How many people think the guy in 123 reg.Com superbowl ad looked like Phil Hartman?

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Question I have... How many people think the guy in 123 reg.Com superbowl ad looked like Phil Hartman? Hoping for any comment. Another question I got... I think all of us have names that we would never sell, no matter how huge the offer might be..

It might be the first/last name of our wives/girlfriends/parents, or even our own names..

Or it might have simple sentimental value: the first name you regged, the first name that got you big parking profits etc..

So whats your name that you would never sell, no matter what the price?.

I just regged

Its my girl's name. I wouldn't sell it for 10 million (just hope to save enough money to buy the .com and the .net)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I've shot them two emails with offers in the 3k range. They haven't replied as yet..

That really takes away from the purpose of the name, doesn't it. Changing her name from Jenny to Jenni won't change her actual name..she'll still be Jenny to you, herself and her friends..

I guess I'm too much in love to realize the cost of being in it.....

Comment #2

You will have a hard time prising from my cold dead fingers..

Comment #3

I think you are right... every name has it's price.....

Comment #4

With that kind of money, you can buy body parts in the black market and replace the one you lost...

Comment #5

I'm afraid so, at least to those of us who don't have fat enough wallets to care..

Comment #6

I think my name "umer".if I have I never sold it to anyone..

But is in the custody of another I tried to contact with him and try to buy this domain...

Comment #7

A name I would never sell, thats a funny!..

Comment #8

Names I.


Sellas opposed to names that will.


Sale? hee ha ha.

Everything is for sale for the right price - you never know the situation you might be in - or what you may need...

Comment #9

I didn't bother about any names and never wanted to hold them instead of making profit. In fact, I'm very happy, because still I can register the .com of my name...

Comment #10

I wouldn't sell the HostGator I'm developing now. I've spent thousands of hours on this domain. My HostGator is not generic and I wonder why somebody took the trouble to register the .net version...

Comment #11

What name is it??? let me check the 123 reg website out..

Comment #12

Sorry, but your a big idiot if you not sell that name for 100 million...

It is just a domain.. your not cheating on your wife or something....

This is sick..

Comment #13

My names all have the potential to be sold just depends on the price I get offered for them..

Comment #14

Every one of my domains is for sale, just the price is really high for a few more so than others. It's just a domain, after all. If a million bucks means I have to sell my personal name HostGator or one of my sons domains, hey that's fine by me. The domains aren't family, they are just tools to bring long term wealth to those I love..

I have a very simple philosophy in regards to my business goals:.

"Wealth Beyond Avarice."..

Comment #15

I have seen the same thing.. Two of my domains I have registered yet some one else owns the .net.. maybe it's cause of the pricing?..

Comment #16

Oh, don't get me wrong... I'm totally in love with my wife, but imagine what I could do for her with $10 Million Dollars that I can't with a HostGator name...

Comment #17


Be a real domainer..

Take 10M..

Start your own TLD - .mywifename.

Price all x.mywifename and xx.mywifename for 1-2M.

Release xxx.mywifename and TM for preregistration..

Put the rest on general market..

It will be fun..

If you are not jealous of course.

Good luck !..

Comment #18

I guess people here treat domains differently than me..

But I'll stick to my guns...I would never sell my girl's HostGator name in any extension for any price. Just too much emotional value for me to do it. I'm not that greedy for money anyways.....

Comment #19

I think it's great... stick to your guns. It's just a different way of looking at it. To me, it would be greedy to hold onto a HostGator that if it were sold would allow her to have a lifestyle that she otherwise wouldn't have. It's not about the money, but what the money would allow her to do... or not do..

I love hypothetical discussions..

Comment #20

There isnt right or wrong in this case.

If you have your name, your wife`s name or any other name that has a value for u... keep it if you feel fine keeping it.

If you have your name, your wife`s name or any other name that has a value for you but you have a good offer and you dont mind in selling it sell it cuz it will be fine as well, assuming that you will sell having a great profit.

I really dont know what id do but there isnt right and wrong..

Comment #21

So do I.

And I agree...its a different way of looking at it. Your point is perfectly valid, since $10 mil would allow you and your wife a great lifestyle..

But my fiancee has never cared for money as it wouldn't be greedy on my part...

Comment #22

I believe the appropriate phrase is: agreeing to disagree.


Comment #23

Shoot, for 10mil they could have the HostGator of the same name of her indoors and id throw her into the deal also..

Comment #24

Any developed 123 reg website is not worth selling for me , the time you spend is priceless. All other names are for sale if the price is right...

Comment #25

Pm sent.

Might have an idea for you. and it's free..

