How many calories does the Medifast Diet use?

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Question I have... How many calories does the Medifast Diet use? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

Comment #2

I think that the challenge of drinking so much water has now become a habit. I reach for the water bottle early in the morning and feel like something's missing if I don't have a water bottle in my hands in between meals. Oh, and I'm not waking up five times a night anymore to pee, either. LOL Whoever came up with this challenge, thank you!! Even though the challenge did not get me to exercise, it did get me to drink more water than I had been doing, and it made me mindful of staying OP during the holidays, especially with the daily/weekly accountability. I didn't stay OP perfectly, but I'm sure I did waaaaay better than I would have if not for the challenge. This is my first Medifast holiday season and had I been left to my own devices, if past history is any indication, I would have chucked the whole thing by now...

Comment #3

I know it's early in the day, but I've already had all my water, and I will most definitely be OP the rest of the day, so I'm reporting in..

Sunday: water, yes; OP, yes; exercise, no..

For the week: OP 6, Water 6, Exercise 0...

Comment #4

Jan, oooops, forgot to include in the above; weight 174...

Comment #5

Hi everyone! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. We are sitting here, tucked into the house, waiting for a big storm, which I have a feeling isn't going to materialize. I may regret those words later!.

First the bad news: I was off plan on Friday and Saturday. No excuses. I do know what went wrong though. I told myself I didn't need to write things down for the two days. I didn't check in here. And I left the cookies out on the counter.

Not good. So here I am, being honest with myself and everyone else. Not a stellar week, but next week will be better. Of that I am sure. There aren't anymore cookies to eat.

This morning I threw away the ones that were still around. I had to gain control. Strange how that sugar monster rears it's nasty head. I think..... no I hope....

The old me would have just kept eating until....well obviously until 246 pounds. The new me is going to nip this one in the bud, right now. And you all wonder why I'm still here. My "recovery" is still fragile. Hard to believe after all this time..

So stats for the grim as they are:.

Weight this morning: 141 (that's alot of gain for two days of lots of sugar, time to focus on protein).

On plan: 4 out of 7.

Water: 7 out of 7 (I got one thing right!).

Exercise: 4 out of 7 (not too bad, but not enough!).

So now for the good news!.


Congrats on making water a natural part of your life. It really helps. Thanks for staying on plan for so many days. It helps me! I agree that this challenge has helped considerably..


I am jealous that you can run at this time of the year, although you are probably wishing you were with me in Maine in the summer when I can run in the "heat" of the afternoon at 72 to 76 degrees. I just ordered some UA Coldgear so I can run outside on the 40 degree days. I have cold air induced asthma, so I don't think I'll be able to run much colder than that, but at least I'll be able to get outside more often..


Sounds like you had a great holiday..


Sounds like you are going to make your mileage goal for the year. I am thinking that I am going to set one for my running this year. It is a great idea. I need a new goal, besides training for a 1/2 marathon. Last years was to climb the 5 highest mountains in Acadia National Park. I ended up doing the top 8.

I was thinking about running the MDI marathon course in 4 or 5 segments, but I worry about the traffic on some of the roads in the summer. Who know I still may set that as a goal..


I hope you survived the holidays OK....or at least better than I did. I almost texted you yesterday when I knew I had lost control..


I hope you had a great Christmas..


Congrats on surviving the semester. Will you be taking any classes in the spring?.


Thanks for getting us started this week..

Have a great day everyone..

I am fighting the good fight!.


Comment #6

Hello! We had a great christmas at our house. I hope that everybody else did also. I did not stay on plan but I ate small portions and had alot of protien. No pie, I dont miss pie but I love stuffing so I had a bit. It will all work out by the end of the week.....

Barb, I am taking classes for the spring. I am looking forward to at least 2 years of classes and maybe even 4 years. One quarter at a time.

Thanks for asking. I used to do IT work and build computers and so I am trying to build on that some but I dont see me ever doing that type of work again. I dont like the dust bunnies and getting under and around stuff.

I hope to do something in the computer arena tho. I also have some medical in my background and will take some classes to just keep my knowledge strong..

My stats.

Weight 139.

Water 7.

Op 6 days.

Exercise 3 days.

It was a wonderful week for us..

Have a great day and I hope the storm isnt too hard on the east coast MFers......


Comment #7

I just finished reading last weeks posts. I love this season, everyone is so busy and filled with the spirit of giving and waiting for that Christmas morning. I am glad to read that so many had wonderful Christmas days. Good to hear that Cassandra is doing well and still looking wonderful.

I wanted to thank everyone who is supporting me thru my school classes. I love the OWL, Debbie, I will bring that up to my other older fellow students. hehe. It is certainly an experience to get the brain working again..

I am having family over for New Years Eve and everybody else will have drinks but I am not sure what I will have yet..... should be fun tho..

Brenda What was the name of that bra support you mentioned a few months back? I looked it up at that time, decided I would try one but now cant remember what the name was and searches are hilarious...... thanks.


Comment #8

Hey there, Crewsers - So fun to hear everyone's Christmas went well - at least better than previous years. I am no exception. When I had the friends over from work on Tuesday, I did good, but leaving rum cake and other goodies out all week was a big mistake. I actually thought that I would leave them alone and felt brave enough to leave them out. And I DID - until Thursday. After that a bite here and a bite there turned into cleaning up a lot of the cookies and some special traditional candies from Spain that in laws always send..

No excuses whatsoever - I was out of control for the last two days. How ridiculous for me to think I could leave those things out for long..

I started out with two days of not 'hearing them call me out' but then, one slip and that was it. A few days ago I made a dish with ground turkey and spicy tomatoes and last night I craved protein so badly that I turned them into a big nacho - definitely not OP, but not sweet. The protein was just what I needed and I felt good last night and slept well, too. Big difference from the last couple of nights. I'm glad that I continued to get my water in, at least..

Today I exercised and got my water in early. We do a ministry of giving Communion to patients at U of M hospital and with a short patient list today, I had 50 minutes to kill before Mass. I decided to get my walk in and spent the next 45 minutes briskly walking the hospital corridors and then found the stairwell and did that. So, I feel good today about getting a grip on things. I've spent way too much time on the couch this past week watching Hallmark Christmas movies......

