How Long Has Ktisty Allie Been Spokeswoman For Nutrisystem?

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Question I have... How Long Has Ktisty Allie Been Spokeswoman For Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... This is what losing 143.5 pounds on Nutrisystem will do for your marriage!!! My wife has lost 30 pounds on Nutrisystem this year too..

This is actually my overcoat from last winter! It does not show well but if you look closely on the right you can see that the coat is acutally buttoned!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Rick that is so cool congrats to both of you..

Comment #2

Rick what a wonderful picture....congradulations to both of you!..

Comment #3

Great pic! My wife and I had the same experience. Between us we lost around 160 on NS. We can get a lot closer together now than we could before...

Comment #4

Awesome Rick! My wife and I have been doing Nutrisystem together, and it has brought us closer together, as we've developed more of a team attitude about life in general in addition to our Nutrisystem teamwork...

Comment #5

That's a great picture Rick. Congratulations, you should be very proud of your sure, steady progress. I know you've been a source of inspiration to me!..

Comment #6

I think when your partner sees you loseing weight, it ups the respect levels and that is good for a relationship...

Comment #7

And don't forget the 1 inch per 30 lb rule!!!!..

Comment #8

I think I have a coat like that somewhere...but it is a lot tighter on me!.

Great photo...well done!..

Comment #9

Could you even imagine that this would be the case. That was last years coat!..

Comment #10

Kudos to you on your loss..

I started at 320 myself and I know how much better you feel..

Way to go...

Comment #11

Wow. I can imagine how good you must feel being at a much healthier weight, being happier with yourself, and having more energy to enjoy life. I haven't gotten past week one yet, but God willing I will be in a similar place in about 6 months. Very inspiring!..

Comment #12

Wow, last year that coat just fit you, now it fits you both. I know you love her, but can you even imagine carrying her around all day every day? Makes you wonder how you used to do it, doesn't it?.

Congrats to you BOTH!.


Comment #13

That's a great pic, Rick. Congrats to you and your wife!..

Comment #14

Man.. I've gotta remember to check this at home so I can see the pic!.


Comment #15

It really is amazing isn't it, Rick and Gordon? I don't know about you guys, but when I was 50+lbs heavier I was still able to convince myself that I was only a little overweight. I'd look in the mirror, suck it in, and tell myself that I still looked pretty good, and think I was only 10-15lbs too heavy. Now I look at photos from last summer and realize that I was a freaking blimp. Thank heavens I started Nutrisystem and a heavy exercise regime last September!.

Congrats again, and thanks for all the kind words and motivation over the past 4 months!..

Comment #16

Hey Rads! You're almost THERE!! Way to go, man..

Per the thread title - we were starting to wonder how to fit a King bed in our bedroom... now we're fine with a hotel Dbl and our Queen feels like a King! Regained a lot of real-estate. It is truly amazing, Rads..


Comment #17

If those pipes get any bigger gordon, you may need to consider the king....! :-)..

Comment #18

Rads, I use to do the same thing. I just can not believe how far I have come. Actually, January 12th was my anniversary of being totally on Nutrisystem food. My ticker starts on 12.29.08, but that is when I signed up for Nutrisystem and ordered my food. Now I wonder why I took so long to come around..

Now we both need to go and have some water!..

Comment #19

What a GREAT picture, Rick! I finally remembered to go back to this thread and look on a PC that displays 3rd party hosted pics. Very cool!!.

It's terrific that your wife is on this journey with you!! Tell her congrats on her 30!.

That's as big a deal or even bigger than our big losses are for us! My Sweet Nancy has lost 40 so far, has 30 more to go, and she's much more consistant with her eating control than I am. Even though it is going so much more slowly for her than for me, she's keeping at it! I think her maintenance cals have to be as low as 1400-1500, considering her loss experience. Considering mine, I figure mine must be north of 2500, maybe 3K. That really makes it easier..


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