How effective is Medifast as an appetite supressant?

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My 1st question is: How effective is Medifast as an appetite supressant? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Welcome to the home of the.


All those vertically challenged MFers..

We are newbies and goals met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced, we are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones - you know the ones, the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

To see June's posts go to:..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Hi everyonejust checking in..




Goodwill. There aren't any close to my house, but when we go to Florida on vacation, I have about 8 of them programmed into my GPS! Hope you have good luck..

Things are going great on program. Can't wait to weigh these days, which is a change for sure!..

Comment #2

Hi everyone. Love the name of your group! Been called that far too often in my life. All my kids are now taller than I am so you can imagine the grief I get when I have to ask them to get a bowl down for me. Anyway, I did Medifast 2 yrs ago and lost 40 lbs. Thought I had things under control, but I was just kidding myself. I gained back about half and would like to lose 60 total to reach goal.

Work the plan and the plan works. Hope I can join your group...

Comment #3

Welcome cccookies! Of course you can join us!.

Rhonda, no goodwill around here either. Not much of anything other than a new Kohls and a Walgreens just opened. All within the last 6 months. It's great in some ways living in the boonies. Not so great in other ways. LOL..

Comment #4

Welcome CCCOOKIES - LOVE your name! (one of my weaknesses in my previous life for sure!).

My Goodwill Report.

Didn't find much in petite sizes. One pair of light- tan dressy slacks - no jeans. But will check back there again soon. I live in a really small town in the Pacific Northwest and our Goodwill store is a reflection of this in it's size. Will check back there again next week. In the meantime.

Yesterday, when I was using a public restroom I discovered I could actually drop my jeans without unsnapping and unzipping - too funny! But a sign that I really need new ones! Lol!..

Comment #5

*sings the pants on the floor song to Steph*..

Comment #6

Hi Shorties! Happy July!.


- thanks for getting the Thread started for a brand new month!.


- Hello and Happy July to you!.


- you are doing great, keep it up!.


- welcome to the Shorties, and welcome back to MF! I don't have kids, but of my 6 nieces and nephews, 4 of them are taller than me, and the two 11 year-olds will be taller than me soon!.


- glad you had a little luck at the goodwill, and 3-cheers for Kohl's! My second favorite place to shop!.




While I am thinking about it, Food Rules for today:.

1) Avoid food products that contain more than five ingredients.

2) Eat sweet foods as you find them in nature. The author notes: In nature, sugars almost always come packaged with fiber, which slows their absorption and gives you a sense of saitey before you've ingested too many calories. That is why you are always better off eating the fruit rather than drinking it's juice. (In general, calories taken in liquid form are more fattening because they don't make us feel full. Humans are one of the very few mammals that obtain calories from liquids after weaning)..

Well, confession time for me, over the past two days, I don't even know how to describe how far Off Plan I was. Something went awry after I saw the 135.6 on the scale. I either was just feeling too cocky, or the giving blood thing, I convinced myself I needed more food to make up for the blood loss. I won't go into detail, because I don't want to trigger any desires for Off Plan foods, but I think you get the picture. Actually I think I just painted a worse picture than it really was. I was 99% better than I would have been if I have never MF'd, I ate reasonable portions, had veggies and other good things, just not all OP items.

Well, back up on the horse! I will be home for the next 4 days, which for some reason is much easier for me to settle back into being OP when that is the case. Well, the reasons are 1) DH is doing Medifast too, so no funny business with him around and 2) there is nothing else but OP items at home!.

Today is my "Friday", my work is closed Friday and Monday for the Holiday - yahoo! I'll check in with you all this weekend!..

Comment #7

Hey everyone!.

Despite the fact that the weather is crappy outside, today has been a pretty good day. When I stepped on the scale this morning (yes I'm a daily weigher lol) I was down 3 lbs since my last weigh in on saturday...hopefully the scale will say the same this upcoming weigh in..

I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend...just to have the chance to relax! I'm jealous Marble that you have no work friday AND monday...lucky girl!..

Comment #8

Marble, do I need to bring my little whipping guy out for you to help motivate you back on plan?.

Glad you weren't totally out there with the off plan foods and you've recommitted to staying on plan. You know we're all here to cheer you on and help you. It actually sounds like you did a good job of staying sane while not exactly on plan for 5&1..

Sister, very nice, congrats! Are you taking measurements too?.

Hope the rest of the shorties have a great 4th of July weekend. Mine starts tomorrow as well. Woot for 4 day weekends...

Comment #9

Pooh! Just posted on the wrong thread. Gotta get back into the swint of things again. LOL.

Here it is repasted LOL:.

Hi everyone! Thanks for welcoming me into your group!.

Kelsea, I have a Kelsey and she's 15 1/2!.

I also have two sons, one 21 and one 19. The 19 yr old could eat me out of house and home and never gain a flippin ounce! The 21 yr old has lost over 50 lbs and kept it off! He went away to college and gained MORE than the "freshman fifteen" and was miserable. That first summer back, he saw what I was eating for my L&G and made the conscious decision to change his habits. He no longer.


Through the kitchen he ".


!" He swims, runs, lifts weights and does ju jitsu now. It is absolutely amazing to look at him. He's been MY example now!.

If he eats something that was high in calories, he'll make up for it with exercise. He really did change the way he thinks and behaves with food..

It's 4:36 here in MD and I'm only just now eating my lunch! Better go chug some more water, too!..

Comment #10

Hey! So happy I found the vertically challenged group! I am 5'2" also so I guess that makes me the newest member of your club! I am a little over 1/2 way to goal, have lost 30.5 lbs and have 27.5 to go...can't believe that only a few scant days ago I was celebrating reaching the 29 down and 29 to go...and now I am past it! Hope you have a great day....the world looks so big and promising from down here.


Comment #11

Looking forward to the 4th, but it will be challenging. Got invited out on a boat to look at fireworks, then a cookout for Sun lunch and another Sun night! At least everything will be grilledbut I hope not too high in fat...

Comment #12

So what is everyone up to this evening? For my L&G, I grilled chicken breasts outside and had that on a nice big bed of Romane lettuce with some red peppers. Today is day 4 of 100% OP for me! Here's to working the program!..

Comment #13

Happy Friday Shorties!.


- no whipping guy needed this time, it was close though! I am back OP today, and like Kimberly I am going for a calendar full of Stars for July (well, except for yesterday). Enjoy your 4-day weekend!.