Here's to a great holiday week and more OP and lots of Water and good cheer (of the OP type...).

Thanks so much everyone for staying right here and sharing and inspiring during this busy and tempting time of the year. Couldn't have gotten through it 'this well' without you..


Comment #9

Hubby expressed concern about all the water I've been drinking, so I went on the Internet and found out that our kidneys can process 15 liters a day! It only.


Like I'm drinking 15 liters. I feel reassured by what I read on a couple of sites...

Comment #10

Wow....15 liters a day is a heck of a lot of water. Almost 4 gallons. My kidneys might be able to process it, but my bladder would burst!..

Comment #11

Woke up a little earlier than I needed to...can get started on the water but I have an early appointment before work that I won't be able to sit through if I drink the normal I'll try & catch up with the water @ work. A chilly 38 degrees in SW FL doesn't compare to the blizzard-ravaged east coast, but since I no longer own a coat it's chilly for me!..

Comment #12

Where to begin...... Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did. Lots to do. We had several family stops to make. DD and family came over to open presents Christmas eve morning, then we all went to my SIL's an hour away.

First the 5 and 3 yr olds house, then off to the 13 and 1 yrs old house. Back home to prepare dinner for my family, mom and DB and his family. Sunday it was off to mom's for more food with my DB family, uncle and aunt. wheeew, all the running is over and it is back to reality. I started dumping the sweets stuff this morning.

Today is my last day of vacation. I will spend part of it getting back in the Medifast mode since I have been out of sorts for a week now. I will bake my Medifast oatmeal bread and make get my soup ready..

Christine, So glad you and the dogs are ok. I never realized that sledding could so dangerous and hard work..

I had to put the treadmill out of my living room for a couple days and I am seriously having withdraws. Just the fact that it is not sitting there bothers me, whether I was going to use it or not, I don't like it out of my site. So, today it will be back until N Y's E when I will roll it away one more time..

Now for the not so good news..

Weekly Stats.

Weight: 146.0.

OP: 0/7.

Water: 7/7.

Exercise: 4/7..

Comment #13

Good afternoon, my fellow Crewsers! I've missed you! We had a wonderful Christmas with family - DS, BIL, nephews, DS, BIL & niece from RI on Christmas Eve, then off to grandkids on Christmas...first 4 yr old GD (youngest son & wife), then the 3 boys 6-8-10 (daughter & husband). Middle son & wife came over as well as GD & family. So, a busy Christmas day. Over to DS yesterday - oldest nephew's birthday..

I've not been Medifast OP, but had been following my own modified food plan...until I had some sugar at DS last night...not a good thing. I'm reporting NOT OP even though I followed my plan - I'm on 5&1, so I'm not OP and the scale shows it...not just the sugar, but the added grains/carbs. I'm definitely out of ketosis..

Weekly stats:.

Weight: 156.8.

OP: 4.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 3.

Not great...but time to nip it in the rather large bud....

Cousins coming over this afternoon - everyone wants to see the RI folks. Company & visiting should slow up, although there's still a couple old friends that are wanting to visit. I'm looking forward to some down time - love having the family here, but need some down time & some treadmill time!.


: I make my bread from soup...your oatmeal bread sounds like a nice change of pace - will you email the recipe or post it? I feel your pain having to put yours away. Ours is old & clunky and not portable at all, so it's a permanent fixture in the den. It's been hard trying to find time to get on it!.


So glad you & the dogs are OK!! What a frightening experience!.

There's the doorbell...gotta run..

{{{HUGS}}} all around!!..

Comment #14


Yes when it was 90-100 here in the summer I was definitely jealous of your Maine running! I will say I was incredibly lucky for my Saturday run because come sunday it was windy and nasty no running this week!.

Weekly Stats.

Op 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 6.

Weight 128.

I didn't really struggle this week but I do live alone so I control what is brought inside my house. I know that is a huge benefit. So no cookies or anything! Although I did make cookies for my family's xmas eve gathering but I made them with a friend so she could watch to make sure I didn't take any BLTs. Hope everyone has no problems getting back on the horse as they say!..

Comment #15


OP: no, not 100% yet. Still eating a few left overs, that are made with stuff..

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Comment #16

Happy Monday one and all. Two days on plan totally, completely, no excuses, no snacks..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Back on track. Food is fuel, food is fuel. No more sugar, no more sugar. I actually have a stash of Medifast brownies and plan to have one a night. That should take care of the sweet tooth..

Spent the day at school working on the set for the musical this spring. We are doing Willy Wonka, which should be a great deal of fun. The show is at the end of February. I am hoping for snow storms like last nights. We only had about and inch or two. We were spared this time.


I'll take your 38 degrees! We've been having a cold spell. I've been building a fire every evening for the past few weeks. The wind has knocked some siding off the house. Its too cold to go fix it, so we are going to hire someone to get up on the roof and take care of it..


, I dumped the sweets as well. I really thought I could have them in the house this year and make it through without going overboard. No such luck. I don't even think I will try next year..


, living alone does have it's benefits! I think having so many people for three days of meals did me in. I didn't do that last year. I went places instead. No leftovers and no sweets. I'm going to have to figure out a plan before next year!.


I am glad you had a great holiday. I have a feeling we are all going to be getting back on plan this week. I am having family for the New Year's weekend, but my one person has had lap-band surgery, so I'll be able to cook on plan all weekend. Yeah! I am lowering my carbs. I don't think I need to do a 5+1 blitz, but I am going to focus on protein and low carbs for the next few weeks. I have got to get that sugar out of my system.

Waving to.


I hope you had a great trip..

Bobbi, Diana, Brenda, Christine, Courtney, Heidi.

And the rest of the crew, I hope you are on track!.

Fight the good fight..


Comment #17

Monday: OP, yes; Exercise, no; Water, no. Waaaaa! I fell behind with the water early in the day and never caught up. It was crazy at work and it was a challenge to get in all my meals! But I did. Miss a meal? Moi?..

Comment #18

Hello Crew,.

Was 10 degrees out yesterday morning and felt postively balmy after our recent cold snap of below 0 temps..