Comment #26

I have 1 in escrow right now (don't want to reveal the name as it isn't in my possession yet) that I definitely don't want to sell. I had been wanting the name for months but always assumed it was outside of my budget (for a HostGator not intending to be resold). When I saw it on Sedo for a price I could afford... I just about wet myself..

Comment #27

Just make me an offer I can't refuse- everything is for sale - at the right price..

Comment #28

This is a funny post. Anyone here, except maybe the already mega millionaires that may be a lurking, would take $10 mil in NY sec if the opportunity was real!!.

???? You wouldn't sell, for $10 mil???? I'm sorry but AS IF!! She would probably disown you knowing that with $10 mil, you.

Could have.

Gotten her, which could probably be had for less than a mil (on the outside!), with $9 mil left over to play with,.


So that you could keep the .org!?! Now that's understanding extension priority. It's easy to make a 'stick to your guns' or whatever statement in 'make believe land', but when facing reality, F the 'hypo statements'!! LMAO..

I'm with badg!!..

Comment #29

Sell the .org HostGator for 10 mil, and use 9 mil to buy a mansion for both of you to live in.

Use up to $10,000 (if it's worth as much to you) in buying the same name, but in .com...

Comment #30

You could sell it for $10 Million Dollars, buy 4.5 Million .info's and still be a million to the good...

Comment #31

Interesting. I have some last/first name domains, however have not sold any..

How many people really pay this kind of HostGator anyway?..

Comment #32

It wasn't just

I was referring to the entire range of extensions of her name...if I had them..

I was mainly referring to a hypothetical situation in which I own the name and wouldn't sell it for any amount...

Comment #33

Excluding my family my pets and my soul , I would sell anything at all including my new house and any personal possesions if the price was right..

If it gives me and my family the chance of a better life and if I one day needed cash to help any of my family then imo I would be an idiot to not take it..

I would rather spend $10 million helping people who needed it than have some HostGator I liked sitting in my account doing nothing and watching people I cared about suffer..

No disrespect meant to other people opinions this is just how I feel..

Money can't buy you good health but it can give can make sure you have best chance of regaining it,not sure how a HostGator name can do this?...

Comment #34

Homes, what you popping up there?? I'm somewhat confused here -.

According to your post below, I don't see any comments on you wanting to have the 'entire range of extensions'. And since there are still open extensions for Shweta,.

Including .us.

(I see you are in Buffalo), I just don't feel the sincerity of your devotion as you note..

I don't think you'll have to worry about being offered that kinda money for that name!! You have to.

Own it.

Before someone will offer you anything for it!.

Oh, and.

Another extension that is open.

According to all the whois I checked tonight in Shweta is -.


You might want to put down the bottle, pipe, syringe, pills, and whatever elses.. and come out of 'hypothetical land'...

Comment #35

Hmmm, someone quick register it and then offer it for sale..

Oh, if you do want to try convincing her to change the way she spells her name... is available...

Comment #36

I would say there isn't a name in existence that the owner wouldn't sell for a certain amount of money.. is for sale if you have hundreds of billions, so is,,

Dump a truckload of money on someone's front lawn and they'll sell those sentimental names real quick...

Comment #37

Last I checked, I owned

And I just completed the registration of, .mobi, .cn...these names were sitting in my shopping cart for a few days..

I was not keen on registering these names because like I mentioned, I care only about the .com, for which I'm saving up the money (I am on a student budget after all). I've made an offer of 3k (thats the most I have right now) for the .com but did not receive any response from them..

But where has this discussion gone to?.

Rather than an objective discussion about names that you would never sell, this has become something of a personal discussion..

I suggest we get back to the topic, rather than discuss my sentimental connections to my name...

Comment #38

I don't have any such names. Every HostGator I own (or will ever own) is up for sale. Domains will never be sentimental to me. In fact, I think being sentimental about a HostGator name is a little coo-coo...

Comment #39

If you owned your or even you may not want to sell..

Comment #40

If I owned my first name, I'd sell it as quick as I could because that's a $xx,xxx name minimum. If someone wanted my (which I don't own), I'd sell that too, if the offer was good...

Comment #41

The sentimental domains I want I can't reg anyway there alreadly taken..mainly childhood memories of certain keywords etc...

Comment #42 - it started it all!.

The first name I regged, once I really started to get into things, not the first name ever, but the first one I really was happy to develop for myself...

Comment #43

I have a few I wouldnt sell. My first name Lygeia, ( It's my legal first name so....even though I rather doubt someone would bid 10 mill. Honestly, the more I think about it I probably would..

Comment #44

Is it your name OR girl friends name?.

If girl friends name then I would say that you love her soooo much..

I have.

<my first name>.net.

<first name><last name>.com.

<gf first name>.net.

Which I would never sell...

Comment #45

I guess I do....

I've been saving up to get the .com, because thats only what I care about.....

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.