How has anyone found the Medifast Diet?

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Question I have... How has anyone found the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' WEDNESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Goals. There's no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There's no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There's no telling what will happen when you act upon them...

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Good morning JoJo. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too..

Good morning Shams,.

Tried to make the end of "Dancing...Stars" but fell asleep. I like that show. It's fun. Lauri...Jennifer Grey is a beautiful dancer..

I have stuff packed, so does Joe. If both of us can make it through our HELLISH days at work, we'll be meeting at Borgata later. Good times because the room was comped for both nights, I have show tickets tonight that are comped (but I never go) (but Joe will want to go b/c they're "free"! - LOL!), and all of the restaurants are having something for dinner. 3 courses for $39/pp. Which is pretty awesome. Those restaurants be WICKED pricey.

I got the girl that I had when I went with Ang and I'm glad because I REALLY liked her. We have some wine (and L'Orange, of course) packed and dinner reservations at Wolfgang Puck's. One of these days we'll try out all of the restaurants - but we always tend to go back to our favorites (Izakaya and Old Homestead) (Bobby Flay sucked!).

I'll try to check in from work. Otherwise, don't know that I'll be back until Friday at some point..

Enjoy the holiday and time with your family and friends..

Mad love to all...

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Sounds like a perfect Holiday at a perfect price! I am awaiting those days once again...I see a light at the end of my long, dark and whiny tunnel!!.

Have a great time.


See you on Friday..

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Morning capt- remember borgata when asshat starts in today. Sounds like a great holiday, enjoy! We've got tix to a cirque dream holidaze show tonight..

Jo- morning to you too. Prayers still co.

Ing your way especially through the holidays. I was just thinking about your grandbabies, how old are they? I have tons of girl toys that mine have outgrown. I know money is way tight for you all so if you are interested pm your address and I'd be more than happy to pack some up and ship so that those girls have a wonderful Christmas. It just seemed like something I could do from far away..

Ang- I hate to hear that for Olivia. Kids can be so dam mean. I know with all the support you give her she will turn out to be stronger. If you ever need to vent to another mom with similar aged kids please feel free to pm me..

As for me I'm officially gonna be late for work now should have been out the door 10 min ago. So I'm running now busy day trying to get all the kids seen in a short week with several staff off sick as well. Catch you all later...

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Runnin a bit ahead today - that NEVER happens - I think it is the world telling me to get on the road and avoid traffic - I'm listening.

Will see you lovelies later!.

Have a GREAT OP Thanksgiving Eve and drink your water..

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Happy pre-Thanksgiving everyone,.

Lara, that was a really thoughtful idealove it. Lori, you know how much I love me some Borgata so have a great time. Sounds like a dream couple of days to me with no hassel and no clean up!! I'm working around the house today, thawing out my turkey (cold water bath), etc. My sis and her DH will be here around 2 tomorrow and we'll just have an easy dinner and get ready for Friday. Let's all give thanks for something in our lives that gives us laughter and want all of you to know how thankful I am for my wonderful "Shams"...

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Sorry about the triple postsI got a data send error message that they were contacting technical supportWTH??..

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You are awesome. I sent you a PM....have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!..

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At least you will get the Shammy thread up there in posts today!! LOL.

Hope you and yours have a fantastic Thanksgiving....

Comment #10

Wow slow around here today. Work ahs gone much better than expected. I'm hungary forgot to pack my lunch or snacks and it's raining so I'm not going out. Oh Well. Hope everyone's having a great day. Need to go do an eval on a kiddo at lunch...

Comment #11

Glad to see that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is always one there but it is sometimes hard to see. Big hugs and hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving together...

Comment #12

Morning Andi! Have a great Thanksgiving Eve yourself. I am already drinking my water for the day!..

Comment #13

Lara - hope the day flys by for you. Sounds like you will be very busy seeing kids today. How is maintenance going for you this week? Feeling better about it all?..

Comment #14

I agree with you Barb, Lori has the right idea on how to sound a holiday. Sounds like you have it covered for your family get together...