- I am in Maryland too. My DH grew up in Huntingtown and I went to school at St. Mary's College, so I am a little familiar with your stomping grounds. Now we live in Carroll County..



And welcome to the Shorties - it looks like you are doing great!.


, good luck with all your events this weekend. Just stick to grilled stuff, and everything else just think how long it has been sitting outside with bugs landing on it - ewwww!.

I do have a lot of errands to do today with my day off, so I need to get moving! Everyone have a great day, and 4th Holiday!!..

Comment #14

Welcome Bonnie!.

Marble, so glad to hear you're on track. I'll keep the whipping guy in the closet..

Have a great weekend all us shorties, not sure how much I'll be on. Enjoy and stay OP!..

Comment #15

I originally posted this on last month's board. I forgot it was July already!.

I was feeling a bit discouraged this week, my 2nd week, for some reason I was sure I gained, I guess I didn't think that my L & G meals were as lean and green as they should've been. But I weighed today and ended up losing 2 lbs this week, which is still great. So I've lost 10% of what my goal is!! Very happy. Although, being so short, I thought that 7 pounds would show more on me, but I can't see it, or feel it. I have a pair of jeans that's my right size, but when I bought them they ended up being a little tight (probably due to the fact they are a different brand than what I normally buy) so I was hoooping that a 7 pound loss would make them fit a little better. They're still tight.

I just thought the ones I was wearing currently would fit me a bit better because I have lost. I just feel like my scale is lying to me, but I know it's not. So while I am very happy with the loss, I wish I could tell without having to go on the scale...

Comment #16

Have you taken measurements, Andrea? There's a place to record them in your MyPlan. That is one of the best ways to tell if things are moving even when the scale isn't our friend..

If you need help with your lean and greens, feel free to post what you had in detail and we'll pitch in and help you make it more Medifast friendly..

We're here to help and support each other...

Comment #17

Hi everyone! I thought I'd "join" the group as I'm a "shortie" at (if I stretch real good) 5'..

All my sisters are short too (one is 4'11", one barely 5' as well)..

I've found that women our size show weight faster...I guess cause there's less territory for the fat to hide out in!!.

I'm 61, married, and started out at 161 back in March. I've tried almost every diet there is and never found that I could lose more than a couple pounds. Back in my 30's I did lose with WW, but after 50, the metabolism slows down, you run into all the junk that comes with menopause & life just changes. I resisted Medifast for awhile, but when I saw the results of others, it was "worth a try"...know what I mean..??.

It's now July and I cannot believe ME! I'm down 25 lbs!! Over 9" off...2 pants size smaller. I tried on a size 8 pants (just for fun) at the fit!! Granted, styles & sizes differ, so mostly I'm wearing 9-10's...but hey, I haven't been 9-10 since I was first married (and THAT was 39 years ago!!).

So for all you short people....WE ROCK!!! Have a great safe...take care of YOU!.

God Bless!!.


Comment #18


Welcome and congratulations on the 25 lb loss. Way to go! Looking forward to hearing more from you...

Comment #19

Sheryl, hello and welcome! Wow a whole passel of shorties you have!.

Yes we show it faster and we lose it slower. Your story sounds very similar to mine. I had some success with WW, I plateaued for years. Never could get the rest off. Glad you've joined and congratulations on your great success so far!..

Comment #20

Happy fourth of July!.

Moved my goal back to my original 107. I feel I look great, I feel great and less weight would be too gaunt. We all know how a couple pounds one way or the other can make a huge change in our looks and it's honestly been quite dramatic for me. I'm going to set my maintenance weight range as 105-110 as that's healthy for me and will keep me in the clothes I just bought. (hey that's important when you hate shopping!).

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves for the holiday even if you're working...

Comment #21

Hi, Shorties! I need some help with perspective, PLEASE. (I know I'm not a regular poster here, and don't know if I can commit to being one all the time, but you all seem like a really awesome group, and I don't know that anybody else can really relate to this like you guys can.. hope you don't mind if I hang out when I'm able!).

Official weigh-in isn't 'til tomorrow, but I'm thrilled to report I'm down 20 pounds! One more, and that'll put me at 10% of my body weight GONE on Medifast since May 21. I'm super happy with MF, and feel like I'm well on my way to goal..

A little history. I'm 5'1". By 2004, I'd managed to eat my way up to at least 284 pounds. That was my highest recorded weight, although I'm pretty sure it got higher than that. I had gastric bypass surgery, and lost a total of 94 pounds, but as they always told me, weight loss surgery doesn't come with a complementary lobotomy, so my brain and relationship with food didn't really change. I've hovered around 200 pounds since then.

Anyway, not really the point of my post. I'm the EPITOME of an apple shape. Skinny (well, mostly) legs, no butt, and carry the vast majority of my excess in my midsection, which will undoubtedly leave me with a LOT of excess skin by the time I reach goal. Like to the point I'll most likely be a good candidate for panniculectomy (although that's quite a bit of cart-before-horse, and not even on the radar now)..

My question is about sizes. I know I can't be the only person who sees people saying they weigh what I do now and talk about being in 16's or lower. I've lost twenty damn pounds and still fit just fine in to my size 20W's. I see a lot of "ten pounds is usually equal to one size". Not in my world..

I'm so frustrated with the clothes thing. I used to sell women's clothing on ebay, and still have bins full of lots of sizes, but none of them seem within any sort of reach for me. I tried to put on a pair of size 18 shorts yesterday, hoping that maybe it'd just at least be hard to button them, but they won't even go ON..

I feel like a big scoop of ice cream in a bowl sitting on the counter. The edges might be melting, but there's this huge blob in the middle that isn't seeming any smaller. The bigger picture here is, of course getting to a healthy weight and developing a different relationship with food, and I'm doing that. It's not about vanity or how clothes look, but I sure won't mind that side effect..

Anybody else struggled with clothes sizes and being a shorty?..

Comment #22

Absolutely can relate. I love your imagery too! It took me a good few months before I saw my first real size changes. I started out a solid 18. I crept to 16 (tight) and all of a sudden, the scale didn't move but I skipped 14 and went right to 10/12. I see people who weight 30 pounds more than me in a size 4. I wear a size 8.

Why is that? LOL When they tell us weight loss isn't linear, they weren't just speaking of the scale. How our body sheds the fat and how it effects our clothing is just plain weird. There is a whole thread on here somewhere that everyone posted their weight and clothing size and I can tell you there's just no correlation. The sizes and weights are all over the place. I guess it really does come to down to us all being different and having to have patience with our bodies.

