How many points is a SlimFast on the Medifast Diet?

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My question is How many points is a SlimFast on the Medifast Diet? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: It is December. 31 Days Till A New Year!.

Lets get a head start on a new year ladies!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Happy December 1st!!!.

Good Morning Michelle...Good Morning Babes!! Let's rock into the new year with a positive attitude and no excuses!!.

My goal is 15 pounds this month and journaling! Let's make it happen.

December 1 a new month a new feeling of renewal!..

Comment #2

I am a slow loser, but I am going to stretch myself and say 10 pounds...

Comment #3

Great Goals ladies! I am going to change my ticker .....

Comment #4

When I stick to Medifast and do the plan as written I loose very fast. Last year I averaged 19-20 pounds a month. I am just struggling to get back in that zone. I am OP now for 3 days, so hopefully I will stay in the zone. We found out yesterday that my daughter is around 7 weeks pregnant. She will have a ultrasound on the 16th to confirm that and get a due date. Right now her due date is July 4th...

Comment #5

You can do it Michelle.

Today I had so many talks with myself. Did not go to Duncan Donuts for coffee ( I only like it with 8 creams) and I talked myself out of candy today. Giving myself credits..

Michelle wow time will be here before you know it! How is your DD feeling?.

Ok just checking in hope you had a good day!..

Comment #6

Great job Sarbear for sticking to your guns and not giving in to temptation today!! I am proud of you...

Comment #7

I just wanted to drop by and say hi, and I hope everyone is doing well..

I've been struggling to stay 100% OP but have been moving forward after my slips and staying about 90% OP. I am still losing, just not as fast as I would like..

I finally broke into the 160s! (169 but it's still in the 60s!) I honestly can't remember a time in my life that I weight under 180 lbs. It must have been elementary school...

Comment #8

Mary that is great news!! You need to update your ticker girl. Show that loss loud and proud. Keep up the great work. Remember, it's about making progress, not being perfect...

Comment #9

Mary-Way to go!! Be proud like Shauna said. You are doing great..

Sarah-Glad that you resisted. It is one day at a time..

Shauna-Hope that you are doing well today..

Christine and Laura please stop in and let us know how you are..

My daughter is doing ok, but the morning sickness is kicking her butt. I have to get a prescription filled today for it the only downsize is it will make her sleepy in school. I am determined to be a skinny Gma before the baby is born. Wow I feel crazy typing this as I am only 38...

Comment #10

WOO HOO Mary way to go!.

Michelle your going to do it! A young beautiful skinny GM!.

I started writing an affirmation everyday. I am 138 pounds happy, healthy and beautiful. I want to make it a reality. Keeping the vision alive..

Shauna how are you doing? Hopefully well!.

Laura and Christine hope all is going well for you too!!.


My Christmas vision!..

Comment #11

Good morning ladies..

Things have been kinda crazy here but I have been able to stay OP. Not losing as usual but I haven't been getting all my meals and probably add to many condiments, hoping it'll all equal out. Oh well..

One day it's just going to click and i'll wonder what the heck took me so long..

Comment #12

Ok, I either need to go back to bed and get some sleep or our thread is messed up. when I first got on here there were only a couple threads and they were from today. now I scroll down and there are some yesterdays in between the today threads..


Comment #13

Sarah, you're doing great resisting those temptations. Each resistance from temptation will make you stronger. I'm proud of you..

Michelle, congrats on being OP for 3 days...wtg!.

Mary, you're moving forward despite your slips and that's wonderful (wish I could manage to do that.

) Keep it up and you'll be at goal in no time..

Shauna...wishing you a belated happy birthday. Sorry, I got on to read a few posts but didn't have time to respond. I hope you had a perfect day..

Christine...hope all is well..

I've got dh trying to eat healthy w/me (even though he doesn't have a weight issue) so maybe there won't be to many temptations and that'll help me be more successful..

I'm to cold to take my (outer)clothes off to weigh. I'm a daily weigher and I know alot of people don't weigh every day because it messes them up but I'm total opposite. It kills me if I can't weigh. I have my heavy jacket and thermal shirt on, sweat pants, thick socks and boots on. I refuse to turn the heat on...being cheap. Here in FL the cold only lasts a few days anyway.

I'm so glad we don't have months of this...kinda depressing. I like my warm sun..

Comment #14

Laura... OMG it is SOOOO cold. I don't do cold, that's why I live in Florida. I turned on the heat..

