How Many Points Should I Eat For The Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: How Many Points Should I Eat For The Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Well.


, it's that time again...time for a brand spankin' new THREAD!! YAY!.

As many of you mentioned, I think it's a good idea for us to focus (again) on "Fall-ing" back into love with MEDIFAST!!.

Instead of asking the same question, I'm going to ask you THIS:.

What are you going to do at the upcoming holiday dinners and parties to stay ON PLAN? Do you have a secret weapon? Are you going to pack a bar? Bring a special OP dish? Do you have any other tips or suggestion for us other Shakers?.

I'm sure we can use ALL of the encouragement and support we can get through this (usually) food-filled holday season!!.

Here's a tip of my own:.

When you're sitting at Thanksgiving dinner and see the giant turkey (though turkey IS OP, often that stuffing SO not) think of THIS picture and picture yourSELF in a bikini!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Morning girls, thanks again Kelsey for the new thread. Love your pics, you look beautiful in both but you definitely can see the difference. Great job. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Florida. My DH and I have our wedding anniversary this month and I still have yet to figure out what we are doing. I would love to go away for a couple of days but money has been tight lately.

It's all bars and oatmeal, I still have shakes, soft serve, pancakes, hot and cold drinks. Oh wait I ordered brownies too, how could I forget the brownines?! LOL.

Hope everyone is good...

Comment #2

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Kelsey??? I sure won't be straying this season now! LOL!!!!!! OMG!..

Comment #3


Super quick drive by for now! I had too much fun last night and not feeling too hot this morning! I was OP food wise but had AGAIN not enough water and the whole evening I would grab my DF glass and take a sip of his cocktails. I probably ended up with 2/3 of a full cocktail in my rather empty stomach so I felt off all evening and even this morning. Frankly? I can't believe I use to love cocktail hours after work. After month on MF....I find that a lot of stuff I use to drink or eat was plain overrated!!.

New Month, new opportunity to lose more weight! A long time friend of mine who hadnt seen me all year was stunned! And she decided to lose 20 lbs by New Year on her own, so I told her we can go walking trail together and check on each other. I better be good the next 2 months..


THANK you for the new thread and the well needed laugh this morning! And by the way?? Are you serious? You are beautiful at 198 and 138! I am not even joking! Youre a very pretty girl!.


I love your exercise ticker! And I hear you about maintenance being hard. Thanks for the heads up on maintenance!.

Everyone else, I will be back later..

Comment #4

Good morning! Kelsey, thank you for our new thread! That turkey pic is cracking me up! Your before and after pics are stunning! I love your costume..

I am starting to get sick - I can feel it. UGH! I'm going to chug away here at some work before I pass out completely. Hopefully I'll be back a little later..

Oh btw - how did everyone fare on our SHAKE challenge? I wasn't able to do it the past few days but I lost 1.6 lbs since the day we started. I think I would've lost more if I had kept it up but bars are just way too easier at work!..

Comment #5

Oooh before I go - speaking of staying OP on the holidays:.

I want everyone to look at my signature. The first three months - 100% OP. The next two, nope. See the difference? I was kinda thinking to myself that I would eat whatever on Thanksgiving b/c... hey, it's Thanksgiving! but obviously it's not even worth it..

I need to learn how to make cauliflower mashed potatoes before the big day! That's one food I'd really miss! And what about gravy, is that OP?..

Comment #6

Just now leaving work almost 10 hours later...I am pooped out and heading home....

I'll check in again much later!..

Comment #7


That means your goal to be 170 is totally doable this month. It's amazing how fast the program works...

Comment #8

Hey ladies...hope everyone is having a good week. Things aren't going to well for me at the moment. I finally decided to end things with the fiance. I'm kinda relieved, but I also have a lot of conflicting emotions. Everyone around me seems to think it was a good idea. I'm also fighting a major cold.

MF-wise, I'm still going strong and OP. I didn't eat even one piece of Halloween candy. I have not cheated once on this diet as far as eating off-plan foods. I think that if I allow myself to slip once, it will be hard to not justify doing it all the time..

Kelsey, your pics are amazing. I can't wait until I see such a big change in myself. I've lost 22lbs., but I still don't see a big difference. My clothes are def. looser, but no dramatic size changes will come soon tho...

Comment #9

Suzie- Hugs, things like that have to be sooo HARD!! I did that slip up stuff, as soon as I did I thought oh just one bite wont hurt. HA I only lost like 4 pounds last month. ERGH well new month new rules!.


You are SMOKIN! Amazing results! <3.

Sarah-Anne- I hear yah, I had the same thing happen, now I am 100% OP now for 3 days!! Already lost a pound!.

NOT ONE PIECE OF HALLOWEEN CANDY TOUCHED MY LIPS! OMG THIS WAS PROB THE BIGGEST TEST FOR ME! I love love love stuffing, that will be my next challenge. I keep telling myself not this year but if you do good, next year you may have a tiny bit!.

Thats the deal I am making with myself. OH GOOD LORD, I hope no one makes Pecan PIE! OHHH SNIFFLE.. I can deal with the pumpkin (GAG) but the Pecan, I would have to leave the house. Turkey and salad for me! Thats my plan, oh and some Medifast fudge..

Maybe a chocochip pancake cake w/ sf chocolate syrup.. That would help maybe. Crossin fingers. Oh thanks Kelsey for the funny pic, I will try and think of that while I am drooling at families houses!..

Comment #10

I can vouch for that personally!!! I guess I have that same kind of mentality! Trying to lose it though.. I wish I'd never, ever gone off that wagon once though!.

And **hugs** about the situation with your ex-fiance. if you feel relieved... that's a sign you did the right think, I think!..

Comment #11

Thank you Tami! I really needed to hear that from someone! Seriously!.

Must... resist.. Thanksgiving temptations! I want to be under 170 more!.

Also... I think I was happier when I was weighing in less. When we were doing our shake challenge, I kept weighing myself more.. it just made me stressed all over again! So I'll probably stay off the scale more this month!..

Comment #12

Ok I am going to not alter anymore of my Medifast meals, gonna eat them like they are suppose to be eaten. Done with this weight stall. ergh..

Comment #13

Just put the scale away. As you see from the 3 months when you started the program works as written so there is no need for verification from the scale. It will be going down each packet you open. You can do this and you will feel so good..

Also I read what you wrote about this time of year. My mom was always affected by the season changing and in September I remember thinking about hibernating. I have been struggling with making proper food choices lately, trying to find the balance. I will always have to choose low carb foods because I definitely am affected quickly by the others..

Knowledge is power. I will use this knowledge for life..

You mentioned exercise, I think that is a good idea. I started another round of 30 day shred yesterday. It is something I need to do for me, I love how I feel after. I know you burned yourself out on exercise in the past, so maybe try something new...

Comment #14

Good morning ladies, sorry for MIA all day yesterday, I had to go to my doctor since I was getting worried about the dreaded tom thats still there even after a week!!! So she wanted to see me, well everything seems to be allright she says it's *natural* and happens sometimes with diet changes and all that, she gave me some medicines so I am on that and today tom seems to be disappearing a lil bit and finally I am hoping to say byebye by tomorrow!!!! Ahhhh so thats my whining so far....i have to go back and read all the posts now..

Comment #15

Thanks so much.


For the new thread, you r awesome!!! So hopefully u've reached your dream destination FL by now.

