How many points do I need to consume for the Medifast Diet?

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Got a quick question: How many points do I need to consume for the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... "Turn the Page"..........

Of the calendar that is!!.

Wow, here we sit November 1, wth did the time go?!.

Looking for a good week and promise not to let myself or my team down..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good thing you checked in Ali cause I won't tolerate a jump ship scenario from you !!.

Enjoy, bet some for me!..

Comment #2

NO jumping shi allowed but dang nothing l;ike unplanned trips to Vegas to cheer you up LOL Have a blast Ali..

Where has the year gone, I agree Charly, as I was plasticing my windows I realized I've been in my house almost a year now WOW just amazing..

I was so looking forward to trick or treaters this year, bought 3 bags of candy (kids every where).........................I got 5.

And 2 of them I swera were in high school LOL.

Oh well will bring the candy to work let these guys have at it..

AM NOT HAPPY flippin scale I'm back up 2#'s grrrrrrrrrrrr, the only saving grace (maybe) is I am very sore from all the work we did this weekend. So it had better be water. Am slamming it today so hopefully tomorrow it shows. Just have to keep reminding myself I'm going till it's done, I may kill someone or something before then but not going to stop..

Ok crazy day so far and have tons to do..

Don't need an adjustment on my eyes, eye doc says it's strain. Lower light of winter, even in the middle of the day, cause both my eyes too want to work. Mono vision prevents that, I can only use my right for close and my left for far. So had to shell out 400 for 2 pairs of glasses, script reading and script driving, that was half price single vision. Dang I would hate to see what a set of trifocals costs now and I was doing progressive no lines, YIkes...

Comment #3

Hey Monica - glad to see you! Hate paddling this boat alone (ROFL).

I wear a lense in the left eye for near and nothing in the right eye. Not so liking the driving after dark with that type of gig so I try to be sure to take the lense out (ROFL). Seeing more than is really there can be an issue (LOL)..

I can't believe it's been almost a year in your house either.........crazy!!.

Has been a good day thus far, 2 shake cakes to go (1 for now and 1 for later this evening). Pork steak in crock pot so that along with a salad will be the L&G portion. Water drinking not an issue, going well........and so are the potty visits!! (LOL).

Spinning tonight.

Make sure you VOTE tomorrow!!..

Comment #4

Charly have fun tonight.

Will be interested in what she wants to do tonight for BD.

We are doing as showing at the local Make a Wish show.

Only 3 will be dancing the rest of us will be volunteers should be fun. Take my mind off dark LOL as it will be the 7th. I"ll see if I can get some pics...

Comment #5

Monica - did you get some pics? send send send them please!.

Spinnng was good, was drenched within 5mins of the class having's good!!.

Saw a falling star on my way home and got my wish in. I was so excited having seen it I couldn't think of a wish fast enough (LOL)..

Good day yesterday. Funny how those good days make you walk a bit taller huh?!.

Don't forget to VOTE!!..

Comment #6

Charly the event isn't until Saturday, it's a fashion and make up show, should be fun and I will try and get pics. Depends on what they have us doing. Might get stuck in the back picking up trash for all I knwo LOL.

I saw a day time falling star once blew me away. It was a black trail, I thought looked kind of like smoke and as I watched it burst into flames, it was pretty awsome, especially since I could see the flames, bright orange tear drop, then it was gone, whole thing lasted like 2 seconds..

OK best get moving, scale still staying up but she worked us out pretty good last night, just hope this goes down a LOT by friday. They beat us by 8#'s last week..

Vote Vote Vote..

Comment #7

Monica - how cool would that be to see during the day?!.

Good thought, I got on the scale too this morning. No change, not up, not down. Wonder if spinnng last night has an effect on that?! I'm watching me like a crazed person (LOL).

Have a good day!!..

Comment #8

Grrrrrr I need to kill something.

Got to quit letting other peeps ruin my day LOL it's like nails on a chalkboard today.

At least it's almost over and I'm back in my office away from them LOL..

Comment #9


Monica - I hear ya, there is at least 2 people on the team here at work that just make me clinch my jaw and grind my teeth! I mean seriously, act like an adult, be professional or go play in your litter box elsewhere!!.

We had some issues on the ballot yesterday that really really needed to go DOES make a difference, I did my part yesterday and made a difference!! God Bless America!!.