Sarbear... I am still out sick :-( 2.5 days out of school now. I just got out of bed and will be going back in a few minutes..

Michelle... Has your daughter tried ginger? When I was pregnant, I never had morning sickness, ever. The funny thing is that I craved ginger the entire pregnancy when I had intentionally avoided ginger before because I didn't care for the flavor... We ate Thai food for dinner a lot during that time. You can also buy ginger snaps, candied ginger and ginger root teas. Hope she gets past the sickness soon...

Comment #15

Laura I am loving the visual of you all bundled up.

Yes days without sun get me down too.

((((Shauna))))) feel better!.

Sending positive energy to all of you this afternoon!!..

Comment #16

Good Morning Ladies! Hope everyone has a great day..

Here in Va Beach they are calling for snowflurries on Saturday. Last year at this time we had 2 feet of snow on the ground which is very rare. Hopefully we do not have a winter like last one. I will be back to check in later..

Shauna-Taylor started eating Ginger Snaps in the morning before school so hopefully that will help soon...

Comment #17

Good Morning...stay warm! I found this in one of my readings and thought I would share it. It is so true..

"When you take control of your physical health, it transcends. When your feeling strong physically, it transcends into your personal and physical life. It transcends into every aspect of your life..

"And that's why when you take control of yourself, ultimately you can determine the outcome of any situation in your favor, because you'll never control the other person. You'll never control the outside world. But when you control your reactions and emotions, then you control your destiny-and that is the key to being happy and healthy in every facet of your reality.".


Comment #18

Sarah I loved that. It is so true. I got a really good workout this morning. It is amazing how good you feel after a workout. Well I have to go fix some MF, have a nice day all. xoxo..

Comment #19

Michelle your doing GREAT woo hoo for working out!.

Let's head into the weekend with a focus and plan we can do this!..

Comment #20

I saw a very motivating video this morning that made me tear up. A high school girl cross country runner collapsed a few yards from the finish line of her state championship match. She got up and CRAWLED over the line and in so doing clinched the championship win for her team..

Here is a link to the story. There is also a video on the story page. There are lessons of determination for all of us in this young girl's story..


Comment #21


I'm back! Just wanted to check in with everyone to see how you were all doing. I was in NY for almost two weeks, and have been running around like a crazy person trying to get caught up with work and life!.

Will check in more later, but just wanted to say hi real quick!.


Comment #22

Shauna what a great story and video. Just what I needed to see.So proud of that girl..

Christine glad that you are back. Hope that you enjoyed yourself on your trip..

Laura and Mary enjoy your weekend..

Sarah hope that you had a good night last night...

Comment #23

Wow that made me cry. Your right it shows so much determination and to never give up..

Welcome back Christine!.

I found last night super hard. My dh and I met people out for drinks. I ordered a selsa and lemon right away. They all drank wine and at pizza at the bar. I ended up ordering a shrimp cocktail which actually filled me up. Honestly I would have loved a glass of wine to relax or a drink but I had such a good week I couldn't let myself slip back.

Looking forward to getting the house ready for Christmas..

Have a good one! Make it happen!..

Comment #24

Good morning girls!.

Sarah, good for you for being strong. talking about a girl being determined.....

Comment #25

Good Morning. Yes Laura I am either black or white...all or nothing. When I an positive and op life is good it is when I am on the other side..not too good..

Well I almost blew it last night. My daughter wants to date this boy who doesn't have the best of reputations. I tried talking to her about him and she says I have to trust her.She says "I don't drink...I don't do drug...I am not going to sleep with him". Well after I let her go on a date with this boy (who happens to drive) I texted my son in college and told him his sister was on a date with this boy. He texted back and said keep her away from him he's bad. He lso proceeded to tell me he has hooked up with 31 girls and he also told one of his friends that my Allie is the next.

I told my husband who wanted to go get her from the movies. I calmed him down..somewhat, I hate this. I really don't know what to do. If I forbid her from seeing him I know she will want to see him more. I don't know, any advise??.

For some reason she is smitten with him. He is a smooth talker...and fast mover. She just doesn't get it. Ok done venting this morning..

Well I made dh pizza and I ate a small piece. I did stop myself but it could have turned into something more..

I'll check in later to see how everyone is doing!..

Comment #26


My daughter is only 12 so I am not their yet... soon, but not yet. I have no clue how I will survive that type of stuff..

If it were me, I would ask your son to tell her what he knows. And I would also talk to her about how to protect herself from date rape too. It is good information for her to have even if she ends up not dating this guy again...