Dogs are quiet and tired. We did a back to back campout last night into this morning. Was good for them to get into race mode but we came home with a few sore wrists and a sore shoulder. Now I get to be mommy and massage them with some special rosemary oil stuff called Algyval. Works wonders and smells good too. We'll take tonight and tomorrow night off and run again Wednesday night..

Back OP, I'm happy to report. Sunday was perfect in spite of the chocolate cake and cookies on the counter. I'm about to throw it away as the roomate and the kids haven't touched it for 2 days. In my mind, it's done. Only halfway through today but back in control. Tomorrow have a December birthday celebration dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Time to get to my "winter onderland.".

Hope everyone is warm and safe through all your storms and family gatherings. Wow, but you guys are all busy down there. I miss my family but if I were in KY with them I have a feeling my days would be like the ones you guys are describing, running to everyone's house and copious amounts of food everywhere. Hang in there..

Sunday stats.

OPyes, finally.

Wateryes, barely.

Exercise 40 with the dogs.


Comment #19

Weekly stats.

Weight215, up a bit but compared to past years not nearly the usual "Christmas gain".

OP0/7 Jan, do I get the boobie prize for that one?.

Water 4/7.

Exercise 5/7..

Comment #20

33 degrees and frost on everything in SW FL! As soon as I finish my one mug of decaf I'll get started on the water. Don't want another dry day like yesterday...

Comment #21


, We can share the boobie prize. I also had 0/7. I just cannot cook food for others and not taste it to make sure it is ok...

Comment #22


, That's so true for me too, but I have no excuse because I wasn't cooking this year. I just gave in to the temptations all around me. But 2 good days and I'm feeling more confident..


, it's almost comforting (yet not, if that makes sense) to know you still have moments of trouble. You are so strong and so wise in these matters. And it's super great to know you got it back and didn't stay down long..


-stay warm. They are calling for us to have a warm up later this week. Last time that happened we had the freezing rain. Ouch, but that would mess up my training schedule..

Monday stats.



Exercise 25 miles with the dogs.

Waving to.

Melissa, Debbie, Bobbi, Courtney, Brenda, and Jan.

(And anyone else I forgot).


Comment #23

This is the best I could find looking "boobie prize":.

Christine & Sherry.

This one's for you.....

Kinda reminds me to drink more water....maybe I should look for a water-themed prize...

Comment #24

I am taking one day at a time. Never, Never wanted to see 207 again, but here I go again. I can't change the mistakes I made to get here, but I can move forward and fix it!!! I know Medifast works, I just have to work the plan!!..

Comment #25


Sometimes I wish I could work alone too because the things that go into an office fridge/eating area can be overwhelming! Nothing compared to what Jan deals with but frustrating none the less! Glad you are back op! Willy Wonka sounds like a great spring play! I was looking at 1/2 marathons one in Sept in Chicago but I have a wedding that time frame. Hmm have to think about it..

Monday Stats.


Water Yes.

Exercise- planned day off.

Waving to the rest of the crew!!!..

Comment #26

LOL, that's us..

I have been p'ing ALL day. Everytime I sit down I gotta go again. I have had 64 oz of water so far today. I am hoping that most of my weight gain is water and I am losing it all today..

I have been op today, but my dinner veggies will include some off plan vegetables, such as peas. It is all mixed in a salad with green beans, green peppers, celery, green onions, and corn. I am not throwing it out just because of a few peas and a few pieces of corn. It should be gone after today. I also have a cabbage casserole that was really good. I made 2 tomato pies that were awesome, sent those leftovers home with mom..

Hope everyone is having a great day...

Comment #27

Happy Tuesday one and all. So far on plan for the day. Much easier now that I have stage crew all day. Keeps me busy during the day. I've also gotten rid of all of the food that was a problem. So I know I'll be on my plan for the day..


What took you to Alaska? Its a long way from Kentucky. Looks like we all struggled last week. I couldn't believe that I was off of my eating plan for two days and gained three pounds. Doesn't seem right. Oh well, it went on and it will come back off. I think that for me it is a constant struggle with sugar.

Sometimes, when it isn't in the house, I can have a cookie or a something and walk away. But when it is in the house, watch out. So I'm still learning. What I have learned is that I love my healthy 138 pound body. Once I start to eat, I feel really lousy.

I would have never said that before MF. That perhaps is one of the best gifts on 8 months of being on plan..


You were almost as cold as we were last night. We went down to 22 I think. 44 today though. Warm enough for a run when my coldgear gets here. I figure it will let me run when the temp is above 40. I'm not sure my lungs can take the colder air..


I like the graphic. Somedays I feel like I am swimming in water. I did notice.


That you still got your water in. I'm sure that helps..


You bet it works....of course I know you know that. One day at a time is the best thing. No sense beating yourself up. Fight the good fight!.


Chicago in September might be good. I may not be able to do Hershey, as I think it is the weekend I am usually in Iowa. I'll check the date out. I can always schedule my graduate class around the date, especially if I know this far in advance. Chicago is a quick, easy and cheap plane ride. Well, it use to be..

Have a great day everyone! Fight the good fight..

Feeling much better....following my eating plan..


Comment #28

Jan, love my booby prize.

So far today OP. Have dinner with the girls tonight. I have to be strong. Dang but I feel good and powerful and in control when I stay OP. What hold does sugar have over me to take that away and render me helpless? When I figure that out I'll share..


Comment #29

Tuesday: OP yes, exercise no, water no. Dagblammit!!!! I started earlyl with the water but never got all of it down. Darn...

Comment #30


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Double yes (did some extra today).

Have a great evening everyone..


Comment #31

Christine, please share when you figure it out. Every time I think I have it....boom....something throws me a curve ball..


Comment #32

Hi all! I kind of gave up on the challenge. Sorry I fell off..

Somehow I did manage to lose during the holidays though and I'm now down 40 lbs. I have 4 more pounds to halfway to my goal. That alone is giving me a little motivation to get back on track..

Glad to hear everyone had a nice Christmas. We did too. Even working in a grocery store wasn't too bad this year! I actually handled it with grace, composure, and a smile. Truth is, I usually do those things but I fall apart when I leave the building. This year I managed the stress by exercizing, napping, eating better, and saying no to too many commitments. It was definately the best holiday season in recent history..