That turkey bikini bod is cracking me up, lol, how in the world do you get hold of pics like that??? LMAO........U r beautiful as always in both before/after pics, def cam see the difference esp in the facial profile!!!.


, I hear you on the cocktails!!!! Hope you are feeling much better today though!!!.


, so sorry to hear you going thru the tough time now! But you have to do whats right and works best for you so guess you r doing the same! (((HUGS))).


, just couple more pounds and you will be in 170's!!! Awesome lady you r doing great, you know atleast you r losing something if not losing at a pace that you did first 3 months but hey atleast a loss is a loss right???.


, yay go Tami go.... I know u'll kick up that Jillian again as you did before!!! I hear you about hibernation!!! Thats how I used to always project myselves whenever winter has approached! I can eat and drink all I want to cope up with the cold and enjoy holidays!!! It has to change this year!!!.


, yay for 3 days of OP!!! How r you doing today???..

Comment #16

Perfectly makes sense to me!!!! I have been there and done that, altered, twisted and turned the recipes only to see a stall on the scale!!!..

Comment #17

Oh good luck on your shred! I am about to go to school for the night but I think I'm going to go for a jog when I get home! It probably would've been better to accomplish that this morning, but better late than never..

I really will have to consciously choose low-carb for the colder months from now until forever. I feel mostly okay at the moment, but two years ago, we had a really cold winter and there was not an hour that passed every day where I didn't crave sugar! It was awful. I felt terrible all of the time and gained a ton of weight...

Comment #18

Hi ladies!.

I have been fat, lazy and tired lately. I don't know what I am doing. I have been off Medifast and I don't know if I am taking a break, or what. I am just overwhelmed and stressed and tired. A few of my stressful things are over, so hopefully I can relax now and get back on track. I feel like I just need to push "pause" so I can breathe.


Comment #19

Hello Shakesters!!.

I am driving by this evening! I am overwhelmed at work and DF left Monday for Switzerland/Germany. But then an old girlfriend of mine dropped in for a 3 days stay unannounced and I hate to sound mean but??? I DON'T HAVE the ENERGY to entertain anyone!!! And I am so irritated because I REALLY WANT TO SHUT OUT ALL INVITES for dinners out for the next 2 months. I lost so much more weight the first 3 months because I went under everyone radars and disappeared. Once friends start to ask you out all the times it destroys my diet and I AM SICK and TIRED of restaurant food!.

I literally cannot wait for her to leave Thursday morning! I just need to be doing me for the next 2 months because I plan on resuming the kind of loss I registered at the beginning of my journey when I wasn't out a lot or altering meals and getting sloppy. enough is enough! I have the willpower to succeed and I need all distractions to clear my path. Right now this friend of mine is A distraction! Plus she gets on my nerves, she orders all the fattening food, tells me that she refuses to lose weight because she's a big bone girl! Really? 200 lbs at 5'6" does not qualify you as a BIG BONE girl!! You're OBESE!! Some people get me with that BS!!!!!!!!!.

And she Keeps telling me to be careful with my diet! JUST SHUT UP ALREADY AND GO away!! She depresses me! Because I want to be solo while my darling is gone for the next 3 weeks. And if I hang out I want to hang out with my healthy skinny friends like the ones who just finished the Marine Corp 26 mile marathon SundayNot the so called 200 plus pounds, tight clothes wearing (Big Bone Girl). Oh please!!!!!! It's a downer to me to be around unhealthy people who are in denial and who try to tell you that you're doing something unsafe! Healthy friends are motivating to me! When I go out with healthy friends and I see how adorable all their clothes look on them, believe me it makes me reach for the healthy choices and the whole time in my mind I'm like" One day I will skinny again and I will rock outfits like it's no body's business!!" know what I mean?.

Who wants to be around an overweight overeater in denial while on a diet! UGHHHH!!.

Sorry for the rant....but this girl is putting me in a bad mood....She leaves Thursday morning and it feels like eons of years away!.

I can't do roll call now....She's around my house whining about how I need to hurry up because she needs some food! GOD help me!.

Miss you girls and I will post tomorrow! XO..

Comment #20

Ok why havent I tried these shakes yet? The Dark Chocolate Antioxidant shakes? OMG DELISH!.

((HUGS)) girls I hope everyone gets to have less stress and no more temptations. You guys can do this! If I can do this you guys most def can do this! <3 Love yall!..

Comment #21

I feel a post from Sandi coming in soon. It's been almost 2 months since her last post saying she was taking a break. Maybe I just need to hear how she is and how maintenance is treating her. Please Sandi come back just a little. We won't take a lot of your time we promise..

Do I sound desperate or what?! LOL..

Comment #22

Hey ladies,.

Kelsey wanted me to say hi from her. She can't get into the discussion boards. She also admits that she wasn't 100% OP today, but from tomorrow on she will be. I'm just glad she is having fun...

Comment #23

Mel... Kelsey... Nelly... DEEP BREATHS EVERYONE..

Whew. I think tomorrow everyone needs to start NEW! Okay... deal???.

I still didn't run today like I planned on. I feel so full from dinner.. ugh. And I remembered I had a paper due at midnight that I totally forgot about. I just finished it, now I just kinda feel like doing nothing. What's wrong with me, huh?.

So yes... everyone... breathe in... breathe out... we are doing this... even if today wasn't your best day, TOMORROW CAN BE.

Ps ...and Tami, I miss Sandi too. I know she has a life but it kinda hurts to not hear from her in so long after talking to her daily. :-(..

Comment #24

Ok first I would like to say I had a 100% OP day today!! WOOT WOOT!!.

Secondly I had the weirdest day of my life. Beware this may be long! I went to my Moms to visit with my Uncle (he is more like a brother to me 6 years senior) well he lost his glasses on his ride home. He ended up getting in a fight with his 10 week prego wife. I drove over to his house from my Moms and tried to find the glasses (he drives a harley).. Well I didn't find them and he was enraged when I got there. Take into factor I have a 2 year old son, and it is now 12 am.

Well we drove back to my Moms town to find the glasses, he couldn't find them, he then vented to me about how he doesn't know if he is ready to be a father and if he even loves his wife. So I figured that he wasn't ready to go home. We drove around then for 2 more hours til my kiddo fell asleep and he was then more rational. I drove him home and sat in front of his house for 30 mins (truck was locked within like 2 feet of me with my son sleeping in it) I managed to calm him down and he told me, "thanks I totally forgot my glasses, you should be a therapist." LMAO well I seem to be my whole families therapist. My hubby, Mom, Sister In Law, Uncle, Dad, Step Dad, Grandma, and Aunts and more Uncles..

Makes me realize that I am glad all I have to deal with is my issues with weight!.

If you didn't gather from my Uncle getting enraged he has quite a temper. Like so much so that he gets violent. But around me he is calm and talks out his anger. I love my family so much but wonder what it would be like to have a normal family. Is there a normal family? I hope one day my kids can say my hubby and I are "normal"!.

That's my goal in life, well that and losing 107 more pounds. Thanks for listening to my rant...

Comment #25

Good Morning Shakesters!.

I feel much better today after extra sleep. Plus remember how I thought TOM was hitting me early last Friday? Well IT Didnt! I'm happy about the delay but not for the week long moodiness..

