How do you use Filezilla to upload website content to a website?
My question is How do you use Filezilla to upload website content to a website? Hoping for any response. Second question.. Have you bought and sold any? if so how much did yo sell them for?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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What is so special on "vista" domains? What is it all about?..

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Coming to a software store near you in 2006 we will have de de de da!!.

Windows Vista (microsofts new operating system).

Hehe sorry about that..

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Had one low x,xxx offer on vista tunes dot com - still in negotiations..

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Lucky, I own a vista music HostGator "" .. no offers though..

I own many vista domains, been offered for a few:. - $200 offer .. (no way would I sell for that price). & .. no great offers.

But yeh, I'm basically keeping hold of the domains until a year or so, so I can get a real taste of the market value when vista is released...

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I got a low offer for ($200). I decided to hold out for a better priceI've only had it a few days and haven't figured out how they found me..


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I own these:.

But no offers. How do you guys get offers? I just listed them at GoDaddy but do I have to do anything to get any offers?..

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I’m a little concerned about admitting to my neophyte status and while I realize that the majority of the Vista Names registered are difficult to figure out I think some have realized a potential future value. I can append that I too have had almost all of my offers made through the contact address instead of any parking monetization program; to that, I would appreciate some insight as to why that might be happening..

This may annoy some aggravated with the Vista fixation and I completely understand their attitude, as I too am somewhat bothered, however I believe you’re choosing your selling environment carefully. I perceive a rush forward even with the over indulgence of Vista domains from March thru July of 2006 after the Massive Microsoft campaign juggernaut which seems scheduled for Feb 06’ begins. IMHO, don’t beat me up...

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I got what do you think no offers yet I think it's pretty good..

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Do a OVT keyword search under "xp" if your vista name doesnt have any decent keywords I don't think it will ever retain a high value..

Of course there are some exceptions, but just becasue it says vista it doesnt make it special...

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If they are good the buyers will come, more probably in the coming year when the general public becomes more aware. If via GoDaddy etc usually a chance of a higher price as anonymous bidding..

If you are approached direct via whois info it is likelly a fellow domainer looking for a "good buy"...

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Why is vista worth that much.

What does vista stands for..

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Its the new microsoft OS, .. where have you been?!..

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I might be getting a vista domain, I was going to get a long horn one but they changed the name...

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Longhorn = vista.

Longhorn was never the official name .. it was the codename...

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None Better than Mine (in Sig) ,but can't be sold..

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I have read somewhere that Microsoft's sending out C&D letters to "vista" HostGator owners but I don't know how much of it is true. One of the complainant was a 12 year old senior citizen organization...

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I am going to make a windows vista website and try to sell it to microsoft..

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Microsoft maybe only interest on direct vista name, like .net .org .biz etc. then what about vistawallpaper? have they send you a letter ? .


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Thank God, no!.

I'd think that before they get me, they'd get my partner first - he has a bunch of vista domains including You know who you are..

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That’s not something they tend to be interested in, so be careful..

Do you have documentation to back this claim up? I doubt we’ll see and C&D’s for Vista domains unless someone is using their logo or duplicating their trademark. Now if you own a “Windows Vista” HostGator that might be different..

The people behind are supposedly considering legal action against Microsoft not the other way around...

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Well, if they contacted you I think that would be fine but it can be a very complicated subject. I think contacting them might indicate an intention of bad faith on your part but I’m not exactly an expert regarding these legal issues...

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Only be a concerned if you have either of the 2 keywords like windows or microsoft in your vista HostGator name. They are the two trademarked names. There are so many vista names out there Microsoft already stated that were not going to TM the vista name due to complications and the use of the word vista implies to many scenarios from resorts to tech...

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Slaughterbeck: I read in one of the blogs and they had a link to an article - though I can't remember where..

On hindsight, do you guys think there'd be any way to register "" and not let Microsoft take it from you, but instead sell it to them for a huge sum? Sorry, the evil part of my brain made me write this..

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I dont think so it's a good plan...newayz best of luck wid it!..

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Someone should have made a vista website before microsoft re named, then they will want to buy it lol..

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What article are you referring to?.

EDIT: Sorry tolkein, I just figured out what you meant. If you do happen to rediscover that article please let me know..

Back in on March 31st Microsoft registered WindowsVista in all GTLDs and most ccTLDs, So that would not have been possible. BTW I believe Microsoft seriously considered Windows View as a name but a company named Blimp Photo beat them to the dot com. However, MS did register and quite a few more ccTLDs on the same day they registered WindowsVista, that’s the reason I had been monitoring since I discovered Microsoft’s interest in the name back in April...

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Now that makes sense & explains the why vista strikes me as 'second rate'. Windows View would have been way cool..

I wonder if M$ would chase owners of MSVistaXXXX names? I am not playing here (subject to change) but If I was so inclined there there are some interesting ones available..

I was very tempted to reg vistastinks_com..

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Doesn't matter. The reason I was asking for a TM loophole? I backordered but it's gone into auction..

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