How is it to work for 123 in Arizona?

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First off, How is it to work for 123 in Arizona? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... Yes I agree movingconcierge and shockie, it's horrible to try to coldly profit from a tragedy like this. News organizations are doing their job, which is to inform people, although I must say I wonder at times, with CNN and others, with their fancy theme music and logos and constant repetition of the most shocking videos and so on....

But in any case, you are right and I don't condone domaining like this, it gives this industry a bad name. And this is a very sad event...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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I have emailed a local news station with all the information, and the story (if they consider it one). Hopefully tonight on the news theyll be infront of his house, trying to get an interview..

I'll keep you updated!..

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It's cool that you're trying to help Justin... but how does this help me, you, or the industry. It's bad enough that a domainer is concidered a cybersquatter without any differentiation between the two ever made in the news or articles. I know your attempts are genuine but in the wake of this tragedy, I find it unlikely that the media would have a positive spin on it..

I think the best course of action is to avoid such sites/individuals. No one will buy from them anyways. But belaboring the morality of there actions simply castes notoriety to their deeds. This event was tragic, but we do not live in a tragic world..

Tomorrow, we go back to domaining...

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This is pretty sad..

33 lives and families have been changed by this event. Not to count the others at that school..

This is a very low move..


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There are always exceptions..

The saying "Two wrongs don't make a right" may uphold in a utopia kind of world but not in this world..

I know what you're trying to say but it's not applicable at all times..

Generally speaking......

Comment #5

You ever been in a position where you find someones action morally reprehensible but theres nothing you can do. Other side of the world or country. Well, this guy lives in my hometown, and I suppose for the first time, I can actually do something. I dont want to just let him get away with this..

I know Domaining itself doesnt have the best reputation as a legitimate industry and the term squatter is practically synonnymous with domainer. But in my mind, when someone crosses the line between whats right and wrong, and I mean crosses the line, someone should do and or say something..

So, in this case, I did. Im sure my actions will draw negative attention, once again to what we do, but Im hoping it draws more negative attention to this individual, who thinks it's acceptable to profit off of 30+ dead students, their friends, and family..


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Wow.. you pissed somebody off...

[Edit] opps I guess the moderators removed that post.. Wow.. that guy was mad and a first time poster.. probably the owner of that name.. LOL.

I wish you hadn't contacted the news on this guy... All it will do is give his 123 reg website more traffic and publicity.. There's no such thing as bad publicity when you are only looking to make a quick dollar like this person might be..

Also it will probably give us DNers even more negative attention, if a story is run..

I really appreciate your advice you've given me, I respect and have learned from your posts and like you as a fellow NPer but.....

I would just leave it alone, all your doing is causing more, un-needed, drama! I'm sure you have more constuctive things to concentrate on ...SELL those DNs.., you seem to be pretty darn good at it..

Comment #7

I love this forum, how long did that last? 2 minutes?..

Comment #8

Not even two minutes. It was gone faster than my one line response to it. What a turd..

We should.

Charlie Wenzel.

This guy!.

Warning: addictive offsite thread. Well worth the time you'll spend reading it and a life lesson for some to learn...

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Some magazines put images of such tragedies in their front covers. Do some.

Of you really think they donate all their net profit to charity?.

Anytime you decide to "impose" your beliefs on someone else, another may be.

Ready to do the same to you. Karma goes both ways..

But if you insist, at least be ready for the consequences...

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For the record:.

I have regged 51 domains names of things I know, what I am aware of, news I am picking up, and so on. All very highly searched terms, some very disturbing, many things that others are unaware of but will soon find out, and it is just a matter of time..

In an effort to stem this tide of capitalizing on a tragedy so close by, I have redirected all the domains to this site:.


So don't call or post information about the registrant without checking the redirects. Also, there are others doing this. One person has already received to offers for one HostGator name that was not of Virginia Tech origin or affiliation..

I applaud your efforts, I think it is kind of funny, but when you get down to it, domains are serious business. My cost for registration is a non factor for my belief in doing what is appropriate..

I have contacted VT and let them know what I was doing and why. Some names may be disturbing but they will at least know someone is not profitting off of their sorrow and tragedy..

I also have given them permission to consider any for memorials or fund raising efforts. None are for sale...

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Clearly there is dissenting opinion. And I understand your points. Whats the difference between the media profiting from this vs a domainer? Although there are clear similarities, there is a difference..