I signed up for some web casts about emotional eating. I get a new on about every other day. I haven't been able to listen to them all yet, but what I've heard has been very helpful. It's called emotional eating if anybody wants to check it out. I signed up for the free information..

Ok, gotta go. Take care everybody.


Comment #33

Hey Kim, welcome back. And don't feel like you gave up. Sounds like you had a good Christmas season..

Made it through dinner with no BLT's of desert or carby sides. And no wine.!!!.

So stats for Tues.

OP-yes, yes.

Water-barely 64 but made it.

Exercisewalked 2.4 miles to Daily Mass. Actually ran about 600 strides total. Been thinking about trying to run again so started the other day with 100 and felt pretty good. Today pushed 100 about 6 different intervals. Legs and knees did okay but should have worn a scarf. Breathing hard at 4 degrees stings the lungs a bit..

Night everyone..


Comment #34

Good morning Crew, Dang it is cold in Central Florida. 29 at my house this morning with enough frost on the ground to look like snow..


Op: no, not quite, Still eating those left over not op veggies.

Water: yes 136+ oz I was floating yesterday..

Exercise: yes..

Comment #35

Update: it dropped to 26 degrees before the sun came up. Brrrrrrrrrrr..

Comment #36

Hi all at the lake and we have not had good luck with connections on my ipad today dh got it all working right and here I am so glad to hear everyone has survived the weeks of parties and company though we were not all op all the time, I hear a lot of mindfulness about what we did or didn't do. that is great progress on my part at least. I will go back and post weekly stats. maybe it is too late for adding in, but I must put it in black & white....

New keyboard so please excuse mistakes. As a legal secretary I always pride myself in correct typing and spelling, but this is difficult,I need to get the hang of the keyboard on this ipad..

Not sure if we will have company here at the lake for New Years Eve, two of my sisters are debating about it, but I get in enough trouble by myself.... I have had more than the usual amount of wine, DH has been a bad influence, by which I mean that he as asked me if I want some and I haven.

T said no yet....

Will post stats and be back later..

(PS - KIM, well done you!)..

Comment #37


How do you like the iPad? Was it a Christmas gift? I was thinking about getting one when the next gen ones come out. I can't live without my iPhone so I'm sure it would be the same with the iPad!.


Brr right along with you! SO freaking cold in Florida!.


Op Yes.

Water Yes.

Exercise 45 min elliptical & 20 min squats/abs..

Comment #38

Happy Wednesday one and all. So far a good day. Resisted pizza at lunch. Had my on plan tuna (1 can of tuna, 2 tablespoons fresh salsa, 1 teaspoon of light mayo) with celery sticks and a pickle. Didn't even miss the pizza. And to think that there were days when I would eat 4 slices and wonder if I could fit in another slice, even though I felt full already..

I've been eating 3 Medifast meals a day to keep me on track. Oatmeal for breakfast and two meals as snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This really helps me stay full and focused on those other two meals. Lots of I am floating as well. Extra exercise yesterday and I am planning some steps/sculpting to go with today walking. Too cold to run.


In the winter. I have cold air induced asthma, so I can't run below 40 degrees. 4 degrees is so cold! BRRRRRRRR..




, stay warm. We've been having daytime highs of 28 degrees, but at least we are a little more aclimatized to the cold..


, sounds like you are having a great holiday at the lake..


, welcome back..


Where are you today? I hope you had a good day..


I think we are going to have to have a January challenge. I am thinking that we should do a Diet Resolutions challenge. Every day we report a bad diet experience or horror story and if we were on plan/water/exercise. The focus would be on staying on plan as opposed to the bad diets things we have tried in the past. It could be a New Lifestyles not just resolutions type theme. I am sure that someone is better than I am with a catchy title..

What does everyone think? Now that the holidays are over, I'd like to focus on my eating plan again..


Here is hoping that you didn't freeze down there with all that water in you!.

Bobbi, Brenda, Courtney, Heidi.

And the rest of the crew, I hope you are having a great day..

Fight the good it is against loaded food and sugar. We will win!.


Comment #39


The date of the Chicago 1/2 is Sunday September 11, 2011. This may be too early in the school year for me, as I am sure I will need to take Monday off. I want to see when we start school before I decide..


Comment #40


Here is a link to half marathons all over US..



Comment #41

Barb, love the January challenge idea. As much as I failed to stay OP the 2 weeks before C-mas the challenge did keep me paying more attention to what I was eating than in the past. I say bring it on..


Comment #42

Hi everyone- unfortunately I am not able to go back to the week.

S stats, so I.

M sorry to Jan, you.

Ll have to leave me out of last week.

Stats. My connection is sporadic and it won.

T let me connect with past posts,evidentlly. I.

Ll have to catch up onSaturday for thiscomingweek.

Stats. It.

S driving me crazy, but will do my best to report this week.

S counts. you can see that this keyboard is not cooperating with me either..

I can say:.

IpostedSunday stats....OP no Exercise yes Water yes.

Monday: OP not quite exercise no water yes.

Tuesday OP not quite exercise no water yes.

Wednesdsay weight 123.8 (that.

Sa good surprise.).

=OP no Water yes exercise no.

This is rough,Iknow,but at least it.

S out there..


Comment #43

This ipad is new for Christmas.DH always listens to what I want then buys me what hethinks I should have. He got it right this year, butI made it very clear. The extra keyboard he got me is hard,though, I.

M a typist and this touch is not cooperating at all with me. When I.

M home I can use my laptop, but here I am just happy to be online. It.

S more for checking emailand surfing, but I NEED TO BLOG! Oh well..

I am all up for a New Year-New You challenge or whatever we end up calling it. I agree that this challenge did make me look at every bite. I may have taken that bite or drink, but I was mindful, even if I chose to indulge. I am happy to see today that the fallout has been about one pound after all the craziness, but I still want to go back to where I want to hover..

Okay, off to cuddle with dogs since DH is alreadyasleep on the couch....


Comment #44

Definitely, I am interested in some sort of challenge, just not one that requires me to lose X amount of pounds by X date or anything like that. Something that will require me to report my food and water, at the very least...