Comment #15

Sorry you forgot everything. That is one of my biggest fears is that I will forget to bring anything and wont have anything to eat. Make good choices and you will be fine. Hope the rain let's up a little...

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I say make a run for it! My sisters and I prefer the trickle out method where one goes and the other trickle out until no one is left but in your case, I say RUN! You need this time at Borgata. Don't they know this???..

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Well I didn't make it to the gym before BF went to work so now inhale to figure out how to get some of my exercise in. Think I may walk to Starbucks and then get some coffee. I just checked the map and it said it was .75 miles which would give me 1.5 round trio but I was hoping for more. May see if I can get a little more in. Then I really need to get to my homework that I have neglected the whole time I have been here..

Will check back in later..

Mucho love chicas!..

Comment #18

Hi Angela - hope day goes OK..

Lori - I hope you have a great time on your get away..

Jo -like the light at the end of your tunnel.

Lara - you are so generous.

Andi - water - I am no it..

Barb - I am doing the cold water bath also. Have fun..

Kori - Starbuck's walk sounds perfect..

Lauri - I think you said we may not hear much from you for a few days but hope you are having fun..

Andrea - how is your day going?.

Darlene - I hope things are calm..

I am done with my coffee meeting and now I get to get organized for trip to see Mom tomorrow. I will be out of contact on Thursday and most of Friday. But I will be OP, no worries..

Happy Thanksgiving Eve day everyone...

Comment #19

The countdown is on... and I am SOOO ready! Friday will be day one back on MF!! Baby Stella will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, and since I had a c section I am now officially cleared to get back on track : ) My mom is bringing me her stash and although it's not what I would order it will get me started and get a little stockpile going until I get a full paycheck again from work..

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy your family and friends!..

Comment #20

Seriously YIKES! I just went to edit my signature and was looking at my old pics... the pics of me at my heaviest are scary. I am glad I am still motivated not to go back there again.... I have a little ways to go (15 pounds or so) to get back to weight before I got pregnant... I CANT WAIT to get into my smaller clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #21

Afternoon Lovelies!.

Home early today - makes up for long day yesterday. will work on my Psych project for a bit, then tidy the kitchen, tehn work out - then it will be time for my next meal... life is GREAT!.

Hope all are doing well as the day wraps for holiday fun..

Comment #22

Hi everyone!.

Been a busy day here getting last minute errands done before the big turkey day!.

Hope everyone is doing well and.

Planning ahead.

So that your Thanksgiving can be totally OP!..

Comment #23

Hey Kori- While it's not been a perfect week, am feeling better about maintenence and about my own self control. I still need to get a couple lbs off, but I'm feeling better. Thanks for asking..

Jill- Yeah that means that you'll be here more now that you'll be back OP. YEAH!.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. I probably won't get to check in an Fri may be not till evening- I'm one of those crazy black friday shoppers. Although I did see an ad for tomorrow that has something I want, so I may be headed out tomorrow morning too...

Comment #24

Yay!! Jill is back! I hear ya on taking what you can get. I took my BF's stash of stuff he doesn't like because he was going to throw it away. I told him, no way, I will eat it, even if I don't like it. It is too expensive not to. Can't wait to see your progress. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with family and Baby Stella...

Comment #25

As long as the motivation is there, I have no doubt you will be successful! Welcome back!..

Comment #26

Sounds like a great plan Andi! Enjoy your early afternoon off...

Comment #27

Glad to hear you are feeling more in control. Having that self control and not being stressed should help those lbs come off..

I too am one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers. I fly home early tomorrow morning. I think my sister and I might hit a couple places she wants to go that are open on Thursday. Then we are going to start shopping at midnite when walmart opens their sale. I don't need any electronics but their deals on pj's and hoodies are way too good to pass up. Once we finish up there, we will probably go right to the kohls line because they are open at 3 am.

I am so excited, plus I will get some kohls cash to shop later. Those are the only places I really need to go, but I am sure my mom and my sister will have more on their lists..

Have a great Thanksgiving and good luck shopping!.

