How does the food supplied by Nutrisystem taste? Any favorites?

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Got a quick question: How does the food supplied by Nutrisystem taste? Any favorites? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Hey guy's. I haven't ridden a bike in many years but have been feeling like I want to pick it up again but have no idea what makes a good bike..

My local bike store has many different types of bikes and from what they were telling me, I want either a Hybrid or a Lifestyle type bike. I don't have the desire to go riding in the hillsides, through the mud and such so I don't think that I need to get a mountain bike. Our city has a lot of nice paved and hard packed gravel trails that are great for riding..

So, I'm looking at the Giant Sedona DX.


What do you think? good idea or not?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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I didn't even know there was a biking forum..

I will do that..

The store that we have in town is very good. They do all that they can to make sure that the bike is measured and set up properly for you. They give 1 year of free adjustments and I am sure that if after a couple of weeks I didn't like what I purchased, they would probably exchange it outright..

They are very good...

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Last June (?) I dug my old Giant ATX mountain bike out from behind the shed, put on a set of tires with a road ridge and started commuting. Hadn't been on a bike for 10 or 15 years but it didn't take long before I was totally bitten by the bug. I commuted for most of the winter on the ATX but still can't seem to convince my butt to go more than 40mi on it. I really want to up the millage so I just bought a used Schwinn Series 5 road bike and plan to ride it from Seattle to Portland this July in the STP..

I love both bikes. I took the ATX out stump hunting with some friends a couple of months back and love off road almost as much as on..

Nothing more fun than buying a shiny new toy but you might want to get a used bike, put some miles on it, see what suits your style, then think about dropping the big coin on a new bike. When I first started I would have probably gotten just what your looking at (nice bike) and would never have thought about a road bike, now I'm not so sure what I would get if I hit the lottery. In the mean time you can buy lots of little shiny new toys like lights, fenders, clip-less peddles, good pair of shorts... it's a long list.

Your local bike shop may not like the loss of a sale in the short term but if they sell you a used bike then they can look forward to selling two bikes in the long term..

There's not been much activity over in the biking forum lately but I'm guessing that will change soon...

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Last year I bought a Giant OCR3. I love it. I am currently training for my first Duathalon in May. I am going to check out the biking forum, now that I am aware it exists..

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I used to do extensive bicycle touring (packed everything on bike for a week of camping) and I have a fuji touring series bicycle that I am sure is so out of date! I would love also to get something comparable but just can't part with the memories!..

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I am looking for a used bike if I can find one, but there aren't that many GOOD used bikes available in my area...

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Finding the right fit in a used bike takes lots of work. And bike fit is the key to your enjoyment. Be cautious here especially if you don't have too much experience in this area. I have had a TREK 400 for about 20 years and I love it. I have learned a great deal about why this bike is NOT the right bike for me! It's a short racing frame, etc. But, I have really had fun with it.

The bike was way too big for me. I couldn't even stand over the cross bar comfortably (and in a trail bike that's a critical area). Even so, I was really intrigued by the difference in the trail bike "feel" over the road bike feel and I wouldn't give up one for the other. I'm in the market now for a good trail or hybrid bike. Have fun with whatever you choose..

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Have you tried i'm not sure what area you are in, but in my area there are tons of used bikes listed all the time! (someone stole my bike a few weeks ago and I have been looking for one, because I have alot of big expenses in the next few months, so i'm trying to go the used route!) good luck!..

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So, I did get a bike yesterday. I ended up going with the base model of the Giant Sedona. I tried a couple of different ones and liked the feel and the ride of this one. I went out today for about 20 mins to get a good feel for it and tried to really take it easy. I didn't want to overdo it my first time out in a very long time..

The result was that I loved it, I'm sore in places I didn't expect but I do believe that this is something that I will quite enjoy once I get over the initial aches and pains that exercising for the first time in a different way brings..

So, here's to Phase II, getting active...

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That's FanTasTic, Stever! Just look at your ticker! Almost 100 lbs down! Your Phase II (getting active) will kick you to goal in no time. Heck, you'll pass that 240 mark by June 6 easily..

Way to go!.


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Good for you Steve! Start slow and remember to do some stretches before and after riding. They make a world of difference in curing stiffness. When I was riding 20 miles a day, I would also get off the bike at 10 and stretch a little more..

There are also some accessories you might what to think about if your wrists or butt get too sore. There are soft handlebar grips and some exceptionally soft seat cushions that cover the bike seat to ease those pains. If your neck or back begin to hurt, go back to the bike shop and ask them to look at your fit again and possibly re-adjust a few things on the bike to help you improve your posture..

On long rides, I also took along a portable tape player or radio (that's how old I am), now an iPod, just to help with the rhythm of pedaling and breathing, etc. Those were the days. I was in the best shape of my life in my early 50's because of that bicycle..


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It's great to get back on a bicycle again..

I go on a 4 mile ride every night around midnight, weather permitting...

