How many points should 1 person eat for a Medifast Diet per day?

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First question I have is How many points should 1 person eat for a Medifast Diet per day? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... We are the Rubies,,,back together, and trying to get our 'shine' back on..

Please feel free, old and new,,,to join us!.

We believe on 100% on plan, with your plan being whatever your Dr or nutritional support feels is best for you,or no matter where you are in your journey,,just beginning, half way there, transition, or maintenance. We are here to encourage, not judge, to have some fun, to whine and vent to each other when needed,,,,,but please, no drama between members, we all have enough of that in our lives as is!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I like this better schu! a thread for the remainder of oct and all of november. lets just go with this one. I think it's easier...

Comment #2

Missed you Schu!!!!!.

Good Luck with the doctors appointment tomorrow....Please keep us posted......

Comment #3

Hi. Can I join this group? I believe is staying OP 100%. I am an artist and a Professor. I have been OP since June 8 and have lost 63 lbs (this includes about 9 pre medifast lbs)...

Comment #4

Hey Merilee! Welcome to our group! 63 Lbs is awesome! There are all types here - girls who have hit goal and are maintaining (like me) as well as girls who are at it for the second time around..or the first time around. Anyway, all are welcome, so glad to have you with us!..

Comment #5

Thanks ladies. Congrats at hitting your goal! THat is wonderful!!..

Comment #6

ZZ- I don't think your husband intentionally sabotages you. It's just that he's clueless. I don't mean that in a bad way! Now that I've met him, of course I think he's awesome. And I can absolutely tell that he loves you very much. It's just that he doesn't have weight issues, so he doesn't get that having candy or whatever your trigger is in the house is destructive for you. You may tell him that, but it doesn't mean it sinks in.

That being said, I think Maria has a point - we really only sabatoge ourselves. But - I realize I have it easier than most in that I don't have anyone around to bring bad stuff into the house. Except my dog, and I'm not really into her treats anyway LOL. Even when I was 100% on plan 2 years ago and my son was still in the house, I had to make the conscience decision to stay away from the chips, ice cream, oreos etc. that were around. I had to decide what was more important..

I will tell you this - and I think I already have!.

..... there is absolutely NOTHING that tastes as good as thin feels. I realize that each and every time I want to shove something bad into my mouth. I'm sure Laurie and Schu can attest to this as well! Being thin is the greatest feeling in the world. I went shopping today for winter clothes, and turning sideways in the mirror and realizing I look pretty good in everything I tried on was probably one of the greatest feelings EVERMaybe that sounds shallow, but I think most of you can probably relate!.

Ok, enough of that - just know that I will always love my ZZ no matter what, and I know your hubby will too!..

Comment #7

Having to do this a second time, I have no one to blame but myself for my demise. I made the choice to be out of control. Now I have to pay my dues AGAIN!..

Comment #8

Well I don't ask him not to bring anything in the house that he enjoys.... the issue here was that he brought something in that I would enjoy and that he would not eat.... so who did he bring it for if not for me? I agree - I have to be strong for me But frankly - I don't want it in the house at all unless he is eating it. Does that make sense?..

Comment #9

That totally makes sense. Just like I told my husband, feel free to bring in whatever foods you want to eat but only what he knows that he can eat and not extra..

I know I would not want him to bring in something that I like and he will never eat. In that case, just as you, I would get rid of it, give it away, throw it away, etc...

Comment #10

Happy Monday,,.

Yeah Blah blah blah right.. I feel like the puppy maria,, Just want to lay down and not go anywhere...

Well Ihad a long post last night and lost it, got made and went to bed without posting spent about 20 minutes trying to upload photos that would not upload. grrr.

Anyway nice to see every one.. No time for shout outs this morning....

Shu good luck with the MD today...

ZZ I think Jane is right men just don't have a clue what a trigger is.. They eat what they want...

I will try to get on from work and catch up...

Have a great day...


Comment #11

Good morning Girls-.

ZZ - I totally hear you on the food thing - why would he bring something bad into the house that he's not gonna eat. He just doesn't understand, so you'll just have to be strong and throw it out!!.

Loved the pumpkins!!..

Comment #12

Ok have a few minutes here...

Good morning once again,,.

ZZ- I agree if you don't trust yourself with the stuff in the house throw it out.. give it to neighbors or take it to work.. Congrats on being almost 1/2 way to your goal.. 20 freaking pounds gone already way to go.. Take a look at 5 bags of sugar.. (since they are only 4 pounds now lol) That is how much fat you have lost..

Congrats my friend you are well on your way.

Morning Jane, Yes I do understand that nothing taste as good as thin feels.. Not really feeling it now I feel like a blowfish all puffed up and ready to pop.. It's temporary.. I still have a few pounds I need to lose to be at my really happy weight.. But for now I have to concentrate on not smoking and not the effect this chantix has on me... I know it's from the meds I would never allow myself to go over 150lbs..

I don't think I can mentally or physically take it longer than that.. It's killing me ... First two weeks the dreams were unbeleiviable, the next week we started with just plain restlessness, the third week has started now with hot flashes, then cold sweats.. Unfreaking believalbe.!! But still not smoking,, I am not going back this time...It sure would not be worth going throu all of this again...

Shu good luck at the MD.. Today hope all is good news.. Will be waiting to hear...

Welcome to our newbie,,.

