How many points do I need for Medifast Diet?

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Quick question... How many points do I need for Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Good morning my Sexy Sisters!.

The above was from Jo last night. Now, if that doesn't start your day CHEERFULLY, I don't know what will. Today has got to be a better day than yesterday!.

In case you don't go back to last night, Kori posted her Chili recipe. Where is that 'drooling smiley'?.

I used lean ground beef. 2.25 lbs browned up to be 5 servings plus about 2 spoonfuls that I gave to my neices to put on nachos..

1 can low sodium beef broth.

1 can diced tomatoes with green chilis with juice.

2 cans no salt added diced tomatoes, drained.

1 1/2 c. diced zucchini.

1 1/2 c. diced mushrooms (I used portabello since I had them on hand but white or others would work too.).

2-3 T. Low sodium chili seasoning.

2-3 t. Garlic powder.

1T chili powder.

6 T diced onions.

1T crushed garlic.

Simmered for about 20-25 minutes. Enjoy!.

Since the meat was 5 servings of 5 oz., I just measured out all my veggies to make sure I had 15 servings total, then split it all up as evenly as possible into 5 containers. It turned out really good and filling. I ate it today, and it was yummy! Made it for my BF when I was there with him and put Bell Peppers instead of zucchini but again, I played with the numbers so that I got in all 15 veggie servings..

This is kind of how I made my own mock chicken noodle soup OP also..



Comment #2

Barb ~ Is the wind as bad as was predicted? We've just had the rain here. It's going to be a LONNGGG Fall & Winter here, I think. Have fun with the grand kids today. If we don't hear from you, we'll send help..

Andrea ~ or should I say "cranky"? I hope DS is feeling better. His cough/asthma sounds awful. I know what you mean about the noise though. Poor kid/poor cranky. Think happy "Glee" thoughts..

Jo ~ Thanks for spreading your happy work stuff yesterday. It is nice to do something you enjoy!.

Ang ~ I'm not even gonna ask, cuz I know this "ick" hangs on for awhile...BUT...I do hope you are starting to feel a little better. It's so hard to work when you feel so badly. I know you were serious, but this made me smile: "Additionally, if you are not married, make sure that your future inlaws are either dead or live at least 1500 miles away. Trust me on this.".

Lori ~ Today will be better than yesterday. I promise! Barb hit it on the head when she said: "I'd say just retire but you're too young and like having too much fun with a "big appetite" for nice, expensive things". followed by a 'lol', of course..

Andrea ~ Did you say what your costume is that BF got for you (or can you

Miss Lara ~ How are DD's doing with their homework. Congrats on a successful Day 1! How'd the interview go yesterday? It's always such a crap shoot...ya never quite know what you're getting. I'm glad your food showed up...makes the 5/1 a little easier..

Sandy ~ Have fun with golf today. How's your weather been? Oh, and I'm in for the challenge. Thank you..

Kori ~ Thanks for posting your chili recipe. I hope work goes better for you, too. Is it the kids or administration or both?.

Darlene ~ I hope Timmy has a better start to his day today. I'm glad the Wii guy wasn't too brutal. Nevan uses my character when he plays my character says I need to gain some weight. lol Any luck with the soup recipe? No pressure. It would be nice to cook up a bunch and heat it up. I seriously hate cooking.

How was the drumming concert?.

Erin ~ I was as surprised as you to see you cheerleading here last night. lol I loved it! It was sort of a tough love kinda positive thing. Doggie likes to tear up her babies for the stuffing, eh? Isn't that sweet. How'd your exam go?.

Andi ~ If you're around...HI! I've missed ya..

The highlight of our day yesterday...was...a cameo appearance from our MIA Sham:.

Yesterday, 06:13 PM #.



Re: ~*~Sexy Shamrocks - New Members Welcome - 10/25~*~.


Originally Posted by.


We really need some positive energy in here..

And I just can't bring it like I used to..

I'm sorry for that..

"Hmmm maybe I can help with that hon!".

Patrick ~ I hope you won't be a stranger. We miss you here. Should we call you "Pat" now instead of Patrick?.

I'm sorry if I've missed anyone. I've been working on this for 30 minutes or so (DD interrupted for a few)..

Nevan starts preschool today. He has a new outfit and will look way cool. I will post a picture later, cuz I'm sure you can't wait! lol.

Nathan goes to Easter Seals for the first time this afternoon. I hope he likes it. They are doing pumpkin decorating today. I guess it's usually the same people that show up each week. There's only about 15 people in the group...all ages...all disabilities. I hope he connects with someone, so he'll go back..

So...I'll be the taxi mom today..

Everybody have a wonderful day! At least it's not Monday...

Comment #3

Good Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin Shamrocker.


And too all the rest of you sleepy heads..