Comment #27

Great NSV to report.

My mom took me shopping for my birthday yesterday. All my new pants and size 12! woohoo. And I also got Christmas PJs at Saks (that fit) in size Medium!..

Comment #28

Sarah- Wow, I would def not let her see him again until you know more about him. Maybe invite him over so you and your DH can get a better feel for him. Glad you stayed OP...

Shauna- Great NSV!! Size 12, I can not wait to get where you are..

I just finished working out and now I am going to grab a bar to eat. I hope everyone has a fab day. I will check back in later...xoxo..

Comment #29

Good morning ladies!.

Sarah, that's a hard one. My daughter is 5 so I'm sooooo not there yet..

She told me that Kendall on Big Time Rush (Nick. tv show) was the cutest. I told her I thought she had good taste. She looked at me and said, "I haven't tasted boys before". After laughing my head off I explained to her what I meant. LOL.

I do think Shauna and Michelle have good advice though. I have no idea what I'd do. I know I'd want to forbid her to date him but like you said, she would all the more do it then behind your back. I would definitely have her brother tell her everything he knows about him...

Comment #30

Here's another thought Sara....

A teacher I used to work with said her dad used to embarrass she and her sisters to death when they would go on dates. The boy had to come in and have a coke at the kitchen table with her parents before they could leave. Her dad would have a giant cleaver out cutting cheese from a large block at the table and would tell the boy that "his daughter was leaving a virgin and he expected her to come home the same way." Then he would chop a big chunk off the cheese block making a really loud noise..

This is a true story, but that teacher is a grandmother now, so it was a long time ago and your daughter may not speak to you for a while if you tried it...

Comment #31

Sara, I think what would work best would be for you to have your son talk to your daughter. I know from my POV if my parents were to disapprove of someone I was seeing, I would just see them behind their back. Forbidding her to see him is only going to force her to do it in a round about way. She needs to realize that this guy is a player and only going to hurt her in the end. Also mayyybbee you take away her cell phone for awhile. Texting is 85% of the communication before a teenager's relationship..

Shauna, congrats! I recently fit into a size 12 as well! It is a great feeling. I don't know about you but I can wait to get into those single digits!..

Comment #32

Thanks for all the advice everyone! Shauna I am getting that cleaver that is a very funny story. It is hard when teenager think they know everything. You'll see for those who don't have teenagers yet. They all do something to make you nuts!.

Trying not to stress too much. I have my son working on it!.


Comment #33

Lol Shauna that is a funny story. Mary congrats on being size 12..

Sarah good luck with your situation. Well I need to get ready to work out or it is not getting done. I will be back later xoxo..

Comment #34

Good Morning Barely survived this weekend with all the drama. I wasn't perfect this weekend but the scale is down 5.5 pounds so I am happy. I need to stay focused this week so the scale continues to go down..

Have a good day!..

Comment #35

Way to go! Just keep your mind focused. That is a great start. I changed my ticker to get me to 199. I can stay focused on that. The big picture overwelms me so much...

Comment #36

Thanks Michelle xoxo.

We can do this!!.

I need to figure out some mini goals with rewards..

Comment #37

Wow! Congrats on the size 12! I can't wait to get there either!.

I am back 100% on plan and pushing forward toward the holidays. I put my tree up this weekend to help put me in the holiday spirit!.

I have started dating again. Man is it hard to date and stay OP without looking like one of those "dieting" girls. So I have been trying to plan non-food dates, but when you spend more than 3 hours with someone it is hard to avoid food..

Hope you are all doing well!.


Comment #38

Christine glad that you are back OP. I am glad that you are planning non dinner dates but I am glad that I am not out in the dating world. How much I hated that...

Comment #39

Getting hungry going to bed before I blow it. Night all..xoxo..

Comment #40

Have you guys thought of when you are going to "quit" MF? I received my 4th order today and with that probably have a good 2 months worth of food. I think we all know that it can get quit spendy and I would like to stop making orders as soon as I can. I know the medifast meals are special because they supply the special nutrition that you need but I was wondering if for the transition phase I started using like 100 Cal Packs in place of medifast meals along with the general transition phase how that would work... When it comes the time I'll probably make an attempt for a non-MF transition. For now that's a ways off though..

Comment #41

Christine I can imagine how hard it is on a dinner date. If you have to order what you'd eat for the lean and green and push the carb around to make it look like you ate it.