The difference is the media makes money by reporting the news, good or bad. Sometimes the media does go too far as well. But in my mind, the big difference here is substance. Although the media does profit, they provide us with information..

This domainer has simply registered a tragedy, and instead of providing usefull information or even any anything, he is selling a piece of intellectual property. It just seems so empty and heartless. Again, maybe your right, what is the difference between Him and the Media? Im not even sure I can exactly quantify it, but It doesnt "feel" right to me, and I have no problem telling him that..


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IMO, that seems to be a bit extreme.....afterall, what would be wrong in having names like:.

Etc. etc. (all mine....and I do happen to have some background for using them properly).

Do you know lots of similar names (such as,, etc) are registered by BIG why it's legit for these mega companies to have them but not for a little guy like myself??..

Comment #13

I have heard back from Virginia Tech this morning. Initially, they blew me off thinking I was another troll or leach..

Once I clarified my intent and showed them the redirects I got a second email..

They are very pleased with the 51 HostGator names registered and redirected to their memorial site. Needless to say, they are well aware of the many varmits that are attempting to capitalize on this. There is growing concern of the tens of thousands of HostGator names registered, many will be used to set up fake sites soliciting donations. Undoubtedly so..

They also informed me that they have been swamped with thousands of emails. And, yes, many offering to sell to them a HostGator name(s)..

It is a small gesture on my part. But the way I look at it, I beat 51 opportunistic jerks to the punch and took some HostGator names out of circulation...

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Well done circa1850. I think this sort of stuff (I mean the profiteers bulk registering names for tragic events) is something that we're going to have to live with. But I'm pretty sure there is no real money to be made in that. I believe that people will shun those pages and not click their ads. Look at wikipedia; crowd review is powerful - it's very hard to try to manipulate it to serve one's own interests (no I haven't tried- I'm referring to the folks who couldn't get their propaganda to stick in wikipedia so they set up, but I digress.....

Comment #15

Great job, and definetly the right thing to do..


Comment #16

Circa- good job, very well done..

Domainspade- thank you for doing your part to take after them, as well. Maybe that guy won't be so quick to pick up blood domains in the future..

For some time I have been trying to figure out a use for my domain, Ubunghole.comI wanted to start the monthly "ubunghole awards" and send a t-shirt and little trophy to the bunghole of the month..

If I ever have the time to start it, some of these treggers ( tragedy reggers ) will be receiving shirts...

Comment #17

I have also set up a banner on my site,.

, with a cautionary statement alerting users to the fact that there is only one official site. This site had 355,000 users last year and already approaching 160,000 for 2007..

If you have active sites or blogs, such a statement and banner and redirect I would think would be beneficial...

Comment #18

Glad you are able to amuse yourself..

You don't live about an hour from the campus, do you? You don't know countless people that have gone to school there or are currently going to school there?.

I've got your cherubs...

Comment #19

That is a serious time-waster, but a great read! A-holes beware... you could be the next Charlie Wenzel...

Comment #20

Wow... that took me more than an hour to read... but really deserved it..

We should.

Charlie Wenzel.

This guy!.

Warning: addictive offsite thread. Well worth the time you'll spend reading it and a life lesson for some to learn.[/QUOTE]..

Comment #21

Somebody just hand me the cliff notes. My God, I am laughing myself silly from the parts I did read..

Was he a member on one of these forums, Denny or something like that? That picture looked so familiar..

Wow, 74 pages of just outright flaming! Hillarious!!!..

Comment #22

Here's a post that sums it up pretty well (post #1637):..

Comment #23

I would love to know who found this and how. This is one of the funniest threads I have read. And what a line...that deserves to be in a movie!.

What a prophet!..

Comment #24

Circa - the redirecting of domains is a good idea...

I own some "disaster" type domain, but in my case I was directly affected by the tragedy. I'm not profiting from the domains..

I graduated from Columbine in 1999. If you ever heard of me relating to that it's because I did a couple of interviews at the very beginning and I ran the fantasy baseball league Dylan was a part of..

I never accepted any money for interviews for photos or anything..

The media hounded me for weeks despite my efforts to avoid them..

I have .org and

I would like to organize something beneficial, although I was torn on getting involved with turning the local park into a memorial, so I didn't redirect to or attempt to raise money for the memorial..