Sorry about the rant yesterday. I am just getting annoyed for having allowed myself to get distracted for half the time I have been on MF! I'd be a good 20-25 lbs thinner by now. I am cool now and ready to be very focused on the journey!.

Work is maddening and I love ALL my friends but spending time with those who are not healthy and want company in their choices is not something I can handle right now. It's like anyone with an addiction who is recovering hanging out with someone who is still addicted?? Am I making sense? I want to LOSE weight and finish. I am again for the second time at that utmost motivating point....the I AM TOTALY FED UP from still being fat"..

And I feel the need to be selfish right now. To be focused on making healthy choices and working out and not sitting across the table for 3 dinners in a row with someone shoving wings, fries, double cheese in their mouth while telling me that " I am fine and that All I needed to do is run and do sit up for my stomach"! Did you all hear this? Girls? So Im like in the 190's and all I need to do is run and do sit ups and Ill be fine? No comment!.

I about almost lost it but kept it in and boy ....I don't do the keeping in deal...I just unleash and release or I lose it big time..

Anyway such is life! So please excuse me for being rather moody yesterday. I am at peace now. She leaves tomorrow and I am shutting down all outings of any kind until New Year. It's all about working out, sleeping well, eating well, drinking tons of water, relaxing a lot and dropping tons of weight!.

Roll Call!.


LOL.I hear you! I miss Sandi like crazy!.


Why are you hiding! Come out and enlighten us with your spunkiness. Otherwise I will pull out the crying Panda! Xo.


Hey lady! I hope your TOM is gone cause mine isn't yet! I wish for my longer cycle back and Bingo! It hasn't started! LOL!.


Im calm now! Im waiving the white flag. Hanging around with this friend of mine kinda brought all sorts of emotions. I am weird because a lot of big girls are more conscious of the fact that theyre big when theyre with smaller girls. I feel more awkward around a bigger girl who eats badly! Because I feel like whatever she does reflects on me too since I am still a big girlI dont know what Im sayingam I even supposed to? I'm a woman and that makes me versatile in the art of psycho-babbling!.


Congratulations on being OP. And you were not alone! I typically dont cheat food wise because I dont really have craving. When I cheat it tends to be caused my desire to sneak in a glass of pinot noir or dry martini! Thats usually where I come undone. But Ive been pretty much clean food wise. I just need to drink a whole lot more water, workout and time my meals well so that I have all 5 by days end..


You can do this! I hope you sort things out for the better!.


Please come back soon!.

Ill be back later before I leave work to meet her for one last dinner. She already told me this morning that she wants German food because shes been craving sausage platters! No comment! Ill bear one more meal of me having a Caesar salad and her shoving sausages down her throat!..

Comment #26


Sorry about ending your relationship! I love what you said! I was in the same mode the 1st three months. I am going back to that mode! You are so right!! And I wish you'd post more often! I am going to do this to the Letter until all my weight is gone. Because since I allowed that 1st slip of wine or food around the 4th repeat itself randomly...not often...but you justify it....Thank you for writting that!..

Comment #27

Just a thought for all of us! But I think we could try to be clean eaters and as OP as possible and encourage each other daily? I wish I never had that first sip of cocktail or food..

We've been friends with each other for months now and I can say ...LOL....LOL...

GIRLS? This Medifast thang don't work well when we cheat, get sloppy, alter it, go on and off, eat only 4 meals, drink little water...etc.. Ya know? Let's make a pact...that we'll try hard to do this program in it's most simple form..

I wish for all of us to return to the true Medifast way!.

Love ya girls!..

Comment #28

Count me in.


! I too am vowing to do maintenance properly. My new Medifast order arrives today, can't wait, I miss the bars, oatmeal and brownies. I no longer want to have cravings, so if I eat low carb choices they are less..

Hope everyone has a great OP day from here on in..



Just picture those sausages after they are eaten and it won't seem appetizing at all!!.

Plus I always like to ask myself if I eat this where am I going to wear it on my body? I already know it goes straight to my hips!!..

Comment #29

I'm with you Nelly!!! Sitting here scarfing down some MF-in chicken noodle soup right now with a giant water!..

Comment #30

If there's a normal family...... I don't know them!.

And congrats on staying OP, despite the madness!..

Comment #31

Hi ladies!.

I'm here! At a restaurant posting! Just had some delicious Fajitas on lettuce! I did a 25 min run NONSTOP this morning, yay! Then went to the pool an tanned...and now going shopping and bingo with the old folks tonight hehe! Be back soon! And today is 100% OP! <3 miss you all!..

Comment #32

Nelly, I am with you on staying OP and being encouraging to each other. I want to be done with this weight loss soooo bad and I don't want to slow things down by cheating. It's getting harder the longer I'm on this plan, but so far I have managed to turn down all off plan foods. I really need to force down the water and pay more attention to L & G portions though, because I am afraid of a stall..

I can't wait until the weekend...this has been a very stressful day/week. Work has been a nightmare. I'm still having conflicting emotions about my ended relationship. And I'm just really in a depressed mood. My emotional eating cravings aren't that bad (surprisingly), but the depressed mood makes me just not care at times. Luckily I have fought off those feelings and stayed OP.

Hopefully everyone else is having a better week. A nice drop in pounds could make the week better for me..

Comment #33

Hello lovelies.

It took me a good 30 mins to digest all the posts....whoa.....lots of things happenning lately!!.


, count me in too!!!! I definitely need that extra umph kick in the butt reminders everyday being accountable to ya'll!!!! Ok speaking of which I have some whining to do myself too!!! Here it is:.

So yesterday I went to this so called friend of mine who is in the beauty products/salon/work from home business. She knows that I am on Medifast few weeks ago and since she is a lil bit on the heavier side she needed details and hence I referred to Medifast website and she promised to check it out. She tries new products/herbal treatments on a few of us friends and we try to help her out in the best way possible since she has been in a great financial crunch lately, of course we pay her for those so called trials! So anyway I went in yesterday to try this herbal facepack which she just got shipped and while we were chitchatting she told me that she checked out this Medifast website and said that it's real expensive, which, of course, I can understand considering her financial crunch, and you know what she was suggesting me??? She was saying that" I dont know why you pay so much to buy Medifast products to lose weight, I read thru all the Medifast guidelines and made my own menu out of non Medifast products which match closer to the Medifast foods and since about a week doing my own plan I lost 3 pounds already"........i was speechless.....i didn't know what to answer her.....i didn't even get the least idea of even arguing or justifying her about how Medifast works, I just felt that she is just a stupid dumb heck of a woman and hence left her house pinning my mouth shut......

So my question here is: how long do you guys think she will be able to lose weight doing her own plan?..

Comment #34

So what i'm trying to say is, who the heck is she to tell ME that what i'm doing is plain straight wrong and i've been stupid spending all these chunks of money while she is losing on her own w/o having to do that????? Anyway.


I understand where you r comig from, people like those are something that I can't stand at all, period!!! For me I feel that she could have kept her own thoughts to herself and not have ruined my day!!! Sorry for the rant but I had to share this with you ladies!!!..

Comment #35

Hi Ladies,.

Just wanted you all to know (and therfore keep me accountable) I am pledging to be 100% OP for the next 2 weeks. I need to get out of this funk. I was going to start tomorrow, but now I decided to start RIGHT NOW. I just had the biggest nastiest frozen burrito ever! It was probably 1000 calories!! Blech! What the heck was I thinking?? It was gross. I haven't updated my ticker because I don't want to claim the weight that I have gained back. But this morning I was 208.8.