Merilee... Congrats on your loss this far, I am a maintainer for more than two years now. My lowest weight of 129 from my highest of 239.. I am happiest around 140 and look healthy there.. 130's left me looking really sunken in the face. You will find you happy place.

But this time I am determinded to stay quit. Which means I have to stick with the drugs even if there is some weight flucuations with it.. I knew this was coming from previous attempts so I am not complaining about it...

Where is Chelle???.

JD??? You guys doing OK????.

Maria, what you got going on today??? I saw you were up really early again!! You must be in a different time zone than I am.. lol... I guess you are looking forward to you little mini break from classes.. Can't say that I blame you there...

I did'nt realize you were back here for the second go around.. Did you gain all of your weight back? Do you find it much harder the second time around? I have heard many people say that, hence the reason I ask? I don't want to go there again.. So any information is good to have.. Tell us your story?? I would love to hear it...

Ok better start gathering equimpment...

And look like I am working...



Comment #13

I just want to be done with the classes I have right now, especially one of them. It was boring from day 1..

I gained all of it back plus! So I have a long haul! Yes, it is harfer the second time around. I think it is mentally harder than anything. So anyone who is at goal, stay there! Believe me, it is easier than doing this again. It is my own fault. I made the wrong choices PERIOD!.

There really is no story other than I thought when I got 5lbs over I could get it under control, well those 5 lbs escalated out of control. The hardest part is getting my mind in the game again. I know the plan works. I just need to get psyched up about it...

Comment #14

Hey Maria - you are not alone that's for sure. The program works but we gotta work to maike maitenance work - Obviously I never got to my goal in the first place. Got pretty close and was getting so much attention and compliments I must have gotten too cocky bout it or was afraid of all teh attention but I let it slip away and not I am still moving forward. I'm a bit older and wiser so it's got to be lifestyle changes over all for me..

So I got my surgery date on 11/24 for my hernia repair..... cool Thanksgiving won't be an issue for me this year...... AGotta look at the positive..

Sharon - Thinking of you - let us know how you're doing and thanks girls for al the positive feed back - Love ya..

Comment #15

Zz..That is what happened to me. I was close to goal. Got too many compliments, even got married! I was too confident. Then WHAM!!! The scale started going back up. I thought that I could catch it but I let it get out of control..

I am not looking forward to doing this again but I am not looking forward to being FAT and uncomfortable anymore either. We lose interest in things and I am tired of the seat pants and the mumus from Lane Bryant!.

Yes, be positive about the surgery and the sooner you get it doen the sooner you will be on the road to recovery...

Comment #16

Thanks for all of the kind welcomes!!.

ZZ- I hear you. If he isn't going to eat it then the assumption is that you are, unless there are others in the house too? I am sorta glad I live alone. It does make things a lot easier. I dont keep off plan food in the house. It is very simple. I wouldn't trust myself with it I dont think.

Laurie-good luck with quitting smoking. I quit about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. I was living in Canada at the time and they made it real hard to smoke up there. The cost was outrageous and the cigs were really crappy. Then you couldn't smoke indoors anywhere. When you smoked out doors people looked at you like you were doing something horrible and it was freezing 6 mo out of the year.

I believe that is a smart system, best thing that ever happened to me.......

Comment #17

I lost a lot of weight many years ago, not though this program though. But it was strange, I dont think I could handle all of the attention that I suddenly was receiving. It made me real uncomfortable. I think that is why I put all of the weight back on, plus a good deal more over the years. It is scary. I wonder what will happen this time? I am seeing a therapist and I plan on working through the feelings if they develop again instead of eating them.

It is a complicated issue (at least for me it is)...

Comment #18

Hey girls...

Little late in getting her today has been busy and you all know it is about time the girswalds get started on the chritmas decorations around here.. So make some final prep work in the yard before we actually start puting things out.. It's a job to say the least...

ZZ don't be afraid of the compliments.. That is what kept me going although sometimes you got tired of hearing them when you don't hear them is when things go ari'.

My 5 lbs went to 10 and I would never allow it to go any futher.. I don't want to play that game again. I lose it and gain it.. it's always 10 up 10 down.. Not sure why I can't find that happy medium for me.. But I don't want to be afraid to eat either..

So on the days I run 5 or more miles I do eat more calories.. Not like ice cream or anything like that but more food in general.. I don't like it but it is what it is .. I do know that 130's is to low for me.. I look like I was sick..

And the 150's are forbiden.. SO it's a matter of finding your happy place that you are comfortable in your skin and where you can maintain.. It's a personal choice only you can make...

ZZ heria, how long you been carrying that around? Umbilical or groin? Word of advise if they can fix it without mesh panel.. Got without.. They have had recalls on the mesh. and for the minor procedure that it is.. Not worth the worry.. Good luck doll, and you are doing awesome, I am so very proud of you muwah....

Jane, Very proud of you maintaing you are doing great.. Hope you have a much better week this week..

Maria.. yeah school is almost done for a couple of week anyway.

What you gonna do for those two weeks.??? Saw the EH bag on FB I love it.. I also see you are a shoe ho lol.. ME tooo.. I love shoes... I buy them and then never go anywhere to wear them.

SO I have like 6 new pairs two pair of boots and I never got to wear them anywhere.. I always wear tennis shoes, to which I buy two or three pair at a time lol.. those I do wear thou lol.. Here are my latest buys.

Love them....

Shu how did the MD visit go??Waiting to hear from you....

JD< chelle where you guys at.. We all need each other here...