Stay OP and give your body a chance...

Comment #23

Thanks so much. Some days (even some hours), FAITH in the plan is what it really comes down to in my internal brain conversations. Weird, 'cause I really do know and believe that this is the only way to go for me. I really don't have a problem saying "no" to off-plan stuff most of the time, and I'm chugging water like my dog does after a walk in July in Florida. I'm loving my scale most days, and all that's just great, but when I grab those 20's out of the dryer and the waistband still fits just like it did the last time I grabbed them, it's like "come ON.. help a girl out here, would ya?" I struggle with a little bit of defeated-ness..

So, I just keep telling myself, there's no way I'll be at 125 and still in a 20. It's just not possible. Faith. The plan has no choice but to work. It'll work whether I'm patient or impatient. I'm totally not patient, but the plan doesn't particularly give a rat's. It's just doing it's job like it's supposed to...

Comment #24

LOL Yep exactly. We need to leash our inner child and banish him to the time out corner. He's no place in our world any more. No more whining, no more impatience. We need to do this and we need to do it for us. So spank that brat and tell him to time out..

Another thought I had is to think on this. Are those 20's fitting as they should now? Where you straining the seams a month ago but now they fit as they should? Have you taken measurements? If not, please do so! The tape measure is often our friend when nothing else is. We might not see it in our clothing or the mirror, but Mr. Tape Measure doesn't lie..

Have a great and healthy OP holiday! And.

For sticking with it...

Comment #25

Good Morning Shorties!!.

Happy Fourth!.


Been 100% OP now for 6 full days and I'm feeling great! I'm a recommiter. I lost 40 in '08 and kept it off until life (and that nasty inner child) got the best of me. That child has definitely been put into time-out and I feel so much more at peace. My goal is to lose 60 and see how I feel..


(not if) I succeed, I'll go for 25 more..

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm off to clean my kitchen and get ready for the in-laws and outlaws..

Thanks for letting me join your "little" group. Sorry, couldn't resist that one..


Comment #26

Could be time for measurements again.. and yeah, I think they're getting baggy-ish in the places I'd prefer them not to, but baggy's baggy, right? I've always had to get things with a pretty high "rise" to compensate for the tummy factor, so not sure what I'll do as that part (hopefully) shrinks faster than the actual waistband. So hard to find good plus AND petite stuff that's reasonable.. Guess I'll just have to deal with it 'til the waistline starts to cooperate. To top it all off (no pun), the muffin top seems to be a permanent fixture. Like it's shaped itself that way and will just be making itself a smaller muffin top..

And to think, I used to LIKE muffins..

This, too, shall pass..

I'll be glad when it's however long from now and I can look back on this, though...

Comment #27


My size changed very slowly at the beginning of my weight loss (started at a size 18). I think I had to lose a good 25 lbs before I went down a pant size, so yeah, "Ten pounds equals a dress size" is totally inaccurate. Once I lost a bit more, the sizes changed faster and I completely skipped size 10 pants. Now with 30 lbs still to go, I have sizes ranging from 4 to 8, with the size 4 Walmart shorts being too loose and an Ann Taylor dress in size 8 being too snug to comfortaly wear just yet. So the brand has a lot to do with how the clothes fit. Throw in the whole vanity sizing garbage and you just have to bite the bullet and try clothes on to see if they'll fit.

Also keep in mind that most plus size clothes have a lot of stretch to them so you don't fell how snug or loose they are until you've had a really significant weight change..

Have you heard of a "Belly Band"? It's made for pregnant ladies. It's an elastic band that goes over the waist of your pants so you can wear the skinnier legged pants/jeans and still have room for the belly. I've heard of a lot of apple-shaped ladies on the Medifast boards using that to get a better fit for their clothes while they wait for their tummies to play catch up...

Comment #28

Hmmm.. interesting! I've thought about pulling out the handy-dandy ol' Spanx, but SUCH a pain with all the bathroom stops when drinking a gallon of water a day. Those bands look very intriguing.. wonder if people have problems with them rolling or riding up.. might have to take the plunge and grab one on ebay to check it out. Thanks!..

Comment #29

Well I guess it's a good thing that Medifast supposedly works with little exercise, because I fractured my left wrist while bicycling yesterday. Painful fall. The break was so bad that the surgeon didn't want to do the surgery, so they sent me home and now I have to wait to get on the calendar for the specialist..

Interesting times ahead learning how to do things one-handed..

Happy Fourth!..

Comment #30

Ohhhh.. OUCH!!! That one registered high on my cringe-o-meter. So sorry you're in pain. One-handed SUCKS...

Comment #31

Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear that!.

Here's some boo boo bunnies to help you get better!..

Comment #32

Target carries them, too..



Hope you can get that fixed soon! Don't know about you, but I'm so right-handed that I'd be a real mess if I had to do everything with my left...

Comment #33

Shelly - I'm right-handed, and broke the left, but find it surprising how much I apparently use both!..

Comment #34



!! I am so sorry! I hope they gave you some pain meds for it at least. I hope you're able to get some sleep tonight, too! Sending lots of hugs your way. MT, love the pics of the boo-boo bunnies! We had one for years!.

Stayed OP today! Everyone else was eating burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and potato chips and I had grilled salmon and salad! Yay for me! Off to bed now even though it's only 11:47 here, I feel like it's about 1 am! Night everyone...

Comment #35

Hi all - I've been reading this thread for several weeks and thought I would jump in. I'm the requisite 5"1"..


- you and I have a similar weight journey. I've lost almost 25 pouinds and have pretty much just gone from 1X to XL. The big difference is that there are more PXL clothes than petite 1X and I have been able to find some on ebay; it makes a significant difference as I am often dwarfed by the plus size tops because they are too long. So not only is it not 10 pounds per size, at east at this end of the spectrum, but also I see a lot of people wearing smaller sizes than I ever could at the same weight. In my case I think it's because I'm pretty "mushy" and muscle weghs more than mush..


- I feel your pain. I broke my left wrist last summer (I'm a lefty) and it was kind of a long haul - surgery, a plate & scews, etc. followed by a lot of physical therapy. Putting on underwear was a major challenge each day. Here's the good news - I have most of my range of motion back and it continues to improve. I'll be watching the board to read your progress. All the best to you...

Comment #36

Hello and welcome Louise! Wow you live in weehawken! Home of the best parrot store on the east coast! and my favorite ferry to take into the city..