3 weeks til thanksgiving!! Maybe I can get into a goal shirt by then? (I have a shirt I bought last year for thanksgiving, but I didn't wear it because it was a little bit clingy) I am the same size right now, it would be awesome to loose enough weight to be able to wear it this year! I love you ladies, thank you so much for being encouraging and awesome!!..

Comment #36

Well today was WI for me!.

Thank goodness I am finally back on track for good this time! 2 pounds down, and I was 100% OP for three days so hopefully next week there will be a bigger loss! But hey I met my second goal!.

Nelly- I am in! If I am spending this much money on something I mindswell be using it correctly right?.

Sony- Dont you just feel like smacking people who discredit the diet you are on? My friend Sarah does that, she is around 320 pounds and tells me that she could lose weight if she just changed her diet and that she doesnt need to pay for some powder and bars. Has she? NOPE! She lost 5 pounds to my 27 pounds lost total in the last 3 months. So who's diet is working better? ERGH some people need to keep their mouths shut or just be supportive. My Mom does it too, she is like well Brandy, I am not going to be a size 18 forever. 800 to 900 calories isnt enough. Then she goes and tells me she is just going to starve herself? Im like ***? She cant stand that I am now smaller then her.

Well sorry about the rant..

Sarah-anne- Thanks hun! I was just so out of it, being that it was 2:45 am when I was writing that.. I get so frustrated that all my family members have such intense issues. Sometimes I wonder if I was adopted!.

Mel- Congrats on the decision to start TODAY not tomorrow! Nice to have you back on bored!.


Kelsey- Fajitas sound delish! I am envious and will def have to try to make those at home! Tonight I made homemade chicken and broccoli it was pretty good! Have fun in Florida for me!.

Suzie- ((HUGS)) I hope your week gets better! Ending a relationship is never easy! Be strong before too long it will get easier!..

Comment #37


Way to go for staying OP. That takes a lot of effort during emotional times...

Comment #38


You are just an amazing woman! The emotional pain will dwindle over time and it is a natural thing to grieve anyway. I believe to let it all out as well as time is the healer of all of things. Believe me Suzie, all things in life shall pass and this shall pass too. Be good and nurturing to yourself in times like this. I am sending you SUPER MAJOR HUGS!..

Comment #39

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!! That's my answer to your question!! I was told to get off my Medifast and just run and do crunches and watch what I eat by a 200 lb 5'6" BIG BONE girl who ate a sausage platter so fast you would have thought it was a last meal on death row!.

Don't get me started! IF I HADN'T altered Medifast and cheated here and there....I could be at the 100 lbs loss in 7 months deal. You cannot find a diet anywhere that can do that!!..

Comment #40

Good Morning Beautiful Shakesters!!!.

So my guest is gone this morning YEAH!!! LOLI am terrible.I sound like Attila the Nelly Hun! LOLthats what DF calls me when I get mean! I mean I just need a lot of support right now. I pledge right here right now to all of you to return to the real Medifast program and to stay OP. The weight has got to come off. Switching things dont work! Cutting meals dont work! On and off dont work! Sloppy servings dont work! Licking, biting and lying to yourself dont work! Substituting Medifast with other market shakes dont work! My mom tried doing Medifast with slimfast! Puleaze!! Sipping wine and cocktail dont work! Treating condiments as if they are free for all dont work! CHEATING DEFINITELY DOES NOT WORK! Can I get an Amen?.

What works?.

5 Medifast meals, at least 80 fluid ounces of water and the proper proportion of allowed Lean/green and condiments!!! Thats all!.

I have printed several of the Medifast food guideline and shoved 1 copy in 2 of my purses and 1 copy in my gym bag and left one copy on my desk at work. That way I can pull a copy out and read it over and over until I am well verse about what is permissible!.

I want to thank all of you for joining in on staying clean and OP. Lets post as often as we can or time permit. And lets encourage each other. And by the way? Suzie is proof that Food does NOT have to be medicine for emotions! Eating in a helter skelter manner because were upset DOES not MAKE us feel better! Its a trap that leads you in a very dark and lonely place where you end up hating yourself!.

Look? Life is too short, and we can spend it never taking a health program seriously and remaining in the overweight or obese category. And if we do that then no need to whine about it or complain because it's a choice we make! If I chose to remain fat and eat everything out of sight then I need to just live with the consequences of it! You know the saying Go to bed with dogs wake up with flees? Well I say Go to bed overeating and wake up with the pounds..

Anyone here want to gain more weight? I mean maybe you do? Anyone? If you do then I wish you a happy journey in the world of bad food choices and weight gain! Now if you are serious about losing weight then Medifast is the right choice and all you have to do is do like the Nike logo says:.


Last but not least, have you ever wondered why when you eat off plan it gets hard to stay clean for a while? Well one of the reason is that food can create craving for more food! The more you eat off plan the more you want something else. A good reason to stay OP!.

Lets get cleaned up Shakesters!.

Are we mice or mighty women?.


I love this saying attributed to Confucius but not sure it's a fact but anyway the saying says:.

Show Off always Shown Up for Showdown!.

Get it?.

So girls, lets show off what we got and show up for this showdown!.

Let the OP game begin!..

Comment #41

By the way.

Miss Sony.

: TOM came and hit me hard finally! That was a long 1 week PMS. But I'm happy it was a 31 day cycle if I'm correct! Hehe......

Comment #42

/hugs from Florida!.

I will do my best to follow the plan while down here in FL, and will return to being good and OP when I return. We ended up having to extend our trip. We were supposed to come home tomorrow, but needed to extend thru Monday since the Shuttle was delayed. Hopefully it will go up on Friday, but the launch window extends thru Sunday, so we decided that redoing everything more than once didn't make sense, so Monday it is..

Unfortunately, I didn't bring enough meals for that. I'm going to see if there's a local Medifast clinic that I can buy a box from, but otherwise, I'll switch to a 4-2 or 3-2-1 if I need to to make it work. I think I have 10 meals to get me thru. Oi. Next time, I'll pack a few extra days just in case and not just 1..

It's been rough, but I've been really good while I've been here. We've been packing in a backpack full of water bottles into each of the parks along with the sunscreen and my little baggie of Medifast food. My legs are SORE from all the walking. Which is a good kind of pain.

Glad to hear the commitments to be back on plan and working this so it can work for each of us. It's hard, but we're worth it!.

Much <3,.


Comment #43

Amen Nelly! And thanks for the encouraging "sermon"..

I'm determined for this day to be better than yesterday. I woke up to a 1 lb. loss, so that started things off right. Now if I just wasn't having a bad hair day....

Good luck staying OP everyone!..

Comment #44

Good Morning Ladies,.

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I last posted but things have been crazy. I ended up having a miscarriage almost 2 weeks ago, and I haven't been following any kind of diet program since I found out that I was pregnant back in Sept. Mainly for the fact that my diet consisted of saltines and cokes (oh the joys of morning sickness)..

I was being weighed in each time I went to the OBGYN, so I have an rough idea of how much I weigh, but been too scared to get on my scale at home to see what I actually weigh without shoes or heavy clothing on, however, I'm going to bite the bullet and weigh in this Saturday. I will be going home for Thanksgiving, so I think that I may start watching my weight after the holiday, but I haven't decided what weight-loss program I want to follow. I may try to follow a modified low-carb diet until then, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to come back to MF..

