How long to lose wight on Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: How long to lose wight on Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. Another question... Hi Guys,.

I'm rather new... been reading posts, but I haven't listed anything until now. I'm not sure how I feel about NS. I'm a convert from WW. I met goal with WW but got off the wagon. I'm hoping that the structure of Nutrisystem will get me on track again..

My experience has been so-so. I have had a few difficulties with my first delivery being the women's program, but the consultant has tried to make things right by letting me keep a week's worth of food and returning the rest. I waited for quite some time to get the replacement box of the men's program. It finally arrived..

Much of the food is OK, but a lot of it is rather bland and "canned" in taste..

I don't seem to have a good sense of what the "salad" consists of at lunchtime. The materials and website appear to say that it would be a cup of romaine or a medium stalk of celery. A consultant on the phone seemed to imply that I can build a salad with some unlimited veggies. Just where is this information? It doesn't seem to be too clearly available..

I'd appreciate any insight or advice from you regulars out there..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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As for salads, you can have as much lettuce as you can stand. But only two tablespoons of low fat dressing per meal. Which for me limits the amount of lettuce in my salad..

I agree some of the food is bland. Nutrisystem gets a whole lot of fiber in the food, and very low sugar and fat content, and this combines to remove some of the taste. They do put sodium in but it can only help so much..

Plus most of it has an unrefrigerated shelf life of at least 1 year. Try that with your store bought entrees. Heh...

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Welcome, Mark! Give it a chance. After about 1 month on-plan you'll get the hang of things and you'll also be able to identify what items you like the best and adjust your next orders accordingly..

Happy to have you on the team!.


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I'm having fun experimenting with add ins. Head on over to the food threads. (food, diet, recipes). We had a great pow-wow on the proper way to cut up an orange. Whodathunkit...

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Welcome Mark,.

You are going to find that your tastes change pretty dramatically, at least mine did. Food that I didn't care for in the beginning I really enjoy now. The nice thing is that these evolving tastes really help in not craving the bad stuff..

For salads here's what I do. Each week I buy a few of those pre-packaged salad packs from the grocery store and keep them at work, along with some lean turkey lunch meat and low fat mozzarella and a couple of different kinds of low fat dressing. On big workout/bike ride days I add the turkey and cheese, otherwise I have just the salad with no extras. Be careful when buying the salad though, some of them can be pretty bad, i.e. >100 cal per serving. I believe the one I usually buy is called "American Blend", and is mostly iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, and radishes.

Then every day I just bring my lunch entree and some fruit and a snack and I'm good to go..

The plan definitely works if you stick to it. I started the beginning of April and I've lost about 75 pounds, with only 25 to go to goal. The best advice I can give you is be 100% faithful to the plan for at least the first full month before you start monkeying with things. I've been amazed at what I've learned about my body through this process. Some things really surprised me, like that it's possible to eat too little, but you've got to get a baseline first, and you do that with 100% faithfulness to the plan..

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask lots of questions. This group is one of your best resources..





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Welcome to Nutrisystem mrcyr13!.

There's lots of support and advice here....check out Dietitians Corner for answers to all your program questions or General to find a group to join!.

Have a great day!..

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Just wanted to throw in my.

Welcome Aboard.

And good wishes with the program. Just remeber there is.

Strength in Numbers..

I too am fairly new to this concept and this program; however, I think a more supportive group of.

Manly Men.

(or Ladily Ladies) would be hard to find. These pages are filled with tons of.

Good Folks.

With even better words of advice and even more encouragement..


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Welcome Mark,.

I hear you about the bland food, but there's enough variety to find what you like and the fill ins allow some flexibiltiy. The recipe thread can help you spice things up. Small things like serving the Tender Beef and veggies over steamed broccoli or baking rather than microwaving foods makes a big difference..

Good luck!..

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Welcome to the Men's Room! Salad at lunch is my biggest meal of the day. I also use UNLIMITED salad dressing. That right all I want, usually a third a bottle per salad. I use.


<Click here..

Spend some time exploring the "My Program" links at the top of the page..

The only stupid question is the one you don't ask..

Ps. I have 6 different kinds of hot sauce. Kills that can taste, promise...

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Hello From the Sunny South!!.

Welcome to NS!!! Just stopped by to wish you well with your journey. You can do this!!.

Join a support group!! They are great! They help keep you going and focused..

If you have any questions, or need any help, please ask. We are here to help each other..

Are you getting ready to place your first or second order?.

Would you like a.

$30 Discount Coupon to get you started!?!.

Just send me a private message with your email address and I will send YOUR.

$30 coupon!!.


Click on my username UGA_Girl to the left and click "send private message".


