How many points is a serving of lettuce on the Medifast Diet?

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Quick question... How many points is a serving of lettuce on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: We are in search of ONEDERLAND!!!.

And with the help of Medifast and the awesome support and encouragement from eachother we will get there!! Please feel free to chime in, everyone is welcome...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Wow, fantastic loss last week, Melissa! You are getting very close to ONEderland! Keep on working the obviously works if we let it!..

Comment #2

Thanks Jodi! I can't wait to join you down there!!!..

Comment #3

Hey Melissa, can I join? I just got to ONEderland on this past Friday...

Comment #4

You are both so close. Bet you will see it soon. I hope to be there before the end of the October...

Comment #5

Yay Ann Marie!! Congrats!!.

Of course you can join.


I think you'll get there sooner than you think!.

I can't say enough how much I believe water is a miracle drug! Drink drink drink!!! You will notice a difference, I promise!!..

Comment #6

I made a banner for our group!!! This is a big deal- as I am not very computer savvy!.

[URL =.

Http :// www. my].

[ IMG]ht tp://i.img 64su.g if[/I MG][/U RL].

Just delete all the spaces I added in there...

Comment #7

Thanks Melissa!! I totally agree..

Water is very important.

I drink at least 100 oz a day and it's not a problem because I am soooo thirsty...

Comment #8

Hi Ladies.

I made it over! and I agree water is the key, just hate running to the bathroom all the time, I have an app on my phone so I can find a bathroom when I need it!..

Comment #9

WHHHHAAAAAAATT??? There is an appp for finding bathrooms????.

OMG I need to get one of those smart phones!..

Comment #10

I am soooooooo hungry today! I just had a shake an hour ago and my tummy is growling!! What the heck?! I'm drinking a ton of that's not the issue. Oh well, must push through..

Okay, so I have a fat friend who is MAJORLY trying to sabotage me. She HATES the fact that I'm loosing weight and long story short- she brings cake, cookies, wine, chocolates, etc. every time she comes over. She is coming over tonight and cooking for us. (We switch off on who cooks) And she asked if I have sour cream for baked potatoes...ugh no. SO I have a plan! I have some cauliflower mexican "rice" in the freezer (You guys HAVE to try it, I will post the recipe!) and I will just pull that out and toss it in the microwave! I already know that is going to **** her off.

She seriously gets mad when I turn her down for stuff. Last time she brought my fave. chocolate chip cookies and I said no- she gasped, her mouth dropped to the floor, then turned into a pouty lip and she said "SERIOUSLY?!? You won't even have just ONE?!?!" So I said "No, I've lost 10lbs, it's just not worth it". So she was quiet and acted mad at me for the rest of the night. Can you believe that??!?!..

Comment #11

Okay- here's the Mexican rice reicpe it is really amazing!! (My hubby loves it and he is against all things healthy).

Posted by Veril in the recipe thread..

Mexican Rice.


1 head fresh cauliflower (grated we used a food processor).

1 pkg frozen (thawed) 3-pepper and onion blend (12 oz.) optional, but nice to have..

3/4 cup low-carb salsa.

2 tbs olive oil.

1 tbs minced garlic.

Salt, pepper to taste.


Saute garlic and cauliflower in oil.

Add everything else and stir to mix.

Cover and simmer for 6-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. This will not be completely cooked, and thats fine..

Set aside. Now we make the chicken..

Mexican Chicken.


2 lbs chicken breast.

1 1/2 tsp taco seasoning.

Salt+pepper to taste.

1 10-oz can enchilada sauce.

1 can drained Rotel diced tomatoes + green chilis.

8-oz lowfat cheddar cheese (here we used Cabot 50% reduced fat).

4 green onions (chopped, optional).


Spray down a pan with some Pam spray.

Put the chicken in the pan, sprinkle with taco seasoning, salt, and pepper, and then saute in the Pam spray. They may not be completely finished at this point..

Set aside to cool, and then slice into cubes..