The profiting of domains from disasters reminds me of the person who bought Dylan Klebold's car in an auction unknowingly, then sold it for a massive profit after he found out what he had..

I called and emailed the guy explaining my stance and the community viewpoint, but it didn't matter, he didn't care that he was exploiting the tragedy. I don't think he donated one cent of the money to anything charitable..

One more HostGator related note to this: I ran the fantasy 123 reg website online. It received thousands of hits in a matter of days, however I took down the 123 reg website as it became out of control and a magnet for attention. At the beginning the ONLY thing that came up when one googled dylan klebold was a standings page from my site. All of our phone numbers were on it, the message board got bombarded, It was too much..

Negative press on domains will only hurt us, so it may be best to not shine the spotlight on the people unethically attempting to make a quick profit from this horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech...

Comment #25

I appreciate your input, thoughts, concern, and views from a historical and first hand account perspective..

I do not feel that I am shining a light on any of this except right here on this forum and with the folks at Virginia Tech. That is the only two places this has been discussed..

I did not do this for notariety. Am I the only one doing this? Thankfully no. I know of at least two other domainers that are doing the same thing. I am not sure if they are members of this forum. I do not believe they are..

And this was not even my idea. From a business perspective and one who has the capability and means to to this, I thought it was a great idea to help take many of the domains out of circulation..

The only reason I mentioned this from the onset is several people on this thread are posting the owners of domains from the WHOIS databases. Some of those registrants are getting phone calls from members of this forum. After seeing all the negative comments here, I wanted to caution people to exercise judgement and not to be so quick to jump to conclusions. The domains I registered and redirected are in my company's name and address. I didn't relish the fact that this info would be published and subjected to hate mail or phone calls. So far, so good..

From what I understand and from what I have read here and on other forums, these people are getting so bombarded with phone calls that they have made their numbers unlisted. But the WHOIS is still published. Added to that, it appears pressure has been placed on 123 reg and Google and some of the parking companies that many of the names are now blocked..

Here is an example:.

This HostGator name was parked at NameDrive and at last count on Tuesday, the day these words came out, received more than 550,000 hits. I have not checked but more than likely he now has privacy added. But that is way too late. Everything about the registrant is posted in so many places..

I think between three of us doing registering domains names and redirecting them, we have managed to take about 100 highly searched keyword domains out of circulation and redirected to VT's memorial fund..

If you will notice, I have not published a list of these names for that very not bring light onto a sensitive issue and domainers in general. If someone happens to search for a certain keyword or term, they will end up at the memorial fund site. The negative light is on those that have done such for personal gain. The press is and has been all over this for a couple of days now..

The negative press is already out there. En masse. Fox news and several others reported this long before it was posted on these boards..

As mentioned, Virginia Tech is getting bombarded with emails from all over the world. Sorrow, support, mourning, and sales pitches. The first email I got from them this morning was a form letter rejecting a sales pitch. When I contacted them again, the director of the site and foundation personally contacted me to thank me and apologized. As soon as he saw HostGator names in the email, out went the form letter they composed..

Here is part of the second email from VT:.

Thank you for clarifying. We’ve received literally thousands of emails, including dozens from people who have purchased domains, and it’s easy to pass over details such as the ones you have. We appreciate you beating the squatters and redirecting to our website..

I made a decision to do something or to contribute as I thought would have the most immediate and greatest impact and that is the decision I and a couple of other domainers made..

Should this ever come to light, I think it would shed a "positive light" on what domainers can do. And it does come down to a more personal level than being a domainer. I do not HostGator for a living. I am in the medical profession, I am a business man, and I HostGator for the fun (sometimes it's fun...)..

Did I make the right decision?..

Comment #26

If you answer yes, then that's all the answer you need...

Comment #27

Dave zen,.

Oh.. if more people had your maturity. Thats the way to peace. Trouble is karma is only experienced thru the eyes of one person at a time. Many people do not understand a forced choice is not a good choice..

Lets hope the news media does not mention how domainers are profiting from tragedy. This is very silly...

Comment #28


Serious time-waster...Boy, did he piss off the wrong crowd...imagine a thousand 4x4 types getting at you...

Now his name will be forever smeared on the Internet. Has to find an employer that doesn't know what Google is.....

