How do you transfer a domain name on 123 reg?

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Question I have... How do you transfer a domain name on 123 reg? Thanks for any comment. My other question... So I turned down an offer on a .com name because it was a real lowball offer. Now I see the .net is registered but not yet developed..

My .com site is developed and gets traffic. Shoud I be worried about the .net? Or should I just be glad they registered it and hope any dev efforts they do just means more traffic to my .com?.

Is there anything I need to do to protect myself?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

If you have the .com then just wait and hold onto it because .com eventually recieves the maximum benefits of development in any TLD.

If you had .net originally then you would have had reason to worry but not in this case..

Comment #2

For a general commercial business .com is the royal family and all the other extensions merely courtiers at the castle gates....apart from maybe ccTLD. forget the .netter.......

Comment #3

There just making the .com more valueable. If they do develop it into a successful site, theyre going to need to acquire your piece of property. Its like playing monopoly, and not having Boardwalk.... sure you can buy parkplace, but without BW - it's just not as good...

Comment #4

Y O U R P A I DC O M has value? (for "you're paid"?).

I'm thinking it only has value/credibility with people who cant spell/typo..

Then again maybe it's the newfangdangled internet spelling..

Or something...

Comment #5

Its easy to make judgements on things you just don't know..

1. This name had enough value that I woudl not sell it for a small amount because over a year ago the PPC was about $20 / month..

2. It had enough value that somebody went out and registered all the other extensions..

3. There is some online payday loan service that has a name very close to this name and I am only seeing an increase in traffic and PPC. I am getting the cross over traffic and some very nice revenue sharing on fabulous. I have only seen the PPC double since last year..

Just telling it like it is...

Comment #6

OK, I see it is a typo of Yourpay,com.


Comment #7

End users.


Have other options - I have a few .com domains which are the same as some pretty BIG companies that hold another extension (mostly ccTLD). Only one of them has had offers..

Lets face it.

If they build a decent website.

On the .net then.


(but not always) the .com will get more traffic but the user will soon correct it and go to the .net.

A few things seem more apparent to me lately.

1) Many, if not most business owners.

Do not.

Think like domainers..

2) Direct type in traffic is more often than not...over played..

3) Not everyone "really needs or wants" the .com".



Comment #8

After thinking about it a few minutes, I also saw it as You R Paid, similar to Toys R Us...

Comment #9

Agree with you. I have some .com names, the .net owners just would not care.

To purchase...

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