I hope that everyone is doing well with their weight loss, and I wish you all much continued success in the future!.


Comment #45



!!!! So sorry to hear about the miscarriage, you know, don't get discouraged or overwhelmed by the situation, I know it's very difficult to digest what has happened but if it helps any just know that there is always a next time! Don't worry about your weight or eating right now it'll only add on to your already problems, just take it one at a time, you just went thru a huge trauma so once you let go of it then you can think of the next.....whatever diet program you tend to choose later we'll always be glad to have you dear, love you..

Comment #46


, 1 lb loss is awesome, you r doing great!!!.


, do you know that you r just simply awesome? I think you should have been one of those professinal Foodologists or what do they call???? I don't know any fancy terms, maybe a psychotherapist for obese/fat people? LOL.....everything that you have said word to word is tru true & true......totally makes glad to hear that finally that *friend* of yours is gone!!! LMAO...thats such a fun way to describe her eating the sausage platter.....



, you are doing awesome, look at your ticker already at 136 and even it's not a week yet!!! Awesome!!!.


, hope you are having a blast, miss u!!!.

Aerie, just think that this is your testing time, try to pull on with those 10 meals with maybe 2-3 smaller l&g's and stretch it till you get back, I know you can do it!!!.


, hugs.....congrats on committing to 2 weeks of OP pledge! You can do it!..

Comment #47

Nelly, I really needed to read that this morning. Yesterday I was 100% OP.

This morning I was up 1.5 lbs..

I am just so tired of this crazy limbo game with my scale. It makes me SO MAD AND DISCOURAGED..

Amy & Aeri love and huggles to you both..

Comment #48

Roll Call:.


I hope you are having a wonderful and well deserved relaxing vacay!.


I'm glad I made you laugh. She drove me nuts with her perpetual feeding and food choices. And your friend is also another special case. Time for you to slim down and show off!.


Please put that scale away! I didn't weigh in last Friday because of TOM on it's way. Well TOM started today and guess what? I am NOT going to weigh in this Friday either. By the way? Where does it say that if you follow the program completely that you should weigh in all the times? Quite frankly, you can record your weight every 14 days, 30 days or 60 days! And you know that you can drop 2 lbs by Wednesday, and then be up by 1.5 on Saturday and down 3 by Monday. Believe me, it's normal business! So put that scale away and go without or record every 14 days! Chin up!.


30 Day shred? You are my hero!.


Congrat on the loss! You are making me so motivated!.


Good to hear from you! Do your best and come back soon!.


I am proud of you and I hope you are pulling yet another great OP day!.


Miss Melissa! I am glad you're going to give it a good shot for 2 weeks! You can do this!.



I am down 2 meals, about to prepare the 3rd! I now drink a glass of water after each meal so that should help with water intake. I also drink in between meals, and I hope to make it 100 fluid ounces by bedtime. Also, I am now logging my meals on line again. I am taking this seriously!..

Comment #49


- You are such a sweetheart, thank you for those kind words of encouragement! Love you too!..

Comment #50


I am so sorry for your loss. I am here if you need to talk. I have had 1 miscarriage at 8 weeks, a son born too soon who lived 3 weeks, and now Alison. I know how bad it hurts. I wish you peace. I will keep you in my prayers. Big Big hugs to you and your husband!..

Comment #51

And Sarah-Ann:.

You really ought to stress yourself less. You may be putting on too much pressure on yourself when Today on Nov 4th you are 181 and then your sig says that you WANT/or Must lose 11 lbs in the next 24 days? No wonder you take the scale to heart! If you say, that you will try and lose 2 lbs per week or more you will certainly beat that number most every times and feel better. Just a thought!.

I mean...leave it to me Id like to lose 50 lbs by the end of the year...but I know that I can knock down 2 lbs or more on and on for the next few months OP. And that's a decent goal!..

Comment #52


I am really sorry to hear that! Right now, I am with Sony on this...just relax and don't bother with scales and all that. I mean this has been enough trauma and you need all the love and nurturing from yourself and everyone around you. Diets are always going to be around. Just heal and nourish your heart and mind right now. Spend time with your family. The rest will come in due time!..

Comment #53

I know. I've just been hovering in the low end of the 180s for like 3 weeks now. I thought I'd have a breakthrough by now and it wouldn't be as hard to obtain. If I lose two pounds a week between now and the end of the year, I'd weigh 165ish. And that would be totally awesome. I need to put it all in perspective and get over myself..

I am going to put the scale away too. It made me feel so much better when I wasn't weighing in daily. You're absolutely right - there are no rules to this program about how much or how often you're supposed to weigh yourself..


I'm a little extra upset today too b/c I have to give a 15 minute speech tonight in my class. I do not feel confident about it! I always have these very grand images in my brain about how awesome I will be and then I get up there and stumble and bomb my way through it. Ugghhh... I think I will feel better about EVERYTHING when it is over! It's just been a lot of extra stress on my plate!..

Comment #54


Sorry to hear about your loss. Hugs, and try to keep thinking positive thoughts..


Love your speech. Amen and Amen!!!.


Hope your having fun in Florida..


You too, hope your trip is fun. I'm sure there is a Medifast store somewhere there..


Hey lady hope you are doing well. I'm sure you are like me taxi driving the kids to and fro..


I don't care much for speeches either, deep breaths..


Small goals often get us started to bigger goals. After 2 weeks you will feel so good you will add on another week etc...

Comment #55

Amy- Im so sorry! ((HUGS)).

Nelly- Thanks you I am having another day 100% OP, had a hard time with my sons mac and cheese yesterday, ended up eating one extra Medifast meal, figured that was better then breaking down and eating the rest in the pan! Lol..

Comment #56


: Great Job once more! Go Brandy!.


: Waving at you!.


: Good luck with speech! You can do this!..

Comment #57

Drum Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I cannot believe that I "Nelly" was 100% OP today so far! I did it by the book! No condiment abuse, no anything!.

2 Swiss Mocha 70, 2 Pomegranate/Cherry, 1 chicken noodle soup that I will eat after I post this..

My L& G was a 3 egg omelet with 1 serving of mushroom and 2 of fresh spinach! yummy!.

OMG!! I pray to finish the day at 100% OP and to continue this trend for the rest of the year! It's time to Rock and Roll!..

Comment #58

Oh and I am back at logging.

ALL my food and water.

On line again! It was about time!!!..

Comment #59

The speech is over. Thank GOD..

100% OP today! Woohoo!!..

Comment #60

/hugs Amy I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish you and your husband peace, and may you find comfort in your time with your family and friends..

I found a clinic and they were awesome and sold me food and supplements. I had to fill out paperwork like I was a client, and they will only do it once, but it will get me through so I can stay on plan!.

Shuttle launch was delayed again, so hopefully it'll go tomorrow. Today was spent fixing our trip tickets and reservations to everything and being lazy, which was really good after the last few hectic days..

100% OP too.

Nelly, your stories are so awesomely funny! Your friend needs a kick in the pants, but is great comic relief for the rest of us.

Sarah-Anne! I hope your speech went well. Oddly, I have fears of public speaking in front of large crowds and in graded situations, even though I have 10 QCredits shy of a major in speech com and a career as a trainer, so I totally sympathize!..