Congratulations on your losses to date and really good news about the condition of your wrist. That sounds very painful and a lot of work on your part. The fact it continues to improve is a huge credit to your hard work...

Comment #37

Happy Monday Shorties! Welcome to the new "Shorties"!.

Gkrism - sorry to hear about your wrist! Take care and heal quickly!.

Hope everyone had a great 4th. I did! Went out on a friends boat on the Chesapeake Bay and watched the fireworks over Annapolis on the water - beautiful!! And amazing weather, it really couldn't have been a better day. The only thing was not enough water. I don't like having to go to the bathroom on the boat - so tiny and too much rocking, so I need to chug, chug, chug today..

I hope a lot of Shorties are enjoying a Holiday today!..

Comment #38

Hello verteran Shorties, Newbie Shorties, and "lurking"/wannabe Shorties,.

I have been MIA for a few days. Decided to take a break, as I FINISHED SUMMER midterms (and rocked them.

; wanted to spend some quality time with DH, our son, our golden retirever, and our friends. Hit a few parties this weekend. Was challenging to stay OP, but did my best. We will see with our weekly weigh in. Brought grilled veggies as my party contribution, and EVERYONE REMARKED at their beauty, tasti-ness, and natural simplicity..

The whole size discussion is very interesting. Some days I see hints of the cheekbones that I have adored in others FOREVER, yet other days those cheekbones "disappear" and I only see my old "chubby cheeks." The real difference is seen, however, when I look at myself in pictures. Before I had the 2nd (and 3rd, 4th chins if I held my head in a certain way). Now when I look in current pictures, I often see a smiling face (sans cheeks) looking back at me..

Also, it seems that while the scale has remained stationery and/or really creeping slowly along, my other set of "chubby cheeks" have been shrinkingI have sung the praises of "Pants on the ground" song for the last few months. So, just keep the faith. The measurements thing is really a motivator when our eyes can't/do not allow us to see the changes others are seeing in us..

Most importantly, I know that changes are happening inside my head. Despite the few off-pan moments I have faced over the course of the week, the many wise words of Medifast counselors and Shorties have rung in my head, and helped me make choices my formerly "old self" would never have imagined..

Happy Tuesday Friends!..

Comment #39

Hi Everyone!.

I'm back from vacation and am glad to be home! I don't know if anyone else has been to Aruba but I found it boring. I think if we stayed just one more day, I would have gone out of my mind..

That being said, I did not lose on vacation but did not gain. I also did not drink the requisite amount of water which might have prevented me from losing. All in all it was quite relaxing and I did come home with a very pink nose. Working on laundry today and then tomorrow it's back to work..

I did lose a filling on the plane yesterday do my tongue is sore from being cut up by the sharp edges. It's also preventing me from speaking properly..

Welcome to the new Shorties and hello to the veteran shorties. Congratulations to Marble and Adrienne for being so close to goal. Shelly, glad the scale finally moved downward. Did a lot of backreading..

Only casualty while we were away was a robin which almost made it's way into the house via Mish-Mish's mouth. Good thing DD saw he had a 'gift' with him before he came inside..

I don't remember which one of you ladies is 61 and mentioned that the metabolism changes after 50. Thanks a lot - I turn 50 in 2 weeks...

Comment #40

Welcome back, Grace! I'm sorry Aruba wasn't all that exciting but it's great you didn't gain anything while away...

Comment #41

Welcome back, Grace! Sorry you didn't have the kind of vacation you were expecting. LOL on the pink nose. Nothing less than we'd expect when you holiday in a sun and sand kind of place. I think it's great you didn't gain while you were away. Looking forward to you having a nice loss next week..

Hi Kimberly and all the rest of the shorties. Back to the grind today...

Comment #42

Happy Tuesday Shorties!.

Back to work today, which is OK. It is good to get back to my routine..


- glad you have had a nice break, you deserved it!.


- welcome back! Aruba boring?! You must be like my DH, he can't stand just "sitting" on a beach - to me that is heaven. How nice of Mish-Mish to have a gift for you when you got home.


Kimberly and Adrienne.


Everyone have a great day!..

Comment #43

Morning all!.

Sounds like everyone had a great holiday weekend! I had a pretty good weekend...but definitely fell off the wagon..oops! I think my biggest problem over the weekend was not getting in enough water. But I'm not gonna stress out about it, I am right back on today. I got alot of compliments over the weekend, so at least I know that people can see the change. I don't feel like I've lost that much...but I guess because I'm soooo short a little bit goes a long way! Gonna try and make this month a really good would be awesome if by the end of the month I could be down another size. I'm with you guys on the sizing thing. I think right now I've got clothes from 12-16 (mostly 12s), so the goal for the end of the month is to be able to fit in a size 10 (lol in at least one brand!)...

Comment #44


Laying around on a beach is my definition of hell! Truly NOT what I'd want for a vacation. DH and I hope to go to Hawaii some day, but for the hiking and waterfalls, not the beach...

Comment #45

One day of being on the beach was enough for me. But I deliberately chose this kind of vacation because I didn't know in what kind of shape my foot would be. I have a bunion which created a hammer toe and it gets inflamed from time to time. I didn't want to be hiking in the Rocky Mountains and not be able to walk. And I'm a big chicken and am afraid of having surgery to fix it..

I'm glad to be back in the groove with meals and water. I really feel so much better. Motivated, congrats on everyone noticing your weightloss..

My son is in Israel on an organized trip and he only calls when he has a problem: he lost his ipod (that was 3 phone calls), his LL Bean hiking shoes don't fit (1 phone call), he broke his sneakers (2 phone calls), etc. HE'S ONLY BEEN GONE A WEEK! I guess eventually he will either lose or break the rest of his stuff and he won't be able to call because he will have lost the cell phone we rented for him! But this is definately showing me that thinking about going away to college is out of the question for him at this point...

Comment #46

Grace I think you need a shortie group hug...

Comment #47

So I apparently have another week to wait on the surgery to put plates and screws in my left wrist..

It actually helps to be on Medifast right now, because I can open up the little packets one-handed..

But even though I stayed on plan over the weekend (well timing was off due to no food or water in the ER for 7 hours), I think the meds must be causing me to retain water because my weight is up. Or maybe the splint weighs 3 lbs!..

Comment #48


Pain meds and the inflammation in your wrist will absolutely cause water retention. Don't worry about it right now. Just stay on plan as best you can and wait until couple of weeks after surgery to weigh yourself. Anything your scale says for the next few weeks will likely be a lie anyway..