Put enchilada sauce and drained Rotel diced tomatoes + chilis in the pan, heat, and stir to mix..

Add the chicken cubes, and simmer for 3-4 minutes.

Construct the Casserole.


Spray a 913 inch casserole dish/baking dish with Pam..

Add the rice mixture and spread evenly..

Sprinkle 1/2 of the shredded cheddar cheese over the rice mixture.

Add chicken enchilada mix to cover rice mixture evenly.

Sprinkle remaining 4-oz cheddar cheese on top.

Bake at 350* for 20-25 minutes.

Optionally top off with chopped green onions and serve...

Comment #12

Thats not a friend! I thought a friend would support somebody regardless of whether they agreed to it or not!.

Just think that all you "friends" here are with you and back you up when you stand up to her and we are all cheering for you behind you!!!!..

Comment #13

Melissa - I'm so glad you have a backup plan and are not going to allow your "friend" to sabotage your efforts. Be strong and remember why you are doing this. You can do this!.

BTW, that recipe sounds delicious! I will have to print it out when I get on my home computer. It cracked me up how you worded that your husband is "against all things healthy." Sounds EXACTLY like my husband!..

Comment #14

So dinner with the *friend* went okay. She made chicken, broccoli and potatoes. I had chicken and broccoli. She did get mad that I didn't have a potato. She made it sound like she was upset that she made so much and It bothered her that it wasn't going to get eaten. I have been good friends with her for years, but this is really getting rediculous.

She can't get mad at me for saying no. She should be happy for me and proud of me for having the willpower to say no..

Good thing I have my Medifast friends, at least I know all of you support me!.

Have a good night ladies. Talk to you in the morning...

Comment #15


The Mexican rice recipe sounds great, I'll have to try it. How is it broken down (lean, green, fat,)? Also, your "friend" is not a friend. If she truly cared about you, she'd be happy for you and encourage your weight loss. She is jealous of you and most likely has a low self esteem of herself. It's not going to get any better and may get worse as you get thin. Just stay strong.

Hope everyone has a great Medifast day!!..

Comment #16 started at the weight that I am now and only took 3 weeks to get to "Onederland"!! I hope I can do the same in 3 weeks! How encouraging!!..

Comment #17

Melissa - Glad your dinner went well. Continue to stand strong!.

Ann Marie - I am from NE Pennsylvania, too!.

Japingaangels8 - Congratulations on your success so far, how inspiring! Won't be long until you are in ONEderland! What a great feeling!.

My weight was up 0.6 on the scale this morning, but I know that is just normal daily fluctuations and I'm not worried about it. I have been 100% OP since I started 11 days ago. I can honestly say this is the easiest plan to stick to that I have ever tried (and, believe me, I have tried LOTS through the years)..


Comment #18

Good morning ladies!.

I just made muffins with the blueberry oatmeal, I can't wait for them to cool, I want to try them sooo bad!! (Not to mention, my tummy is growling!) I think I have a lot of soul-searching to do and I need to decide if it is worth staying friends with Jessica. (The girl who is constantly trying to sabotage me). I love her to death, and I don't want to hurt her, but she either needs to be a supportive friend, or take a hike..

Ann Marie-.

I found it on the recipe forum, and according to the person who posted it-.

Each serving (1/6th casserole) is a full lean+green..


Welcome to the group, you're almost 100 pounds down! What an amazing accomplishment!!.


Good morning! You have a great outlook on your weight fluctuating, what goes up must come down!! Way to go for staying 100% OP...

Comment #19


You're doing great! Almost 100lbs lost!.



Where do you live in NE PA? I'm in Scranton. I agree that Medifast is the easiest plan by far. I have started to wait until Friday to weigh in because if I do it daily I get disappointed when I'm up..


Let us know about the muffins. Haven't tried them yet. You should just have a frank conversation with Jessica. Tell her that you don't want to hurt her or lose her as a friend but she really needs to be supportive in your weight loss...