Comment #61

I dont mean to brag but once again 100% OP..

Comment #62

Good morning everyone. I just have to share a phone convo. that I just had with a nurse at my Dr.'s office. I have a rare autoimmune disease that requires me to have infusions of a drug called IVIG. Anyway, I was on the phone scheduling my infusion for next week. I remembered that at the hospital, they sometimes ask me my weight before mixing the meds.

She said, "Yes, we just put your last weight in our office on Sept. 1st". I asked what weight that was and she said 201lbs! I said "well, I weigh 176 now." There was a long silence and then she said "Excuse me?" like she couldn't believe it. I repeated that I had been on a diet and was now 176. She acted very surprised- I've been going there for 7 years and have never lost weight, only gained.

Hope you all are having a good Friday. I am sooooo ready for the weekend!..

Comment #63

Suzie, congratulations on the NSV!!!!! Thats soo funny that the nurse went spechless!!! You are really doing great!..

Comment #64


, yes, and being 100% is paying off, right? Look at your ticker I remember you were at 136 yesterday and have lost a pound overnight!!! you are rocking this program!.


, same goes to you too!!! Enjoy your half day at work and I bet u'll get time to take a decent nap in the afternoon!.



, sometimes I feel the same, taxidrivers, I think I drive my kiddos like 8 times or more daily, ahhh I don't even remember!!! Hope you are having a great day!.


, yay for finding a Medifast center & getting hold on some of the packets, awesome! I was watching this news about shuttle launch news yesterday that it has been moved to today afternoon and was thinking abt you:-) Let us know how it went..


Glad your speech went well. See you were worrying just like that for no reason you just did great!.

Ok ladies i'm off to make a shake now, i'm running late on my meals today!!!..

Comment #65


Congrats on the awesome NSV!! That's so cool!..

Comment #66

Good Afternoon Shakesters!!!!!.

Another day OP so far and I have no doubt that it will end 100% OP! OMG!!!!!!!! I don't recognize myself! It's been over 3 months since I began to stray and forgot what being fully OP was. It feels really good! I am proud of myself, and for once instead of feeling disgusted or mad at myself( like when I cheat), I actually am happy with myself and proud of being good. Hehehehe! LOL.....

I don't know if it's me but when you do well and you feel good about yourself it actually motivates me to put in another OP day. Time to Rock this showdown!!.

I did leave work at 1pm but went grocery shopping! I do have a headache from TOM and I need to speed up my water intake so that I can have a minimum of 100 in. I need to get infusers in my next order! It's hard for me to drink a lot of Aqua when it's cold outside!.

Roll Call.



Miss Kelsey, I hope your vacay is a wonderful one! Miss you!.


Go Sony! Glad to see you excited and all!.


That's a great NSV! LOL....her silence said it all!.



You're doing great! Congrats!.


Now that's motivation! Finding a center while on your vacay to make sure you stay OP! That's really great!.


Where's my Tami? Well...I know you're playing Taxi and all...but I hope you still had time for the 30 days shred!.


How are you holding out?.


Where are you?.


Come back soon!.

Now why do I always feel like I missed someone? It drives me banana every time I post because I want to get everyone.

So If I missed you here, no worries I will be back to post some more!.


You girls Rock and I couldn't do this without you!..

Comment #67


Ok! I knew I forgot someone! Sorry!.


Comment #68

Good night shakesters!!!.

Quick drive by to let you know that I had another OP day!.

Talk to you in the morning!..

Comment #69

Nelly!!! I'm crushed!!!.

Jk... it's ok =].

I posted on the main board just a minute ago you guys I am losing motivation for this program SO FAST. I don't know what is wrong with me. The hilarious thing is I am still 100% OP but I am just tired of Medifast meals, tired of lean and greens, tired, bored, BLAH. I know I have the willpower to do it - it's just my inner brat.. I bought 4 ginormous bags of 75% off Halloween candy b/c I have to make treat bags. I'm not even tempted by them.

I just want the ability to pick and choose. GRRR. Okay, just wanted to vent...

Comment #70

Sarah-Ann: HUGS!!!!!!!!.

What are you saying Missy? Leos are NOT quitters!!!! Yeah, we're known for getting BORED quickly and for wondering off into the sunset and even disappearing for a while BUT we always make it to the finish line because heck...we put the D in determination and W in Willful!.

LOL...LOL.. I once read in astrology book that our moto is " I AM therefore I WILL!!".

LOL...oh I know it's true for me...when I want something an army couldn't stop me and I never quit until I get what I came for. I am bad like that!.

And you know, I hit that same wall you are hitting around month 4 and then wasted 3 more month of my money being on a pseudo Medifast diet. By that I mean, Medifast plus some gummy bears, Medifast plus a glass of wine etc...And lost very little during those months..

Seriously? You've LOST 62 lbs!!!!!!!!!! And have only 41 lbs to go which if you stay OP as you have, it means that in 90-120 days you should be done with this program and going into maintenance! Yes that's right! Let's say 120 days and you're likely to be done IF you stay OP. That's nothing Sarah-Ann!! And if you add exercise now 2 to 3 times a week , your weight loss will speed up!.

As for boredom...shake it foods you like...I cannot live without lean ground turkey/ground chicken/ground beef, green beans, spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, cucumbers and fancy lettuces. I also find that eating home makes me feel better than eating any restaurant food. Plus to avoid OP issues I have to order a Freaking Cesar salad hold everything all the times and talk about boring!.

You can do this for 120 days OP and reach your goal!! My advice for you is to add exercise now and not later. Walk for 30 to 45 minutes 3x a week....2x on weekend and 1x during the week. And stick to meals you enjoy.....

Just think how in 120 days from now you possibly could be at goal! you may even want to make a 120 days ticker! Oh and don't weigh in so often! I know it so compulsive but really....I haven't step on a scale since last week and won't until TOM is gone and a few days have past since TOM! So you know I will see a nice drop because then almost 3 weeks would have passed..

You of all...can definitely make it to the end Sara-Ann! Get out of that rut...go walking today and tomorrow! walk around your neighborhood or go to an area where you can walk. you'll feel better about everything when you excercise...I KNOW...ask Tami/Sandi/Kelsey! It's really makes you feel better!.

Now get up young lady and get to business!! just think 120 days OP where you will be...Heck where will I be...I might go for 120 days OP as well...and watch the next 40 lbs drop off as well!.

Come on...Go get 'em Lioness!..

Comment #71

Good Morning Beautiful Shakesters!!!!!!!!!!!.

I will brag because I was OP all day yesterday and plan on being just that today! Roaaaaarrr! LOL.....

I slept in some my meals may have to get pretty close every 2 hours or something....I made it with 100 fluid ounce of water yesterday..

My line up today is :.

Cappuccino ( I had that already).

Hot Cocoa.


Maryland Crab Soup.

97% Lean Ground turkey and Green Beans.

Mango Serve ( I make it into a milkshake consistency..Yum!).

And I will go to Gym and walk about 2.5 to 3 miles today.

Water 100 fluid ounces ..

That's my plan and I will stick to it!.

Well, I will be back Shakesters...I am solo for 3 weeks so ...I'll be around more......

Comment #72

Nelly, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I really needed them today! I weighed in 1.5 lbs higher than yesterday. Why? Who knows - I was 100% OP yesterday!.