Mary I never congratulated you on the size 12 YOU GO GIRL.

Everyone have a great OP day!! I am late for work with my hair still wet!!!.

Transforming into butterflies!..

Comment #42

Good morning all!.

Today is day one for me...again. I blew it this weekend...not surprising. I wasn't going to say anything because you all are doing so well and here I am every monday morning telling you all I blew it again...that's gotta be annoying to hear. But this time I ( I know you all are rolling your eyes and saying, we haven't heard this before) really am determined. I think i've been messing myself up by not strictly following the diet. I need to reread the book because I've gotten so far away from the actual plan that I'm not sure what we're allowed and what I've just allowed.

You all have permission to reach through my computer and beat me over the head w/a frying pan if I come on here one more Monday telling you all I blew it...ok? If you don't I think i'll have to because I am just so sick of losing the same five pounds, then caving over the weekend and then having to restart every monday....uhg...

Comment #43

Hello everyone....

Mary I do not know if you should forget transition. Maybe you could enter it early. I read stories where alot of people keep loosing in transition. I just do not want you to start gaining weight back but I do understand about the cost. I get my new order today and it was $400.00 so I def need to stay OP. I am not wasting anymore money..

Hope everyone is having a good day. Going to vacuum and put the tree up...

Comment #44

Laura - all you can do is restart. I have done this 50 million times but now is my time. My head and my body get it. I finally get it...

Comment #45

Laura YOU STOP IT!! Let's here some Positive self talk. You are here and that is a step in the right direction. How many times have I been here on day one, watching people lose weight and get to their goal. I was almost to goal, started feeling great and then gained it all back. Don't ever feel embarrassed about starting or gaining. We are here to support one another.

Here is to finding your rainbow..

Comment #46

No one here is judging you Laura. I am just frustrated over all the money I have wasted. If anything that is my wake up call. I either pop or get off the pot lol. Glad you are here and you will get to goal. You are here and you come back like all of us.

Good morning everyone! I put the tree up last night and went shopping yesterday. Please everyone message me your address's so I can send you all Christmas Cards. Have a great day...

Comment #47

Thinking of all of you and sending positive energy!.

Happy Wednesday...1/2 way through the week..

Comment #48

I know you all aren't judging me. I am my worst critic and I am being very critical (hating) of myself right now. I have always been able to beat this weight issue and for some reason it's beating me and I hate it. I hate that I can't get this weight off..

I need so badly to have some support in RL and don't have it. I need to be strong enough to do this myself and so far just haven't. I do feel better today than yesterday. I read that new forum about discipline yesterday and I think his name is Mark and some of the things he said made alot of sense. One of the things he talked about is the internal thoughts going on inside. I have ALOT of negative thoughts about myself going on in my head (as if you all didn't know by now.

) But one of the things he said was, you wouldn't talk to someone the way you talk to yourself so why would you want to talk to yourself that way? I never thought about it that way. My mom (and I love her so much) was a bit of a negative type of person...very critical. I guess i've just continued it to myself. I don't do it to my children cause I know how it made me feel as a child but I can't help it when it comes to myself. I strive for perfection in myself and I am all but perfect so in turn, I beat myself up about it every second I can..

Anyway, yesterday was a bad day until I read that forum. I've been doing some thinking and really making an effort to stop that negative talk in my head. Whether it will actually help or not...we'll see. If you all haven't read that forum yet, it's definitely something to go look at...

Comment #49

I agree that transition seems crucial. For the physical but more importantly mental part of weight loss. Lately I've been trying to think of every little cheat as a waste of money, I think it kind-of helps.

Laura, even if you haven't loss the numbers that you desire at least you are making an attempt to do so. It sounds cheesy but you are already ahead of so many others in that sense. Keep pushing yourself, searching for your strenghth and it will come. Maybe you could try to find a local group of dieters to join? Or a group of ladies exercising for weight loss? I am not sure if they have these types of groups where you live but maybe you could look.....

Comment #50

Hello Babes,.

I am an "old" babe. I swing by from time to time to say hello. So I know it really isn't my place, but I can't help it.....Mary do not skip transistion, do not deviate from the plan. I was 99.9% on 5/1, I lost over 60lbs in less than 7 months. I wore a bikini for the first time ever. I did not do transistion, I have gained 10lbs, I am back 5/1 and will do transistion this time!!.

Hello Sarah, Laura and all the old and new bikini babes!.

Wishing all a very merry Medifast holiday!..

