How do you set up a Form Handler for a 123 reg server/domain?

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My first question is How do you set up a Form Handler for a 123 reg server/domain? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... Whats the entire deal with Flowers being a super premium keyword?.

All "Flowers" HostGator sales have been huge, right from the .com to the .mobi..

As a commodity, I don't really see Flowers as huge. Granted, many people send flowers online, but I'm sure this number can't be huge, or can't have such huge profits in numbers so as to warrant such huge prices..

So once again. Can someone explain to me the Flowers phenomenon?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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I'm sure it is huge:.


Profits? Have you seen what a bouquet costs on Valentines day?..

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Justin hit it on the nail..

I am a commercial greenhouse grower and it's such a huge business. Thirty years ago consumers only bought flowers for weddings and funerals. Now we are taking after the European nations where every household buys flowers at the same time they buy grocerices..

Just like years ago nobody delivered pizza, then it happened, the delivery concept. Overnight you can send your mother flowers across the city, state, country or world..

Thats why. Instant delivery of a fresh product..

I have a grower next to me that ships over four million dollars of just fresh cut tulips to all parts of the U.S. And he is just one grower! Then he sells more than that amount of money of the tulip bulbs from those same plants to other customers...

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I would agree with this. Flowers are bought for everything. Holidays, birthdays, graduations, marriage, funerals, consolation, romance, and a ton of others...

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I never realized that flowers were such huge businesses. I always thought of them as a novelty, something reserved for weddings and Feb 14..

Interesting insights. Too bad all the flowers domains are gone!..

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It seems to be the perennial default gift that suits all occasions. Hard to offend people with it. Plus I think , due to the fact that it's perishable.., I can't locally buy & make bouqet and send it myself at the post office( with water in the vase?) to somone who lives 5 day postal days away. I think this factor looms large on ordering/usage of online service dependency...

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It's partially been touched on, but flowers have a very unique delivery method due to being perishable. you can order from anywhere in the world, and though one of the networks like FTD, it can be personally delivered sometimes the same day by a local florist in the recipient's home town, possibly by someone they know. Any small town flower shop who gets the original order gets a commission just for taking the order. A unique combination of franchising and affiliate programs with seemingly local service to the end user. Even the smallest towns have a florist, so there are plenty of potential buyers...

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Plus there are many of us who own businesses that ship overnight flowers to anywhere in the U.S, just like my neighbor who ships several million dollars of fresh cut, highly perishable tulips..

I have a web site and thru banner advertising these orders are taken daily..

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Even for me who does not deliver flower myself, I use someone's deliver for my.



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Thats prety cool, good information and that will keep the orders coming and the site will get spidered. Do you get much revenue form the banner ads?..

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A little gift for today:. and .net have just became available.

Read my available names blog (in my Signature), I just published a huge list of nice 5 and 6 letters domains..

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I just picked up just to have a flower name...

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If you're not adverse to ccTLDs, and are available too..

(amongst other, more expensive extensions such as .ki)..

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