Comment #29


Based on the sound of it, the kid is a little sh*t. I'm guessing he's been fed from a silver spoon for much of his life... maybe he's got a nice trust fund set up for him so he won't have to work. Who knows, but after the way he handled things on that thread, he is not only unethical and stupid, but down right a plain jackass. Charlie Wenzel, one can only hope you get smarter (you should have spent your college money on college rather than that truck that screams: "Look at me, I've got a small wiener!"...

Comment #30

Now his name will be forever smeared on the Internet. Has to find an employer that doesn't know what Google is...[/QUOTE]Funny, funny stuff. And aren't we just perpetuating the claim that he will live on forever on the internet..


A Wenzel Wiener...

Comment #31

Just did a search and found out that is registered, but the others are available..

I still think if it is a good idea to register The guy would deserve a site about him. Anyway if you want then reg it. I will not have time and ability to develop..



Comment #32

Someone used to have the .info registered. I believe there was a developed site on it for a while and then the HostGator must have dropped..

Wenzel wiener... I has a nice ring to it...

Comment #33

Guys, this is simply an issue of ethics and business. Everyone has different ethics. Don't harrass them..

Don't force your standards onto others...

Comment #34

We should all thank.


Here for unleashing charlie on NP..

There was an ONLINE STORE selling defaming coffee mugs, tshirts, and the like for about six months. Could you just online store selling your face on a fraud mug! OMG..

Comment #35

Just for clarification, and not to throw stones.... More to make us think about where we all are..

Some others who profit directly/indirectly from disasters?.










Certainly they are not registering names everytime something awful happens. But there is a way they seem to perk up when a 24 hour news event happens. Has no one noticed they try to use the most radical hooks to keep viewers stuck to their station?.

The whole thing is pretty pathetic if you ask me..

Not offering answers, just more questions...

Comment #36

Guys -.

I would personally not register names associated with that massacre but that is me personally..

Nonetheless, America was built on the principles of freedom, as long as the pursuit of that freedom is not infringing on someonelse's rights. So it is a moral issue really. Whilst disagreeing with it, I respect his legal right to register it and profit from it. Not sure if legal right are the right words to use here but anyways.....

There are far worst things happening each day on tv etc than registering a name like that. All those weight loss products, all those big pharmaceutical companies that push products that in many cases kill people or hurt them rather than help, all those bizopp opportunities that don't make money but take money from the old ladies with the pension etc etc..

Yeah, the guy is definitely a weasel for wanting to profit from question but there is a way to deal with this..

Don't buy the name, don't click on the ads...

Comment #37

I think giving the guys address is wrong. Do you guys have any idea how many nuts are out there?.

I once listed a relief name in Ebay and I actually got death threats for doing it. I will bet money this guy gets plenty of those now. Maybe he is a newbie. Is it fair he has to move now? How would you really feel if you had found out a newbie thought that the name was a good one to register. Then he gets brutally beaten or even dies from his attack, all because some person was disgusted..

Another thing, somewhere down the road a movie will be made out of this. Maybe you will own stocks in the movie company. Don't think people will pay to watch this? Not my cup of tea, but the movie company will look at it like another investment oppourtuntiy and the movie will gross millions. Might not be for ten years but they may want to buy a HostGator name describing this terrible tragedy..

Even the President is getting in on the action from the publicity by making comments on it. Yeah sure he is sick to his heart, the same President who lied to get us and the world into a war and deliberatly put our troops in harms way with over three thousand of them having persihed..

Newspapers will benefit by selling millions more copies as it is something everyone wants to read. The radio stations will get many more advertising dollars as more people will be glued to radio news as this unfolds. What about the resturants and coffee places and the motels and hotels in this town. They are busy now with reporters and looky lews. Are they donating those rooms, meals, flowers, gravesites, air flights?.

If you were reporting this news and you had original news or pictures you would sell that infomation to the highest bidder..

Even undertakers will profit from this. I am in the florist industry and I know that flower orders are coming in from all parts of the world. How dare them profit from such a tragedy you say? I will bet you they are making more money than they ever have. Hundreds and hundreds many more times the money. Sure they can be sad at the same time they are taking wheelbarrows of money to the bank. Thats life I suppose, like it or hate it..

Lets get real here. Shaming other domainers who register legal names does this industry harm. If the name is a legal name, such as a person's name or an event that happened or a sex name and you have different opinions, well that is tough, it is not against the law and that is the HostGator business..

Personally I would not want any name like that myself, but that is my own view..