Merilee- Thanks for the support on the non smoking today is day 16 and I am doing it this time... I do know the chantix is making me retain fluids but all I can do is take it one day at a time.. I gave up two other times because of the same issue and went back to smoking.. Not this time.. I am not going back.. So I will battle with the scale daily as I always do...

I am sure as soon as I am off these meds it will be back to my orginal of 144 or so give or take a few.. Don't happen over night.. You are doing awesome on this program.. Keep up the good work and there are many emotions when you lose the weight as well.. It takes a long time to wrap you head around what others are saying to you and when you get a compliment just smile and say thanks for noticeing..

So take the compliment for what it is.

You deserve it..

Ok Have to head out and help in the yard.. You know 6 to 8 weeks to gets this ready is too much.. oyi.. but keeps me busy and occupied yeah... love to be busy...



Comment #19

Laurie- what are you doing in the yard? Sounds like you have a big project going... Sounds exciting! I love working in the yard. And thanks for your support too! I will keep this is mind as far as comments go. So far I am okay, but I am not getting them constant yet, almost daily, but so far I can handle it and sorta enjoy it. I think it was more when it was more the drooling men who wouldnt look at my face or would yell at me from their car when they drove by. Granted, I was around 20 and looked pretty good. I sorta doubt that will happen now that I am 36....At least I would highly doubt it...

Comment #20

Oh if I had caught the gain at 5lbs!! or 10lbs...But noooooo.....not me!!! So, yes, I am at my highest weight ever..

I bought some new things as incentives to keep me on track..

I love shoes!!! Your shoes are gorgeous!!!.

Althought Medifast is "easy" the mental challenge is so hard and knowing that I have to do it again is mind boggling..

I am tired of living in sweat pants!!..

Comment #21

[quote=marilees]Laurie- what are you doing in the yard? Sounds like you have a big project going... Sounds exciting! I love working in the yard. And thanks for your support too!.

Clean the porch, mow one last time, string cords. We have a HUGE christmas display and have not had it up in the past two years. So this year we are going to be able to get it up.. BUt it is alot of work.. I will post pic, when they are complete usually around the first week of dec, maybe the second week depends on how we do during the first hunting season if we get our deer or not.. But will defiatley post some photos..



Comment #22

Hi Ladies-.

I did a lot of yardwork myself this past weekend. Brrrr it's getting colder in Colorado and time to blow out the sprinklers, do the last mow, unhook the hoses, water the trees and bushes one last time. Did everything myself except the blowout - hire a guy to do that and aerate/fertilize. But I'm proud of myself for actually liking yard work now - has a lot to do with being in much better shape..

Side note - will these &#*$( political ads and phone calls NEVER be over!! I swear I can't wait until next Tuesday before I blow a gasket. So sick of the whole political process anymore. Very depressing..

As for weight gain/loss and the attention thing - I can SO relate. This was my problem the first time with MF, as well as with Atkins a few years back. As soon as I lost enough weight to start getting attention from men I wasn't too interested in (or married onesjerks), I would start putting the weight right back on. It was totally a defense mechanism because that's what I did when my marriage fell apart. I was so disillusioned with men I didn't want any of them coming near me. I had to do a lot of soul-searching to figure this stuff out and be OK with the attention again.

But - on how much is too much? Laurie - I am with you, I like weighing 135, but at my age, I'm wondering if it makes my face look to gaunt, or thin, or wrinkly or something because now I think I need a face lift! ZZ told me I look fine (love you ZZ!) but I'm wondering if +5 lbs would make my face look better. I really like the psychological feeling.

Of being in the 130's though.

This weight thing is a constant struggle, but I know I'm happier with myself now than I have been in a long time and that makes it all worth it....hang in there girls!..

Comment #23

PS - Laurie those shoes are friggin' HOT!!! Love them!!..

Comment #24

SO the weight issue and men noticing.....

I was sexually abused as a kid and I had not dealt with it at all when I lost the weight before, I believe that was part of my issue then.... I have spent a long time in therapy at this point and think I have a good or decent grasp on it now that hopefully I will do okay as a thin person. But it is funny. I havent had any men comment on my loss so far, just women. I think I am okay with women commenting, it may be harder when it is men. There is a safety with being fat and unnoticed I think.

But I think talking about is a really good thing..

Laurie, the lights sound great!..

Comment #25

My husband and my sister were the first to tell me I looked ill at that weight.. When I look at my photos which I have to say I was feeling pretty hot in. My hip bones were protruding, my rib cage stuck out and my colar bones and breast bones you could count with my clothes on.. Yeah that don't look healthy... And yes it made me look many years older... there was no fat to fill in the wrinkles..

And it fills my face out a little more.. At 140 I can still wear a bikin and look pretty good for my age.. I wanted single digits clothes, not 10's and 12's.. I won't ever wear skinny jeans,, but I do love the low rise jeans...

Thanks about the shoes.. I love themmmm and believe it or not they are so comfy....

Marilee.. you are so young... You will want to be admired by men again, but the difference is you can choose who gets to do the admiring.

They choice is yours and yours only and only when you are ready.. When you hit that point , your confidence will shine though and there is nothing more sexy than a confident woman.. Ask any man....

Ok ladies I have to get off here and hit the sack I have a 24 hour shift tomarrow...

A little worried about chelle and JD and Shu????.

Hi ZZ good night ZZ...