Comment #20

Awesome thread!! I think I may have hit "ONEderland" but can't bring myself to weigh until my weigh in day. This recipe looks great, I love anything that has a mexican theme..

I wanted to add that I have a "friend" like yours who has not been supportive at all, I honestly think that she is struggeling with her own issues of weight and isnt to that point yet that we got too that started us on this awesome program. People can't show you love if they don't love themselves, and I remember how I felt before Medifast and I was not happy with myself. It's sad to think of what she must be dealing with, but maybe once you show her how awesome this program is she will want to follow you...

Comment #21

Ann Marie - I am in rural Bradford county, up near Towanda and Sayre..

Annjeanette21 - You are SO close to ONEderland!! Congratulations on your success so far!.

Hope everyone is having a great OP day!.


Comment #22

Welcome to the group.



Ats on (probably) being in the 100's!!! That is awesome news! You really need to try that recipe, it's incredible!! I would eat it even if I wasn't dieting! I totally agree with you about my friend. It is sad, and I wish I could help her. I have tried encouraging her, and inviting her to go for walks. But hopefully she will get to that point, because I can't be friends with someone who wants me to fail... know what I mean?.

Ann Marie-.

The muffins were okay, but I don't know if I'll do it again. I think my expectations were too high...

Comment #23

We're a quiet group today. Are you drinking your water? What's the plan for dinner/ L&G??Hope you're having a great OP day!.

Jeanne, Roxy and Rps123.

...Miss you!..

Comment #24

Hi ladies.

My BIL came over to visit from overseas and then my son called from school. His baby tooth half came out! So I had to take him to the dentist to get the rest taken out! Not good! that plus homework you know how it is!.

I was 210 this morning! A bit disappointed but I ate on plan and drank a bunch of water. So we will se tomorrow. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I havnt recorded a loss in weeks..

I am glad you are all doing well. Keep it up and congrats to annejanette for getting under 200!!!..

Comment #25

Good morning ladies,.

I am ready for another 100% OP day! Have I mentioned lately how much I am loving Medifast?! I got my second order processed last night to be sure to get it in time and not run out of food..

After an extremely dry summer, it is raining here again today.third time this week. There is a flood watch now. We have desperately needed the rain, but getting it all at once wasn't exactly what I wanted..

Rps123 - Don't worry about normal daily fluctuations on the scale. I was up 0.6 yesterday, the same today, but I know I am doing what I need to be doing so I'm not concerned about it at all. Stick to the program 100%, no exceptions and no excuses, and the scale will move in the right direction for you. Do you have a coach? It might be a good idea to touch base for some suggestions..

Make it a great day!.


Comment #26

Good Morning Everyone!!.

I am loving Medifast too! I am 100% OP and have been drinking my water. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm hoping for a good loss like last week. This morning I put on a pair of scrubs that I usually wear only when it's the last clean pair left. They are usually too tight but they are fitting much better. I can't see my stomach when I look down! WooHoo!!.


I'm feeling you about the rain. I know we need it but I HATE waking up to it. It makes me want to stay in bed. My daughter and grandson left for Florida last night (they are driving) and I'll be nervous all day long..

Hopefully they won't be driving into bad weather and will get there safe. I spoke to her last night and she is going to call me throughout the day to check in. She'll be 21 in 4 weeks and I still worry!.

Hope everyone has a great OP day. I'll check in later..

Comment #27

Hi ladies. I wanted to pop in and say made it to onderland a few weeks ago after what seemed like.


In in low 200s. Just when I thought it would never happen - it did. I look forward to welcoming you all to this side...

Comment #28

Skinnymo - Congratulations on your success so far and for being in ONEderland! Keep up the GREAT work!..

Comment #29


Welcome to ONEerland!!.

Congratulations, you're doing great!!.

Just an update: Spoke to my daughter and they are doing fine. In Georgia, maybe another 5 hrs or so to go! I feel better now!..