Can that boy not handle anything without calling Mommy? Did he not think to try on the hiking shoes.


He left for the trip? My sympathies, babe. All I can suggest is that the next time he loses his ipod or whatever, ask him what.


Intends to do about it...

Comment #49

The lost items, the injured wrists, the hammer toes, WHAT IS UP WITH THE SHORTIE KARMA?! Yikes, I was just chuckling to myself and thinking that we probably share more with "strangers" than we do with some of the folks that we see every day..

So glad everyone survived the weekend. I went for my weigh in and was up .9 lbs. Not too spazzed out, but am more determined than ever to get to my goal weight..

So I want to share a story from my weekend. It was my DH and my 20 years of together-ness day on July 3. I wanted to show off all of my hard work (16.4 lbs lost and counting)heck, I have deltoids again!so was cruising the sale racks at a very expensive store's "outlet mall". I tried on a few little black dresses and was okay, but then I tried on one dress that was made out of something like a "scuba suit" material, asymmetrical-cut cocktail dress. VA-VA-VOOM! Then I looked at the price tag.. Hold on to your hatsoriginally it was nearly $2000! Then first mark down was $750, 2nd mark down was $400.


So guess who had to buy this dress for 90% off the original price and the big night out? YUP, I was S-M-O-K-I-N H-O-T! I enjoyed a lovely dinner of Esclobar (a type of fresh fish from Fiji) and some plated veggies. YUMMY!.

The best part? DH remarked that it was delightful to share his life with a partner who has finally given herself the permission to take the time and energy she needs to take care of herself. I felt really great..

So here's to taking the time to celebrate our mini-victories. I am really focusing on getting to my goal weight and WILL do so by the end of this month, if not sooner. Nevertheless, I will also remind myself that the journey of getting there is a challenge for which I volunteered and will be the sweeter because I am Shortie-powered..

Happy Tuesday!..

Comment #50

Woozy - Holy Schnikes, $2,000! WOW! What a bargain you got! Happy Anniversary, your DH sounds like a great guy! Congrats on 20 years!..

Comment #51

Woozy, woot on the savings and we want pictures! You sound like one hot and sexy shortie!.

DH sounds like a great partner..

Hi everyone. Staying cool in our 100 degree heat wave...

Comment #52

Gonna be 102 here today as well. Trying to convince my 2 year old that today is not a good day to play outside for hours!..

Comment #53

I think he's calling just to share information but he only seems to call with bad news. He is well aware that the next ipod is on him (in fact, he paid for the other 2 he lost). And he had already told the group leader about it and this guy made a general announcement to be on the lookout for it. And yes, not only did he try the shoes on in the store (and walk around the store in them) but he wore them at home as well. The only thing I can think is that maybe from the heat (they are hiking in weather like we are having in the northeast), his feet swelled a little. He understands that being 6000 miles away, there's not much I can do. He just wants to let me know how his day is going...

Comment #54

Awwww! He sounds like a keeper!.


It's good that he's not calling to cry to Mommy, expecting you to fix everything for him. There's hope for him yet!..

Comment #55

Well if you can't get commiseration out of mom who can you? LOL Aww sorry Grace. The shoe thing is just weird but like you said, could be due to the heat...

Comment #56

So did everyone see the post about what the new products are? They're saying pancakes and ice cream (5 flavors including coffee and mint choc chip). I was kind of hoping for cookies or crackers. We shall see...

Comment #57


It's got to be a mix that you put in the freezer for several hours. Sounds good to me. I'll try it..

Woozy, your husband sounds like such a honey...

Comment #58

I make ice cream out of the shakes and cold drinks now. Not sure this is a big win for MF. LOL Pancakes though sound divine...

Comment #59

Ooh - pancakes! I hope they are good!.

I went shopping last night for a new suit - I have a job interview on Monday and had no really nice suits that fit - I have several from years ago that are a size 8, which are still too small for me, and my normal work attire (business casual) is too casual for interviews... Anyway, I got a nice surprise last night when I fit into a size 10 suit! Woohoo! I hate to spend the money when I am not at my goal weight yet, but it's worth the money if I get the job. I can't believe I am down 23.2 pounds as of this morning, and less than 2 pounds away from being under 130, which hasn't been the case for me in 10 years..

Gotta go - I start work at 7:30 am..

Have a great weekend everyone!..

Comment #60

Good luck on the interview. I'm with you. I had bought and had tailored a size 14 suit. I hated having to buy it knowing I'd be smaller but if you need it you need it. Congrats on fitting into a size 10 and on the losses. Great NSVs...

Comment #61

Happy Friday Shorties!.


- how is the wrist doing?.


- I hope you are staying cool. It has been over 100 here in MD for a few days now too. Of course, I come to work and they freeze me out! I actually go outside to warm up at least once a day!.


- good luck on the interview! Congrats on the size 10 suit!.

AFM I finally just had to face up to the scale and admit that I really am back to 5 pounds from goal (see signature), but today is my day 2 of 100% OP. I was in a rush to transition and thought I could do things "my way", and that really just doesn't work. Lesson learned, stick to the plan as written..

Oh, and here is a major YUM if you all didn't see this in another thread. Melt a Caramel Crunch Bar in the microwave (about 15 sec), make chocolate pudding according to directions, then mix the pudding with the melted bar. Put on a cookie sheet on wax paper or foil into two servings and freeze (about 2 hours). DELISH! The one thing I would do differently, is because just putting it on the cookie sheet it spread out really thin, is maybe make a little "pan" out of foil, with sides to keep the pudding from spreading out so much. Once it is frozen you can just rip the foil off. DH and I each had one last night and even he liked it! It was a cool refreshing treat, kind of like a nutty buddy.

Speaking of frozen treats, yes, I am looking forward to the new products too. Particularly the pancakes. Walden Farms makes a 0 calorie, 0 carb, 0 fat syrup too - yum!.

I'd better get to work, everyone have a great day!..

Comment #62

Hi, all!.

I am 20 lbs down as of today. Yea!.

Gonna try the cauliflower (sp?) potato salad tonight. The recipe looks really good..

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #63


- the wrist is still there. elevated, swollen and still dislocated..

Funny, as soon as the specialist said it was still dislocated (I thought that had been fixed when they yanked on it in ER), suddenly it started to hurt more. Mental, I know..

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday..