Comment #26

Well, the shoes are gorgeous and nice to know they are comfortable. I have some that are pretty but WOW not comfy!.

I was wondering where the rest of the Rubies have been. Hopefully they will show up soon..

I hope everyone has a great night!!!..

Comment #27

Such wonderful and sincere posts today - thank you gals for sharing and making the time to come and post from your hearts. Hearing about your experience really lends me support on this life-long journey. Wish I had more time to post but I'm bushed and off to bed- actually watching DWTS from my bed and I have classes all day tomorrow............

Laurie - it's a epigastric hernia. I had it repaired after back to back pregnancy and C-Sections ( big babies) about 12 yrs ago. The doctor said he was going to put mesh in there but decided not too as I was younger and my muscles were strong. Well in Jan it tore again probably cuz I was helping move all that furneiture when we changed offices.... Of course I knew better but alas - Here I am again and now I have to repair as it keeps popping out. Same doctor that attended my other issue a few months ago so I am in good hands, Thanks for the infor on the mesh recall- I need to ask more quesitons..

Loving you gals so much tonight - Hey Jane - Did you see Lauries' CFM shoes. Vegas Baby!..

Comment #28

I'm sure it is part of the issue- But you deserve to be where you want to be - Let's do this girls - Me you and Maria - one day at a time!..

Comment #29

Dang- those would look good on your sexy legs GF..

Comment #30

Okay Sweet thang- if those jeans you were wearing in Vegas were not skinney jeans what were they - cuz those were the smallest jeans I've ever seen???.

And invite Donna to come back and play with us..

Comment #31

Sharon - everything okay? Check in or pm one of us - getting worried...

Comment #32

Yes, one day at a time. Unfortunately, because I went haywire, I have a lot of days ahead of me..

One would think that the pain my weight caused me before would have kept me from backsliding. I am back to feeling like a "living dead" and I don't want to be this way!!..

Comment #33

Happy Wednesday ladies...

Quick post, for me must get ready for this next 24 hours... Whoohoo... lol.

ZZ those jeans in vegas were low rise, not skinny jeans skinny jeans are the real tight legs all the way to the ankles.. Look nasty,, I think they are the ugliest thing ever made.. Just my preference...

Epigastric,, that is a little more serious than an umbilical or groin... Take more time to do that procedure.. Will be keeping you in our prayers .. Now I understand what you meant about thanksgiving dinner..

Ok ladies I must get ready for work.. Have a great day, I will try to check in from there at least once today....

Hugs to all.



Can't up load the halloween costume photos. to big for on here.....

Comment #34

Good Morning Rubies..

I woke up to RAIN and lots of it! I guess it could be worst. It could be snow. I am not looking forward to that. That will be here soon enough..

I have one more paper to do and I am DONE with both of the classes. I am looking forward to starting the new ones in Nov. I was getting bored..

I hope everyone has a great day!!..

Comment #35

I hope those 24hrs go by fast for you. That is a long day..

I don't like the skinny jeans either. I do like the boot cut though. My fat butt can't get into any of my nice jeans now! Maybe next year at this time! I hope!!..

Comment #36

Hey all. I just got home from teaching my night class and working with the student art group for a bit after class. I am tired! I am glad Wed is done. I have one more teaching day this week and a ton of work to do for monday. I am going up for tenure and promotion and these very long documents are due then that I have been working on since the beginning of summer. It has been a very long haul and I cannot wait to be done with it! But there is a lot to do before then and it makes me sorta nervous.

That is so impressive to me!..

Comment #37

Checking in and saying Hi Have a great Thursday girls- I have been in calss the last three days and working tomorrow with company coming to town for my girlfriend's wedding.... so I might not be around much. I'll be thinking bout you so have a good one - Don't work too hard Ms Laurie and no matter what kind of jeans those were - you were damn hot - A bit too thin IMHO but hot non the less..

Comment #38

One day at a time - thinking bout you - walking dead is good for halloween.


Comment #39

Good morning -.

ZZ - can't believe the BIG WEDDING is almost here! Hope you have a great time and tell Nina congratulations and good luck!.

Dang I can't believe you have to have more surgery but my prayers are with you girl..

Good stuff about all the weight loss struggles, keeping it off and starting all over. We have ALL been there - glad we can share it together..

Schu - anxious to hear how your Dr appt went!..

Comment #40


The best part of my 24 hour wednesday is thursday morning.

Busy during the day but a quiet night.. So all in all good night at work....

MMM No word from Sharon yet??? Hope everything is ok???.

ZZ you think I was to thin then also??? See why did'nt anyone tell me that??? Everyone went on how great I looked??? I could feel my bones so I know I was thin... I have seen others on here too at goal where their face looks sunken in,, How do you tell them? You look skinny but sick..?? And it defianatly add the age to the face.... I would never have anything done to my face see to many mistakes made there.. and you can't hide those...

Maria, you will get there again.. you know how it is done,, yes it's a struggle to get your head wrapped around it.. but.. remember how you felt when you were there.. It's is so worth giving up everything temporailiry to have your health and happiness forever.. It is forever a conscious choice of what you eat..

It has to be a life style change.. Does that mean you can't ever have any of your favoirtes again.. Absoultly not.. But everything in moderation and if it is a trigger food and you can't have just one serving, then don't have any.. You have to be able to trust yourself.