Comment #30

Ann Marie - Glad to hear that your daughter and grandson are having a safe trip. Let us know when they reach their final destination..

I am in such a good mood this morning. I home school my boys, and we are having an awesome day with school. I love it when things go smoothly. Then I can focus on getting my work done (I am a medical transcriptionist) and enjoy the rest of my day. We don't even have anywhere to go this evening..


Comment #31


Glad your day is going great!! We are going to have to get together some day. We have too much in common. I used to do medical transcription in the past. Now I am working at a large OB/GYN office doing insurance precertification and surgical coordination...

Comment #32

H mel and everyone!.

It took me a few minutes to find the new thread..

Rps - daily fluctuations are normal, as I'm sure you know. Don't worry about it. Just keep doing what you're doing..

Skinny - congrats on making it to ONEDERLAND!!.

Had my weigh-in today. Down another 4 lbs. Woo hoo! That's not typical for me. I usually alternate big and small losses, but last week was TOM so maybe that's why..

I will take it though!!!.

Getting close to onederland.......

Jodi I love, love, love Medifast and I love placing Medifast food orders. I hear you..

Have a great OP day all!..

Comment #33

Ann Marie - It would be fun to get together some day. It's only a couple hour drive to Scranton from here..

Yogamom - Congratulations on a FANTASTIC weight loss this week. You are so close to ONEderland now, probably next week!! WooHoo!! Wow, you have been averaging 3.5 pounds a week.the more I see other people's success on MF, the more excited I get about the coming weeks/months...

Comment #34

Hi Everyone! Mel, I know you from the Melting MF'rs and am glad to join in on your ONEderland group! I can't wait to get to the other side too! That is horrible that your "friend" gets mad if you don't eat something that is not on plan. She's just not at that point herself and misery loves company - stick with it girl! I once read that if you get out of ketosis, it takes you roughly 3 days to get back into it @ about $2.00 a meal, that $30.00 bucks! You could buy a smaller sized blouse (or 2 if your thrifty)..

Comment #35

Hey ladies! I will catch up later, I'm at work right now. But I wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still alive. I'm super sick with a flu bug but I'm alive. I was 198.8 this morning, but I know it won't stick, I didn't eat anything from noon yesterday until some salt crackers this morning. So I'm not celebrating ONEderland yet. Hope you're having a good OP day!..

Comment #36


Feel better soon..

Eat some Medifast soups if you have them and don't forget your water. You don't want to get any worse...

Comment #37

Hello to all! I hope you still remember me! I came back from my business trip. I tried very hard but lunch meeting were very difficult. No veggies available! I had to eat but I was very proud on how I did my portion control. As soon as a got in the plane I ate my bar and had dinner with just chicken and broccoli. I don't want to step in the scale until my official weight in on tuesday..

So today i'm back on track! I think it went better than expected because I just love desserts and I did not eat any of it!.

Still today my body is adjusting to all those carbs. I have a headache but i'm so tired that i'll probably go to sleep soon (if my boys cooperate)..

Onederland here we go!..

Comment #38

Welcome back Roxy!.

My poor little girl is sick now too..

Thank God we have such a good Daddy to take care of us both! I haven't been op....just ate some toast with jam. Weds/Thus I was throwing up, now I'm just nauseous. But it breaks my heart that my daughter is also sick. This is the first time she's had a bug. I hope you're all doing well. I'll be having chocolate shakes today, so hopefully I won't get too far off plan and have to go through all the headaches and stuff all over again...

Comment #39


Feel better and take care of yourself and your baby! Happy that your hubby is so good to you!!..

Comment #40

Hi ladies.

Mel~ hope you all get better soon, my dh has the flu too and I am spending the day lysolling everything he touches so nobody else will get it!.

Roxy~ good job on your business trip, it can be such a temptation, and I have a major sweet tooth too! I know what you mean about staying away from the goodies!!!.