Comment #51

Thank-you for your tough learned advice, Stacy! Congrats on your weight loss and WAY TO GO on rockin a bikini for the first time! :]..

Comment #52

Good morning ladies!.

Today is a new day and I am feeling better. Kinda getting out of my depressed funk and getting the focus I need. I will make it through this week w/no problem and will fight through this weekend stronger than ever...woohoo!...(being my own cheerleader...:lol).

I got a bad phone call early this morning. Dh's sister has had 2 heart attacks and things aren't looking good for her. She's so young but has had a lot of health issues which I guess has taken it's toll. She's just 50ish..

My immediate response is to think about food...weird huh? not for me though, being an emotional eater. So I went to the kitchen and made my eggs this morning...and staying strong.

Hi stacy, congrats on your weightloss!..

Comment #53

I am sorry to hear that! Added stresses can make weight loss sooo much more difficult..

I had kind of the opposite problem today. I had a long, wonderful day. It was a good day at school, basketball, and then I performed well at my music winter concert. I was so excited I let myself celebratory eat. I decided I needed to hold my self accountable and mention it. First thing tomorrow I am back OP..

On a happy note though... I decided to fill out a college scholarship application last minute last week (I assumed I wouldn't win the scholarship so I didn't plan on applying). today I found out that one of the members of the judging panel emailed my teacher asking for my permission to share my application essay as an example of a phenomenal application. So that's uplifting...

Comment #54

Good Morning Everyone. Mary that is so great. I know that you feel great. I have been so busy with work no time to post...

Comment #55

Wow Mary! Congrats on such a great all around day. It is natural for us to eat to celebrate... It's our culture. It will take time to change that. About the scholarship essay, I hope you save a copy for yourself! You might not want to use the same one over and over, but at least you will have a place to start when you are writing other similar essays. Keep up the great work...

Comment #56

Thank you! I've been doing alot of sitting around working on college applications, and it makes it hard to not just munch of junk food all day..

Have any of you girls tried the Smore's bar? Soo good. I love it...

Comment #57

Good Morning.

Got lost in the weekend with Christmas! Sounds like everyone is hanging in there. Mary good luck with the college process I know how stressful that is. I just went through it with my son last year! Congrats on your essay! And the Smore bars are up there as a favorite of mine!.

Hi Stacy your always welcome here...your my inspiration!!You rocked this program and it shows..

Laura hope your dh's sister is doing better. Happy to hear your getting out of the funk!.

I haven't been having the best weekend but today is a new day. Need to get this house in order!.

Happy Sunday!.

Love the motivational bikini girl...just wish I looked like that..

Comment #58

Good morning girls!.

And I actually mean it, it's a good morning. Can you tell I had a successful weekend? I finally made it through a weekend. Woohoo!.

You know that WW's orange cute hunger monster they used for commercials? He was so cute, I actually looked up if I could buy him. LOL Anyway, that was my dh this weekend. Not the cute part but the temptation part. I got mad at him a couple times and tried to help him understand what he was doing. An example...trying to get me to drink some wine or offer me his pizza. It drives me crazy.

I mean we aren't the happiest couple and maybe he's scared that i'll leave if I get skinny and hot.

But whatever the case I stayed perfectly OP and I am so happy about that. I've lost about 7 pounds so far and it hasn't even been quite a full week. (started last tues. I think).

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and has a perfect OP Monday!..

Comment #59

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and good for you for getting right back OP after your celebratory eat. It is so hard to break that habit but if you can do it once in a blue moon and get right back OP w/out messing yourself up I say go for it. I lost my first 50 lbs doing that and did ok doing it. However I wouldn't even try it this time..

Wishing you luck on your college applications!..

Comment #60

Sarah, I was doing the same...until now. It's so hard to not get caught up in the holiday food issues. I kept saying, maybe i'll wait til the beginning of the year to lose weight. But who knows how much I could gain by then. Last week I was tempted by a box of chocolate (a definite indulgence during this time of year) and went ahead and bought a small box. I ate a few and then threw it out.

Now that's what i'm going to keep in my head is that I think I want it but it isn't going to taste as good as I imagine so why risk it and gain weight?.

I always worry when I'm on here and struggling and talk about it that I might stumble someone. I hope I haven't done that, I would feel so bad...

Comment #61

Michelle, Christine and Shauna...hope things are going well w/you..

Just one more pound and then I've caught back up w/my ticker and can start moving it down again..

Comment #62

Good Morning everyone. Really busy today. I will check back in soon. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of everyone. I am still OP!..