Free chioce is the adult way to view such ideals. Your choice is your choice, your expecting others to make your choice too is very controlling. To give a news media a way to shabbily report that domainers are a uncaring bunch who only want to profit from tragedy is a poor choice..

Many more people died today because some drivers have a cell phone glued to their ears while driving, then died at that college. I guess we are sensitive to certain deaths and desensitive to more common ones..

I really do hope this person can protect themself now that others know the address...

Comment #38

Goodkarma- 2 things, one I agree some idiot movie company is probably already scoping out the rights for the movie, and it will probably come out within 2-3 years. I find it repulsive, and I don't support movies like that. Two, please don't take cheap shots at the President, this isn't a political thread, and you are pushing an adjenda that I don't agree with...

Comment #39

With all the negative press...newspapers, magazines, blog, even prime time television...reporting on this, it is apparent that it is the domainers (legitimate season pros as well as newbies) who are shaming the industry..

Let's do get real here...many of us have shot our selves in the foot over this issue. Those of us who did not take a shot at the regging have had our feet shot out from under us..

Reports indicate a flood of HostGator name registration related to this incident never seen before and far surpassing the previous record of Katrina domains..

Do you not think that all the negative publicity is going to have an affect and effect on the HostGator industry as a whole?.

It don't think it is about you or me or several other members on here. But I know I for one am damn glad I do not rely on domaining or PPC for a living..

If anyone ever thought ICANN was doing a shitty job at policing registrars and domaining in the past, I have a feeling in the very near future you will be hearing more and more about ICANN and the need to place tighter controls in place. Or a more serious look at a new form of regulations enacted or even a new regulatory agency (quite possibly under government control) thanks to the countless scams and fraudulent donor sites being set up with these domains..

And lets not overlook or understate something else here...ICANN's fleeing to set up it's headquarters in Switzerland to escape prosecution in the RegFly debacle and other matters. Way to hang in there ICANN..

And VeriSign does what? did what? has what affect?.

I fear that this is out of.


Control now because it.


Out of control. For those that may think I am crying wolf then by all means bookmark these statements and re-visit this thread in a year..

Every major catastrophe lately has been followed up with a federally appointed commission which investigate all aspects to the act, the aftermath, and the problems associate with the matter. I have never seen so much press regarding HostGator names in all my years of being involved..

Not one word of it is good and not one word of it is false...

Comment #40

So because it's putting a bad name on HostGator names? Well now, lets report all the adult HostGator names then shall we...

Comment #41

Sedo and Namedrive both pulled/blocked the name from their parking..

Should they and other parking companies consider pulling all offensive/sensitive/controversial names as well?.

Do a search on Sedo and you will find words relating to:.



Child Porn.

Ethnic Slurs.



Comment #42

The comparison of some turd to a legit news org who sends their reporters into harms way to get a the wolrd news is just fallacious. Fallacious and lame..

How about I register your moms name when she dies and I hawk trinkets and crap so I can make a few bucks. Is that OK? If so, PM me moms name and age. If you want you can include her hobbies. Maybe I'll theme the site..

{edit}Mom has to have died a tragic death, like a car accident or slip and fall...a quick moving disease will also be considered{/edit}.

You see, it is all about leaving blood money on the table. God damn bottom feeders... Who cares who is doing what. You have to have a reading on your own moral compass...

Comment #43


I dont think there is anything morally wrong with offering a loan at a high rate to somebody. They agree to the terms and you are not forcing them into anything. But back to the discussion at hand. Is it morally wrong to register a name that relates to a tragedy? and my answer is still a big NO! I dont see any moral harm done by registering any name whatsoever. Do you think News papers should not report these things either? I mean they profit from their exploitment of sensationalism with stories such as these. News outlets LOVE when this sort of thing happens.

Comment #44


You keep swerving away from the point. Does virginia tech massacre dot ws offer any content? Anything of value? I'm fairly certain the untargetted ad of "University Massacre" for doesn't add a whole lot, and I am rather sure that CA can't be too happy about the ad, either. So, what is the reason for the domain's existence other than to profit from tragedy?.

If you go to or or whatever, each of those domains actually hold an INORDINATE amount of content. They contribute to society, and yes, their contributions cost money, so they have to find a way to pay for their expenses..

You keep making the same argument that is not predicated on a legitimate point...

