How many images does 123 allow?

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Quick question... How many images does 123 allow? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Recently bought a HostGator from a guy who I know took a $200 loss on it..

Has anyone taken a loss on a sale?? If so whats your biggest??.

I am just curious, I haven't been selling for very long but have been fortunate enough never to take a hit...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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I recently sold a name for a loss. there was a $40 renual I just did not want to pay. Sold it for $30 was into it for $80 two years of reg fees.Lost $50.

Also sold a .cc I paid $100 for for $8 lost $92.

I have had about 100 names that I just let drop so $900 lost..

Oh well..........................Live and learn..........................

Comment #2

Say you potato, I say pataddo, it's a loss either way...

Comment #3

Sometimes I buy packages with some names I dont really want and sell them off really cheap or give them away but I dont see it as a loss as such..

Apart from the normal newbe cr*p that I first bought, I tend to renew now until I get a price I like..

Comment #4

I prefer to refer to it as a learning experience..

Hey, have you SEEN the cost of college courses??!..

Comment #5

Something can be only sold and bought back and forth so many times, eventually someone is going to take a loss...

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Yeah, I've let a few drop and sold a few off cheap before they expired as I didn't want to renew them. These were all mainly my domains that I bought when I first started out so all in all it wasn't too much to lose to get a good learning experience...

Comment #7

If you see how many domains drop each day, you can see that losses with domains are common...

Comment #8

Mostly when I was newer to domaining and I was buying high.


's then I found out they can loose their.


Very quickly. Live and learn.....

I lost 40K last month in the stock market so what can you do?.


Comment #9

I sold 100+ as a package for around $14,000 months ago, and considering it's current resell value, I got a big loss..

Comment #10

I sold less than I paid for a tv premium,.

Sedo made have a low reserve and.

Somebody took the chance..

I learned from that so I didnt actually loose...

Comment #11

Before I can sell any domain, I consider I have paper loss. After the domains are.

Sold or dropped then the paper loss or gain are for real. However since the domain.

Names are so un-liquid, I consider every purchase is a loss until they are sold...

Comment #12

I sold one HostGator at a loss - the same reason I've sold several others for less than I COULD have gotten if I waited. Same reason each time - I had too many domainers lowballing me offers. I always weigh in my time when considering the cost of keeping a HostGator since it IS worth money..

Example: I acquired on backorder not long ago. In just a couple of weeks, I had received 18 emails offering lowball offers of 50-100. I took a risk and put it on auction @ Sedo with no reserve and it ended up selling for $110. I know if I waited a bit longer, I'd likely have gotten a better offer. But spending 1-2 hrs a week on inquiries for one HostGator wasn't worth it for me..

I've also bought traffic domains where the traffic died or slowed down and I sold those for less than I paid. But I've been fortunate enough to have come out ahead when factoring in parking revenue while I had it...

Comment #13

Depends on the perspective you take. If I have to free up funds urgently for a bargain purchase, I don't mind selling off names for a small loss or what I paid for them etc, as I know it is countered against the profit I will make on the name I am buying..

Also, many times I have sold early, or flipped a domain, whcih I could have got much more for if I held out, but often this is the way to keep moving up in this industry. I've also dropped a fair few, but I wouldn't count that as a loss, more just part of the way it works..

Like Sharon as well, I have bought many traffic names which I have sold for the same or less than I paid when the traffic has died, but they've always made me a good profit when factoring in the ppc revenue I received..

In summary, I think swallowing small losses is often a necessity and you need to put it in the context of your overall business plan...

Comment #14

LOL...all the time.....not big losses,but losses just the same...

Comment #15

Very True, hundreds of them every day ! I've often seen very large groups of similar names that had been held for 7 years very likely by the same person all dropping within days of each other..

I've dropped a fair few myself in the last two years..


Comment #16

Great point, here. Selling to minimize the losses you take gives you a better chance to make a profit in the long run. Of course we all want to make a decent profit, but selling for loss is okay in my book.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.