?subject=make an offer!'">.

And let me know if the add to cart does still not work...

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You open a <form> on line 63.

You open another <form> on line 185.

You close a </form> on line 186.

You close a </form> on line 269.

You can't have nested forms. If you open a <form> you must close it before opening a new one...

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Yup it worked, now I have to figure out were to put that make an offer button. YOU the man. thanks.


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I got both working properly. I knew it was an easy one. thanks again Erb. Burt I removed the forms and it work. thanks. My life would be a living hell without you guys. lol..

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