I got my next shipment of foods, I ordered the summer splash drinks and less of the bars, the bars make my weight loss slower and the splash drinks are made out of water, so it will make me drink more water!.

I am a daily weigher and the weight was up today I am not going to worry about it, I am still happy it showed 208 and it is still up but under 210, so good for me!!..

Comment #41

Mel I hope you get better soon....

Rps123 I don't think I can live without the bars!!! actually is more of a convenient thing. i'm always on the run. i'll probably try some of those shakes next.....

Comment #42

Thanks so much, Jodi! I hope next week is a good one. But, with 2 back to back good weeks, I am not going to count on a big loss for next week..

Mel - feel better. Poor daughter..

Roxy - nice job on the trip!..

Comment #43

Rps, I could do alot of shakes. But, I do like the bars too. I have never tried the summer splash drinks...

Comment #44

Hey ladies,.

I'm feeling better but my poor baby is miserable. I haven't been OP since wednesday because I couldn't stomach anything other than toast, crackers and clear soda. I'm pretty sure I've gained a little bit, but it's just a minor set back. Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I have a company bbq tomorrow, and I plan on relaxing all day sunday...

Comment #45

Good morning! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Something is wrong with my 2-year-old black lab. I took her to the vet yesterday and they kept her for the day, gave her IV fluids, an IV antibiotic, and muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory medication. They really aren't sure what is wrong with her and were a little concerned because her WBC was low. She seemed better when I picked her up because she was so excited to see me, but we can see that she isn't. She's hardly moving.

I am very worried about her..

I am still 100% OP and ended up with a total loss of 4lb for week two! That's 9.4lb in two weeks!!..

Comment #46

Morning ladies!.

Jodi~ hope your dog gets better, must be difficult.

I tried the can & Mango drink and they come out cloudy not like the clear drinks on the pictures on the carton. The rasp tea was nice too again cloudy, but the taste is not too bad..

Today I am grocery shopping and then I an cooking for about 20 people tomorrow! and it will be hard since I don't eat when I cook and I just taste and nibble, so I have to watch myself..

One NSV is that I had clothes sent from overseas for me and they are all too big!!!! I need to get them made smaller, they were made to my custom size, but that was my size about 3 months ago!..

Comment #47

Jodi - I hope your dog feels better! CONGRATS on making it to ONEDERLAND!!!!.

Rps thanks for the info about the drinks. Good luck with the cooking! You can do it!!..

Comment #48


I just found this thread. I am in a quest for Onederland right now too so I thought I would join in. My weigh in is tomorrow and I am hoping that this is the week..

To those with sick family and pets... I hope you all are feeling better soon..


Comment #49


I hope your doggy gets well soon!.



Good luck weighing in tomorrow!! (Fingers crossed for you!).

Alison and I are feeling a little better, but still congested. I'm starting over back OP tomorrow. I have pretty much only been eating crackers and bread....all carbs. I hope you're all doing well...

Comment #50

Good morning,.

Another OP day for me yesterday. As far as Emma (my dog), about 7:00 yesterday morning, she rolled over for a belly rub (something she hadn't done in about 36 hours). She started acting progressively better as the morning went on, so I decided to hold off on calling the vet to see how she was doing. She improved throughout the day and was back to normal last night. The vet did think she had a seizure, but did not know the cause and couldn't explain the low WBC. It bothers me that we don't really know the cause, and I just hope and pray that nothing like this happens with her again.

It is so nice to have her back to her normal self..

Melissa - Glad you and your daughter are feeling better..

Roxy - Nice to have you back! Sounds like you did well on your business trip..

Rps123 - Good luck with cooking today. You can do it! I, too, tend to taste when I am cooking, but so far I have done really well cooking for my family..

Shauna - Hope your weigh-in goes well today! You are so close, I am sure you will make it to ONEderland today..

Have a great Sunday, everyone!..

Comment #51

So I weighed in this morning and my quest for Onederland is over! I have lost 10.3 pounds total for September and 5.75 inches. I am happy with that start. On to October and another goal..