Comment #4

Morning Jo and Lauri!.

Lauri- Homework has been going better, we'll see what the grades say when she gets them back. The interview went ok- wasn't overly impressed but not a total "no" either, so we'll see. Seemed a little imature. Hope Nevan's Easter Seals group goes well today. It sounds like a great group for him so hopefully he will connect and want to go back. Let us know..

Jo- Hope those yip fairies bring more tips today-lol..

AFM- back in the pool again today to do a Pool Attendant course. Like a life gaurd just a step down since our pool is shallow (only 4 ft) day 2 for OP, so I'm gonna rock it again like it's my J-O-B. Love when the scale moves downward! Ok gotta go read back from yesterday...

Comment #5

OK ladies since yesterday (and the last few days) have seemed to be rough around here with a little too much negativity, I've got an exercise for us today. We have to list 5 things that are good in our life right now!.

1) I am back OP and loosing the extra few lbs I have gained back!.

2) I have a wonderful hubbie that is truly a gem!.

3) I have two wonderful kiddos that truly are good kids..

4) I have the Shammies that I can come get and give support!.

5) I have 2 vacays planned next year (they just aren't soon enough).

My life is really good right now! I hope you all can look at the positives today and hopefully have a better day! Love you all!!!..

Comment #6

Oh and thanks for that chili recipe Kori- I'm gonna have to make some of that for this weekends camping trip...

Comment #7

One important key to success is self confidence. An important key to self confidence is preparation..


You are educated when you have the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence..


Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment...

Comment #8

Lara - That's a freakin' stellar idea, dude..

1. I am healthy.

2. My husband.

3. My pets.

4. My friends.

5. Aruba..

Comment #9

Patrick, You hot little piece of azz...where have you been all my life?.

PM me, sweetie. Miss and love you madly..

Same to you, Pimp Daddy Tom. You've not graced this thread to amuse me in far too long...

Comment #10

Okay, I'll try and play:.

1. Olivia.

2. Samantha.

3. Kaitlyn.

4. Ari.

5. Shamrocks..

Comment #11

Here I go:.

1. Jesus (Turned my life around and lots to look forward to).

2. my kids are alive (still chance for change).

3. my health (I feel great).

4. I have a job (steady income is awesome).

5. I own a home (I have been homeless)..

Comment #12

Miss Lara ~ That is a GREAT idea!.

1) Jesus (I'm not copying Jo). It's amazing! Once you give your life to him, he truly does help!.

2) I have a wonderful husband who, most of the time, treats me as the Princess I was meant to be (I mean...I am);.

3) I have two boys who love me unconditionally (my sons, you sillies); and a daughter who tolerates me...deep down I know that she loves me..

4) Wonderful friends here...who also love me unconditionally and tolerate my random craziness all hours of the day and night..

5) My parents...who think I'm crazy, but love me even more because of it. lol.

I could go on and on. Oh! and of course...on and on...

Comment #13

Wow... great morning posts. I am feeling better already! here's mine off the top of my head:.

1. my kids- cant imagine life without them..

2. my parents- serious unconditional love.

3. my health and healthy family..

4. steady job in a good career..

5. my shammies keeping on the program...

Comment #14

Lauri... loved all your shout outs today. hope nevan and nathan do well today. nevan must be so excited! loved your positive attitude..

Jo... dont have enough smiles to say to you today. you know the old phrase, you gotta walk the walk if you gonna talk the talk... ? that is so you. your kids and hubby are so blessed to have you in their lives..

Hey lara... glad you are rocking the program. you inspire me to never give up..

Lori... hope you have a great day. you are a great captain. I miss patrick too! please kick his azz and make him come back..

Kori.. thanks for the recipe. soounds yummy. I actually LIKE all the ingrediants in it for a change. I really love chilli so I'm not surprised. maybe ill try it in my crock pot one day..

Ang... hope you are feeling better today. I also laughed about you in-law comment. I have said many times that a serious perk of divorce is no longer have in-laws. my own parents, who I love, live an hour away. it's a perfect amount of space.

Hi barb, erin, darlene, and sandy when you guys get here.....

Comment #15

Ugh.. had to change my ticker today. isnt it funny that it's so great to change it when you have lost, but sucks when you havent. not going to stress the number. thinkin TOM is around corner. wearing my first only pair size 12 pants today, and they look great.

They do this to keep my business and it works!..

Comment #16

Hi at work lori.....

Oh lauri, you asked about my halloween costume. yes the BF made it but it can be worn outside... LOL. we are going as the KIA hamsters from the car commericals. we have masks, hoodies, bling, fur on our chests and hands. BF ordered the masks and made the rest.

We are going away this weekend to parsinniny, NJ ( hey home girl lori) it's a convention at the hilton about an hour from home. we stay 2 nights and the hotel is great. there are B list celbrities there and horror people. the best is a huge party sat night with costumes and bands. Davy jones was there last year and sang with a band...

