How many new Medifast recipes have you tried this week?

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Got a question... How many new Medifast recipes have you tried this week? Hoping for any comment. Another question I got... I had.


04/12/10 and am down 50 lbs. Pre-surgery I was a couch potato and would come home on Fridays and not emerge until work Monday morning on most weekends. My major complaints were diabetes and high blood pressure which caused me to have aches and pains and be totally void of enough energy to do most things. Immediately after.


My energy level raised and I feel a good 10 15 years younger in my 45 year old body. My.


Of choice is.


And I do that most days effortlessly. I am truly enjoying life, I work with a large group of people with about 50 people on my floor and overall about 2,000 people in the two buildings that we share. I do the contracts for my company so I get a lot of interaction with people. Since.


I have turned into a social butterfly, I was very vocal about my.


So me and everybody I know were anxiously awaiting my year long.


Date so I feel I have not been on this journey alone..

I am enjoying the attention I am getting although I have a hard time accepting the compliments that come my way. I feel as though I have not earned them. I have had NO complications from.


And can eat small amounts of anything (I mean absolutely nothing makes me sick), and because I can tolerate most foods and go out several times a week for Medifast food and drinks Im sure I have not lost my optimal amount of weight. 50 lbs in 6 months is nothing compared to the totals that are posted here. I want the number to be bigger but I am so enjoying myself and this high that Im on. I feel great, I love what I see in the mirror, I am a scale-a-holic and weigh myself several times a day. The scale continues to move slowly but surely and Ive accepted that. My goal was to lose around 130 lbs and I dont know if I will ever reach that or if I will need to reset my goals..

I eat meats and vegetable, I.

Stay away.

From rice and other starches however in the past week Ive learned that I can now eat bread. I will eat a sandwich from a regular size loaf of bread, although it may take me a while to get it down. Which is how I eat most things, I make a small portion and nibble until it's gone. I enjoy all my favorite foods in a much scaled down version of my old portion size. Life is grand however I do have the guilty feeling that I am not doing all that I can to achieve my optimal weight loss and kick this obesity in the butt once and for all. Other than the slow weight loss I have no complaints, Ive even learned to accept the gas (even that comes from the bottom and has not been uncomfortable enough to complain about)..

I guess my dilemma is I dont know do I embrace happiness or do I feel disappointed in my success. Im kind of on the fence right now. I know I feel guilty because it has taken me months to write this post. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Im usually thick skinned so please feel free to share your thoughts without fear of hurting my feelings...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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I don't count the calories or protein intake, I feel healthy and get about 75% of my vitamins in every week. Some days are better than others with the vitamins it's a matter of.


To take them. For breakfast most days I will prepare a handful of Medifast food that consists of grits, egg over easy and sausage or bacon. I usually eat fresh fruit midday and will go out for lunch but usually take it home and take several days to finish before throwing it out this is usally my dinner. My cheaters are potatoe chips and vanilla wafers and on occaision an oatmeal cookie. The wafers are 4 - 5 at a time and the chips are less than ten lays stackers. I snack several days a week but not everyday it depends on what's going on.

Again I take my time eating and nibble nibble nibble with no problems..

I had hair loss over a month ago and got my hair cut and the hair shedding went away...

Comment #2

The guilt is telling you that you are sabotaging yourself. It's great to be happy, but you need to make permanent lifestyle changes if you are going to maintain the weight loss and achieve a permanent weight loss. In other words, if you are eating potato chips (high fat, high carb), sugars, starches like regular bread (you know what the risky foods are), you'll regain the weight. For real, lasting success, you need to take full responsiblity for making healthy Medifast food choices. It's great to enjoy where you are, but you are considerably short of your goal. Do you really want to end it here? Risk regaining the weight? Girl, you gotta get real with yourself...

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Farmgirl I've got an excuse for everything you just said, but I'm not about making excuses. I do take responsibility, it's just that I missed somewhere along the way that this was a DIET. I thought I'd have smaller stomach therefore I'd be forced to lose the weight. I never signed up for the this Medifast diet thingy. Potatoe chips and a cookie here and there is nothing compared to the bags of candy I used to eat. I have a friend that I meet at the doctors office and she gets sick with just about everything she tries to eat and has resigned to being satisfied with granola bars.

But I don't won't to be sick I want to be FREE. Free to be normal, I've felt abnormal all my adult life. It's like I can smell the water and I'm undressing before I can reach the beach. Does anyone understand what I'm trying to say?..

Comment #4

I do understand what you're saying Angel65. I am only about 3 months post op but I too am finding myself wanting to nibble on foods I know are not allowed. I am down 76 lbs and know what you mean about being happy. I haven't been this small in 10 years! I am estatic with my loss, however, I do have about 120 lbs more to lose so I know I must stick to my plan. I guess I kinda had your mentality too, thinking hey my stomach is much smaller and I am eating WAY less than I used to, but for some reason the weight just comes back if we eat the wrong things, even though we're eating much less. Doesn't really make alot of sense to me either...

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I live in the UK and the rules are very different here. There is little guidance on what we eat etc. I am able to eat anything except high sugar (dumping) and I am losing fine. I listen to the signs of being full now, it took a few weeks of feeling pretty nauseous after eating, but I am much better at it now. I don't deny anything I want, just have the odd taste, seems to satisfy the curiousity well. I have lost a lot of weight in 4 months (80lbs).

My guess is we are all different and if you are happy with how it is and you are still on the right track (ie losing) then don't beat yourself up. But it is up to you to be honest with yourself. You know all the answers. The opinions on here may differ greatly and if you are in denial you will choose the one that suits! I know I would :).

Dieting is a swear word in my book too... if I was any good at it I would not have needed the.


... BUT... I do have to listen carefully to what my body actually wants (tomatoes, spice etc) rather than what my old self used to eat for comfort, meat meat and more meat. I lose the fight sometimes but I try to keep thinking it through and think how does a thin person stay thin, probably because they enjoy the stuff that tastes good not the stuff that is all about the volume. Good luck on the rest of your journey as one long journey it is :) x..

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Angel, Just want you to know that you are not alone out there. My.


Was 2/11/10 so about 2 months further along than you and like you I can eat almost anything - I don't dump, but I do "foam" occasionally. Like you no complications and I feel pretty good all of the time. I have lost 70-75 lbs since.


And I am at 'goal' whatever that means. I have been bouncing around in a five pound range for about a month now and although I am a few pounds above a 'normal BMI (like 8 lbs) I am not sure I want to lose them. I am trying to control the snacking - that is a really bad habit to give in to. I don't always suceed, but my blood sugar numbers and my weight let me know If I am bending the rules a little too far. I suspect that the holidays will be dangerous for people like you and I - being able to eat just about anything is not a good thing. I can't eat much at any one time - but I can snack all afternoon.

I've found that if I control what I put on my plate I do a whole lot better than if I sit next to the bag. I tend to.

Stay away.

From sandwiches still - tortills and wraps are lower carb. I love to go out with friends and have learned that I can go almost anywhere and find something that is appropriate enough that I can eat itIf you are eating in restaurant chains you can sometimes preview the menu and nutrition info so you can dream about the right stuff. I would embrace your success. This.


Is a tool for the rest of YOUR life. If you don't lose as fast as others, well you don't, but I would keep on track by limiting your splurges, perhaps to special occasions with friends and/or family rather than you and the TV. I don't see a problem with occasionally getting off track a little to let another part of your life come to the forefront... But keep the rules in the forefront most of the time and try to plan for the other times. We all need to live in our new bodies and with our new rules. But don't skip those vitamins..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.