How long will 123 reg hold on expired domians?

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First question I have is How long will 123 reg hold on expired domians? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Which one do you like much, .cc or .TV?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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Definately dot CC is to be preferred. Dot TV is not to be trusted..

They will charge whatever they think they can get for a HostGator name..

I would be afraid to develope a popular web site using dot TV..

They want $25,000 annually for BOOKS.TV.

Dot CC registration fees are the same for all names, even for premium HostGator names..

And premium dot CC names are available for reasonable prices...

Comment #2

With .tv, a huge number of keywords cost only $24.95 and are still available. Yes, they charge premium prices on the best keywords, but then you have a smaller amount of up front money required than what the .com would cost..

When looking at the extensions themselves, .tv is much more intuitive than .cc is towards a large niche of keywords. People are able to grasp the relationship and thereby, theoretically, branding will be easier and make the extension more valuable overall..

Part of your answer, though, really depends upon the type of business model you have. If you are developing sites for the purpose of gaining organic traffic via the search engines, I am not sure it matters all that much to you - you could go with either one, whichever has the keyword available..

If you are developing for brandability, though, and your niche can be applied to media in any way whatsoever, I'd go with .tv ...

Comment #3

They've both been dogs for me. I've had no luck with either of them. The.

Fluid renewal fees.

On premium .tv names would definately make me think twice about building a business on one. I like rent control.

On the same token, outside of the obvious.




Ard, what else could cc be used to stand for and would it be as globally recognizable as TV?.

Good luck in your decision...

Comment #4

Largely depends on what you plan to do with the name, anything videos related? .tv..

Comment #5

For me this would very much depend on whether or not the keyword in question can be easily be associated with some.


Broadcast (including internet broadcasts). The following names would be great together with the .tv extension:.

However, keywords that don't really lend themselves for television would do better (or at least just as well) with the .cc extension, in my opinion. The extension will then merely act as an easy to remember alternative to .com, without any real meaning or association (in the same way that .com is not associated with anything in particular, even if it was originally meant to indicate a commercial purpose). A few examples would be:. (which recently sold for $4,000!).

Just my two cents....

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I like both .tv and .cc. if I need to pick one, it would be .cc..

It sounds good and easy to be remembered..

It is very popular in certain countries/areas..

An example, is a top 50 traffic website..

MovingConcierge, .cc is marketed as Chinese Company or Commerce Company in China.

Some Chinese people even choose .cc over .cn to build websites because of restrictions and regulations of .cn domains..

.cc is the most popular CCTLD other than .cn in the Chinese HostGator market...

Comment #7

^^ Exactly..

BTW, .cc is pseudo-generic, .tv is not even generic...

Comment #8

Are there any big chinese companies you can show and what is a pseudo generic?..

Comment #9

You can do the search yourself..


The most popular one is which has alexa rank 38..

.cc is promoted as an alternative gTLD to .com/.net etc but it is actually a ccTLD that's why I said it is pseudo generic...

Comment #10

Neither are great yet but .tv is much better than .cc IMO. I would almost never get a .cc name but I would get a .tv if it was a GEO or something video related. I think .tv could end up being a good extension in the future as video becomes more common online. I dont think .tv can ever become a truly top extension or better than .com though since people will mainly think of it as being video related instead of for any purpose so that limits it. Also the social networking built into .tv through makes it superior to .cc if you dont want to fully develop and host is king, .mobi is for mobiles, .tv is for video, and .fm is for online music, and major countries have their own TLD so .cc has nothing to separate it from the other 200 ccTLD's. I think of .cc as being a dead extension equal to .ws..

Comment #11

Another example: The owner is a major HK media company. They used a .com name previously...

Comment #12

I've heard of a .tv advertised on...well...TV!.

It is definately more popular than .cc..

Haven't ever heard of a .cc advertised here (In Canada) though I, myself like the extension more. (Plus the rent control as movingconcierge said.)..

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Ommunity. There it is. A genuinely branded CC. Nice example. Thank you...

Comment #14

You are welcome! I browsed through some websites from duskdown's link. Out of curiousty, I checked Alexa and found that a lot of them are ranked..

For example, a shopping site, has a ranking of: 255,101..

.cc and .tv have different usuages, I don't think would fit a shopping site..

.cc is being used to built all types of websites..

An interesting fact: is a parked website. I don't think it would cost much to acquire it..

Do you guys have any ideas why doesn't accquire

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