How do you transfer a website you made with dreamweaver to a 123 reg domain?

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Question I have... How do you transfer a website you made with dreamweaver to a 123 reg domain? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... $4.5 mil on PASSED...jesus. I knew that was a good one but that guy was asking for $8 mil at the CAC, so I knew it wouldn't sell...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Whoever owns is one gutsy guy/gal - just passed on 20k!..

Comment #2

WOW! passed up for only $35k? It's one of the most traded Forex currencies!..

Comment #3

Yes, the oldest HostGator of all (on the LiveAuction list only)!..

Comment #4

Anyone else think that going for 25k was really really really cheap..

P.S. Just for this post don't look at my sig...

Comment #5

Carburetors passed at 25K? what was the last year a car was manufactured with a carb? 1990?..

Comment #6 passed on 60k - hats off to the owner!..

Comment #7 owner passes on $2,000,000 - good call, it's worth more!.

It's close to perfection as .coms go..

Comment #8

Especially when you consider that carburetors passed at the same price.....

Comment #9

For 2 mil ill give you my cat and his waterbowl too...

Comment #10 sold at 10k - talk about targeted traffic!..

Comment #11 should go for @ least $10k....

NICE $23k! There is hope for the .US..

Comment #12 - $23k sale - good deal!. passed at 4k - not surprising. - finally a good sale for .net (17.5k for a long name with obvious alternatives), way to go..

Comment #13

137., pass $60,000.

138., pass $57,500.

139., sold $55,000.

140., pass $14,500..

Comment #14 passing at 14.5 - hopefully the third time would be a charm, it's a great name!. sold at 300k, wonder what the .mobi would go for.....

Comment #15 passing on 1.5m, probably betting on demographic trends. sold for 160k - wouldn't you have rather had the shorter

Comment #16

Why so much for brackets? I don't get it..

Comment #17 sold $56,000. passed on 30k (of course)..

Comment #18

No bids yet. I think they are all @ the Live Auction...

Comment #19 sold at $135,000 - that was a steal!..

Comment #20

Total as of $9,000,950.

$55,000 for, wow...

Comment #21 sold for 400k and lean for 55k only, guess buyers are getting tired..

Comment #22

Jesus, seller had higher than $1 mil reserve for

Comment #23

Based on how things are going, what do we forecast for the silent auction.... anyone?..

Comment #24

Check this out:.

Total sales as of $9,148,950.

Total of documented pass amounts as of $49,132,500.

LOL @ - $4,750...gee, didn't that "sell" for like $30k before?..

Comment #25

I think we will see some good action there.....

Comment #26

168. - $82,500, $17,500 less than, lol. The range of good buys and bad buys at this auction are crazy...

Comment #27

Is there a way to check on the silent auction wo/ paying $500?..

Comment #28

PM me your names and I will put them in my watch list and update you if you get any bids...

Comment #29

This auctioneer sounds just like Lawrence Welk when he says 'Third and Final Bid"..

Comment #30

59. - $18,000.

179. - $140,000.


Can't wait to see how does...

Comment #31

Yep...but it didn't sould like the auctioneer gave it much of a chance...

Comment #32

Wow, only up to $600k on that was WAY off the reserve...

Comment #33

It ended? or did the transmission on webmaster radio end?..

Comment #34

Thanks, Cool - I better start saving then !.


Comment #35

Wow never seen so many people reading a thread. Great auction..

My little one did much better than I had expected, so I'm a happy camper.

I was surprised how high some of the reserves were...

Comment #36

No, happily Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom..

I didn't actually know HMG was selling it, but they must have put in a reasonably high reserve...

Comment #37

Anyone else sell a HostGator in the live auction? ...besides Sharon.

Congrats Sharon!..

Comment #38

Wow !!! that's 10.880 TRILLION DOLLARS !!!.



Comment #39

No, knock a 0 off of there and you got it.

I'm happy because it was a great ROI and because of the extension..


Comment #40 went for $6,000 ... (knock a 0 off , extension) ... nice sale ....


"The word "quadrillion" first appeared in print in 1691 when the British Admiralty wrote a report quantifying the number of rats on it's ships." (.

Source: ... June 13 , 2007 post.


Comment #41

I don't either. Could it be some exotic adult term again?..

Comment #42

Probably sports, brackets with regards to tournaments like the NCAA Championship, BCS, NFL Playoffs, etc. Would be a roundabout term to capture sportsbetting, but who knows...

Comment #43

You know a names only worth what someones willing to pay for it. You can have a name that an auctioneer tells you it'll probably bring around 100,000 but the high bid is only $17,000 What can you do except put a high reserve on it which is hard to do with Moniker. They really like a reserve much lower than name worth to get things going...

Comment #44

NameTrader, you're right again it seems:.

Hope Yahoo/Overture don't sue me for pasting their data here but I do think it's fair use to use just a portion of it:.

Searches done in January 2007.

Count Search Term.

19039 nfl playoff bracket.

16704 tax bracket.

14270 bracket.

7683 2007 bracket nfl playoff.

6184 tournament bracket.

5725 2006 tax bracket.

3650 shelf bracket.

3284 income tax bracket.

3222 2006 bracket nfl playoff.

3039 nfl bracket.

2311 federal tax bracket.

2067 nfl playoffs bracket.

2055 playoff bracket.

...terms below 2k per month removed by poster.

It could be a tax reference site as well of course, but in that case they would probably need a fair amount of money to build branding awareness - since it's not intuitively obvious that one would expect to find tax info if only they would bother typing on the off chance that they might.....

Comment #45

Humm, that is what it is priced @.


But, nice domain!.



Comment #46

Based on public sales records at.

, June 2007 has [already] set a new record for the HostGator market $19,851,547 in total sales. We've topped the prior sales records set in Jan 2000 and the only direction is up. And June is traditionally a slow month!.

I also noted published sales have broken $16M on only four occasions:.

Jan '00.

Jan '06.

May '07.

Jun '07.

I'll leave you to draw your own inferences about the calendar distribution and what it indicates about the strength of the current market..

And congratulations Sharon!..

Comment #47

Great points/analysis, and yes - June is always slow, sometimes the whole summer is almost slow enough to drive one mad (and/or insolvent)..

This year I love June though, and it ain't over yet!..

Comment #48


I deal a lot in the ad agency world and have many contacts there... one of the things I KNOW is happening right now is that a lot of buys are happening right now because of preparing for fall/pre-holiday advertising campaigns. Most of these are probably private and not being reported as part of public numbers. Domains are becoming an increasingly important part of marketing/advertising campaign plans and obviously if you are going to include a NEW HostGator in a campaign, you have to secure it before you can get to work on the campaign itself...

Comment #49

I forgot to say congratulations Sharon!.

More power to you and the ad world as a whole - I never realized how much I like advertisers!..

Comment #50

I was talking to a domainer who sold off a HostGator for 1.8 million USD$ at the auction and Monte came and they all started chanting Monte "Can"..

Monte told us that probably will sell soon for 5 million usd (through HostGator Capital)...

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.