Comment #63

Yay Laura!!! I think you have turned a corner. I see that snowball gathering up some speed now. You won't be able to put the brakes on your weightloss once it gets going real good! Keep it up... And good for you telling the DH to BACK OFF with the taunting...

Comment #64

Good Afternoon!!.

Hello! I am sure the holidays are making it tough for everyone. I have not been 100% OP either...but luckily not gaining....just staying the same. Had our work holiday party this weekend, so now I am back OP this morning..

It has been ridiculously hot here in LA for December so at least that helps keep away the "I want to stay inside where it is warm and eat" syndrome..

Hope you are all well!!.


Comment #65

Christine great for you getting back on track. I believe everyone that THIS is OUR time! It snowed here in VA Beach today...

Comment #66

OMG!! Please send some of that weather to Florida. We are freezing to death right now. We have had like 2 weeks of 30-50 degree weather... and to make it worse, all this week we have 25 mile per hour winds with 40 mph gusts!.

Tonight the farmers are watering the crops because it's going to FREEZE literally. The low tonight is in the 20's.

The radio was just now talking about county officials being concerned that the farmer irrigation will cause "black ice" tomorrow and wreak havoc on these Florida Crackers who don't even know what black ice is, let alone how to drive safely on it!.

I have not worn my coat this much in the last 3 years!..

Comment #67

Good Morning Lovely Ladies. Wow Christmas is almost here. Please ladies lets get through this OP. We are going to host a Christmas Eve get together. I am ordering party platters. All OP except the fruit one.

I would rather have a few pieces of fruit than unload on other sweet items. Wishing everyone a lovely day.I am going to clean. xoxo..

Comment #68

Wow, that is crazy! We had 3 days of 80 degree weather in a row! What is happening to this planet?.

I go on a cruise out of Miami in please have the place warmed up by then...

Comment #69

Good evening girls!.

I am down another pound so I actually match my ticker again. I had gained another 15 lbs after I set up my ticker and now they are gone! yay!.

I hope you all are doing well and staying OP...

Comment #70

Yay!! Keep up that momentum. Those 15 are gone for good.. You can DO THIS!!!..

Comment #71

Yay Laura! You've got them for good this time!.

That gain just makes you stronger..

I hate the stall I get during my TOM. I am just ready for that scale to move! I am nervous for staying OP during Christmas. I made the decision to celebrate thanksgiving (cheesecake and all!) and didn't gain, but I don't want to do that this time. My strategy for the next 10 days is to PLAN PLAN PLAN. I am going to plan my meals a day ahead. Condiments and all...

Comment #72

Mary, it sounds like you will make it through christmas successfully. Planning is the best way to do it. You've already got it in your head that this is what you are going to eat. And one thing that you can keep in mind when tempted is that once you have met your goal there will be other christmas meals that you will be able to eat (in moderation), just not this one. When I feel like I am being deprived of something I want so badly, I just tell myself that it's not like I will never be able to have this anymore. Once I get to my goal I will be able to eat it (just in moderation) again...

Comment #73

I don't want to sound corny but I am so glad I have you all being so supportive to me. I most certainly don't have it at home (actually total opposite) which makes it so hard to stay OP. And I am so thankful for you..

Dh and I as you all already know, have a not so great marriage. The reason for my problems staying OP are because of him and my unhappiness and emotional eating from it. We had talked this past weekend and he said he was going to start being supportive and do some changing himself. This week has been the greatest week ever. I actually saw a future for us. I acted like the wife I want to be.

But during last week and during the weekend and even part of this week, I have become stronger and know that there's no looking back. I am OP and feel like there's nothing that can stop me until I reach my goal. I really feel good (even though I feel sad)..

On a different note...I am going to kill me a cat. Uhg....I have a female cat who has just in the past couple months started to go in heat. When she's not in heat, she's a perfect cat. When she's in heat she goes around the house howling keeping everyone awake. I keep my bedroom door closed and she's not allowed in it. But I work at night so I keep the lights off when I leave and she's like a stealth and will go in my room.

Anyone want a beautiful calico cat???????????.

Ps. I am getting her fixed soon, If I don't kill her first..

Comment #74

Laura keep being strong and keep your head up. No matter how he keep doing you..

When my dh is a azz, I still kill him with kindness. It ends up making him feel like crap in the long run. Proud of those pounds you lost....

Comment #75

Good evening ladies..

