How Expensive is the food at Nutrisystem?

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My first question is How Expensive is the food at Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Many of you veterans probably remember me. I got serious with Nutrisystem and between 12/1/08 and 3/15/09 I went from 431 to 371 for a loss of 60 pounds. My goal was 225 so I obviously had a long way to go at that point but things were going great but I got derailed and never quite got back on track. A few of my attempts to get back on track are well documented in my last few posts.

I'm back on plan as of today. I'm not going to make any grandiose predictions of success. I just know I need to man up and stick to the program without deviation. The planned cheat meal has worked well for me in the past, but I wonder if ultimately it was my undoing. I know that the longer one stays on program the more of their old cravings they lose. Perhaps by re-introducing those habits I was trying to get away from once a week I was setting myself up for failure..

I ordered some overeaters anonyomous materials yesterday and am considering going to a meeting. Their concept of abstinence really speaks to my tendenancy to go overboard in these things...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Welcome back!.

My personal opinion is that a "license" to cheat will not work long term. The "damage" done in the one day or meal is hard to overcome..

The whole concept is about changing your life style to one that you can live with over the course of time. If you think of this as a diet, you are doomed to failure from the start. YOU CAN'T GO BACK TO EATING LIKE YOU HAVE EATEN IN THE PAST!.

I believe to be successful with Nutrisystem or any other life style change, you need to follow it completely until it is your habits. This means you really need to be 100% for a minimum of 3 months or longer until it is your new habit..

This plan works but you need to follow it completely..

I have lost 100 lbs on two other "plans" only to gain back all of the weight. That is because I always thought that once I lost the weight, I could return to my old habits..

NS has finally "showed me the light" and I really do believe this is a long term solution. My graph below shows my success in following this life style change!.

Best of Luck,.


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Welcome back doc. Your insite and knowledge is always right on...

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For the past month I tried this cheat thing - and at first I even advocated it. The final numbers did not show that cheating was beneficial for me. I lost at the greatest rate when I stayed 100% true to the program..

Also, I noticed this cheat deal led me into other nibble here nibble there. It is a trap!..

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I'm a recent restarter myself after losing about 40 lbs two years ago. Good to see you here, and well wishes...

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I second what bwv4me said. It can't be a diet. It has to become a lifestyle. This has to become the way you're going to eat for the rest of your life. And in order to do that, you have to get the taste of whatever haunts you out of your mouth, your system and your mind..

I doubt that an alcoholic taking a "cheat drink" once week could remain sober for very long..

Good luck and be well...

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Welcome back Disco. My very best wishes to you on this go around. Start a count down clock...100 days - 100% and see how you feel about the program on day 101. I am pulling for you...

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1. Good analysis. I think there is a minority of people that the cheat thing works with, but a majority that it derails. Better to get those tastes out of your mouth. I go so far as advocating not eating sweet Nutrisystem desserts, so you stop having that taste love and just have chips instead..

2. Post a little more, please. You are a sharp guy and would be fun to interact with. It would be an honor. And I think being on the boards would help you also..

3. Physician, heal thyself...

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Welcome back, Disco!!.

I agree with you 100%. Even though I've been a vocal advocate of the "planned deviation" approach, I understand it's really not a good idea for everyone, maybe no one, so even though I truly believe it helped me in my journey, I'll keep my dirty secrets to myself..

I really value your input on this forum..


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