Comment #45


New challenge sounds like a great idea! Wow there are SO many half marathon choices! I had no idea. A lot in Florida during the dates you were interested in. I wouldn't be opposed to doing one closer to me but it's up to you if you find one you like better!.

Wed stats.

OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise yes..

Comment #46

Happy Thursday everyone. Almost time for a new year. My continue to be healthy..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes and my abs are killing me..


I think we should pick one near an airport that is easy for both of us to get to. I also think that we should look for something that isn't too hot. Lets each look at our calendar and narrow down the list for some choices. Then we can pick one we each pick. Who knows......maybe we can get some other Crew members to join us for the day if not the run. I know a lot of 1/2 marathons also have 5Ks or allow walkers..


I agree about the challenge. I think it is more important to focus on eating on our plan than on how much we lose. That makes us think more about a lifestyle change than a diet to lose weight..


I agree....anything that makes me pay attention to what I am putting in my mouth is important. Accountability is huge for me and basically why I am still here. I think if I wasn't still here, I would have let my 3 disaster days last week win and I would not have gotten back on track..


I hope you get use to the IPad soon. I am afraid of the on screen keyboard. I am a traditional keyboard person as well..


I did some stairs yesterday and thought about you. When I did biofeedback.....a story for Januarys How We Tried and Failed days..... my therapist said she ran the steps in the stadium at school. She said it gave her quite the backside. I was thinking about that as I was running. Here we are....over 50....and we will have backsides that look better than some 20 somethings.

Have a great day crew. I am so much happier without all this sugar in my system and back on track..

Fight the good fight!.


Comment #47


I love pizza and my family owns and runs a few pizza stores in KY. I too used to eat half a pie and be sad that I was full and couldn't fit a little more in somewhere. It makes me even more proud of my sister, who still works in the family biz down there in KY and is approaching a 60 pound loss. She is rocking the Medifast thing..

What took me to Alaska? Well, I always wanted to see other parts of the country and there was a job opportunity up here in Wasilla. I was only going to stay for 2 years but fell in love with this state. Now I can't imagine not living here. When I retire I will probably maintain some sort of property and live here part time at least..

And, for the record, there is the Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon and half marathon on Solstice weekend every June. Beautiful course, not too hot, 22 hours of daylight. I walked it last year and started Medifast 2 days after. Maybe some of the CREW will be able to visit this great state sometime..


Good luck with your iPad. I am addicted to my iPhone. Trying to resist the pad, just one more thing to keep track of..

Wednesday stats.



Exercise38 miles with the dogs..

After my run last night I just wanted to grab a glass of wine and crawl in the hot tub. Due to lots of challenges last night we started the run quite late and by the time I had the dogs settled and was in the house it was after midnight. Ok, quite a bit after midnight. I was afraid if I drank I might still smell like alcohol at work this morning, so I passed on both the wine and the hot tub. So I got to report OP YES!!!.

I'm trying to decide if a 200 mile race will benefit me and the dogs this coming weekend. We have a 300 miler next weekend that is super important for me as a qualifying race for bigger things. It is warming up suddenly and temps this weekend will be in the 15-30 degree range. Hey, sounds like Florida weather. We'll see what happens..

Hope everyone has a great New Year and may we all continue to enjoy the motivation we seek and the success we have had..


Comment #48



Water: Yes.

Exercise: no.

Migraine: ouch...

Comment #49


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Feeling so much better than last week!.

Fight the good fight!.


Comment #50


Good idea us both picking a race and then going from there. I will prob have more time to look the first of next week. I just heard someone talking about how much fun the rock n roll races are. So I will be looking into those as well!.


Loved reading about why you moved to Alaska. I have wondered about what brought you there for awhile. I'm curious though are there as many single/attractive men up there as the media says? If so count me in for the June race! Lol!!.

Thursday stats.

Op yes.

Water yes.

Exercise 75 min yoga..

Comment #51

Feeling like absolute crap. Going back to bed. Neither of us slept much - it sounded like the coughing Olympics over here...

Comment #52

Good morning everyone. Thanks to a good week of being on plan, my weight is back to 139 this morning. Two lessons learned. One, stay on my plan. Two, when I screw up, I can get back. I can't let it go until "tomorrow" because "tomorrow" never comes..


, hats off to your sister! I know she was here early in here journey. I'm glad things are going well. I think the only way I could survive working in the pizza world would be to stay 100% on 5+1 for the rest of my life. Talk about temptations. I do not allow any take-out pizza in the house any more. We might go to the local pizza shop for a slice, but that's it.

Too tempting for me. 300 How long does this take? I am assuming this is a weekend thing..


I hope you are feeling better and that you get some warmer weather..


Pick about 5 or so. I have heard the rock and roll ones are fun as well. I like Christine's idea of running one in Alaska.....but alas, I won't be ready in June. I'll need at least a year to plan for that trip..

I hope everyone is staying warm and dry and enjoys a great evening tonight. DH and I are going out for an on my plan dinner (no dessert....I ate enough dessert last week to last me for a few months) and then either a movie or some of the local first night celebrations. We haven't really decided yet. We were suppose to have family, but they called to say they have the flu in the house and didn't want to infect us. I am secretly glad they cancelled..

Have a great day everyone and a safe evening..

Fight the good fight!.


Comment #53

Before I go back to bed, I'd like to wish all the crewsers a happy new year...

Comment #54

Happy New Years Eve Crew!!!.

I am happy to say that I am comfortably wearing my Cabelas size 14 jeans this morning. The scale has not been all that favorable but dang if my snowpants were falling off last night. So I tried on the 14's and they fit great!!!.

Barb and Melissa.

, the race in June 2012 could be a plan. I'd love to be able to run it with you guys instead of walking. That will give me time to work on my running. Melissa, lots of single men up here but as they say,.

"The odds are good, but the goods are odd...".

Barb, the 300 mile race is Saturday through Tuesday. Generally the top mushers will do 120-150 miles in a day. Some of us less experienced mushers are quite happy with 100 miles a day. They have mandatory rest periods as well so that all factors in the time. The 200 I'm planning this weekend will take me from Saturday morning until Sunday night. Except that it rained here this morning so I'll decide tonight at the driver's meeting if it will be beneficial to the team to go out if the trails are too icy.