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Check out! They are super cool looking which at least for me made me want to ride mine every day!..

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I had been thinking the same thing back when you posted this thread (buying a bike)..

I finally pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a Novara Corsa from REI..

I tried looking at Criag's List and various places and couldn't find any sort of bargain here locally. I'd made about four or five trips to different bike stores to look them over...and three to REI to ask questions and get advice..

I knew that I could buy a cheap bike someplace like Walmart, but I really wanted to test ride and make sure the bike was fit correctly. It's been about 20 years since I rode one. (I had a Novara back when I worked for REI in the early 80's.).

I took it out for about a mile or two before it got dark last night and I'm really looking forward to getting home tonight to hop onto it and ride a few miles. I was happy that the balance was still there and even at my current approx 300 pound weight, I really wasn't too shakey after the very first part of the test ride..

I guess it really is "like riding a bicycle".....

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Do the bikes at Wal-Mart stand a snowballs chance in hell of holding me up? I've taken a couple of them off the shelf and just sat on them... and I'm not 100% confident that they will work. Seems like if I had a big bump the wheel would cave in or the peddles will break off...

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That mental image just made me spit up my drink!..

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I can't say for sure, but I talked with a guy at my work today who said he's had about three of them from Walmart because they breakdown after a while. He blamed cheap parts..

I know that I paid about three times the Walmart version cost upfront. But, I have a lot of faith the one I bought will hold me up just fine. (And we're within about 10 pounds of each other.).

When I got home tonight I rode mine for about a half an hour and I felt like it was solid and pretty comfortable the whole time...

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I spoke to a lot of friends whom I trust before making my purchase. I spent more than I would have at the local department store, but I am very happy with the service and with the fit of the bike..

In the last month, I have put over 100 Km (60 miles) on it and my daily distance and time are increasing..

If you are serious, find some friends that you can go out with at least once a week and go for about an hours ride..

I meet with 2 or 3 other guys on Saturday morning and we hit the trails and have a great time...

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Resuscitated this thread because I am also thinking about getting a bike - primarily for wide trails and dirt roads. I'm gonna keep the elevation changes minimal until I lose a few more lbs....

I need something that will hold up to my 350+ lb frame, and won't fall apart. I'm not afraid to spend a bit of money..

Interested in thoughts on pro's / con's re: suspension bike versus hardtail, types of shifters / derailleurs, disk vs. traditional brakes, and seat comfort. I'm open to advice as this would be my first trail / mountain bike and first bike of any type in about 20 years.....

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I got a bike last year (Giant Sedona) and have really enjoyed it. I don't ride in bad weather, but do ride it for recreation on good days (although I haven't used it in the last 6 weeks due to busy schedule)..

The bike is a hybrid, so it can be used on roads and easy trails, which suits me just fine. I have found great trails to take that keep me off the highway and busy streets..

I need to find a way to store it in my garage because it's in the way. Otherwise, everything is perfect...

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Hey Big,.

I seem to recall that you're in OC, is that right?.

I am, and I bought a bike about six weeks ago and I'm loving it. About three times a week or more I ride the Santiago Creek Trail near my house all the way to the 5 fwy and back, about a nine mile RT that's mostly paved but with no traffic and only one big hill to climb..

I looked at some cheap bikes at Walmart and such, then I sucked it up and went to REI in Santa Ana. The nice thing was, that they actually let me test ride a bunch of models, helped guide me and then adjusted the bike for me before I ever set off. I bought a Novara Corsa (more of a hybrid to comfort type), but I love it so far..

I'd suggest REI or any other bike shop to get some specific advice tailored to you. I ended up spending just over $500 when I added in a rack, a bag, a lock, helmet...etc. I could have spent less, or much more. But, the bottom line is that I feel I made a good choice and I'm loving riding now that I have it..

I park it by the front door right now so it's constant reminder that I need to use it (and I do)..

Good luck!.

From another Big.....

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Thanks for the response. Your bike sounds great....

I'm not quite in OC - I'm in the Inland Empire. There's an REI in Rancho Cucamonga. Maybe I'lll head there after my hike this weekend and check it out..

One thing holding me back is that my hiking buddy (my 30-year old son) doesn't seem too enthusiastic about this idea of bike riding. But there are some great bike paths in my neighborhood area and some great riding trails in the San Gabriels. Hopefully I can turn him around.....

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I would recommend a hard tail design. That is what I chose from the Mtn. Bike Wherehouse in Temecula. I found the the hardtail is more stable under my weight and there are not lots of wear points. Make sure you get something with front suspension. Most of all have fun doing itBiking is by far my favorite work out activity.

I hope to start riding to work at least 1 day soon - 10 miles each way with some small climbs both directions...

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I ended up buying a Giant Sedona and I like it alot, however I do wish that I had spent the extra money and gone for the DX model of it. It has adjustable front suspension and one extra gear in the rear for a little more speed to keep up with the other guys..

If you don't plan on doing any hard trail riding, this is a good bike and reasonable money...

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