When I did it, my 7-year old niece asked me if I cried. I didn't, but since I've found out how little my insurance is going to pay, I've felt like crying!.

Basically I feel like this getting healthy kick is either going to kill me or put me in the poor-house or both!.

But still on plan!..

Comment #64

Sorry for my "downer" posts. On a good news front, I did lose another 1/2 pound this week in spite of the pain meds and the weight of the ortho-glass splint..

So yahoo, finally lost my first 20 pounds!..

Comment #65

Ok gkrism, your avatar is cracking me up. Do we get a full sized pic on your MyPage after your surgery? I want to ooo and ahhhh over your boo boo.

Isn't the mind a funny thing? And why do doctors do stuff like that? I'm sure they know what it does to your mind. Good luck with the surgery. I hope everything goes well and you heal up quickly..

Rhonda, what's the report on the faux potato salad? Good, bad or indifferent?.

Marble, you doing ok?.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I posted a before and pretty much after pic up on MyPage. Just shows even with 9 grand kids and 4 great grands you can still look hot...

Comment #66

Hello Shorties! Hope everyone had a great Saturday!.


, I am actually doing great, thanks! Today has been day 3 100% OP. I signed up to run a 5K over Labor Day weekend, so I have 8 weeks to get ready, which should be plenty of time, I am already running close to 2 miles without any problems now. WOW on your transformation. You do look very HOT - woo hoo!.


- you poor thing, I will be thinking about you on Tuesday. Let us know as soon as you can how you are doing..

Rhonda and gkrism.

- both hitting the 20 pound losses - woo hoo!.

Everyone have a great night!..

Comment #67

The cauliflower "potato" salad is excellent! You should all give it a try if you like the regular stuff. I had kind of a tough day staying OP yesterday, but today is another day, and I am doing great today. (No temptations like there were yesterdayguess I got it out of my system!).

So sorry about the wristhope you feel better soon...

Comment #68

Hey Shorties,.

I am amazed by all of your productive conversations. So, where is this faux potato salad recipe? Is there a link that I should know about? Loved the idea about slightly heating the carmel bar and mixing with pudding to make frozen treats! My latest obsession is the yellow wrapper S'more bars. The past two weeks I have been eating one in the afternoon and one for my 5th meal (after my L & G). Intellectually I know I am allowed to eat five of these bad boys as my 5 Medifast meals each day, but that just does not seem right! For now, two a day seems to be just right (along with a bag of Cinnamon pretels, 1 Dutch chocolate drink, and 1 Choc. mint green label baron work out days)..

Not much else to report. Just cruising, though I have been napping quite a bit. 1 1/2 hours each day for the last two days in a row! Perhaps this is signaling another future weight loss marker? Either that or I have gone into hibernation mode!.

But seriously, I have been working out pretty hard and it feels great, yet I have also come to realize that listening to my body (DUH!) whether I am on Medifast or not is KEY. Example, Saturday, my FAVORITE spin teacher taught two classes in a row. I was jazzed and had worked out my Medifast meals so I had plenty of energy ( and additional carbs) to really work each class. TodaySundaymy legs were tired. The old me would have said, "No pain, no gain" and forced myself to go through another grueling exercise session. Today, though, I acknolwedged my fatigue and just walked at a lesiurely pace for an hour.

Allowing my body the time to rest and recover is important..

Weigh in on Tuesday, so will let the crew know what I have accomplished over the week..

Hope everyone had a MAH-VE-LOUS weekend. Happy Sunday, Shorties..

P.S. I just figured out what "NSV" stands for-Non-scale victory! Also, for the new bloggers, "DH"=Dear husband, OP=on/off [Medifast] Plandepending on the context of the sentence. If others have abbreviations they would like to share, I, and perhaps other Shorties, would appreciate knowing..

Comment #69

Gkrism, sorry that the surgery was postponed. Hope that it all goes off tomorrow without any problems. Why is the insurance paying so little? Do they consider it cosmetic surgery? Sometimes they can be so stupid. (Watch, I'll get all kinds of hate mail now from people who work for insurance companies.).

Swoop, how did the interview go?.

Anyone order the ice cream or pancakes? I didn't realize that the pancakes come in regular and chocolate chip flavors. Nice options. Best part is that the regular pancakes are the same calories as a shake. I haven't ordered any yet. I'm not due to place an order for another 2 weeks or so but the photo of the pancakes sure looks like the real thing..

My girlfriend is visiting us for a few days but left tonight for a 1 day business trip to Chicago. She left her 6 year old with us who is a delightful little girl but she missed her mommy at bedtime and started to cry. My daughter stayed with her until she fell asleep and came down and told me "I'm not ready to be a mommy". That is a big relief to hear especially with what's going on these days (ever watch MTV's 16 and Pregnant?)..

Comment #70

Just wanted to shout out to.


- wishing you all the best tomorrow and a speedy recovery. I'm astounded that your insurance compnay isn't paying!..

Comment #71

Gkrism: Good luck with the surgery today. Insurance companies stink! My two year old son just had a combined procedure - circumcision and removal of skin tags on his ear. Our insurance company won't cover anything related to the skin tag removal because they consider it cosmetic. Like they want to go through childhood being made fun of....

Before anyone asks, we adopted our son from Korea, so we did not have the opportunity to have him circumcized when he was born..

Grace - the interview went very well! So well that I am going back after work today for a second interview! I had to run out last night to get another suit - a size 10 with a skirt that is actually too big on me, but still looks ok for today. Has anyone ever returned clothing to Macys with the tags removed? The two suits I just bought aren't likely to fit me for more than a few weeks - I just reached my 25 pound weight loss mini-goal this morning. Only 11 more to goal - that ought to have me in a size 8 for the first time in ages...

Comment #72

Thank you all - sadly I've got really pitiful insurance. Part of my reason to go on Medifast was to lose enough weight to qualify for better insurance..

At any rate, I have to pay the first $6,000. I think they will pay after that..

And I'm sure this accident will cost more than that, especially sine the first hospital I went to is wanting to charge me $52.50 per minute.....

Comment #73

Hello all!!.

I feel like I've been MIA for awhile...just read through the old posts, did someone say pancakes?!!? I absolutely love them, are they already being offered or is it a soon to come thing? I'm still trodding along...last week the weather was so crappy it was flooded for most of the week so no gym! I went to my usual monday night class and about died lol! Have a good day everyone...

Comment #74

Swoop, really glad to hear the interview went well. I've never tried to return anything with tags off, so sorry, can't help you there..