Jane, yes it is good to hear about the stuggles as well as the sucesses.. Which I hope we have more sucess than struggles here lol.. Maintance in itself is a struggle as I am sure you have figured out.. I stayed under goal for the first year and half until last Nov when I got sick.. And just can't seem to find the happy medium any more.. Even after doing a month back on MF..

And as hard as I try, I still focus on the number.. Don't matter how my clothes fit.. Which is a very hard habit to break and I am working on it.. Cause the scale don't remind me I am running 15 to 20 miles a week 5-6 miles at a time. It don't remind me that that this medication which caused me to give up my attempts two or three other times causes a gain..

But don't think that will happen.. It would still be better than continuing to smoke...

Ok enuf of that.. I better get some work done and get to the grocery store once.. Still never went from last week lol.. But they did'nt starve this week haha...

Merilee did'nt realize you were a teacher,, man all the smarts in this group :d..I am done with school I would love to be a personal trainer that would be my idea job... !!!.



Comment #41

Laurie - I'm having the same issue. Everyone tells me how skinny I am, and I like that "skinny" word becasue I haven't heard it used in the same sentence with my name in like....well forever. But am I too skinny? I don't think I am in my body (MF says I should weigh 134 for a 5'6" frame and I am about 135.5), but maybe in my face I am, and I'm not exactly 25 years old anymore...more like twice that!.

ZZ - you'll have to weigh in here too since you're the only one that's seen me lately!.

I agree that we need to focus more on what our clothes look like than what the number on the scale says, but we are so tied to that number psychologically that it's very hard..

So very proud of you Laurie for putting the quitting smoking ahead of everything! So important to your health but man you must be in pretty fantastic shape already if you're running that much. At my age anyway, health is the #1 factor for me...

Comment #42

Morning girls - Busy Busy at work since the Boss Lady is out so I can post quickly.

First of all Laurie-.

Meeting you in Vegas was the first time I have ever met you and yes I was shocked at how Tiny you were. I don't think I've ever been that Tiny and I apparently was at one point. I think what got me was when you mailed me that yellow top (Which I still have) and those jeans that were too big for you. I couldn't believe how tiny your fat pants were. I was like OMG - I will never fit in these LOL..

Did I think you were too thin - No I thought you looked great for a skinny girl but I did think you would look better with about 15 more. I certainly couldn't say anything. I didn't really know you and if you liked being super thin well that's is your choice. Its hard finding that happy place. I just think fit women with curves are super sexy and you are one sexy gal no matter what size IMHO. Its just who you are.

You look hot girl! Where do you feel good in your skin..

Me - I have a much higher weight goal than the chart says because I like my Body at 145-165. I look good there so that's where I'm heading and It will be easier for me to maintain ( I hope) You that know me know I have muscles and a rather ROUND backside and some thunder thighs ...... and I am okay with my body - just want a smaller one so I can feel sexy with my man - you know - hes a little guy.

Jane- You are damn skinny girl but I think you look fabulous. You have the boby characteristics of a skinny girl. No butt - super thin legs long torso........... I don't think your face looks old at all so I don't understand what you are saying about winkles .... Celebrate GF- be okay with the 5-10 than comes and goes and consider yourself normal..

I have reached goal before but it never lasted long..... I am not a good maintainer I am still learning and what I am learning is that you have to find and accept that place where you can maintain. I certainly can not maintain any number under 140 - that's impossible for my lifestyle and body structure... I want to find a place where I am happy and not embarrassed and NORMAL for me. Does any of this make sense ..... Okay back to work -.

Where the heack is Sharon? I'm going to text her..

Comment #43

So I have to share my motivation to get back into all my size 10-12 -.

The DH is taking me to see a leg of the Tour de France next summer I am so flippin excited - Early 30 yr anniversary.

So I got to stay focused- I don't want to be at this unhappy weight for another vacation or celebration..

Thanks for all the support friends- I would love to get to a place when one of my friends tells me - hey I think you're getting a bit too thin and maybe you're done..... in my dreams YES..

Comment #44

And BTW - I think I did tell snowie that I thought she was too thin and she was piSSexxxx.

Bones were hanging out- YUCK!..

Comment #45

Thanks Laurie. You are right. I just need to get my head in the right place and get this done..

Quick drive by to say hello to everyone and wishing everyone a great day!!!!..

Comment #46

ZZ - so flippin excited for you getting to go to Tour De France next year!!!! That man of yours, I think he's a keeper! That is definitely fantastic motiviation - I'm gonna help you whether you want it or not LOL. And I agree - I think the goal weight you're going for is perfect for you. I ended up 10 lbs lower than my original plan but you're right. I need to be fine with the fluctuations as long as my clothes still fit. Thanks for the kind words my friend - I guess I probably notice all the wrinkles more than anyone.


And I agree on Snowy - she looked way more anorexic than she should have. Laurie - I thought you looked great, but not knowing you that well either, wasn't sure if that weight was ideal for you or not..

We all need to get together and take a good look at each other for some honest feedback - you don't always get that, even from your family! Except of course when we're fat - my mother loves to get her little comments in then!..

Comment #47



- LOVE IT!..

Comment #48

Hi Marilees!! please keep posting with us!! 63 pounds is an awesome loss!! Congrats!! if you want the banner, pm me and will get it to ya! welcome!!..

Comment #49

I totally get this,,he did bring it for you,,,but like some hubbies,,he was showing love of you with food!! I had to really work on alan over this same issue when I first started 5/1,,,but then he became my biggest supporter. He always said he loved me regardless of my weight,,and I know he means that,,,but,,,I can safely say,,he "loves" me more now,,iykwim,..