I've been golden for 2 days in a row, I love myself (ROFL). And so thrilled with no movement in the scale. No down but no up........Life is good!!..

Comment #10

Morning Charly.

Ali Hope your having a good time and winning f you gamble LOL.

Elections here went as expected, New Governor, first female governor for the state and first female Hispanic Governor in the country. Just hoping she doesn't turn into a power mad woman. Only time will tell..

The scale finally went down a little, but I'm still over last weeks WI. Am OP have 2 more days for it to continue down, so maybe I'll show a loss this week. Not going to hold my breath though LOL. Guess I'm going to have to make some sweet bread with the shakes, I have so blooming many of them and shake cakes just aren't cutting it, at least the bread is denser and I can make a weeks worth at a time..

Ok best get something started here at work, made a huge dent yesterday, hoping for the same today and might just get caught up this week. Even have money for bills LOL..

Comment #11

Monica - should I ask for the sweet bread recipe or will you refer me to the recipe link?..

Comment #12

I'm hoping I still have it at home LOL I'll give it to you it uses shakes and puddings, vagually off the top of my head it's3 of each, 1/4 cup egg beaters, baking soda and ground flax is optional.Can't remember how much water, but you can do a mix of water and sugar free syrup. I'll check around see if I can find the recipe on the boards, but I"ll post it for you. I really like it cause it heavy more bread like, a little lf cream cheese and it's really good..

I bake it, I found these great mini cake pans at Target, that are perfect for them, since it doesn't rise like the shake cake does. You could do it in a regular size cake pan and just cut it into 6 pieces that way too..

Off I go to look..

Comment #13

Well that didn't take long LOL.

I do sub 1/4c e beaters for the eggs and I uped the recipe to make 6 for the week, if you don't have puddings, you can sub sugar free pudding mix 1/2 a serving size (adds about 3 carbs and 14 cal per, smaller amount will make it heavy still and shouldn't put you over, it will rise a bit more, but I see where she doesn't even us pans just does a round) I do put in the flax, more for the fiber then any taste diff..

Hey PINKS.. love this bread recipe...

2 packages of pudding.

2 packages of shake.

2 tsp non-aluminum Baking Powder.

4 T Flax Seed, ground.

(I've never put in.. but it's in original recipe.).

Mix dry ingredients then add:.

2 lg. Eggs, whole.

1 tsp Vanilla Extrat or 2 T Davinci SF caramel or French vanilla.

1/2 c water.

Mix well but don't overmix so the fluff is taken out of it..

Divide into for equal rounds on pam sprayed pan.

Back for 10-15 min in 375 degree preheated oven (until brown on top.).

I've also made the following bread for sandwiches.....

1 package COT.

1/4 tsp Baking Powder.

1/2 cup Egg Beaters (or until texture I want).

I've mixed in Italian spices for my tuna sandwich.. and I've also mixed in taco spices when I made a flat taco pizza..

Same cooking and mixing instructions as the above bread......

Comment #14

Oh yea when I used instant pudding I cut the recipe in half, why I used 1/2 of a serving. It wasn't quit the same but I have so many dutch chol shakes I'm totally burnt out on them..

Comment #15

AWESOME Monica - thank you so much. I don't have any puddings but will use the alternate suggestion. This is GREAT!!.

Off to spin @ 5:15p...........woot!woot!!..

Comment #16

Ali I miss you!!!!!!!! Win big then send a plane for me, I'm ready!..

Comment #17

Hey don't forget me.

I wanna go too LOL.

YVW Charly let me know what you think..

Comment #18


Happy Thursday.......week is going slo for some reason for me. Working like a dog that's for sure..

Have a good day!..

Comment #19

I agree Charly this week is going so slow, but about did freak this am LOL. Forgot I was supposed to be getting my BD costume ready for Sat. but kind of figured out something this AM requires a bit of tacing down and such but should be pretty easy to do..

Have my sis's Birthday dinner tonight, Red Lobster so easy to stay op, didn't drop an ounce from yesterday, so frustrating, if I manage to drop a pound I will be the same as last weeks weigh in, vacuums big time. Oh well not doing this for the challenge and it's not like I haven't been here the last 4 times I did Medifast \.

HMMMM guess I'm just a BIT cranky LOL.


Oh yea I made the sweet bread last night dang it's so much better then shake cakes...