This is going to be a challenging couple weeks w/the kids at home but I feel very confident in staying OP. We're probably going to go out of town for a few days and that will be a challenge too. I'm going to do my best to stay perfectly OP even though alot of meals will be stopping at fast food places for dh and kids..

I have lost another two pounds...yay!.

Well it's a beginning of another weekend. I guess we'll see how I do...going into it pretty confidently...just hope dh isn't going to be to much of a pain though. I have things lined up to keep me busy though. Hopefully that'll keep my mind off of cheating..

Hope everyone has a wonderful OP weekend!..

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Laura, you got this! you are on a roll girlfriend and don't let anything stop you. Sometimes I get a grilled chicken snack wrap with no sauce and I don't eat the tortilla at McDonalds in a pinch. It gives you a bit of chicken breast to hold you over until you can get real lean and green. Also, get yourself some veggies to wash and store in a big ziploc for any long car rides. Celery and cucumbers work really well for me..

I don't know about your kids, but my daughter would spend hours on craft projects. I would just spread out news paper and give her lots of dollar store supplies like little coffee stirrers and all kinds of do dads with some glue. She had a blast and it kept her busy so I could take a bit of a break..

One year we took some old puzzles with missing pieces and made Christmas ornaments. We took the edge pieces and spray painted them green and glued them into circles with the flat edge to the center. It makes a wreath. Then we glued red rhinestones on to be "holly berries". We took the non-edge pieces and spray painted them brown. Then we glued 3 together to be the nose and the two antlers of a reindeer. We finished them off by gluing red rhinestone "Rudolf noses" on them...

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Shauna, thanks for the idea. I love crafty things but am not as creative as you. I would have never thought of something like that. And of course my daughter doesn't do anything w/out me helping her. Probably my fault since I am a perfectionist and have to show her how things are done..

I didn't lose any today but am very grateful that I weigh the same. I ate my l&g out yesterday and worry even though it was legal, you never know what hidden calories there might be. I weighed my normal time and was up 2 lbs which really had me exasperated but weighed again a couple hours later and they were gone. Isn't it amazing how the body fluctuates? Anyway, just thankful to stay the same for once..

Holiday temptation #1. one of my customers were so kind to give me a gift card to the olive garden. I can guarantee there isn't a legal l&g there. dh is already trying to get us to go cash it in already...eek..

Hope you all are having a lovely relaxing weekend!..

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The idea for the wreaths and reindeer came from my tendency to be a pack rat and a "recycler"... I knew the puzzles were no good because they had missing pieces, but I could not bear to just throw them away so I had to figure out some way to use them. They turned out totally adorable and we cut card stock and made Christmas cards for our extended family and used hot glue to lightly secure the ornaments on the front of the cards with instructions that they were meant to be pulled off and put on the Christmas tree..

Years later, many of my family still put those ornaments on their trees every year. My DD smiles when we visit family and we see them... and that smile is priceless to me as she is now 12 (13 in Feb) and in that teen "I don't want to have anything to do with my parents" faze..

About eating out... Restaurants use a lot of salt in their cooking. What you experienced was probably your body still working out that extra salt that retains water. Drink a bottle or two of water over the course of the rest of the evening AFTER you eat out at a restaurant it it will flush out the extra salt quicker..

About Olive Garden... They have a menu item called Mixed Grill. That is what I order. It is skewers of steak and chicken and roasted veggies. I either request no potatoes or I just leave the potatoes to the side... also, I think you can also use the certificate at Red Lobster and I think there is another restaurant owned by the same chain..

Word of warning... DON'T use the certificate until you are strong enough to sit at the table and NOT MUNCH THE BREAD while you wait for your food to arrive..

... Can you tell I am a pro at eating out and trying to stay OP? I have a crazy life being a teacher and unfortunately, eating out is an area I have yet to conquer... One thing at a time. Weight loss first and THEN I can start that as my next self improvement endeavor...

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Just googled it and here are the restaurants you can use the certificate at:.

Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 or any other Darden restaurant in the U.S..

BUT remember my warning... It was very hard for me to sit at the table and watch everyone else enjoying the bread. Don't go until you are sure you can resist...

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That's sweet about your dd. I guess every once in a while you get to see your baby girl through that tough teen act, huh?.

I was wondering if I could use it at red lobster. Someone else told me about that. I loooooove red lobster. Unfortunately my favorite is the cajun pasta w/shrimp...mmmmmmm....not to mention those warm cheese garlic biscuits. So you're probably right I definitely need to wait. But dh has mentioned a couple times already going there so I need to talk him into waiting...