Sister, the pancakes and ice cream are now available to order...

Comment #75

Yikes! We've got lousy insurance, too. The $3000 deductible truly sucks...

Comment #76

Hidy Ho Shorties! Hope everyone is well. I have been by to check up on you all, just haven't felt "chatty", but thought I'd say "hello" this time around to let you know I am still here!.


- hope everything is well. I guess there are pros and cons to those High Deductible Health Care plans - they are great for preventive care, and the premiums are lower, but when other "stuff" happens the deductible can be hard to swallow..


- congrats on the second interview! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I have never returned anything to Macy's (or anywhere) after I took tags off, so I don't know how that works. You could try it, the worse is they won't take it. Then just find someone to donate your hardly used new outfits too, and I am sure they will appreciate it!.


- good to see you here again!.

Hello Woozy, Rhonda, Shelly, Grace, Adrienne, Louise and all the other fabulous Shorties!..

Comment #77

Hi everybody!.

It feels like "forever" since I last posted on here. I didn't really disappear...for those who didn't know, I'm in the Army and was selected to go on a PDSS (Pre-deployment Site Survey) to Afghanistan and after a much debated decision, realized that I was going to have to put a temporary "hold" on Medifast (not enough room to pack the meals for that long and I wasn't going to be in Theater long enough for my hubby to send me more...not to mention no microwave or blender), so it was what is was and I'm happily back safe at home..

Over the last month of eating in mess halls/airports and limited food selection I was satisfied that I only gained 1 lb. total the entire time...(I drank water like a fish and worked out though).

It was so nice to come home and see my DH and little boys, but honestly it was an extra nice surprise to see that my last Medifast order had arrived while I was gone and was sitting nicely waiting for my return..

So, long story short, I'm on day 2 (again) but not as hungry or grumpy as I remember being the first time around and I'm so happy...and I'm especially glad to see you all here keeping each other motivated!.



Comment #78

Welcome home Rachael and hello to all the Shorties!.

Weighed in today and was only down .6. While I had hopes for more, I will take it. I figured I have a "big one" (loss) coming soon. In the meantime, thought I would share what my counselor and I were talking about today. She said that given the hotter weather and increased sweating I was doing, I needed to drink even MORE than the requisite 64 ounces AND to make my own electrolyte solution (the commercially made ones often have too much sugar for the Medifast program). Her recipe includes:.

8 oz. water, 1 pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugarfree drink mix, and 1 squeeze of lime (optionalto counteract the salt, if needed) to be drunk during/after a workout. While we need to be careful of water weight/water retention, she has also read research that argues slight amounts of salt absorbed via a liquid form is metabolized differently than salt embedded in protein and other foods. Salt via liquid is more likely to run through our system vs. stay within our tissues and retain water/weight..

So here I gochug, chug, chug. And a pinch of salt. Will let you know if this helps to break my "plateau"-ish status. Also, will cut back a little on the exercising and see how this all plays out..

Haven't tried the pancakes or ice cream yet. Anxiously awaiting your reviews!.

Cheers to everyone. We really do R-O-C-K! Happy Tuesday Shorties...

Comment #79

Potato salad recipe referenced earlier, copied from Lyn's "Escape From Obesity" blog:.

Low Carb Cauliflower "Potato" Salad, A Great Healthy Recipe!.

Here's a fun summertime barbecue recipe that's healthier and much lower in fat and carbs than the usual potato salad. Tastes great and goes very well with lean burgers on the grill! This is a recipe that will stay with me for life. I won't ever make regular potato salad again when I can have this much more nutritious recipe instead..

Cauliflower "Potato" Salad.

2 and 2/3 cups steamed cauliflower.

3 scallions (green onions), white and green parts, chopped.

1/4 cup finely diced celery.

1 hard boiled egg, chopped.

3 Tbsp light mayonnaise.

1/2 Tbsp yellow mustard.

1/4 tsp salt.

1/8 tsp black pepper.

Sprinkle of dill.

If you are starting with a head of fresh cauliflower, you can quarter it and steam it for about 15 minutes, or until the cauliflower is tender. Texture is key here; you want it to be about the same texture as cooked potatoes would be for potato salad. Not too firm, and definitely NOT mushy. Use a fork to test it as it cooks. As soon as it is tender, remove from the heat and rinse in cold water for several minutes until the cauliflower is all cold. Then set on paper towels to drain, and pat dry if necessary.

Chop the cauliflower into small bites (like potatoes in potato salad). Place in a bowl with the scallions, celery, and eggs. Gently toss together. Then add the mayo, mustard, salt and pepper; fold together gently with a spatula until well combined. Sprinkle a little dill over the top. Cover and chill for at least an hour..

This recipe makes two very large ( 1 1/2 cup) servings or four smaller 3/4 cup servings..

One large serving (half the recipe) contains:.

140 calories.

11 g carbs.

9 g fat.

7 g protein.

So, 1/4 recipe (3/4 cup) has 70 calories, 5.5 g carbs, 4.5 g fat, 3.5 g protein..

The breakdown for Medifast is:.

1/2 recipe yields 1 full Green (3 veg servings), 1/6 Lean, and under 2 1/2 condiments..

*notes: I thought it could use a little more salt, maybe some onion powder; season to taste. If you can stand some extra calories/Lean serving, adding another hard boiled egg would be great! Whatever you use to season YOUR potato salad, you can use in this recipe; some ideas are Dijon mustard instead of yellow, chopped Dill pickles or pickle relish, paprika, or a slice of crumbled, crisp bacon...

Comment #80

Welcome home Rachael. I'm sure everyone will agree that we all support the women and men in uniform overseas..

Swoop, congrats on getting to interview #2. I have tried and succeeded returning things without the tag but only under certain circumstances such as finding a defect after the tag was removed. When my kids were little, and I wasn't sure about a clothing brand, I would buy 2, wash 1 and compare to see if it shrank too much or didn't survive the laundry trip in any other way. If it was significant, I would bring it back and be able to prove that it was defective..

Gkrism, I hope your surgery went well. I'm assuming that we're not hearing from you because you can't type. Wishing you a speedy recovery..

I've been having trouble getting all my water in and I think it has slowed things down for me. I will say, though, that I started drinking the mango drink again and I find that I can sip it all morning and I'm totally not hungry by the time lunch comes around. But I do think that is the reason why I'm not drinking enough. It's a double edged sword..