I have two goals for October. The first is to get to "overweight" BMI. That is 191 pounds for me so I need to lose 7 pounds to get there. The second goal is to lose at least 10 pounds for the month to stay on my target for my final goal to wear the mermaid jeans on the last day of school...

Comment #52

Congrats Shauna!.

I hope to join you in Onederland this Thursday at weigh in...

Comment #53

So close......Hopefully I'll be joining you this week.Keep it up..

Comment #54

Another good day for me!!!.

I hope tuesday's weight in takes me to onederland....

Melissa I hope everyone feels better..

Yogamom let's do it this week!!!!!!..

Comment #55

Thanks Shauna!!.

Let's go, Mia and Roxy!! Maybe it will be this week for us!!..

Comment #56

Hey ladies! I am pretty disappointed in myself. I have been using "being sick" as an excuse to stay off plan. At first it really wasn't my fault, because Thurs and Fri I was nauseous, but Sat and today I could have been back on MF, but kept saying "Oh I'm sick, I don't know if I could stomach MF." Bull crap! I had a hot dog and a beer today...but I can't stomach MF??? I could have been in Onederland, in fact- I did dip into onederland on thursday, but now I'm back to 203.4. Guess it doesn't help beating myself up about it, but I am pretty bummed. We had a company bbq on saturday and I saw some of the pics and I really don't feel like I am THAT big..

Ugh I usually hide from all cameras, but I was feeling a little better about myself seeing as though I've lost almost 20lbs...but the person I saw in those pics is huge! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I need this...

Comment #57

Roxy You are gonna do it this week girl, I have faith..

Melissa Just dust your knees off and get back on the horse. If you slip up, don't quit for the rest of the day/week/month. It's not about being perfect. It is about staying the distance. so if you fall down, jut get up and keep moving forward starting with the very next meal..

You can DO THIS!!..

Comment #58

Happy Monday Ladies!.

Mel~ dont worry, get back on track you will be fine..

All those close to onenderland, congrats! you made it and will blast through to the next 10Lbs!.

As for me, I started on plan, but when the cooking was done I didnt eat on time and didnt drink my water and just nibbled all day, I nibbled on protein, chicken, goat meat ect, stayed away from the rice and naan. weight is the same as yesterday, so not too bad. back on track today! got to get to 205 this week, have to make it happen, my body takes too long to lose the weight, it has been about 10yrs since I have been this low, I guess it is fighting with me to let go of the fat!!! I have to kick it up a notch...

Comment #59

Good morning! There are so many that are so close to ONEderland. This could be the week - keep focused on the "prize" and don't falter!.

Melissa - Plan to have a 100% OP day today. You can do it! It is good that you are recognizing your behaviors. I know what you mean about pictures. I hate pictures of me. We camped at a Jellystone park the end of August, and my husband took a picture of me on a pedal cart. I looked ENORMOUS.

Before I started Medifast, I had my son take some "before" pictures and they are just awful. I wasn't smiling at all because I couldn't bring myself to smile for pictures I didn't want taken because I knew how bad they would be. It's weird because what I see in the mirror doesn't resemble what I see in pictures. Pictures are VERY telling...

Comment #60

Good morning everyone!!.

Mel- get back on track... We'll help you move the waggon....

We are very close... Let's stay focus on our goals!..

Comment #61

Good Morning everyone.

I worked all weekend and didn't have time to check in. I am still 100% OP..


To everyone who made it to ONEderland!! To those who are close to ONEderland, be focused and OP and you can do it!!.

MelissaI'm glad you're feeling better. Don't beat yourself up, just get back OP and you'll be fine..

JodiSorry to hear your dog was sick. Happy she's feeling better. Great job getting to ONEderland!!.

RoxiYou'll be in ONEderland tomorrow, I can feel it!!..