Comment #20

Enjoy the dinner Monica and the recipe for the sweet bread is on my list of to do this evening!!..

Comment #21

Let me know, I"m hoping it works for you..

Comment #22

We just dropped out of the mountains at Yosemite National Park. We have been there since Sunday afternoon. Finally, I can communicate with the world again. LOL.

I'll get caught up tonight. Just wanted you to know I am back. NA..

Comment #23

Welcome back NA.

Ali get home safe too, I think your home today LOL and I was wrong LOL she won't be back till Sunday...

Comment #24

All alone?????? Well carp LOL.

Good Morning where ever everyone is..

I had a good time last night, ate way to much greasy shrimp and woke up down almost 3#'s.

But I'll take what ever I can get..

Happy I can post a lose this week with my challenge..

WOW just got my day made, Monday found a cat hiding up in the parts room, caught him and let him out figuring he would go home. He stuck around and I remembered a sign about a lost cat, well I finally remembered to call them yesterday and they came out and looked for him (he's been gone 4 months now) but just came in and said they found him this morning, How cool, they were handing me some money I told them to just give it to the shelter, he told me no you take it for Christmas and such, so I did. Told them how happy I was it was their cat and all, just counted it and 250 WOW but am more happy it was their cat and they got him back..

Comment #25

You're NEVER alone around here (LOL) I just didn't get here soon enough this morning..

That's awesome they have their cat back and you have something for you too!! How wonderful!!.

How was dinner?.

All quiet here today, sort of have no zip to me but not sure why (LOL). Work going well staying busy.........chilly outside about 40 degrees and working the Medifast program...

Comment #26

Had a good time and the shrimp was really good but too much butter, weighed heavy on my tummy, was very surprised I was down so much today..

I've got to find a bit more zip myself have so much to get done today..

Guess I had better start LOL only played so far today..

Comment #27

Thanks to you two, Charly and Monica, for holding session while Ali and I were gone. You two are doing great on the OP and other issues..

Roger and I will leave here (Sacramento) Tuesday and head to Santa Rosa to see our SIL and a friend of ours. Then on to Arcata on the coast to see my brother and sil, and then finally home..

It won't be long before Cora will be at our place for Thanksgiving and then only a three weeks before time to fly north and get my puppy. I am just like a little kid waiting for Christmas, only this time it is puppy!!!!!!!!!. LOL.

Cora came home to a mess. Before she left, someone had gotten into her savings account at the bank and 110.00 was missing. The bank cannot figure out where it went. So they closed that account and her checking account and set up another one. Well, they didn't transfer the money from the old account to the new like they were supposed to do. So she came home to all the checks she wrote to pay her bills bounced, $750.00 in fees for bounced checks from the bank, and all the mess to get cleared up.

Hey right. They reversed the 750. Put the money back into her checking account they had transferred to cover some of the checks, and hopefully all will be OK. She is calling all the folks who got bounced checks to explain what happened, and so far all have accepted it as the bank's fault and will not charge her interest or their bad check fee. But what a mess..

I told her I would change banks, but she has been with Wells Fargo for 50 years and this is their first screw up, so she is being nicer than I would have been..

Has anyone heard from Sandy or Patti lately. I sure do miss them both..

CHARLY - I am getting tired from the fast rush of time. I thought sure that when I matured a little, time would not flit by so fast...but that is not true at all. I cannot believe we have been on the road for 3 weeks already and are back in Sacramento where Cora and I started on the 10th..

Roger and I voted absentee on the road, so that was done early..

I get excited over falling stars too...I always have the same wish, so I don't have to think too hard. LOL.

Are you trying to loose more, Charly, or just maintain where you are? I think you look so very super great. But I know you don't want to loose that muscle tone you worked so hard for..

ALI - I hope you had a super time at the races - - what were they racing? Cars or horses?.

MONICA - I agree, the prices of glasses is way to high. I was foolish and didn't have my tri focal put in my sunglasses this time. I didn't think I needed it there....wrong. So I have to have them done again. I tried the progressives and didn't like them....they messed up my peripheral vision too much. But they work great for a lot of people.

Get gunked up too often and who has time to clean contacts three or four times a day..

I understand about the 'seal' of the house now. We do that too, but ours are on the inside. Roger made wooden frames that go into all our windows that don't need to open. The plastic was stretched tight over the frames and we just insert them in the fall and take out in the spring. It works great for us and cut out winter heat bill about $100 a month..