Comment #45

Thosands of domains are regged daily that have no purpose or have no content. The truth is they may in the future, thats why they are regged. The person who regs them has the responsibility to place content and if they choose not to for a few years, so be it..

Don't join the lynch mob, allow domainers to excercise free will in registrations of domains. Magazines full of trash are everywhere. Content is not important. Domains for possible future sales should have no attachments as to what has to be done with them..

I like how the example that newspapers have reports and they profit from it is not seen as a issue. That example is hands down the way to learn from this..

Don't join the lynch mob, allow domainers to excercise free will in registrations of domains. They are simply domains, buy them, sell them, love them hate them, whatever..

Buying and selling domains is not ruled by a moral majority group and personally I will be happy to see it kept that way...

Comment #46

Well, it's also true that the newspapers and such existed before the tragedy occurred, giving us information about inclement weather coming our way, battlefield reports about how our soldiers are doing and whether or not our government is giving them the proper equipment and support, fun shows that provide mindless entertainment so we can veg out from the daily grind, comedy shows to make us laugh, dramas to excite us, mysteries to puzzle us, all of which exist for the purpose of providing us with content - for a price..

It is not possible to prevent people from buying sucky names, that is a part of freedom. Another part of freedom is our right to say, you know what, I think that was rather ignorant of such and such a person to try making a quick buck off a tragedy, even as people were dying..

What exactly is wrong with me expressing my freedom of speech and saying people like that are callous, greedy, self centered ambulance chasers? I make no apologies for feeling like I do, and I expect they will continue to live in a callous, greedy self centered world, oblivious to the pain they inflict on victims families, as is their right...

Comment #47

Greed hates competition..

I'm not really a fan of tragedy sites and if I ever got the notion to reg one, I would gear it towards relief efforts revolving that tragedy and state on the site that a specified percentage of revenue would be given to fund(s) regarding that tragedy and would carry through on it and make good on my word..

I'm sure the critics would ignore this kind of site...

Comment #48

I will revist the issue one more time... The comparison of a newspaper to a HostGator name is inherritantly flawed. A Newspaper is different because it uses it's own paper/name to spread news..

The issue here is that when registering a tragedy name (for a profitable flip) costs the victims family and friends not only the ability to use the name for positive, but also potentially extra money that could be used to bennefit society as a whole if they do buy the domain..

Im simply saying I dont believe it's right to profit directly from the victims family and friends.....

Comment #49

Rogue writer,.

I fully respect you have opinions and I agree with some of them. I just am not a big fan of publicily bashing fellow domainers who may not see the issue as you or I do..

Seems if some tragedy strikes we see this occurring over and over and it really is a bit heavy handed. Yes I think it can benefit the profession if domainers speak their minds. I think the tone of the comments are needing refinement in some cases though. Comments such as "I would not do it do not bother me at all". But comments such as "tar and feather them" or "scumbags" are ok to say at the bar with a friend, but to publicly call many in our profession such terms is not doing any of us any good at all. I realize at the moment we are upset about the event and the loss of not only many lives, but this new reality that things are just getting out of hand and society is spinning out of control.

The reason is in a society many are doing things we do not go along with..

For instance many HostGator owners are into porn domains. If the same talk was to be applied to these names, then we would be seeing the folks who have a big problem with porn calling those who have adult domains "scumbags" etc..

They certainly can do so, but adult names will continue to be regged and those making a profit from them will continue to do so also. We cannot have one category such as tragedy domains banned, or put down, unless other categories get the same treatment too. That in my opinion is opening a big can of worms. Better to have the searches and the traffic define what people want..

Domainspade, many of us have the same opinion, that some names are better left to the families to reg, but if a domainer does reg it, that is certainly their choice..

To say we should not profit from any pain that involves tragedy is just too much of a control statement. We personaly may not, but we allow others to operate their HostGator business as they see fit to do so. If the argument was to be applied across the board, we would have moral cops in every type of activity, such as you cannot charge for coffins anymore than the actual cost to make the coffin. Or you may not make any profit from the flowers delivered to a funeral that was of a person who died form a tragedy event..

Of course the examples could go on in every profession and it really is many businesses that profit from tragedy. So like you say, your choice is a personal one. If it is a chioce, then we really should temper how we talk about a HostGator owner who does not act as we may. I appreceiate how you say that is your choice and I respect that...

Comment #50

Bump this thread up again with a link to some more Immoral Domaining:.


Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.