You really put things in perspective - eventually, the scale must move. I cannot linger in this 180-181-182-183 zone forever if I stay OP. And as a Leo, even though I'm whiny, I am too stubborn to quit. LOL..

I am going to start adding exercise to my plan. I know, I know, I have been saying this for a while now. But I am finally working less so now I have no excuses. At least if the scale isn't moving, I can feel awesome and powerful. I really need the mental boost!.

Last night I lurked around on the boards and found many recipes that I haven't tried yet, so that made me feel better b/c at this point, I feel like I have tried them all! Speaking of food, I am with you on dining out. It's always so boring!!! I feel like I can be OP and have a much better meal at home!.

Okay - I have to work tonight (booo.) BTW - I don't think I updated fully on that. I am working part-time from now until the end of the year, then I will be working like two days a month and being a true full-time student! Anyway, THANK YOU NELLY, and I hope everyone has a great 100% OP day today!..

Comment #73

Hi ladies!.

So....I have a confession to make. I decided not to do Medifast until I get back from vacation. I haven't gone crazy off plan an I've made good choices (crab last night) but yeah. I also bought a book called "The Carb Lovers Diet" and I'm seriously considering doing this once I hit 135ish or run out of food....

I'm having a lot of issues with being hungry...starving more so since I'm running a lot. I haven't lost on vacation or gained (there's a scale at the condo) and I'm okay with that. I was able to make good choices and wear shorts and dresses all week...and not be self-conscious all the time..

I haven't made up my mind for sure but I'm seriously considering it...any feedback?.

I hope you're all doing well and oP!.


Comment #74

Miss Kelsey:.

Of all people not you!! You are sooooo close to the finish line! Are you telling me that between when you return from vacay and say the 1st week of January ( 2 months in a lifetime) YOU won't be done and in transition? You don't run a 5 k to quit at the 4.5 K line. NO! You came this far and I have NO doubt that in 2 months of being OP you'll be done and switching over to maintenance!.

If Sandi and Tami could do this YOU CAN TOO! Because you 3 have been relentless weeks after weeks after weeks! If this is brought on by the guilt of eating off plan, I suggest you drop that guilt and relax and enjoy your vacay. You have come way too far and too close to the finish line!!.

In your shoes, I'd do 4+2 and decrease the exercise a little or it's intensity, Stay OP 2 months and transition for 3 months and then move over to low carb! That's what I would do!.

You can so cross this finish line in 2 months time. And that vacay water weight drops rather quickly you know that by now!.

Well, I've said Kelsey are a tenacious Kick A chick who doesn't quit easy! But if you were to quit this , I'd still love you the same!..

Comment #75


Glad to see you bouncing back! I saw your post in the main forum and you did receive a lot of great answers! And yes, you should start exercising. I suggest walking 3 times a week. It will help prevent your body metabolism from slowing down! Also, I don't know how many bars you eat but one of the reasons I did away with them is that 1. well the obvious gas from the sugar alcohol....but body cannot digest that freaking Maltitol or sugar alcohol in those bars. It made me stall over and over and over. I stop eating them and I haven't stall since.

But I did research this and in the old days of Medifast they used to tell people not to have more than 2 and not in the evening. I assume that the formula must have changed because now you can have 5 day for all anyone cares. But I would try 1 or 2 days without them and see if the scale let go some! Just a thought!..

Comment #76

Ok gang, this is likely my last post of the day!.

I walked 4.2 miles today! Yeah! It was a great workout! I have taken 4 of my meals and 100 oz of water. So 1 L&G left and 1 Mango Soft serve for desert a little later. And yeah...I was OP all day. So that's a wrap for tonight. hot bath, movies and a good night rest..

Tomorrow will be another day!.

Ciao beautiful ones!..

Comment #77

Well ladies! I had a rough day yesterday but managed to stay 100% OP!! WOOT WOOT THATS RIGHT! I have to admit, I am an every other day weigher. I post my losses when ever I have them and then keep track of how many pounds I lose a week..


Nelly- Thanks to your kind words as well!.


Comment #78

Well, it was a bit of a bummer, but the shuttle was delayed again, until Nov 30 this time. Looks like we'll be coming back down then too, since we're determined to see it. Sucks though, because all of these changes and extensions have cost so much. Oh well, the rest of the trip has been great.

And the space center was really cool and inspiring. We'll go back again when we return. We didn't have enough time to see all that we wanted to there this time..

We ate at a buffet tonight, and I made good choices, so even though I didn't weigh it, I'd still count it as 100% OP, since I looked up online what I'd be eating, and everything was good and I've been drinking the water and the 5 meals.

Awesome to see you back in the groove Brandy, and the butterfly is fluttering in the right direction.

Nelly, you are just awesome and inspiring and frequently make me laugh.


Sarah-Anne - What is it about the diet that you are bored of? Is there something you're missing? I try to keep in mind that boredom and food were huge issues for me in the past. That stuff will be there when I'm done with this diet, and then I will need to learn moderation and that treats aren't everyday things. You have done so amazingly well on this plan. You deserve to see it through to the end. I kick myself frequently that if I'd started this diet when I was first told about it, I'd be nearing transition now. This diet is the only one that has ever shown me consistent results..

Tami - What is shredding or a 30 day shred?.

Sony - Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for thinking of me <3.

Kelsey - Glad you are enjoying your vacation! Personally, I'd see Medifast through to goal and into transition, and then would look at a diet like that as a part of maintenance. But that's colored by my history of inability to lose weight. I used to run before I herniated or ruptured a disc in my low back, and it was the only way I ever maintained my weight. Oddly, no amount of exercise gets me to lose weight. I have a horrendous metabolism. Medifast has the magic blend that works for me.

Regardless of what you decide, we're here for you!.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!..

Comment #79

Aerielle... first off, sorry for your shuttle delay, but at least you get to go back! That's pretty cool! :0).

I'm not sure if it's like complete boredom. I think a lot of it is I get annoyed sometimes when I feel like I don't have choices. For example, yesterday, I wanted two things that do not fit into the Medifast plan but are relatively healthy choices. It drove me BANANAS that I couldn't have them. If I was dropping weight like crazy, would I have cared as much? Probably not... my stalling out plus a frustration/boredom feeling is what is driving me crazy.

I know I cannot be 100% OP for months and never lose weight - it WILL happen. I just have to dig my heels in and make it through this. Hopefully this means the weight will drop off like crazy once I finally drop under 180..

Oh btw everyone! Last night I searched for new recipes.....

I found RadiationGirlie's.

Thanksgiving Recipes.


An entire MF-ing Thanksgiving, from start to finish!.

If you are planning on staying OP on the big day, search for it and see what you think! I think it all looks SO delicious!..

Comment #80

Nelly! I've heard that before and when I was first on MF, I ate them pretty frequently and never noticed a stall. For a while, I quit eating them as much (not on purpose.. just got tired of em) and I've reintroduced them in big time over the past month and a half or so. On days when I do work/school, I often have 4 in a day. I'm off the next three days, so I'm going to try to go bar free and see what happens~ it's worth a shot! It would be interesting to see if that makes everything better!..

Comment #81

Miss Kelsey.


Okay, obviously I am in NO boat to judge since I had my own "should I quit MF" moment. And I am way further from goal than you! But if your issue is hunger, why don't you try 4&2 and then transition? Just a thought.. I support you no matter what!..

Comment #82

Good Morning Shakesters!!.