Thursday stats.


Wateralmost 100, go figure, peed all day.

Exerciseplanned day off with dogs but chipped and shoveled pee-laden ice chunks out of kennels for 45 minutes. That got the heart pumping..

Already a bit off plan this morning as I allowed myself a few nibbles of chocolate. We'll see if I can stay in control the rest of the day..


Hope you feel better..


Are you and DH singing this weekend?.

Happy New Year everyone!!.


Comment #55

My company has kept me very busy but they're leaving today - I'll be back later to catch up...

Comment #56

Happy New Year Crew! Went out for a run this morning in my new UA Coldgear. Love it. For the first time in years and years, I didn't have any trouble breathing in the 44 degree air. What a difference 108 pounds makes! Well that and the right gear. DH and I had a nice evening last night. We were going to go to the movies, but when we got there, it was already sold out, so we went to one of our favorite restuarants and had a nice (on plan for me) meal.

Just what we needed after the last month..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


I hope your are feeling better. I am sure yesterday was a tough one, but you managed to stay on plan! Great job..


June 2012 is a distinct possibility. I really want to go to Alaska at some point. That would give me time to plan. I may just need to go to Maine a little late that summer. We are singing tonight. I usually cantor the Saturday night mass.

Shoveling is always aerobic matter what you are shoveling!.


We have missed you! I hope you have enjoyed your family..

Have a great day crew!.

Fight the good fight!.


Comment #57

Happy New Year! This month, lets concentrate on some of those diet disasters we have had. We all know that this is a lifestyle change. To make a lifestyle change we can't just look for the quick fix, but we must make changes that will help us be successful in weight loss and maintenance. I thought it would be great to share some of those "I will lose weight this year" resolution disasters. So here we go......

As most of you know, I yo-yo dieted for over 30 years until I found Medifast and the courage to fight the good fight and make the changes I needed to make to succeed. The worst diet was one that I bought from an infomercial in the mid 80's. I forget what it was called, but they sent you a few bottles of capsules that you took 30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water. Then you followed a sensible diet with suggestions in a book. If you had a lot of weight to lose, you took three of the tablets. This was probably in the days when you didn't need to print on the label what was in the tablets.

So I started. 3 tablets, 30 minutes before every meal. I felt full. I didn't want to eat much. I lost about 20 pounds.

(Sorry if this is too much information.) At that point I noticed that I had rid my body of three little cotton ball looking things. Once I felt better. I took out some of the tablets and put them in a glass of water. They blew up like three big cotton balls. The capsules and water I was taking were cotton balls that would expand in my stomach to make me feel full.

Needless to say, that diet ended right then and there. It wasn't the miracle diet I thought it was. Of course, now I know, there isn't a miracle. I just have to do the work. Calories in and calories out..

So lets share our stories this month. What has that resolution to lose weight gotten you to do? Some will make us laugh. Some will make us cry. But I am sure that we will all learn and gain support from them..

Happy New Year!.


Comment #58


""The odds are good, but the goods are odd". Hilarious!! Kind of what I had figured as well. I've never heard that quote though. I would love to visit Alaska as well. Especially if we had our own personal guide to show us around a little!.


Congrats on getting back to 139. Yes tomorrow never comes. Glad you threw out the treats before it was too late!.

Went to a NYE party last night. I was a ton of fun but food choices were pretty sad. Everyone there was in great shape but there were no healthy options. I basically ate oranges, small helping of pasta and a half a smore. Not as bad as it couldve been but I was so hungry but refused to cave in and eat all the junk! My first real test since being in maintenance. It was kind of stressful but glad I survived! Hope everyone is having a great new years day!.


Op yes although low calories.

Water yup.

Exercise 60 min yoga..

Comment #59

Reporting in early because I know I'll be on plan the rest of the day..


OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes!!! In a vain attempt to feel better I took a walk. At least the 30 minute walk relieved cabin fever, if not the wicked head cold..

Last night, new year's eve, I was in bed by 8 with 102 fever. Some new year's eve celebration. Tonight I'll likely be in bed just as early. Oh well, can't get into any food trouble that way! LOL..

Comment #60

Hi, everyone - Back at home and hoping to catch up a little on this thread. The iPad failed us at the Lake house and only worked sporadically. DH has had his a while and expected that, I didn't. Anyway, the traditional keypad he gave me with the iPad is very spongey and hard for me to type on, but anyway, here we are home again, home again..

DS leaves tomorrow a.m. to return to Univ. of Denver, so he will be finishing up by March. I love having him home, he's funny and - hey, he likes me - so we've had a good time since Thanksgiving. His Dad will be sad tomorrow, too, but such is life. We get 'em and we give them wings.....Saw my other DS and his wife this week, as well, so got everyone in for the holidays..

I'm afraid with all the blt's and outright pieces of this and that, I will really need to continue a challenge now. I am sorry I couldn't check in all week, but will do my best tonight to read back and give a week end report. I'll weigh in on Monday and will give the stats then. One pair of jeans is fitting a bit tight and I'm not happy. Before I would have just gotten the larger pair out of the drawer, but never again - that's my main resolution this year - MAINTAIN THIS SIZE of clothing. My other resolution, as always, is to 'give people the benefit of the doubt' - so far, one day in, and DH says I'm not doing such a good job.

....he's been in and out of the doghouse a few times this week.... lol.

SHERRY - my folks just arrived in Fla. (near The Villages) and it was nice and warm, but I guess that it won't stay long, never does this time of year. Thinking of you as our temperature plummets from 60 yesterday to 20 today and worse tomorrow....geesh..

BARB - love the upbeat chatter about the marathons and the trip to Alaska - what a great thing to keep in front of you. Motivation for sure. Glad you had a relaxing time last night, you guys deserve a cozy night in..

JAN - Hope to see you around town soon. Sounds like you had a busy and fun time with your family and thank you a million times over for keeping stats for all of us during our Holiday Extravaganza challenge!.