I'm refraining from telling anymore DS stories from his trip but I will say that he called to tell me that he spent too much money on a bathing suit. Even at buy 1 get 1 free, $78 is an outrageous price for 2 men's bathing suits. How do people have the nerve to charge so much? But it was in a resort city and I'm sure in the most expensive part of the city. And it's his money. He needs to learn..

Have a great day...

Comment #81

Hi everyone! What a great group! I'm 5'3" and surrounded by tall people. Great for getting things off shelves, not so much when I get patted on the head!.

I'm on my 3rd week of Medifast and I love it so far! I'm looking forward to getting to know people on the forums and making some new friends!..

Comment #82




We are a very supportive group and here to help you on your journey if you should need it..


, LOL 'nuff said. He'll either learn or he won't but you're right, he might not have had as much of a choice as we might like..


, welcome home, it's great to have you back with us!.


, thanks for reposting the recipe, this time I wrote it down..


, glad you had a loss! Anything not a gain is a win, IMHO. I've taken to adding a bit more salt too right now with the hot weather. I've done in the form of a few dashes of Tabasco in just about everything. LOL Some like it hot! I haven't tried the new products yet either. Only am trying the plain pancakes. Never really ate pancakes pre-MF, so not sure how I'll take to them.

So it looks like chickpea, marble and I are all shorties starting Transition. Did I miss anyone?..

Comment #83

Quick question - DH asked me to order some meal bars for him. Do men get different bars (perhaps more calories) or are they the same ones I get for me?..

Comment #84

Nope men get all the same things we do. Only thing different in the men's bundle is the 70 shakes instead of the 55's. More protein in them but nothing else is different...

Comment #85

Adrienne, Marble, and Sandy, I didn't realize you guys had all made goal. Congratulations!..

Comment #86

Well, I didn't quite make "goal" - but here were my rantings from another thread that Adrienne is also on....

AFM, I am having more trouble actually getting to 135 than I think it is worth. I am happy now with my size, how I am feeling, etc... and I think I am just "done" with 5&1, I have been doing this for 10 months now - and it is the greatest diet, it is easy to do and works, but I am just aching for fruit, yogurt and a sandwich! As long as I stay between 135 and 140 that is a happy place for me. Also, I was making some not so wise, spontaneous decisions that just added to my guilt and frustration of not getting to 135. My plan now is to log everything I eat on Daily Plate, plan what I eat, working in fruit, yogurt and a sandwich when I want to, so if I know I'll be having these things later on in the day I won't make other bad spontaneous decisions that have really been messing me up. Finally, I am at the point I want to up my excercise, train for the 5K and maybe one day a 1/2 marathon and at that point with excercise it is time to move on from 5&1..

I'll still be here, and I see me still using Medifast meals in my day-to-day planning. And, if my best laid plans go awry, I know that 5&1 will work for me to get me back on track. I also depend on these boards and your alls company to keep me focused and on track!..

Comment #87

It's funny, Marble, that you mention a happy weight. I think I saw on the Self Magazine website a calculator that calculates your 'happy weight' in addition to your BMI and healthy weight range. I think my happy weight was 118 (and I was indeed happy at that weight) but my healthy weight was lower. And then there was something about how to figure out if you have a small or large frame based on your height. You measure your wrist and then based on your height it will tell you which frame range you fall into. My question was what happens if you have fat wrists???..

Comment #88

LOL if you measure at the bone, shouldn't change too much. I know it only changed 1/4 of an inch from the time I was at 170 to now. I know that because I had hand made sister bracelets made for my two sisters and I one Christmas and we all had to measure our wrists...

Comment #89


I've been lurking a bit, still looking for my Medifast forum "niche". I'm 5' 3.75", so close to 5'4" but never quite made it. Just a smidge too short for petite pants, and forget about regulars. It's nice to see similar stories re: not being able to eat as many calories as others... this is a slow process for me, but I'm hanging in there...

Comment #90

Welcome Dana! Yep you fit right in! Glad you're sticking with it!..

Comment #91

Congrats to you all who made goal!.

Marble, in the end, being happy with our weight really is the goal isn't in my book that congrats goes to you too.

It is good to be back and to especially have all of your support!.


Comment #92

YAHOO, Hip Hip Hooray for all who have achieved their goals! Whether temporary or permanent, Medifast is teaching us to find healthier places to be with the artificial number on the scale, the image in our minds, and the actual bodies with which we have all been blessed. Whatever WE CHOOSE is the right weight for ourselves. Heck, if we have developed better ways of eating we have begun the conquerring (sp?) of our demons..

With that said, here's a great tip for losing one's appetite. Last night I was in a hurry and slightly distracted. Ended up slamming two of my own fingers in the self-locking trunk door of my convertible. Poor DH heard me screaming bloody murder. Thank goodness he understood what happened and came running with my car keys to unlock the trunk and release my fingers. Talk about P-A-I-N and Fred Flintstone throbbing fingers!.

What a way to diminish one's appetite! I ate my last Medifast meal at 8 PM and went to bed. Luckily, no fractured phalanges..

Today was a new day and I am pleased to report all is in tact. Happy Wednesday, Shorties..

Comment #93

Ow ow ow!! I can relate. I have two finger nails that no longer grow properly after getting caught in the car door. Nothing broken but yeah ow! Darn out of boo boo bunnies. You'll just have to settle for a.


Comment #94

Woozy - glad there is no permanent damage but - OUCH! That sounds really painful! I only have a minute to post - thanks everyone for the well wishes for my interview. I am happy to report that I got the job! Just found out last night, and I am a few minutes away from giving notice to one of the attorneys I work for. I am really not looking forward to it. Though there are certainly things here that I don't like, for the most part I like the attorneys I work for and have a lot of friends on the staff. I have been here 11 years, so it will be a little emotional when my last day arrives..

I decided not to try to take those two suits back. It just wouldn't feel right to me since I already wore them. Well, one I only had on for about 3 hours, but just the same... I'll hold onto them for a little bit (they still fit now), and if they are way to big on me by next summer I will donate them or bring to a consignment store..

Anyway, gotta run. Thanks again everyone, and congrats to everyone who has made goal weight!..

Comment #95

Hello fellow shorties! I'm new and just started Medifast today. I'm only 5ft tall and sometimes hate being short. I find it hard to find clothes that fit properly. Capris and cargos end up being pants on me. Anyway, I stayed on plan all day today. Yeah me! But I did have a headache earlier and I was tired on and off through out the day.

I am looking forward to day 2...

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.