How does Nutrisystem & Weight Watcher's work?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How does Nutrisystem & Weight Watcher's work? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I go out for lunch meetying about 2-3 times per week..

Your usual get fat 80 dollar steaks..

WHat should I do for options during these lunch meetings...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Learning this stuff is all part of the program. Big salads, with no cheese or croutons but maybe with some protein are your best bet. And stick with the fat-free dressings..

There's a dining out guide here:..

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Grilled chicken is my favorite in these situations. Try to get sauces on the side so you can use them sparingly or skip them. I also ask to get my taters or rice converted to extra vegs..

If want to get salad (and you should) you can look for things like grilled chicken salads that have some protein. Again, sauces and dressings on the side..

I used to worry about looking like an estro ordering salad but when I started doing it, some of the other guys nodded approvingly or commented that they wish they had my willpower. I wish I had their steak!..

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Man, that's tough. A few big lunches out can derail you pretty hard. I personally have a very hard time in those situations, so I avoid them like the plague. If a business meeting that I'm setting up, I try to avoid lunch hours if I can. Lack of willpower on my part. Are you the client or the supplicant? Can you avoid them for a couple months?.

If you can't, read the dining out tips as shown. See what you can do to keep your lunch under 400-500 cal. Good luck!!.


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At a steak place you can go for salad with steak, low fat vinagrette and maybe some blue cheese crumbles. If the portions are huge, leave some of the steak on your plate...

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Have them put the extra steak in a doggy bag and eat it later. I'm sure it's good steak, lol..

Aren't you the one that wants to keep drinking, too, in another thread you started?.

Are you sure you even want to do the Nutrisystem program? Because either do it and be a man about it, or stay fat. Doesn't much matter, really...

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Guilty as charged..

Want to lose the weight and I'm going to start just neede to ask some questions...

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Read the book, do the program, lose the weight. It is that simple..

If you are just getting started, I would try like hell to be on it 100% for the first few weeks....then you can judiciously free lance. In the end, this program not only facilitates weight loss, it changes your eating habits and lifestyle so you won't be in the same predicament again...

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It's cool, NYC hotshot. I like your spirit. The best players are always a little fresh when they break into the league!.

I just think if you take it hard corps and make a little bit of a game of that, it will be fun for you. Consider it a sport almost. Helps the male brain!.

And it gives you best chance for success if you minimize temptations in the beginning while building the willpower muscles. Once you have a lot invested in your acheivements and are halfway through, it will become like this train that is just moving. But at the beginning, it can be easy to never get "in the groove". The groove will really help you get all the way to the end..

Good luck however you approach this. You sound like you have a lot of cool things in your life and a lot of acheivements. I bet you can/will rock this program too!!..

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Thanks brother and I love the sports idea..

Just very busy trying to bring in business and unfortunatley the prospective customers want to eat and drink. it is more important for me to be healthy for my family and that is why I'm here...

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