My kids and family think I'm crazy. but you guys knew that already......

Comment #17

Sandy.. enjoy your day of golf...

Darlene... hope Timmy enjoys the band..

Hey erin... great to see you here!..

Comment #18

No, you didn't tell...I LOVE IT! What a creative idea for the costumes. So cute! I know I don't need to say this, but...PICS ARE A MUST!!!..

Comment #19

[quote=andi12589]kori.. thanks for the recipe. soounds yummy. I actually LIKE all the ingrediants in it for a change. I really love chilli so I'm not surprised. maybe ill try it in my crock pot one day.quote].

I nearly pee'd myself when I read this.

For reals.

??? I need to go lie down...

Comment #20

Very funny, lauri... LOL. I do like some food. ok, thats an understatement! glad you like the hamster idea. it's all the BF's work. I have no creativity.

Last year we were charlie brown and peppermint patty. as long as someone does the work, ill wear it. my kids wont dress up at all. they have been anti-halloween for many years. tonight is little ds scout halloween party.

Lame, I know, but he wont let me buy him or make him anything. the mask is actually really creepy cause it's of a real person. I will post pics tommorrow!..

Comment #21

Morning shams,.

1. Joining Medifast and meeting my wonderful shammies.

2. My children Dave and Holly.

3. 4 gorgeous grandsons: Hayden (12), Ryan (2), Jack & Jesse (1).

4. Having faith that all our needs are taken care of.

5. Being grateful I have a computer so I can type this list..

Comment #22

Hope your feeling better Ang. Hi to everyone that mentions my name every day when I'm so bad at individual shout outs. Getting ready to go meet dtr. and pick up the boys. No Lauri, it kept coming across the tv of the high wind warnings but we've not seen any of it here yet. That's fine with me cuz I hate damaging winds.

BTW Jo, shame on those customers that don't tip 20% (especially since they like you so much). If they can afford to eat out then they can afford to tip accordingly (18-20%)...

Comment #23

That is so COOL! I love that you guys are being the Kia Hamsters!..

Comment #24

Thanks for the props, Ang. what are your kids being for halloween?..

Comment #25

Hi from work..


Comment #26

Hi from the golf course - and no wind..

1. DH.

2. Ginger, my dog.

3. Piano teacher.

4. Shamrocks - getting my weight under control so I am healthy.

5. retirement..

Comment #27

Hi sandy... hope you are havin a good day.....

Im takin a break for lunch soon, then gotta go out of office to family court. boo...

Comment #28

Happy Tues Morning to everyone. I feel a great flow of positive vibes and love in all the posts today. Gotta love those care bears =} Love the gratitude list too...

1)for the unconditional love of DH and my children.

2)to have been born and live in USA.

3)my faith.

4)my friends-silver and gold & Green - old and new.


Maybe should put coffee at the top of list =/..ok how about sense of all have wonderful personalities that keep me smiling and strong..

Great shoutouts today Lauri- love the readers digest version help to catch up..

I am going to try to load up a youtube video of Timmy dancing at his convention for Williams Syndrome early this last summer. It really shows his passion and his potential when he is strong and well. I am just going to cut and paste the http and see what happens..


Hugs and good vibrations today..

Comment #29

I think it worked =) x2..... Side note is be sure to see how well Timmy does in dodging his young fans on the dance floor. This convention brings familys and William Syndrome individuals together for classes, support and lots of fun. This was the talent show night and Timmy was well to dance.

Comment #30

Quickie from work- was it as good for you as it was for me?.

Now if got to go jump in the swimming pool!..

Comment #31

The Baby is a pirate; Kaitlyn is going as Hannah Montana; and Olivia is being a murdering Fairy (LOL)...

Comment #32

Can you tell I have some free time today.

These are from the Halloween party from last week end...Hope you all will share your photos too..

Be sure to check out the cereal killer...we had a blackjack tournament and I sat next to him.


Comment #33

You and joe gonna be a furry couple too?.

Hope everyone knows I am totally kidding!.

Hoping everyone is having a good day....

My test did NOT go well last night... but i'm ok with it, cuz I have no other option... next test in 1 week..........STUDYING MY AZZ OFF!!!!!!..

Comment #34

Great job Lara!!!! Rock it like it's your J-O-B!!!..

Comment #35

Lovin' the positive energy! Thanks for this! Will post my 5 soon...

Comment #36

It is hard to change the ticker when it goes up but I think it keeps us honest and lets you know where you came from. YAY! for the size 12's. All the sizes are off, you can be a 6 in one store and a 10 in another. As long as they fit well and look good, that's all that matter. Don't let a size ruin your swagger!..