Comment #62

Hi Everyone! I'm still plugging along, one day at a time... today is my weigh in and I lost 3 for the week so I'm happy about that..


- Glad to hear that your dog is back to normal AND congratulations on hitting ONEderland!!.


- good luck tomorrow at weigh in..


, it's ok, forget about it, move and and learn from what happened and how it made you feel. I had 3 beers at a party 2 weeks ago and ended up staying the same when earlier that week I was down 2 lbs. This past Sat, we went to another party and didn't drink at all because I knew how it affected me the week before...

Comment #63

I wanted to share something I read about alcohol and ketosis the other day. I do not drink at all, but one of my friends who is doing Medifast had some wine last week and it really affected her weight loss for the week. She also had a wicked headache and did not feel well at all..

Will drinking alcohol affect ketosis?.

No and yes. The liver can make ketones out of alcohol, so technically, when you drink you'll continue to produce ketones and so will remain in ketosis. The problem is ... alcohol converts more easily to ketones than fatty acids, so your liver will use the alcohol first, in preference to fat. Thus, when you drink, basically your FAT burning is put on hold until all the alcohol is out of your system..

This rapid breakdown of alcohol into ketones and acetaldehyde (the intoxicating by-product) ... tends to put low carbers at risk for quicker intoxication ... especially if no other food is consumed to slow absorption...

Comment #64


Been there, done that and it's so not worth it! I had half the weight loss average in August when I was tossing a drink here and there. Some people can maintain a regular loss but I fell into the "slow loss or no loss" category. No more!..

Comment #65

Hey ladies,.

I am 100% today. My poor baby is super sick and I might have to take her to the doctors. We were up all night last night. She has a feever of 100.4, a runny nose, she is cuddly and isn't eating as much..

My grandma has her while I work, but she has been texting me updates. If her feever doesn't break soon I'm going home and taking her in..

On a positive note I have goals for this week-.

To drink a minimum of 100 oz of water each day (12-ish cups).

To walk on my lunch break mon-fri..

To get on the treadmil at least twice this week...

Comment #66

MelissaHope your baby gets well soon. There's nothing worse when they are little and sick. They can't tell you what hurts. Your plan for the week sounds good. I planned on walking at lunch this week too, but it is raining and is going to rain the next 2 days. YUK!!..

Comment #67

Interesting facts about alcohol. Wine is very sugary too so that would make the effect worse because of the sugar carbs you are consuming...

Comment #68

Thank you very much Jodi, that makes perfect sense...

Comment #69

Alison has an ear infection. I'm so glad I took her to the doc. Now she has antibiotics to get better. Keep your fingers crossed that she sleeps tonight!..

Comment #70

How's Alison? Hope you all got some sleep last night. Usually antibiotics kick in pretty quickly..

Comment #71

Alison is already doing so much better.

She was laughing and playing. And she slept through the night! But Chris had to get up at 3:30am for work. (I got to go back to sleep for a little bit) We're all a bunch of sickos, hopefully it goes away soon, I would like to jog a little this week- and I can't jog when I'm congested!.

Okay everyone.

- What was your weight last time you weighed??.

This morning I was 203.0 I'm hoping for Onederland this week. I was there last week, for a day. But I went off plan- This time it will be for good!.

Have a great day, drink lots of water and get your body moving!..

Comment #72

I was 200 a few days ago, and I am hoping to reach Onederland for Thursday's weigh-in. I had two really great weight loss weeks, so I am prepared for a small loss this week..

Glad your daughter is feeling better, Mel, and WTG that you're back OP!..

Comment #73

Thanks Yogamom! You're probably already in the 100's!! Yay!..

Comment #74


Happy to hear Alison is feeling better. You'll be under 200 in no time. Get back in the groove of the plan, drink your water, and exercise..

I weighed in on Friday and currently I'm 195.2. My weekly goal is 2 lbs every week. So far so good. I've been 100%OP and feeling pretty good. I started exercising this week and Saturday I'm participating in the Alzheimer's walk. I've never done one before and I'm looking forward to it..

