How does the webhosting plans compare to the 123 webhosting plans.?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How does the webhosting plans compare to the 123 webhosting plans.? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. I am in for this if we play it. As a note, why dont we just play at PokerStars? I have the ability to create a private tournament over there. We can password protect it so only NP members can attend..


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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I'm completely in and would even consider possibly sponsoring..

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Could be fun. I have never tried online play. You might take a look at how.

Is run. I was going to signup there while back but when I discovered IE was required I passed. Interesting concept I see their site has changed...

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Just wondering if there have been any new developments on this tournament yet...

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By the end of this week, hopefully there will be some new developments. I will keep you all updated...

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I wish I was good at playing poker, might be fun to watch and learn I suppose..

Good luck, fantastic idea...

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Hi all....

This is the coolest idea for the year! See whats my username?.

Just simply love poker and been playing online for sometime now...

I think all we need to do is to agree on a tournament.

Buy-in amount.

, market the idea a little, get a.

Private tourney.

Set-up in partypoker or pokerstars, and just have.


Tournaments! Hei..this will definitely build a.



Pls bear in mind that lots of ppl from lots of countries are not able to.

Fund their accounts.

So will need someone from countries who can to.

Help manage.

The funding..

Also poker sites really.

Pay well.

To their affiliates for recommending members, that can also.


To the organizer's efforts..

Cheers to all and looking for this idea to take off!.


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I just went to play Poker last night at the local casino... didnt do too bad either - Walked out with a little bit of someone else's money...

Comment #8

If you have ideas of a catchy slogan/tag for the site, please post it.


Prize is 200NP$..

I will soon come back with more information, I just need to wait for the answer of some software developers. I am looking to making it big.

Soon I will post more..

I want to thank you all for your support, it is really impressing to see all these nice comments. Tomorrow, I will post a list of the proposed features of

Now it is 4 AM here, and I need to go to sleep, but be ready is coming!.

- Alex..

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Im not sure about the idea of creating a site out of this... I'd probably much rather prefer to just get a private tournament going on pokerstars with a buy-in and cash prizes.. Might be nice to play for domains, but probably not feasible. I just think it'd be fun to play against other NP mebmers, even if just for cash. Maybe add a special "ribbon" of a poker chip on the forums for the winner..

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Thank you all for your precious inputs..

@Ronald Regging: I understand your point, and I agree with it to an extent. I think it would be fun to play for HostGator names once in a while (maybe 1 tournament a month), but too much of this would not be feasible on the long term. Surely, only you, the users will decide what kind of tournament suits best us..

I am sure that one of the most important things that holds in itself is the idea of domainers hanging out together, even if virtually, and have fun playing poker. It is the folks you play with, the main thing what makes poker fun to play..

As regardin PokerStars. Indeed this is not feasible on the long term. I feel that there is a need for an in-house tournament, a more "intimate" place to play. While it is a possible solution, right now I am looking for ways in which could hold it's own poker tournaments, and I even contacted two software developers. I am not sure if this will fit into my budget, but I would say that this would be the best option..

If there would be poker tournaments hosted on DNPoker, then.

- it will be a bit cheaper (there will be no 10$ fee).

- not all domainers have larger amounts of money to deposit, at DNPoker, I would try to make it very affordable for everyone to participate..

- I would like to diversify the way in which members can enter tournaments. Some people just don't feel comfortable with giving money for poker. I would create a DNP Points incentive system, by which, domainers could earn points in order to participate in tournaments..

- Frankly I don't like the idea of an external tournament, hosted somewhere else. While it might be even cheaper for me in terms of costs and faster, it just doesn't live up with an in-house tournament..

And more importantly, I am looking into ways by which in the future members could create their own tournaments at DNPoker. This would not be an immediate feature, but something that the site could be developed into..

While tournaments can be created right now on various poker sites, DNPoker would probably have that user base of people interested in both domaining and poker (a very large one). And it would target not only semi-professional poker players, but regular domainers too, who otherwise would not participate in a regular poker tournament..

Currently I am not sure that I will be able to host the tournaments there, as the softwares I found for this are in the low $ range, and that is far more than what I can pay. But I am willing to spend all my time and resources in this project, and I got in touch with software developers. I hope that soon we will know if it is feasible or not..



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I would enjoy it. The idea has my vote. ^_^..

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I'm all in....and as for the poker pros in NP, bring 'em on......

Comment #13 definitely in! I started going to the casino when I was 18..

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Great idea to organise an online poker tournament for namepros members..

Some suggestions:.

I think it would be a lot easier to just create a private tournament at pokerstars. It's not as easy to setup as it may seem. I would not trust a 'homemade pokerroom' with my money..

Also I think the 10$ buy-in is necessary so that we only get serious players..

Everyone can afford 10$ but the price money will be enough for people to play serious...

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Isn't it funny that some of the best ideas are thought of while on the throne? lol..

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I got a vbulletin license for, and I am in process of purchasing and installing a built-in poker software..

Unfortunately this week I am full with offline work, but will work on it in the weekend. Site and tournament will come soon...

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Thanks for the update Alex and Good Luck with everything...

Comment #18

Me too! I'm very interested! and until dnpoker is up n running, any word on getting domainers together at a table on an already established site for now?..

Comment #19

This is a bit off-topic but... you have the coolest username ever!..

Comment #20

Thanks bfluid (not shabby either!!).... if I owned the dotcom of it, perhaps I wouldve donated it for the prize... easy to say as it's not the case! hope the tourney pans out!!..

Comment #21


And then??.

Any word on development of this fine idear?..

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You still around, alex? looking back, I really like your original idea of a HostGator name as prize.... and your ambition to develop a site around the merging of domaining and cards.

..... any more good word on it all? or shall I just content myself to read your digital tells on the suggested site.....err, hopefully?!.

Let us know. sp..

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Still here. Just saw the new posts in the thread. Regarding the site there are some problems in implementing a room on the site. technical ones, that I cannot control. I do my best to work it out, but till then I will subscribe to and hopefully we will have some great NP tournaments there..

See you..

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Hopefully you still go ahead with this and still maybe use the rooms. it would be great fun to hold afew games every few friday nights to cool down after a weeks work...

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Yes, domainer's like to take risks... Entering a tournament to potentially win a "solid" HostGator worth a decent sum is motivation enough to enter. Good luck! If the house gets a portion of the proceeds to cover costs etc. and the owner receives a portion of the proceeds, everyone is happy in the end...

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Yea he does!.

Dont let the Clark Kent persona fool you..

Put a stack of chips in front this guy and.

You'll think he has X-ray vision..

BTW, I'm in. Pot right? Deal..


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