Comment #50

Sweet ZZ texted me today to check on me,,where did the week go?? I have been getting ready for halloween, as many of you may remember,,i am in the neighborhood that gets over 300 kids at my door!! I had to get my haunted decor up!! and get the evil candy ready,,,plus work, Drs,,,just busy..

My Dr visit went as well as I can expect. Laurie , I know, will understand these numbers. Platelets had increased 100,000 from the last time,,so 376(000) this time,,he wants them to remain under 400(000). I was afraid it would mean an increase in the chemo meds,,but he left them the same, as my red cell count was below acceptable levels,,white cells were good though. when you suppress the bone marrow,,it can affect more than just what you are being treated for,,,oh well,,lol I told my Dr I still wanted to drop 10 more pounds,,I know it is best long term on my blood vessels as I age,,and my back,,,especially since I am on my feet all day for work. He and I sat down and went over a plan, which will keep me low carb, but not enter ketosis.

Anyway,,sorry I have been MIA,,will try to do better!..

Comment #51

I didn't realise you were facing surgery ZZ!! so sorry,,hang in there,,all will be fine!! will keep positive thoughts for you!!..

Comment #52

Enjoy those compliments,,you have earned them!! I wold never have guessed you at 36!! You look so young!!..

Comment #53

Maria,,i am glad you came back to MF,,you know it works,,you can do this girl!!.

Laurie,,plz post pics of the christmas lights this year again!!.

Weight,height,age,,,tough call sometimes,,,at 5'2,,my dr. (family Dr.) didn't want me dropping too low.he says I am built solid,,,so in Vegas,,i was riding around 138,,,goal was 140, I maintain easily at this weight,,,BUT,,I know another 10 will be still healthy for me. I have fluctuated between 136-139,,with occasionally the scales a pound or two higher after a salty meal,,lol .I don't think goal can be cut and dried for each person of the same height,,body tone has lots to do with it,,and laurie, with all that running,,your body has to be extremely toned! Age is also a factor,,,at almost (cough,cough) 60,,I don't want to be too thin,,,.

So ZZ,,,,now we know why Snowy left?? lol just kidding. I agree though,,,her tummy had gone beyond flat to caving in,,,and that is not a healthy look. Poor girl though, I feel she has issues that needed some help to cope with emotionally, and I gathered she could swing from anorexic behavior to binging in a heartbeat. I hope she is doing well..

I think we should post some of our pics from Vegas meetup here,,and maybe keep it in mind to do another meetup someday and hopefully have some new members to join us!!..

Comment #54

And lets don't forget chelle,,,who couldn't make it in person,,,but she was definately there in spirit!!..

Comment #55

This is definately motivation!! You can do this ZZ!!.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but we are going to our son's wedding in June in california,,,getting married on a yacht in Newport Beach harbor,,i think I am safe to go ahead and buy a dress for it if I see one I like,,i don't think 10 pounds will be changing my sizes,,don't want that to happen! Do you all think this new goal would make a difference in a dress?? Opinions please!!.

Well,,,Is almost 10 pm here,,and I have to be up at six,,need my ugly sleep,,so will catch you lovely chicks when I get home tomorrow night,,don't look for me saturday though,,i work that day,,of course,,and our town is doing the trick or treating on saturady night,,so I will be hobnobbing with the goblins!! luv ya' all!! go stalk chelle and JD and get them back here!!..

Comment #56

Awww Shu is back! OMG Sharon those picvs are great .... look at me with my hands all over TrayC' backside..... LOL..

Comment #57

So true Sharon, this is the best plan evah!!!..

Comment #58

Yeah ZZ we can all see your hands on Tracy,,lol,,,,,it was a fun trip,,,hope we can repeat it sometime..

Hi Maria,,,just checking in,,,I have to get back to the salon,,,wanted to say HI though!..

Comment #59

Schu! Welcome back and glad your doctor's appointment went well! I'm not sure if 8 lbs or so will make a big difference on your dress size. Sizes are so weird these days - I think I'm a "real" size 8, but most things that fit me now are a 6 or a (gasp!) 4. That just isn't right. It kills me that clothing mfgr's think they will sell more if they convince people they're smaller than they really are. The sad thing is, they probably will! But, it's just another way of hiding how unhealthy Americans are becoming. I think you looked great in Vegas - and will look great with a few more lbs..

Loved those pics! I didn't remember we had a backside pic! LOL - ZZ you were all up in Tracy's business! I'm jealous!..

Comment #60

Lol,,don't be jealous of ZZ,,,,,.

We really need Tracy to hop on back here too!!.

Jane, look at you there in vegas too,,you looked great then,,,and absolutely perfect now at goal!! I don't think either 10 pounds will matter for dresses, might jeans, but not dresses. If I see the perfect dress between now and the wedding, I want to be able to grab it and kow it will still fit! I agree on the sizes,,I am an eight petite for most things, but like you, I have a few items that are smaller, and I know I have never been those sizes!!. I really am happy with the size I am,,,but still want that new goal of 129!..

Comment #61

Good Morning,,.

Happy Caturday.....

Sorry MIA yesterday... I am back have a busy schedule, and you know we are starting on the lights and there is much prep work prior to actually getting them out...