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Ugh this past week has been full of those little slips where you see everyone else eating something good, and can't restrain yourself. It's frusterating because I am ALMOST OP all day, and then I have a little-huge slipup. Tonight some friends and I went out, and I was doing well. I ordered a grilled chicken salad... but when the salad wasn't any good I end up eating some of my friends fries. Ugh...

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Good Morning.

Sorry to be MIA with the holiday almost here I am totally overwhelmed!! I have had no chance to get on here..

Laura you sound sooo good!.

Keep positive through this week everyone..

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Good Morning. Congrats to the losses. I am here and op just busy. I will check back in...

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Hey girls! Just popping in to say i'm still doing well OP. Haven't lost anything because of eating out and probably going over my calories a bit. My big issue is trying to go easy on the salad dressing. But still mentally being strong and not going to slip up...

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That is my weakness too..salad dressing...

Just stay strong it is our time....

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Good morning Michelle, Sarah, Shauna, Mary and Christine (and any lurkers.


I know this is an impossible season for no slipups. Just don't let the slip up beat you. Just pick yourself back up and keep trying to stay OP..

The old me would have had a slip up (like my ranch dressing and gaining a pound this morning) and let it beat me and would have continued it w/more out of control eating. But not this time. Yes, I made a mistake and am not happy about it. But amazinging I feel good and am right back OP. I'm actually impressing myself.

I've waited so long for this inner strength to be able to think like this...where the heck did it come from? LOL..

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You have indeed turned the corner for good. It's that thing that Michelle was talking about a while back... When you are truly ready, something just clicks and you have a shift in thinking that is unstoppable. Keep it up!!!.

I am a sucker for Ranch dressing too. I have learned to limit myself to 1/2 TBSP. I just would not be able to give it up entirely and stay motivated long term, so I have incorporated it into my diet as my "fat" allotment... not everyday, only when I get to have healthy fats because I am eating leaner or leanest L&G choices...

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Hey Michelle,.

I notice we have the same ticker design!! This was the design I used my first time on Medifast and when I came back I couldn't find it. I just found it again a few weeks ago...

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Shauna I am trying to loose 21 pounds before my cruise at the end of next month. I thought it would motivate me. I doubt I get the full 21 but I will be close. My husband just booked the darn thing last night. So I have a closet full of size 16's and need to fit in them. Hopefully I will..

Laura- I am so happy for you. Great way to pull yourself back up...

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How exciting Michelle!!! I hope you have a great time...

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Good morning ladies!.

Shauna you are almost at your mini goal!! Keep on rolling those pounds off. I will be back in a little bit...

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Good morning ladies!.

I am down the naughty pound and an extra...yay!.

We are suppose to go see my dad today up in tallahassee area (3 hrs away). But why is it when you plan a in like maybe three trips of the year that we make, does my child decide to get sick? And my ginny pig (sp?) decide to get sick? I'm not sure if my piggy is going to recover.

I'm afraid when I leave (if I leave) he might be dead when we return. I've been looking forward to this trip to see my dad for at least a month. But when do you say, just wasn't meant to be, and stay home? BTW, my dad isn't feeling his best either. uhggg.....

Michelle, I am confident you will get most if not all of those pounds off that you want and look great wearing those size 16's..

Shauna...1/2 tbsp is like impossible for me. I think that salad I had probably had about three tbsp...eek! Maybe I'll work on just 1tbsp.

Well even though my long weekend isn't turning out well, I hope you all are having a lovely long holiday weekend!..

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I have two tricks that help me. One is to order the dressing on the side and dip my fork in before each bite. That way EVERY bite has some dressing on it. The other trick is when I am at home I make my salad in a tupperware container with a lid, pour the 1/2 TBSP of dressing in, and shake it up really good so that everything is coated. Then I serve it in a real salad bowl to eat..

Like I said, giving up ranch dressing would be a total deal breaker for me, so I had to find a way to bring it in moderately. I never eat my "allowed" snack and rarely use my "3 allowed condiments". I only use ranch when I have a healthy fat coming because of the lean I chose, so I have made it work in the spirit of OP..

Good luck weaning yourself... My grandmother and I are both suckers for ranch. She even jokes she would eat her napkin if it had ranch spilled on it! LOL..

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My piggy has passed away.

I think i'm more torn up about it than my children are. BTW, his name was Remy like the rat on Rattatoui movie...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.