How do you use an HTML code on GoDaddy?
Quick question: How do you use an HTML code on GoDaddy? Looking forward for any comment. My 2nd question... Http://


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I agree with you.

Hey check googlemars, doesn't seem being googles domain?.

Some kenyatech..

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Who knows if this is possible future products but if you want a gamble get the typo and .net etc domains..

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Hey guys, as I said is it sure that the domains are registered by google, check the whois!..

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Hmm. You know how there is Google in different languages for other countries? You think they are reaching out to other planets now... lol would be funny tho. The GoDaddy site would be like in all martian code...

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Haha. That's a really amusing piece of news. All the best to Google...

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Interesting ... very interesting .. thats a good quality post .... enjoyed it thoroughly .....

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Google Solarsystem... Interesting concept..

It does seem like the next logical step for them.....

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Thanks for the link, an interesting read!.

How exciting, if google are going to have "maps" of each plannet's surface!.

They have the money to get a Satellite up there, now they just need the technology to follow...

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Interesting post..

I have a couple of earth google typos and moon google typos and impressed with the uniques that I get each day and was actaully offered $x,xxx for one of them recently.....

BTW in the article, did you notice how he spelt Solarsytem? Copied it and did a bulk check and almost fell off my chair when I found all versions of GoogleSolarSytem available......

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Wow thanks for sharing as it's very generous of you..

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To me it looks like their on another

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I'm telling you Google is taking over the world.

I wonder how many domains Google owns?..

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Lol, thats the thing I meant, it was supposed to be funny!!..

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Thats quite interesting. Google is taking over the net! :d..

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Mmm. for one more time another question,.

Check the whois domains, are they really from google(i saw one if I remmber googlemoon and saw some kenyatech e-mail?)..

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Will google going to envade the space soon !!!.

Will it have search engins for other planets !!!! @.

Shouldnt be changed to ? .

What will google be doing with these domains making aliens search engine ?

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I get it lol. maybe they have sent some people up, google seems like an alien name,..

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I see google is moving to the moon LOL..

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It has to do with Google's newest venture to build a "space elevator". Not kidding..

I always knew Google was up to more than just information technology..

Google's first selection for a name was but since it costs too mcuh, they settled for Google. But make no mistake, Google is God..

Don't let anyone tell you differently..

Don't let anyone tell you differently..

Don't let anyone tell you differently...

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Thanks, interesting reading!.

Should google have a branch office in Mars? LOL..

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Very interesting read, thanks for sharing!.

Checked these names at The registrant is Google Inc for all the domains except and (both are registered by individuals). is created at 2005-07-19 and will expire on 2006-07-19...

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