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Wow, lots of encouragment here, I like that. I'm new about two weeks into the program and I am just getting used to the change. The first week was very hard, felt like my body was screaming for carbs and proteins. All is well now and am coping. I lost 12 lbs since starting the program August 3rd exactly three years from the date of being diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you. Have a good evening all!..

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Welcome to the forums Dad-Man. Congrats on the 12 lbs gone! Great start. That first month was the toughest for me but once I got into the rhythm of the meals it's been fantastic. I come here all the time for questions, support, seeing how other folks are doing as well as sharing my own victories. These forums are a fantastic way to stay focused and motivated. Look forward to seeing you around...

Comment #12

Post a lot Dad-Man. It helps if you have people to talk to and to hold you accountable...

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Hey Mark, fellow WW alum here. I just started the program. What types of foods are you used to eating? I've found ways to flavor up some of the foods with spices and maybe we can figure a few ideas out for easy spice enhancements and combinations of allowed foods. I've found combining ketchup with a healthy shot of Louisiana hot sauce makes the cerlery much more attractive. Good hungarian paprika flavors up most anything with eggs... for a relatively inexpensive source of fresh spices, try.

I discovered Greek yoguat (Fage is the brand name) about 6 months ago, and the non-fat is surprisingly cremy. Sometimes combinations of allowables work too yesterday I used my dinner 'fat allowance' to add a bit of olive oil to the mushroom risotta and that was enough to enhance the flavor. I'm only allowed 1 tsp of oilive oil on my woman's program (I see you have experience with this program by misshipment.

) so I use the stronger tasting extra virgin greek or italian olive oil. Feel free to send me a note off-line.. maybe we can figure out some flavor enhancers. Other ideas... instead of salt.. just a dustying of cayenne can bring out flavor (if don't properly you shouldn't taste the hot nature of it.) A squeeze of lemon helps most things with chicken.


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I just realized most of my recommendations are for hot spices.... there are some other less "5-alarm" solutions too... like dried tarragon, parsely, cumin.... sometimes sliced strawberrys on a salad can be great if you use green or red leaf lettuce... as Apol mentioned in his early response, the lettuce or rabbit food is free ... you'd only have to count the strawberries -Kate..

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Welcome Mark,.

If you follow the plan it works. It works very well! A couple of hints to help you get started. 1. Drink all of the water and more! 2. check out this board from bellvitaboy:.


He has some great ideas and more have been added to help your food. 3. With my eggs in the morning and other foods, I use Italian spice and creole seasoning..

I also used WW in the past, but it left too much flexability for me and I would cheat. Thus, no loss of weight. Hang in there and hang out with us on a daily basis, we are here to help!..

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Welcome Mark and Dad-Man-Memo. Give your body a few weeks to adapt to the changes. Im working on my 4th week with the Mens-D program and have never seen blood sugar levels respond like they have the past few days. Not even after having my meds doubled. Like the food or not, your body will appreciate it. Id much rather eat like this than be reliant on medications. Oh, and youll likely lose a little weight too...

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Thanks Guys! I like the food, there was one dish so far that I didn't care for but other than that no complaints.

One thing I do need to do is check my blood sugar more often. I'm bad with that. As I get the hang of the web site and boards you'll see me around more often. Thanks again, keep keepin' it real! memo..

Comment #18

Welcome, guys! As you've read, it actually gets easier as you spend time with the program and get used to the drill. Keep hanging out here and follow the PLAN..

Dad-Main - My wife is Type II and on Nutrisystem with me. I've observed her BS readings drop to normal immediately (with meds) and as she progresses, her meds are being reduced, and still keeping normal BS readings. Her last A1C was 5.8. Nutrisystem is the MOST effective treatment for Type II diabetes we've seen..


Comment #19

Once you learn what you like an don't like (yuck: split pea soup), you can customize your order to get more of your faves...

Comment #20

Hi Guys, I'm new to ns. I'm on day 11 and so far so good. I'm still getting used to the program, but it is getting much easier. I've been reading a lot of posts since the day I joined, and I just want to say thank you. You all have been very informative and inspiring. Hope to ride this weight loss journey together..


Comment #21

Welcome Will! The journey is a learning experience. The destination is a thinner and healthier you!..

Comment #22

Welcome Aboard WILL..

There is strength in numbers and a number of really good.

Role Models.

Here to keep you on track..


Comment #23

Welcome Will!.

Follow the plan, drink a gallon of pure H2O a day. Just that easy...

Comment #24

Welcome to all the newcomers!.

One thing that should be mentioned as you get started on the journey, is to not think of this a diet or a temporary solution. To make this last, you need to know this is a life style change..

The habits that you develop while eating the Nutrisystem food will need to stay with you as you move from weight loss to maintenance..

I know that may seem like a long way off, but there are plenty of examples of people to focus everything on losing the weight, reach their goal, stop ordering the food, and start to gain it back. Mainly because they just start eating the way they did prior to NS..