Wow, that was a big meteorite to see in the day time. How lucky to see that. That is worth two wishes for sure..

$250.00 - they really did love their kitty. I am glad kitty is home and you have a little extra to spend for the holidays...

Comment #28

NA - poor Cora, had that been me I would have made a 'scene' at the bank that they wouldn't soon forget!! Hopefully it's a one time thing and not something that will happen again..

I need to get a follow-up on Sandy this weekend. Last we had heard they had found 2 suspicious new spots on her Ma's chest and were suggesting chemo. Ed was to have had a surgeons appt as well, need to see what the latest status is..

Imagine my shock at the bit of snow on the ground this morning! Heading to spinning then a circuit training class right after that this morning to make sure I maintain the muscle tone. There are 2 churches I pass on my way to/from the gym that are having 'holiday craft events today so I will be stopping there on my way home. Not much else on the schedule for the weekend. Tomorrow we go to Rob's brothers home in the evening to do early Thanksgiving/Christmas before his parents head to Florida for the cold months. I'm the veggie tray girl as well as a salad and his Dad's fave chocolate cake with carmel frosting. I did the cake for his birthday in October and such a success that I've been asked to bring it tomorrow..

Not much else so I'll be 'round here...

Comment #29


Let us know what you find out about Sandy, prayers are with her.

JUst a quick check in, hopefully will have at least a coule of pics for tonight, trying to get ready for the show today, have tons to do. Just checking in.

Sad though we set our ***** back tonight.

I hate early dark LOL..

Comment #30

All ceiling fans cleaned CHECK, Small bathroom walls washed CHECK, leather recliner cleaned CHECK, house vaccumed CHECK, laundry finished CHECK, 24miles spinning CHECK..

I'm done for the day..

Comment #31

Dang I would be done too LOL.

Trashed my BD top had nothing else to use, tried to fake one out, got myself all workedup and in tears feeling fat and ugly. So am going but not as a BD will try and get some pics of the other girls..

Have also managed to mess up my back, I can't do anything it's killing me, I may be hunched backed soon..

Can we say NOT my day LOL it will get better..

Comment #32

Aw, Monica I hate to hear that, bless your heart. We certainly are our own worst critics. Love you much!!..

Comment #33

Guess that means I will have to do the ceiling fans at home when I get there...I thought you were going to wait for me. LOL NA..

Comment #34

Monica, Sweetie, sorry you had such a tough day. You are really so hard on yourself. I have met you, remember. You can't tell me you are fat, no way. I don't want you to be a quitter, but, it seems this BD stuff in public is a great stressor for you. Is it worth it. Can you do something else in the group so you keep the contact without the tension? NA..

Comment #35

Well I can tell you that I am done for the day just reading about what you got done...especially the 24 miles spin and vaccum all in one day. LOL..

Comment #36

Roger and Cora and I went to a small railway museum today. It is mostly about electric trains, trams and streetcars. It was a lot of fun, but the best part was being lost for 2 hours trying to figure out how to get from here to there. LOL We were not really lost, but we were not sure where we were either. We laughed so hard..

Cora bought dinner at one of our favorite places. It will seem strange to leave her here at her home Tuesday morning. But she is coming up on the train to our place for Thanksgiving, so it won't be too long before we see her again..

Tomorrow we are headed down to the big Sacramento State Train is so large, we have still not seen it all and we have been there 5 times. Three hours is about all we can handle at one time, it is all on your feet standing and reading info about trains..

See you tomorrow night. NA..

Comment #37


- the trains sound like fun! I'd like to go on a train ride some day. I watched a show on PBS recently where they were on the train going somewhere, it was really interesting. I think they were in Canada some place..


- I agree with NA, the BD publicly is a huge stressor for you and I hate to see you go through that.......'jus sayn........

I tried to wait for you on the fans but it got the best of me (LOL) so I had to move ahead. Dispicable job for sure but it's done..

Dinner with Rob's family later today but 1st I'm headed to the High School in a nearby town for the craft show. I went last year and really enjoyed it, people are so talented and I love to see what they've done. My veggie tray is ready, salad ready and all I have to do is making the frosting for the cake, slap it on there and go..

Body a bit 'stressed' today so I need some stretching. Wouldn't think a spinning class could attack your entire body but it does...

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.