Maria I agree with Shu, You have done this before, it's not easy but you are worth it.. You can do this.. Remember this is temporary.. You will again be able to have what you want in moderation of course.. But none the less.. It is temporary...

Well at least we will catch up with you lol.. {{{HUGS}}}.

Mari, good luck on your tenure papers, project, Don't let the stress overwhelm you, sounds like you have put a lot of time an effort into this and I am sure it will pay off.. Sending positive thoughts your way...

Yeah, Shu is back so happy to hear the blood work came back good... And I have to agree with Jane I don't think 10 lbs or 7 is going to make a difference in the dress what so ever. But you most post photos when you find one !! And speaking of which are you dressing up for the weekend to hand out treats??.

Jane, yes the vanity sizing is unbelievable.. I have things that range from size 3-8 in my closet as well.. While yes it's nice to say I wear a size 4 I also have a pair of shorts from when I got married that were a Jr. 15/16 and 100% cotton that fit perfectly that was before kids and I really looked good. And now you almost can't find a pair of jeans without spandex in them!!! And I was a 143 when I got married.. And I looked pretty good back then..

But it is what it is.. And I think you look awesome... You will find your happy spot where it is easy to maintain.. You got this...

ZZ- Hey you up LOL>>> Love you baby girl.. and yes those jeans and that top are both going to fit like they were made for you.. But you got some girls up top which I lost long time ago.. And you have the motiviation that is speaking to you.. I am sure you are excited as all get up.. And the visual of the tour is probally enuf to keep you going strong..

Not sure what happened to JD and Chelle.. Hope all is well with them.. And yea snowie had some issues that none of us could help her with.. I could not go down that road again..

Shu thanks for posting that pic,, Yep them are my goal jeans.. Hubby bought me...

Not much to report here.. I quit taking the medication a little more agitated, but ok.. Starting to get some energy back and 20 days today. But as we all know it's not the quitting it's the staying quit that always gets me!! There are so many side effects they don't tell you about with Chantix that I found out on my own.. I don't want to take it more than I have to too. Joint pain is one of them,, and in some cases it's does not go away...

I am not really tone, I am still a saggy bag of flesh, my legs look pretty good, and are starting to tone up.. But I would love to say I am consistant with running at least three times a week.. there are so many factors that play into it.. I do try to get at least 15 miles in a week, but there are some weeks 5 or 10 may be all I have. I absoultly hate to run in the wind esp cold wind.. Don't mind if it's below 40 but I can take the wind..

I would like too.. But not there yet.

I run till I need to regulate my breathing and then walk.. I loved the trainer I was seeing, But he is so expensive but he was worth every penny.. May be my christmas present to me this year LOL...

Ok, I have been procrastinating going to the grocery store and today I think I have to go blech.... I hate it, hate it hate it... But my boys proabally want to eat this week...



Comment #62

Hi Caturday Girls-.

Schu - thanks for the kind words - I definitely look different to myself than I did in Vegas - funny. But I think I was about 30 lbs heavier then. Can't wait to see you at 129!.

Laurie - so proud of you with hangin in there on the non-smoking, even with all those nasty side effects. Can't imagine. I do the run/walk thing too, although I don't run nearly as far as you. That is fantastic. And, it sounds like you're giving me a run for my money on the LEGS title! LOL. You can only do so much toning at my age, although I have noticed a big difference in my arms and stomach from lifting weights and situps..

Hi Maria - you got this thing too as Laurie would say. I know you can do it this time around, you've definitely got the right attitude. Getting your mind in the right place is really what it's all about..

Have a great weekend ladies - I have to grocery shop and I hate it too!..

Comment #63

Weight loss no matter what is hard. Medifast is an easier than the others. I tried WW and I gained weight. WW is a great plan for some people but not for me. I think I will follow the points system when I get to goal. I will follow Medifast T&M plan then use WW to maintain.

I am getting my mind in the right place. Now if it just stays there!..

Comment #64

Thanks! I am calling it "Project Me" and I need to see thing to goal..

I hate grocery shopping too!..

Comment #65

That is very kind of you (the age thing).... also, I am trying to enjoy the is challenging at times. btw- I use to be a hairstylist before I went back to school for art. My mom is also a hairstylist...

Comment #66

I am pretty much done now. There are a few things that I need to track down, random emails from people verifying things, which I a little unsettling since it is due tomorrow, but hopefully no one will notice and the people will answer quickly so I have all of the proof for what I claim. Thanks for the positive vibes, they are much needed!!..

Comment #67

Sorry, I have been MIA, trying to finish up the tenure stuff has been very challenging. So, you all went to vegas together? When was this? That is really cool that you have met in person! I need to reread through stuff, it gets a little confusing there are so many people in the group. I am trying to keep everyone straight...

Comment #68

Sounds like you have a great doctor so that is positive. May I ask what is wrong? Cancer? Best of luck to you and your treatment...

Comment #69

I love being a hairstylist, but May will be 40 yrs, and I think retirement is in my future least retirement from ownership and employees!!.

I like to paint,,have my own style,,can't do faces though,,or at least not where they look like anyone,,,.

I really think many hairstylist (present and future) also have the artistic nature in other fields,,,whether sculpting,painting,interior decorating,,etc...