Comment #37

Hi everyone,.

Here are pics of my two boys...ready for their big events today. I had to crop the h3ll out of them to get them to fit. Does everybody have that problem? Oh! and my picture taking with my new phone apparently sucks. They show up great on the phone...

Comment #38

Sounds like fun! I just bought my Halloween costume last night. I had to look hi and lo for a costume that didn't make me look like a working hookah! I am only a hookah for select people, not the general public.

Ended up finding a Little Red Riding Hood that wasn't too skanky. It was awesome to be able to buy off the rack, one of the "One Size Fits Most" and it fit! We want pics of the KIA hamster costume!..

Comment #39

How's the 5/1 doing today?? Thinking about you girlie! We need our resident Ninja in fighting form!..

Comment #40

Darlene ~ I LOVED that!!! Thank you so much for sharing. OMG!!! Tell him, if I were there, I probably would have been one of his fans out on the floor, too..

Again, too awesome!..

Comment #41

OMG Darlene!!!! He did so well! I was so impressed with how he handled the "extra" dancers. He just kept on going. What a wonderful performance. I know he must have been so proud of himself! Now he is a celebrity, being on the internet and all!..

Comment #42

Sorry the test didn't go well for you. I was thinking of you, trying to send some good test vibes. Get back to studying girl! You can do this!..

Comment #43

Lauri - Love the pics! Nev looks so cute in his little plaid coat! Hope they have a great time today!..

Comment #44

OK. I think I am done filling up the boards with all my shout outs..

Work does not totally suck today..

Feeling much better about it..

Maybe it was just a bad Monday..

Will post again with my 5 things for Lara's challenge...

Comment #45

5 things good in my life:.

1. I have a BF who adores and loves me!.

2. My wonderful family (Even though they drive me crazy).

3. I have a job (Which is saying a lot, being a teacher in California these days).

4. Shammies.

5. My health...

Comment #46

Darlene, loved the video of Timmy dancing and the Halloween pix. However, does anyone else have the problem when watching videos of them starting, stopping, starting, etc. It drives me nuts. I see a couple seconds and then have to wait half a minute before they start again. Boys were lots of fun today but I'm always so shocked my house looks so bad. Guess it's that way with having 3 kids 2 and under.

Lauri, boys looked cute even if pix are blurry...

Comment #47

Hey everyone... drive by from home. one kid doing homework, another playing the wii. dinner is done and scout party is in an hour. no, I'm not wearing the hamster costume. kids would die of embarrasement!.

Darlene... you son is amazing! love the cereal killer and your daughter looks great..

Kori... love that costume right off the rack. no special sizing for you, girlfriend!.

Ang... great costume ideas..

Erin... sorry about your tests.. dont give up..

Barb... keep up the 5/1... we got your back!.

Lauri... your boys are so good looking (cant call a teen cute anymore!... so I have been told by mine) did they each have a great day?..

Comment #48

Your 5, and everyones, has really made me smile, think, and appreciate life! great excercsie to keep us all postive..

Thanks Lara for the great idea..

Comment #49

Kori... I agree with what you said about sizes and the ticker. it's good be honest for all situations. I spent a long time in denial... not a good place to be. keeping honest esp with myself is really important...

Comment #50

I love seeing your boys! Thanks for posting. Yes, sometimes the program you use to crop is limitied. The best was is to find a picture manager that can resize or compress the entire picture down to below 100kb..

I cant wait to hear how the day went for both of your boys...

Comment #51

Hi all. Loving all the videos and pics..

Still sick as a dog and Olivia's dealing with school drama...

Comment #52

Hi Shammies,.

I love reading the 5's. Great idea..

Kori - thanks for the soup recipe. Glad work was better today..

Lauri and Andrea and Kori - great shout outs..

Lauri - hope Nevan had a good day. Love the Pics..

Lara - hope you had a good day 2..

Andrea - congrats on the size 12 pants. It is great to wqear clothes that fit..

Barb - glad you had a good time with boys..

Darlene - love Timmy's video. He did great. Thanks for the pictures..

Erin - good luck on next test..

I had fun on the golf course today. Played with fun ladies. I walked a bunch. One lady had a step counter and with one hole to go it was over 8000 steps..

Hope everyone had a great OP day and a good night...

Comment #53

Angela - I hope you get a good nights rest and start to feel better...

Comment #54 sistah friend! I too spent way too long in denial. Now that I am at a size and weight I am not ashamed of, I want everyone to know how I am doing, good or bad. I am proud even when the scale goes up a bit cuz I know eventually, it's going back down!..

Comment #55

It's just wrong that it is 6pm and I am still at work, just starting to get some things done..

Had a parent meeting for a couple hours after work but got a lot accomplished..

Need to get a few more things done, then get home...

Comment #56

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.