I wish everyone a lovely Sunday! Yesterday was another OP day but it was harder because I got hungry after walking those 4.2 miles at a very brisk pace. I burnt tons of calories but most likely pushed my body into starvation mode! It was crazy, how super hungry I got in the evening. I just went to bed ....with hunger and all! Oh well, at least I was OP all day..

Alright, I am gearing up for another OP day and I think today line up will be 2 dark Chocolate(they are so yummy if you make then with blender and ice into a milkshake consistency), 1 cappuccino, 1 soup(either MD crab or chicken noodle) and for desert a mango Serve milkshake! L&G will be lean ground beef on a Fresh Spinach leaves/mushroom/tomato salad. And of course tons of water!.

I will go workout today but I am going to do a split workout...I will do 25 minutes of weight lifting working my legs/butt/stomach and then I will do 2 miles after my weight lifting session. I'm sure I will be starving again. I might have to do 4/2 on days I work out more intensely and do 5/1 on days I do not exercise. I don't know will think about that....

So Here's to a lovely OP day!.

Mini Roll Call:.


I hope you are enjoying your vacay and Honestly? Being OP on vacation is HARD!!! So if it is too much of an emotional battle just eat clean choices and workout plus drink tons of water. When you get back just go total OP and whatever water weight you might have gained will drop off quickly..


Where are you? Are you having a hard time too and hiding? lol.....


I know you'll make it to goal! And hope you start exercise soon because a low calorie diet WILL slow down your metabolism. It's a fact, that's why it is very important to introduce exercise..


Where are you? You must be busy!.


Congrats on staying OP! And sorry about the delay. Well, it will be worth it!.


Great Job!.


How have you been? Are you struggling still?.


How's things with you?.

Kristin and anyone else I forgot:.

Enjoy your day!..

Comment #83

/hugs Sarah-Anne!.

Yeah I hear you. I get frustrated by that too. Sometimes, I try to see if there's something that I can mess with that will allow me to either have a small amount of what I want if it's possible, like working greek yogurt into my food numbers for the day, or if I can mess with the flavors of something to give me the flavor of what I want. Otherwise, I tell my inner brat to shut up, you've had so much of X in the past, it's why we're in this mess to begin with.

And it'll be there when we're done and in transition or maintenance..


, so interesting to hear WHY people say the all bar thing is bad, not just that it is. I figured that it was just that eating bars and all the other 15 carb items is an extra 25 carbs that can push you close to your limit, not that the maltitol is the culprit. That actually was why I started following the shaker sisters.

And then I wanted to join because you are all just so fun and sweet <3 I think the 4-2 thing is wise if you feel it's pushing you toward starvation mode. I also noticed that the days before a big drop, I was super hungry, so I hope that's what's going on with you.

It was like my body said No, really, we want more food! What? No food?! Damn you, we'll take the fat instead!.

And I' so proud of you for your determination!.

You're really inspiring me to get back on the exercise train when I get home. I had to stop while we were doing all the remodeling since I couldn't get to my machines and not enough space to do floor stuff with the furniture all over the place, but I will when I get back. I'm going to try doing P90X workouts lol. I need to build up some muscle, since I'm beginning to feel how loose my skin is getting. I also need to work on arm strength. I had strained both rotator cuffs and my shoulders are still massively weak and not recovered yet..

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous, on plan Sunday! We're going to be lazy and not do a whole lot. I might hit the little gym here at the resort and lay out in the sun to get some color. I have these wacky tan lines on my feet from my MBT sandals. Oi, I want to even them out some so it's not looking like an oreo anymore...

Comment #84

Hi ladies.

So I'm eating clean but not on Medifast in Florida! I've had a BUNCH of BLTs though. I'm going to go 100% OP and exercise when I get back though! The scale here is showing no gain so fingers crossed!.

By the way it's freezing here! I'm at the mall now, shopping and tomorrow is Disney!! <3.

Love you ladies!!..

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Good, afternoon.. everyone!.

I could not sleep at ALL last night. I tossed and turned. Which is normally not good for all things scale related but I weighed in and 181 again. F I N A L L Y ... so now that I match my ticker, it's all downhill from here! hopefully. unless I start randomly having gains again..

Today I am going to go BAR FREE to see what happens. I'll be studying all day too. Lucky me.

Hope to see posts from everyone today!..

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Hey ladies, sorry for MIA all of yesterday!!! I'm fighting a bad cold/very bad cough/fever/body aches right now.

Nelly, LOL....i'm not in hiding!!! This viral started friday afternoon and it was worse that night! I had a 102 temp yesterday, very bad throat infection, I mean I can't literally swallow even plain water! So obviously no appetite for the packets, I was on hot tea/soup all of yesterday....even to think to those Medifast packets wants to make me puke except the hotcocoa & the smores crunchbar so I had 2 of those today so weight is playing around 163-165....i'm still low & weak with some bug I guess....and this time change is gonna make it a long day too a bit harder on me cuz I just wish it's night and I can go to bed!..

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/hugs Sony! Feel better hun! Sucks to be sick! FYI peach tea is pretty good hot..

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!!! I never tried the peach tea! This viral is getting worse as evening approaches and aparently today is not any better! I've coughed and coughed my guts out, and I sound wierd when I talk too, this squeaking sound & DH was saying that I sound like i'm whistling deep from inside my guts or something when I talk, heheee....hopefully it should get atleast a lil better tomorrow if not then I need to see a doc, ohh gosh....i'm just tired and bummed with doctor visits lately for different reasons!!!..

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Feel better Sony!! * hugs! *.

I'm going to Disney for sure tomorrow! I went and bought a Minnie tshirt to wear and guess what? Its a size medium! I also got a black cardi for over it...medium too! ^_^ happy day!.

I know once I get home and back OP and into the routine again, I'll fall back into love with MF! Its just so hard when a vacation throws off the schedule! I know some can stay 100% OP but as you can see, I wasn't one of them....

I hope you are all doing well! From the posts ive read, you're doing amazing!! <3.


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Morning All,.

I just wanted to pop-in to say that I decided that it's time for me to get back on a healthy eating/exercise plan, especially after weighing in on Saturday. I went from 160lbs to 175lbs in less than 2 months!.

Same with my hubby, he's gained just as much as I have..

On Saturday, we made a mutual decision that we are going to just count calories now, and we're going to make this into our lifestyle and not just a diet. We downloaded an app for our phones and it's super easy to use and track all foods. We started on Saturday and I'm already down 1.3lbs! I know, I know it's mostly water weight, but I am still excited about that..

I hope that everyone is doing well, I'll come back from time-to-time to let everyone know about my progress..

Take Care,..

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Congrats on the size Medium Kelsey! And, hope you had fun in Disney...I love that place. I think I'm going to take my girls there this Spring..

Good luck everyone with having an OP week. I didn't do too well yesterday. I didn't get all of my water and meals in. But, back on track today!..

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Good Afternoon Shakesters!!!.

This is a super fast drive by! I am at work and It's really busy! I will have to post a real post and roll call from home after 6pm this evening! I have been OP and love it! I am happy that I am in that zone now, where I just do it the way It's supposed to and go about my business. I didn't workout yesterday cause I was babysitting a 2yr old and a 4 yr old. ( my niece/nephew). Cute little rascals!.

Anyway...I have to run and will come back and read posts/roll call /etc.....


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