How do you take your "Godaddy domain name" from one site builder company to another?
First question I have is How do you take your "Godaddy domain name" from one site builder company to another? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. I have been using very heavily over the past year or so to help me monitor domains I want to register that are already taken..

However, I noticed a trend in domains that are about to be deleted. About 2 weeks to 1 month before they are totally deleted always sends me my email notification tellimg me that the HostGator was regged for another year. So I think "BUMMER" and forget about the domain. Sometimes I used to even delete it out of my monitoring list to clean it up a bit..

But I am finding out that this is normal procedure for them. Every HostGator I watch goes through the same process. They make me think it is reged for another year until I wait about 2 weeks to a month and then I get an email stating that it was deleted (right on schedule with the "old" expiration date) except is still takes about a few days for the HostGator to actually become registerable again..

Another thing I found is that they do not have history on all previously regged domains which is one reason why I signed up for a paid membership..

So has anyone else experienced this with them?.

Have you experienced any other quirks like this with them?.

I have been thinking about just canceling my recurring subscription with them as I am beginning to think their info is unreliable. Is there an equivalent alternative to

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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I use this HostGator service and they are HIGHLY!! reliable. I couldnt image them doing anything 'DODGEY'..

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No actually, you don't understand. They are not re-regged but makes you think that for 2 weeks to a month until the actual drop date comes by and then they show you the real expiration date. so, if a HostGator actually expires on, say, 1-30-2005, a month to 2 weeks before that date, WHOIS.SC will send me an email stating htat the HostGator was re-regged for another year (the expiration date will then show 1-30-2006). It will be like this until the previous exp date comes along then they send another email stating it was deleted, but the whole time I am thinking it was re-regged becasue that is what they told me in the last email..

I never said I think they are being dodgy or deceitful or dishonest or anything of the sort...just unreliable...

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I'm with Fish on this one, they have a couple of hickups - but they are still my fav whois source..

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It is one of the best. Their recent updates to include GoDaddy listings, alexa rankings etc helps a lot..

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Same opinion here. They are good but there service has some mistakes...

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Been using them for quite some time now and I'm very happy with their service..

- SW..

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Thanks all. but you fail to read. Must be the holiday and getting drunk maybe. I jus think it is very aggravating when they say a HostGator is expired, then not, then expired then not, then, unavailable, then available, then.....

Ah, forget it. thanks for the replies, I guess..

It's a good idea but a very quirky system, but I guess the only one of it's kinds. I will jsut use it for free from here on out. Not worth paying for a membership...

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This may not have anything to do with - There are large companies as well as Individuals out there now - Who Register/Catch these domains on Drop ... test them for traffic - and If there is no "Great" Traffic on them - they delete the domains back into the void of dropped domains to collect their refund. I personally think that the registars should not allow any Refunds to folks/companies who do this more than once a year ....

- Just my opinion..

Comment #9 just get's whois date from the original registries. That data is not always correct becuase sometimes the original registrar hasn't updated the master registry. Sometimes the whois is down and it shows false information as to availability. With the way some registrars are "saving" domains for their auctions, I think they sometimes update the expiration to make it look as if renewed when it hasn't been, but is just reserved from expiring for their auctions..

The data is also sometimes cached and a few days behind. It's still the best source for consolidated whois data. If it's questionable, you then just have to investigate further to the master registry or the whois of the registrar of record for the name...

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I had strange experience with registered as a member (free) and I thought the services was intended exactly to give to people who are involved in the HostGator name market some extra tool (I like it) two weeks ago I surprising I had my account banned while I was making regular searches to find a decent name to buy..

I have done may be not more than 20 queries, that are not so much really,usually on my registrar sometime it took even more,then I was not able to even load the page..

After a while I get back to my member profile and there I found a message " account banned for exceeding queries" or something like this.....funny I thought..

I wrote to them an e-mail, I apologized and also I asked to tell me the query limit since I were not aware of that....but they didn't answer. Then yesterday I found my account is working again, do anybody experienced the same or know about that limit?..

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As mentioned, their info is sometimes a bit behind (it's cached) and there are a few quirks in their system, but they offer such a nice tool overall that it's easily overlooked. They are still the top in whois tools..

I am now convinced this is true. I've been watching many expiring names from various sources for a while now, and there is definitely some.


Record keeping going on with some registrars. I didn't want to believe it, but it seems to be the case...

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I personally have never experienced being banned. I make more than 20 searches A LOT of the time but I am only recently a paid member..

I think it was just a mistake on their part and they just realized it and fixed it. Maybe because of your email, maby not. Sure, an apology email reply would have been nice, but maybe they are just too busy. They are really the only whois service of it's kind so it's possible they're pretty busy. But, whatever, I don't think it was anything to worryabout...yet. You got back in so just wait and see..

And for the record, please remember that I did not start this thread bashing I do like their service. Tha't's why I finally paid after being a free member for a while. I jsut simply noticed an reliability issue..

Now, some are saying/agreeing with the scenario about my specific lament not being theier problem and I too am beginning to somewhat believe this could be the case. They rely on the servers of each individual reg so when they are down, so is's data. And when the reg's data is fudged for selfish purposes, so are the records's data. Very possibly and probable..

Well, I'll have to keep a closer look at things given this info and see. I do seem to be seeing some sort of pattern going on...

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I understand your point, I didn't ever tought you where bashing as I didn't my self, I like the service too and I only thought to ask around about suggestions (thanks for your) since to be honest I am not using it anymore because I am worried to be banned again....may sound silly but using another service to check for free domains and using for reverse Ip and other hard to find services....

I think I will try again, maybe you are right, just a mistake on their side...

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I use ALOT! I think are are reliable!!..

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I've seen the reply show that it's exceede the daily limit. I've never thought it was me though. I've always taken it that their service has exceeded the quotas given by the registries or registrars. It could even be temporary and just that immediate traffic was too high for the servers to handle. It usually clears up in a few minutes to a few hours...

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Umer! I think your post are helpful! Thank You!.

I do't consider make a donation for that! (just kidding!) Have a nice day!..

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No problem. I did wasn't directing that at any specific person, just making it clear as it seems some where just atking it as a bash post and not really reading the OP...

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Genialnames I'm glad to hear that you are finding my posts helpful! I understand that you can't afford to donate any NP$ at this time. But it's ok, I'll keep posting helpful stuff, and you can donate my in future. Have a nice evening!..

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I never experienced and outage, but I have experienced the security screen - the screen that shows up before the results that makes you type in the security code. A measure against those trying to use a bot. I never got this more than about 5 times in over a year. It rarely happens and once it happened on my very first querry of the day...

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What I don't understand is, they say a HostGator name was DELETED on June 30, but I go and try to register it and it's still not deleted, I check the stats and it says PENDING DELETE. What's the deal with that? Is the Whois GoDaddy site behind a little bit?..

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