Comment #70

Marilees, I have a rare disorder,,which is one of the Myloprolifric (sp.?) diseases,,the one I have is Essential thrombocytosis, (also called essential thrombocythemia,or primary thrombocycethmia or thrombocytosis) the others in the group are polythemia vera, mylofibrosis, and CML and CMML, which are leukemias. Mine is chronic, and is considered a blood cancer now. The difference with these cancers and others is that they don't travel and start growing as cancers elsewhere in the body. It happens when the bone marrow goes haywire, and in my case, the stem cells it produces have too many turning into platelets, so I am on daily chemo doses for the rest of my life to control the numbers. It shouldn't affect my life span as long as it doesn't mutate into the fibrosis or one of the leukemias. It is mostly just an aggravation.

His was the CML, though, not the ET. the ET is the "best' one to have,,if any can be considered best. lol..

Comment #71

Yes marilee, my DH and I went to Vegas for vacation , Laurie (bluemagic) and her Dh flew out, as did JaeDee,ZZ and Tracy (Traycm). We took a cut out of chellbelle (Michelle) with us too, cause she couldn't ake the trip. next time she will though!!..

Comment #72

Here was chellebelle having a goodtime in Vegas too!! Too bad she couldn't really enjoy it though!!.

Now I want to go again for sure!!..

Comment #73

I did dress up last night, but wore the same witches outfit I wore year before last, so didn't take any new pics,,it got cold last night, as we sit out the whole time while treating. Mom wore her little devil horns and was in a red velour sweat suit, and had her fussy red coat on,,,i told her she was a furry devil,,lol. I ended up going into the closet and getting a black fleecy cape, as I was freezing!!. The decorations scared some kids,,but lots of kids were"wow, this is awesome!". Every kid we treated last night said thank you, except some very little ones,,which parents all tried to get to say it,,next year, when they are less bashful and older, I am sure the parents lessons will have taken root. We saw lots of cool costumes,,some just cutsie, others scary,,,loved it.

We ended with the highest count yet,,396!! I expect at least 300 a year, usual count has been around 345-350 the last 10 yrs or so,,last year we hit 372. I fixed enough treats for 400 kids. guess next year I better plan for more!! I loved all of it. As soon as we were finished treating (had to stop at 9 by town ordinance), we took the docorations and spotlights down, then spent this morning putting them back in boxes and on the basement storage room shelves. A bit of work, but worth it.

I am also trying to get the housework done today, as I need to run out of town tomorrow. guess I need to get to it,,lol..

Comment #74

Everyone have a great OP day, remeber you are worth the effort to lose the weight or maintain your loss,,,don't ever forget that!! Drink that water!!!!..

Comment #75

Wow. I am sorry to hear this. Well, I guess it could be worse, but still, no one should have to live with this. I use to be on low dose methotrexate (chemo med) because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. They switched me a few years ago to humeria which is a disease modifier that I inject once every other week. It is well controlled on the medication but one of the side effects of it is possibly cancer.

Good luck to you, it sounds like you are in good hands...

Comment #76

Hello Rubies. Happy Monday to all..

I am glad that this term is OVER and Nov 9 starts the new term. Time for something fresh and new. Last term I took 2 coures, this term I enrolled in 3. I am such a glutton for punishment! lol.

Hope everyone has a great OP day...

Comment #77

Wow - all these students in the group...Marilee I hope you got everything pulled together that you needed to turn in. Also, so sorry to hear about your arthritis - I have a friend that has RA so I have an idea of what you go through with that - she has had a really tough time..

Schu - I can't remember if we talked about this before... my sister had AML - Acute Myeloid Leukemia - not as bad as chronic for sure, but I learned a lot about the different types of blood cancers at the time. Fortunately she has been in remission for 4 years now because they caught it early. They did an auto-transplant on her since I was her only sibling and not a blood match. It worked amazingly well so we were very thankful. Is that something they ever do with ET - bone marrow transplants?.

Also can't believe you see that many kids at Halloween!! My door rang exactly 3X last night. I quit buying candy because I never hand it all out and then of course the rest of it goes in my mouth! I live in a residential neighborhood with kids - go figure..

Maria - you are a glutton for punishment, but good for you for keeping at the school thing.


Comment #78

Rut roh,,,,me bad,,,I knew I wasn't getting everyone,,should have looked at the picture!! so sorry jane,,you knnow I wouldn't forget you on purpose,,,senior moment,,,or brain fart,,,take your pick!!..

Comment #79

Stem cell transplants are what they are trying now, but I am too old,,,lol,,,,it can be hard on the body. All of the blood cancers/disorders, whatever you wanna call them are a pain in the azz,,but I am so glad your sister is doing well...

Comment #80

Thanks marilees,,but I am fine really,,,I can't live my life wondering "what if". RA is a tough thing to have also. I knew they treated it with the chemo drug, but so glad they found an alternative for you. with my med, it is a strange one. it is also used to treat ovarian cancer, and certain skin cancers,,but it can cause other types of skin cancers of the head and neck!! and it can also cause a certain type of leukemia which has about a yr survivial rate! I don't read the paper they give me when I have a new prescription filled,,too scary. My Dr says this only happens in 2 %of those who take the drug.

They could also use a radioactive drug,,,but that comes with a whole other lists of possibilities,,most of which are not good! Plus, I don't want to glow in the dark!!.

Since my Dr trained at the mayo clinic, I feel I am in good hands, and he is young and keeps up with research. I have to keep the faith. It is what it is. fortunately for me, no pain with what I have, whereas you, I am sure, suffer flares from time to time,,I understand it can be bad! will keep positive thoughts going for you!!..

Comment #81

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.