Still raining here (non-stop) so I can't walk at lunch..

Hope everyone has a great OP day!..

Comment #75

Ann Marie-.

Good for you for doing the Alzheimer's walk! That's really cool. I need to look into stuff like that. I do march of dimes for preemie babies and Relay for life every year. I love exercise for a good cause! (Not that my health isn't a good

Comment #76

Thanks, Melissa. Like I said I have always wanted to participate but never did. I think it's really important for the community. It's supposed to be nice that day....hallelujah. I'm sick to death of this rainy weather..

If you, or anyone else, is interested I wrote on my blog today about the walk. Looking for a few donations...

Comment #77


Glad your daughter is feeling better... There's nothing worse than a sick baby in the house..

I weighed Sunday and was 198. I think we will have some new Onederlanders this week... you included! Drink your water. It does help...

Comment #78

I have not been able to post all day... And I wanted to let you know that I weigh in this morning:.



Comment #79

YAY ROXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!.

Okay it's starting to get kinda lonely up here in the 200's. Can't wait to join you!..

Comment #80

Good job Roxy!!! You are all an inspiration!.

My weigh day is Thursday and today I am 209??? I have to control the niblling I ran out of gum so bought more yesterday so I can stay away from the junk and I need to drink more water, I drink a lot, but I need to pick it up...

Comment #81

TOM will be here tomorrow so i'm feeling huge today....

I hope I don't retain a lot of water.....

Comment #82

Mel I know that now that you are better and your daughter is getting her medicine you will be in Onederland in no time....

Come join us.....

Comment #83

OMG! Weigh to go Shauna and Roxy!!!!!!!!! I haven't been in ONEderland in YEARS! Can't wait!!!..

Comment #84

Another rainy day here in Pennsylvania. We desperately needed the rain, but it is getting a little ridiculous now!.

Today is day 19 OP for me! I am so pleased with my progress and can truly visualize myself getting to goal this time. I am now officially the lowest I have been in about three years. I started the morning with exercise, too. Gotta start making that a regular part of my day again..

I think I started something with my boys. Josiah was cold and wanted me to wrap him in a blanket. I decided to show him how I used to "snug" them when they were babies. It certainly wasn't as easy as it used to be, with those long legs. Now they keep wanting me to "snug" them. LOL.

Roxy - CONGRATULATIONS on making it to ONEderland! WooHoo!.

Melissa - Stick to the program 100% and you will see ONEderland soon! I hope Alison is continuing to improve..

Ann Marie - That is awesome that you are doing an Alzheimer's walk. One of my dear friend's takes care of her dad, who has Alzheimer's. It is so tough on her, and he can be abusive some days. Alzheimer's is a disease that truly takes your loved one before they are physically gone. It totally changes their personality, so sad...

Comment #85

Hello positive people!.

Was in a terrible stall in September but kept going and now moving right along again..

I have 15 to go to hit my first major goal.


Comment #86



JodiI used to work for a neurologist and many of our patients had Alzheimer's. It is a very, very sad disease. I always thought that it was tougher on the family. The patient is usually in their own world. Yes, they can be very abusive. Happy you are still OP. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out! WooHoo!!..

Comment #87

Hi everyone!.

Welcome Jkgertie! I hope we can all help encourage you.

I need a spanking...I have been a bad kidI'm on again off again with MF. But this morning I have jumped back in and I'm not looking back. I have been slowly gaining since I've been not staying OP. I can't keep doing this- I just don't know if I have been sabotaging myself or if I'm just too lazy to stay OP. Anyways- I am back to being 100% and hopefully I will get through the "rough patch" and back into my zone. I am making it known that I WILL exercise tonight.

I pinkie promise! I am drinking water like a fish..

I hope you're all doing better that I have been. But I got my oomph back!..

Comment #88

So Melissa.... (feet to the fire) Have you exercised yet today?..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.