Embrace the changes and make them part of your life!.


Comment #25

Thanks Gordan55,.

Wow 199lbs, that's awsome! I'm heading towards my goal day by day. The last coupl eof days I have been checking my BS readings and they are stable. I have my next diabetic appt in three weeks. I'll post any new I get here. Have a great evening all!..

Comment #26

I was leary about that plit pea soup. Wasn't bad though, lol. The ministrone soup was my difficult liking. I just ordered all different foods for next month. Might as well try them all..

Comment #27

I don't like split pea soup anyway. I think it is the look, smell, and taste I don't like. Other than that, it's alright!..

Comment #28

There ain't enough Texas Pete to help the snot pea soup. I threw mine away. I wouldn't even save it for the food drive, just because they're poor doesn't mean they should be punished. Lunch choices suck. I'm down to just cheesy potatoes and broccoli noodle soup(add a can of "No salt added" Mushrooms and chopped green onions)...

Comment #29

I did the recipe for pea soup add ins that Pankitty gave. Worked fne. actually want to taste the soupe without all that stuff now...

Comment #30


Have a great weekend guys. See you on the other side!..

Comment #31

It's like I told her, let's try everything once.....

Comment #32


You could have thrown them my way Damon. Pea soup is my main lunch choice.

As an old fart, I switched to the Mens' Silver programme and really miss my cheesy potatoes and tom&corn chowder. Still got a few of those I'm making last. Agree though, the lunch selection isn't particularly good...

Comment #33


Maybe because I love to eat. I'm always trying stuff... I do agree with you on the look and smell though and I didn't reorder it.


I'm BBQ'ing tonight for the family. I'm preparing to be strong, lol.

I'll make it though... You have a great weekend!!! See you next round...

Comment #34

I just learned about the recipes yesterday, by accident. Still trying to navigate around here. I will have to look into them...

Comment #35

Good afternoon everyone. Hope all are having a great weekend. Just got back from a long walk here in the Arizona desert heat and getting ready for my week. I can't wait for my next order of food to get here because I'm getting to the food that I know I will not like. I guess I will just eat the food, drink lots of water, mix in some exercise and hopefully watch the pounds disappear. This week was great.

Anyways, have a healthy week everyone!..

Comment #36

It might surprise you. (Specially if you're hungry enough.


Congrats on the new old clothes! That's a fun NSV..


Comment #37

Welcome to all the new guys, finding the Men's Room was a saving grace for me; you're on the right track. One of the little gems from the old masters that stuck with me is "food is fuel". I was pretty used to each meal being the ends instead of the means. That and the though of the Dean, Damon, and a few others telling me in no uncertain terms to man up, stop whining, and eat the friggin salad helped (help) keep me on track. Turns out I actually like salad... who knew?.

As for lunch, any of the cans of red stuff on a bed of steamed cabbage, salsa, FF sour cream, and enough tobasco to make me sweat and I'm fed. Seriously, check out.

BVB's thread.

And the.


(both due for a bump)..

Yes, drink all the water.....

Comment #38

No, I meant a whole gallon, twice what you think you need...

Comment #39

Claim: The average person needs to drink an average of eight glasses of water per day to avoid being "chronically dehydrated".

Status: FALSE.


Comment #40

The water wailing is a bunch of silliness. Calorie deficit is what drives loss. The only minor benefit of water is a feeling of fullness and the action of ingestion (of non food)...

Comment #41

Again, *sigh* YOU ARE WRONG! Sorry if that seems "in your face" but if I had a glass of water handy, I'd throw that in your face. You can dispute the overwhelming evidence concerning the value of drinking lots of water, especially during a weight-loss regimen, but that just shows your reluctance to learn. Why are you fat? Because you were doing things wrong. Why are you here? To LEARN how to do things right. Water consumption is part of doing things right. We have given you FACTS, you have given us hyperbole in return..

You can lead a camel to water, but you can't make them drink. But whatever you choose, Stop trying to run off the other camels...

Comment #42

Actually I stuck myself inside a bomb calorimeter* and proved I was right..


Comment #43

All I know is that I have lost 90 pounds in less than five months drinking more than a gallon of water a day, so I'm not about to change now. I have also benefited from a number of other side effects, like my bad knees not feeling quite so bad, skin looks better, etc. Certainly there are lots of factors that have contributed to the weight loss and other changes, but I do believe that the water consumption has been part of my success. It's also one of the major things I list when people ask me what changes I've made to do what I have done, (and they ask a lot!)..





Comment #44

For me...If I short myself on Water my weight loss slows or stops...Eating the same as I normally do...If I drink all the water + I lose my 2-3 lbs/week...Plus I do not suffer from dry skin any longer.... Drink up my friends, Drink up!..

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