CHRISTINE - Great good luck on the qualifying race next weekend - you are truly my new idol - 300 miles! It's fascinating for us here in the lower 48.... I got such a kick out of the saying about the 'odds' - lol. Kudos to your sister and please tell her the Can Do Crew is proud of her, too..

KITTY - hope you are on the mend and getting enough rest. Take good care of yourself..

Waving HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends right here, Bobbi, Heidi, Kim, Diana, anyone I am forgetting - you all rock and have inspired me to keep track over this holiday season. I may not have maintained as well as I would have thought I could, but I KNOW it would have been a complete disaster had I reverted to all of my old excuses and justifications....THANK YOU, FRIENDS!!.

Betty Boop and I wish you all a.



Comment #61

I would like to do the challenge as mentioned above. Checking in daily with water/OP/exercise has helped me a lot. I'm still sick, feeling like something the cat dragged in. Yet I did take another walk this morning just to get a little movement going. Barb, one of the many things I learned from David Kessler's book is that exercise can help cause a positive mood change and that this change in the brain has the possibility of keeping us away from a binge since we are not seeking to change our brains with a food binge. After the walk I went to the gym for a short session with weights to continue my knee rehab.

Psychologically, I felt better since I had done two things (walk + weights) to help myself. Now I'm working on my big ol' water bottle. Cheers!..

Comment #62


- a purple Betty - I love it!!.

Spent yesterday getting my rooms back in order and shopping! We had a lot of Kohl's Cash that expired yesterday, not to mention a 20% coupon (sorry, Melissa, I forgot to forward it) so off we went to town. Didn't have to stand in the returns line because we gave the shirt that didn't fit DH to BIL.

Got some new shoes and a sweater for me, shoes and a shirt for DH..

Got all caught up on the posts and have to figure out where I am in the stats department. I think I owe stats for Christmas week (Dec 19-25), and this past (final) week...although folks are still reporting in. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but I didn't do as badly as I would have done in years past. I know the challenge helped. Barring any big losses between today and tomorrow (my official weigh day), I stayed the same. But it doesn't feel like I maintained, because that's not what I did....I lost weight in the beginning when I was following the plan and gained it back at the end when I was different.

We have to go to the funereal home this afternoon, so this is just a quick fly-by while I'm waiting for....

Warning TMI.

My facial hair remover to work.

Time to rinse it off and be mustache-free..

More later!..

Comment #63

UUUGGGHHHH45 degrees and we're melting up here. The race this weekend was canceled and trails are soft and my carefully cut meat snacks are mushy. The dogs are hot and everything is wet..

Worried about getting enough miles on the dogs this week. What a wicked turn of the weather for Jan 1. I'm sitting here in my cabin in Willow. Managed a 4.5 hour run in soft snow yesterday but sitting debating what to do today..


You are my hero staying good at the party. I'm still fragile enough that if I get that hungry and have poor choices I lose control..

Debbie and Jan.

, welcome back. Missed hearing about all your happenings..


I sure hope you feel better. Congratulations on getting your walks in. I've learned over the last 5 years that exercise makes me feel better. I'm active enough that it's amazing I was ever as big as I was, although at my biggest I had a few years where I wasn't playing ball or doing regular exercise and it showed, fast. Also goes to show that my food demons are strong!!!.


I have some stories for you as well. When I have a few minutes I'll share some..

Heading off on the snowmachine to check the trails for melting and downed trees. My day's activities hinge on the trail report. I'll check ack in tonight, I hope..

Saturday stats.



Exercise35 hard miles with the dogs and an hour in snowshoes stomping down a foot of snow in the dog yard. (Maybe all this extra activity is why the snowpants are getting so loose.).


Comment #64

Hi, I'm Pam and I just placed my first order. I'm so excited and can't wait for my "new life" to come to my door step. I think that it's awesome how ya'll support each other so much on here. I look forward to reading more threads on here in the future...

Comment #65


This is a great bunch of losers - and the best thread on the site, IMHO..

So, a brief report of my holidays.....

I score a great big ZERO in the OP and exercise categories, but did get my water in every day, so I'll be wearing the booby prize this week....

My final stats:.

Weight: 158.8 (same as the beginning).

OP: 0.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 0.

I had been eating off plan vegetables (carrots & hummus & sweet potatoes one night), but last week I added grains, too. Practicing for transition, perhaps? LOL. I'm not beating myself up over it - it was a conscious decision. I was 100% OP last Christmas and I chose not to be this year. It wasn't my original intention, but once my sisters got here and we made some traditional foods....they'll be here next year, I know, but my sister may not. Anyway, once I had gotten that taste of sugar at DS's, I was off to the races again.

I think it's time for the Kessler book for me..

Off-plan food aside, I had a wonderful time with my sister, BIL and niece being here. We did a lot visiting with other friends & relatives as well as a lot of nothing - hanging out & just relaxing & visiting amongst ourselves. My other sister had to work the week in between so it would sometimes get hectic because she wanted to spend as much time with us as she could. I didn't have to work and that was wonderful. I'm sad to see them go..

New Year's Eve, we all went to a Hot Tub's a place in Ann Arbor that has 15 different themed rooms, all with a hot tub of various size - they fit form 3 - 10 people. We had the Aleutian Garden room - it was like a log cabin with a fireplace, to floor to ceiling windows on each side of the fireplace with no glass in them, so the cool air from outside could flow through. There was even a bear in our backyard! Other rooms are Figi Islands, British Isles, there's a Japanese one. Anyway, you schedule by the hour, so we had an hour and a half soak, then we all came back to our house and ate and laughed and hung out til midnight. My sisters & I actually skyped our brother in California who was home alone and we rang in the east coast new year with him..

I'm up for another challenge - I'll keep stats if applicable. No more messing around for me - I'm back to 5&1 with a vengense. We're going on a cruise in May and I need to be in transition or maintenance by then!!.


Comment #66

Hey there Crew! We sure are all coming down from the holidays - the fun, the noise, the music, the food...that darn food. Like Jan, I knew what I was doing when I chose to indulge. Even though I'm on Maintenance, I did not stick to what my advance plans were. However, I am sure this is a change in the right direction for me - make that a huge change from last year. I have seen a few more pictures of myself with others from past Christmases and yikes! that's scary. Anyway, on to the new year and the new food challenges and exercise plans..

