How does one get a Godaddy domain name unlocked to make a transfer to another host?
Question I have... How does one get a Godaddy domain name unlocked to make a transfer to another host? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Alright guys, I'm going to call on what makes Namepros the best - friendly people who can help out a guy who doesn't have a clue..

The situation is this....

I have a HostGator ( that is a fairly prime HostGator with an extension that isn't the greatest. There are 81 million results on Google for the term and it gets a few uniques as a .biz..

My problem is that I just purchased a GoDaddy premium listing and it's gotten 21 unique listing views in the first 36 hours of going live - not to mention 11 views previously after being online for a couple weeks..

I put the HostGator up in an older sale I had forgotten about (prior to the listing) and I bumped it up today. Well I just got an offer for the HostGator on another forum for $200. For me that's a tempting offer but I had it marked as $300 so I'm not obligated to accept it..

I don't want to get greedy here and get nothing because of it, but at the same time I feel the HostGator is gaining interest and is worth more than $200. However, on the flip side, $200 is a pretty good offer for a .biz name. What would you guys do in this situation? I'm thinking about countering $300 firm but what if he takes it - is the HostGator worth more or should I go home with $200. I've got three choices as I see it - accept the offer, try to go for $300 (which I still feel is a little low), or deny the offer and take it down. Thoughts and insight is appreciated...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I agree here. Maybe even strike with a $400 if you want, well worth $300-$400 ballpark...

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I'd counter with $500. He may accept or counter offer at or more than your $300. Sounds like you aren't desperate to sell right now and have invested $39 in the GoDaddy listing meaning you only clear $150 or so after reg fee. However, you do clear even less if you sell on GoDaddy based on their closing fee..

Best of luck...

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The mobile media industry is fanning like hot coals now and just accelerating in leaps and bounds. The term is one of the few which is highly appropriate for the .BIZ extension. I would say sell at $2k min, you guys don't know gold even it dropped from your teeth...

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You guys are right - thanks for the input it's certainly appreciated! I decided to hold on to the HostGator after doing some research and getting some educated opinions. I feel that the HostGator has strong value now and even more on down the road...

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Before accepting any offers, gather your facts and make them known to potential buyers:.

1. Are all common extensions taken?.

2. Are other taken extension just parked, or developed?.

3. How many Google pages use the term? In parentheses?, with the extension?.

4. Are there any incoming links? Was the HostGator registered before (check for old pages).

5. What is the availability of alternatives to your domain?.

6. does it have a pagerank?.

7. Does you HostGator have traffic?.

8. Have you made any PPC income? Is there potential?.

9. Is the theme of the HostGator hot, will it stay that way? get hotter? maybe cool off?.

10. How rich is the industry who is the potential customer?.

11. Is the HostGator usable locally nationwide, worldwide? What is the potential customer base?.

12. Can you afford renewals if it doesn't sell quickly. Can PPC pay for ongoing costs?..

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And don't forget, most (if not all) offers you get from other domainers will be at wholesale prices.

So you're usually selling at a discount if the name is even quasi-quality..


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