I am going to start my crunches challenge the day after thanksgiving. I think I counted 28 days till Christmas so I am going to aim for 3500 crunches or ab exercises for those 28 days...

Comment #28

Hey Dawn!.

I have my plan in place and am going to rock a totally OP Thanksgiving..

Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday...

Comment #29

Well I just got back from. Y little walk where in was just going to star bucks for coffee. Ended up going well past where I was going, stopped in at borders and got coffee there, hung out and read there for a bit and then walked back to bf's house. When I went on to map my walk, I was surprised it was 3.25 miles!!! Holy crapola! I never would have done that at this time last year..

Actually, it was this exact time last year when I was at bf's house thanksgiving week when I was reading the boards like mad crazy and making the commitment to myself to start mf. I am almost to my one year anniversary for Medifast and was just reflecting on when it all started..

Thank you Shammies for all your support over the last year. It amazes me how you can connect with people online so much that they feel like family. I love you hookahs!.

Mucho love..

I think I am going to take a little nap now. I know it is late but my sleep schedule is all screwed up...

Comment #30

I am wishing every one a happy shopping experience. I think I am a bah humbug. Not really but I can not handle the crowds on Black Friday. We do most of our shopping online. DH is watching an online shopping discount for Friday. So we will sorta be shopping with you guys...

Comment #31

This is awesome!! So proud of you Kori!! You have come soooo far!..

Comment #32

I am with you Sandy...not a big fan of the crazy crowds on Black Friday. I like to shop and get in the "spirit" with the music and decorations and all...but not the lines and pushing and shoving on Friday!..

Comment #33

Glad to hear you are having a good week!..

Comment #34

Dawn - we have our music all updated and ready. My DH is wait until Friday for anything Christmas. But we are ready. I have a bunch of work to do on the cards that I am making and it takes us the most of two days to get the decorations up. Plans for this Saturday and Sunday...

Comment #35

I am totally an online shopper. Have been watch early Black Friday sales all week. Don't really need anything else but you never know. Hubby paid over $1100 last night to just have one of his rifle scopes repaired (it's about $4000new) so I figure I'm due. I'll probably just settle for a new lightweight vacuum cuz my spare just broke. Go figure, aren't I the lucky one. Time to say goodnight and for those not around tomorrowa very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and travel safely...

Comment #36

I like your challenge. I may participate too.... I think I will incorporate wall push ups, last time my arms were starting to get kinda saggy..

You look awesome, what an inspiration you are- I love that not only are you still here but you have made mad progress!!!!!..

Comment #37

I'm surprised\ impressed at all the online places having really good black friday deals! I will not be shopping this year since I've been on mat leave for 8 weeks...

Comment #38

Sandy, I cannot lie, I have been listening to Christmas music since nov first! I love it! In fact I was jamming to it on my walk this afternoon..

Comment #39

Holy shitz! That is a lot of money for a scope. I hope he makes good use of the rifle at least..

Nite Barb! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well...

Comment #40

May do that as well. I did the math and it works out to 125 a day which I think is do-able. I will probably mix it up, regular crunches, cherry pickers, side crunches, leg climbers, etc. My skin is saggy too but it is getting a little better. I know I have to be a little patient and I am working with a personal trainer twice a week for strength training to build good muscle tone which should help too...

Comment #41

I agree. Although, I am planning on getting a kitchen aid mixer black Friday but it is something I have always wanted and I am super excited to get it. Then I can bake like crazy for my family and for holiday gift baskets...

Comment #42

Good evening all.....

I had no time at work today to chat... been working like a dog lately and miss you guys..

Gonna catch up on today and come back!..

Comment #43

Hi all....

Lori and sandy.. hope your time away for the holiday is great.

Hi ang... I think I missed something wrong with Olivia. hoep she is doing ok.

Andi... drinking my water as we speak.

Hi barb... your holiday plans sound nice.

Hey lara and Jo ... great to see you guys here.

Kori... sounds like your time with BF is going nicely. that mixer will be awesome. my friend swears by hers..

Hi jill... great to see you here too.

Dawn... planning. so important. thanks for the reminder. I am pretty well set for tomm except for packing things up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.