Just sitting down from a lot of work on the house today. DH has been busy preparing for a big work week and so I have been de-Christmasing all over the house. I actually didn't pull out much 'stuff' this year, but the dining room table is now covered with way more than I thought. It will take all week to sort through and box up things downstairs. I will probably end up leaving the tree up until next weekend and I'm still enjoying my fireplace lights. I'm pooped..

Had a sinus headache and fighting something since after Christmas, and now just coughing constantly. I'm hoping that it doesn't turn into a chest thing, but that has happened before. At any rate, I didn't sleep much at all last night, at least still saw 4:00 a.m. on the clock and it's caught up with me now. I missed Church this morning, a very rare occurrence, but couldn't get myself to wake up and get ready. Good thing I got a burst of energy this afternoon, but now I am all out..

I'll post my stats tomorrow and weigh in. Hope everyone has a relaxing evening..


Comment #67

Jan, I highly recommend the David Kessler book. It did not stop me from overeating (despite it's title) but once I had stopped overeating by following Medifast I was ready to receive the many messages in the book. Maybe it's because I'm fascinated with how the brain works, but whatever, I had to stop overeating before I could get the messages. I did read the book when it first came out but it wasn't until I re-read it recently that I 'got' it. I did buy it rather than get it from the library because I wanted to be able to write in it...

Comment #68

Sunday: OP yes, Water yes (and then some), Exercise YES!!.

For the week:.

OP 6.

Water 5.

Exercise 2.

Weight 173..

Comment #69

Hi everyone! Took DD back to DC today, so we have our house back to ourselves. I enjoy having her home, but I dont mind when she goes back either. She had a college friend over last night, so I had to make gluten free breakfast this morning. Lots of protein! DH got a call today from his cousin. His aunt (MILs sister) died on Saturday. It was so weird as we had spent the funeral day with her and thought she was doing very well.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.a very nice run!.


On Plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.

This past week:.

Weight: 139.

On Plan: 7 / 7.

Water: 7 / 7.

Exercise: 6 days.


, I can so relate. It is great to know they can fly on their own though. Maintaining this size is my mantra. I worry more about my clothes fitting than my weight. I dont have anything in any size but the size I am in now. 5 or 6 pounds and Im in trouble.


, thats the thing I love about exercise, it really makes me feel so much better. I started by walking. Then I would run a few steps to make the walk go faster. Soon I found myself running. It was easy on the treadmill. I still enjoy walking and hiking, and will do a great deal of it during the summer.


, when I first got into maintenance, I could buy mini Reeses cups or Hersheys Kisses and keep them in a jar and eat one a night. The week before Christmas, when I went a little wild with the cookies, I couldnt even do that. Why must sugar be so hard? One thing I have learned is that the more protein I eat, the less of an issue sugar is. The Kessler book is great. It will really help you understand the draw of sugar and layered foods. I still pick it up and read a passage almost every day.

Dyers Excuses Be Gone is another great book. They are both very different, but I found them both to be very important to me..


, I find it hard to hope for cold weather, but for you I will. I know that you want to be ready for next weekends qualifying race. Gotta love those snowpants that are too big!.


, welcome to the crew! We love to have new people join us..


, I agree that it didnt stop me from overeating. But it helped me to understand why we overeat and made me look at loaded food very differently. There are quite a few things I wont order anymore because of the book. I think that has been a good thing..

Waving to the rest of the crew!.

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 139. I am healthy!..

Comment #70

New Challenge (someone needs to come up with a name and banner, I am not at all creative!).

Title: Out with the old diet resolutions, in with a lifestyle change!.

Daily Report:.

On plan.



Weekly Summary:.

Weight (+/-/maintain).

On plan.


Exercise. make this more interesting.....we will leave all our bad diet resolutions here, never to be brought back again..

When you get a chance, hopefully at least once a week, unless you are like me and have 30 years of stories, share a story or two about bad diet resolutions. I'm sure we all have them..

Lets throw the old diets and habits out and start a new year with a healthy lifestyle!.


Comment #71

Sorry I'm so late, here is the link to the new weekly thread:..

Comment #72


- this is the best of what I can glean from my end of year posts. I don't think that I did a final post, I can't find it either and I've checked MY PAGE and my posts, so I think I didn't finish out the year. Suffice it to say, I did not do very well in any area other than water, but if I got one or two more exercises in there, I don't remember them and can't recall any walks in the cold, so probably not..

So sorry to make it any harder for you than it had to be. Thanks again from all of us, you kept us encouraged and accountable by being so committed..

12/27 - 1/2.

OP - 0.

Water - 7.

Exercise - 1 recorded, 0 after that to the best of my knowledge.

Final weight: 125.4.

It's a long way from my original goal of 115, but I had changed that a little to 118, where I felt the very best. My overall challenge weight result is dismal, but true and I know what the new year has to bring - a Medifast Blitz. I'm doing that now, so hopefully the next stats will improve greatly and I'll get back to exercise after this bronchial crud is over..

We are finishing the rest of the Christmas take down tomorrow when DH has some time to help put the tree away, etc. I'm almost through with all of the little stuff and have sorted a big tub of throw away/give away stuff and lots boxes that I have been able to discard and pare down. Hopefully DH will be happy when he sees my effort - after all, I have been sick, ya' know! I've spent about an hour a day doing it..

Those chore lists have really had to kick in to keep me OP. Last evening I watched TV and cleaned my sock drawer, undies drawer, and today will attack my regular clothes drawers. I can do about an hour before the cough sets in again. At least I am not bored...and I'm not eating outside of plan..

Pretty sunny day, as Jan said, but DH just came in and said it is still quite cold and the wind is really blowing the snow around from the trees. We have been looking in North Carolina areas for a future retirement town and we really want the mountain view, but it still has snow. We'll see.......if anyone knows NC very well or has any recommendations, let me know. We have checked out Asheville area, though I didn't care at all for the city, the high country around it is beautiful..

OP today, everyone!!.


Is rockin' that and.


, too..

Let's do it!!.


Comment #73

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.