How many points should I eat, if Im on a Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: How many points should I eat, if Im on a Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Team PINK's.




! Not sure where September went. It just flew by! But we are on to October now and the holiday months are looming before us. Don't worry! Don't be scared! Let's face the seasonal changes together! Medifast OP, ALL the WAY!.

The challenge this month:.

Is to start each morning with a S-T-R-E-T-C-H. You don't have to do a full workout, but just stretch, get some oxygen to your blood and wake yourself up gently. THIS is going to feel good!!! AND it will help with your weight loss by getting your body and mind prepared for a great OP day!!.

**Don't forget to report each day that you did your morning stretches!***.

Here is the link to last month's thread, in case you need to Ketchup:..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Hello PINKs!.

I started my day with 24 oz. of water in my stainless steel bottle (love that thing now but it took me a while to like it) and my Medifast cappy. Last night our cat kept me up for HOURs!! GRrrrr.....that cat is gonna need 9 lives! lol.

I love this month's challenge because I know the stretching will make a serious impact on all of you! LOVE the stretching feeling. just a few minutes in the morning'll love it!.

Today my DD has a few friends coming over for a quick tea party. She put a table in her room with a little table cloth. They are having gingerbread tea served warm in my tea cups..

I am OP, baby!! and gonna stay that way!!.


Good thing your son can get all that worked out. Sounds like his ortho knows what he is doing. My DS2 is getting his molars taken out and DS4 is having a mole removed...the list never ends. LOL.

Today is a new day and one day closer to goal!! We can do it PINKs! Please post a "fly by" to let us know how you all are doing...even on Fridays, we want to hear from you!!.

LOVE and Hugs to the PINks!!.

((((Team PINK)))..

Comment #2

Hi PINKs,.

Friday flew by for me, was busy busy. Had that local food event to go (free food is hard for me to say NO to, but I did. I just had a diet soda and didn't bring any diet soda back to the house so I could drink my water instead.) I am OP, baby! Not only did I sit through the local food event and not eat, but I FORGOT to take my Medifast food. I was in such a hurry to get out the door....and was running late....but the diet soda and talking to friends kept me OP. When I got home I immediately had two RTDs back to back. Whew! Then I was back on schedule.

We are soo excited to use it. LOL (I won't eat it but it is a good fiber choice for them without cooking it in oil.) For my DD's afternoon tea party I made homemade (yes, shredded the carrots by hand. lol) Carrot Cake...AND I did not eat it!!! My friend asked me how I could not eat it and I said, "Well, there is this skinny lady at my church who is famous for making pies. Once I asked her Mother in Law how that lady stayed so thin when she made all those pies. She said, "She just makes them.

BUT for ME however, I am still in the weight loss phase and so I don't need it for now..

Which reminds me...I read earlier that you all suggested a 5 pound buffer at goal and I used to think that too but now that I am getting closer to goal, I realize that just 2-3 pounds MAKES a difference in how I feel and how my clothes fit. So, my plan (and it's only speculation since I am not at goal yet) is to realize that the scale will flucuate on a daily basis as I intended to weigh daily to keep myself in check once I reach goal. I think 2 pounds or maybe 3 can be considered water weight or bizarre flucuations but more than 3 pounds is going to be fat gain. When I am at goal and am 2 pounds over my goal and for sure 3 pounds, I am going to watch myself closely to get back to the goal weight. Weighing myself daily will be KEY in keeping the weight off. Not everyone needs/likes to weigh daily but for me: I need to!.

I just lit a candle when I sat down at my comptuer and now the room smells sooo nice. Candles are sooo relaxing ... love that! So.


Light a candle! It cheers your day and makes everything easier to be optimistic about things..

I am OP, baby!.

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #3

My Actual Factuals (what I actually ate today): PINKS, post yours too!.

8am cappy.

10am RTD.

12noon RTD.

2pm RTD.

4pm cappy.

6pm LG (chicken and broccoli).

Drinking more water now but need another 24 oz bottle after this one..

Here's a funny joke my husband got from work and emailed to me...LOL :.


A woman writes to the IT Technical support Guy.

Dear Tech Support,.

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and I noticed a distinct slowdown in the overall system performance, particularly in the flower and jewellery applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0..

In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as.

Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, and then installed undesirable programs such as NEWS 5.0, MONEY 3.0 and FOOTBALL 4.1..

Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and House cleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system...

Please note that I have tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail..

What can I do?.



DEAR Madam,.

First, keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system..

Please enter command: ithoughtyoulovedme. html and try to download Tears 6.2 and do not forget to install the Guilt 3.0 update..

If that application works as designed, Husband1.0 should then automatically run the applications Jewellery 2.0 and Flowers 3.5...

However, remember, overuse of the above application can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Silence 2.5 or Beer 6.1..

Please note that Beer 6.1 is a very bad program that will download the Snoring Loudly Beta..

Whatever you do, DO NOT under any circumstances install Mother-In-Law 1.0 (it runs a virus in the background that will eventually seize control of all your system resources.).

In addition, please do not attempt to reinstall the Boyfriend 5.0 program. These are unsupported applications and will crash Husband 1.0..

In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly..

You might consider buying additional software to improve memory and performance..

We recommend: Cooking 3.0 and Hot Looks 7.7..

Good Luck Madam!.

Hahahaha LOL..

Comment #4


(Sorry, my caps was stuck on. lol) Anyway.....

Today I found an old recipe that a friend emailed to me and at the beginning of the email she is congratulating me for losing 62 pounds!!! LOL.

That was 100 pounds lost ago!!!!.

Made my day!!!.

...just had to share..

MF works!..

Comment #5

Good evening PINKs!!!!.

Hope everybody has had a great OP day!!! I got my shipment yesterday and I was able to try a couple of new things...for me anyways.

I tryed an RTD and it reminds me of the organic soy chocolate milk drinks that I sometimes buy for my kid's lunches....they are pricey so I don't buy them to often....yummy RTD! I also tryed the Chili today and it's pretty good...I added some salt and pepper to it and it made it much tastier! So I did not read correctly about those RTD's and only got 8 of them and I thought that I was getting 4 I see the price of a case and I am glad that I didn't go that route...LOL.

Anyways I have to order some more shakes because I had my last one yesterday thinking that ALL these RTD's were coming...silly, I know....that's what happens when your always in a hurry! LOL..

Comment #6

Ok PL, I was trying to copy and paste and I left some things out....well the computer did...LOL.

PL is in black and I'm in Red:.

I started my day with 24 oz. of water in my stainless steel bottle (love that thing now but it took me a while to like it) and my Medifast cappy. Last night our cat kept me up for HOURs!! GRrrrr.....that cat is gonna need 9 lives! lol.

I have one of those too and it does take some getting use too....I will have to start using it again because it's better for you than the plastic bottles!.

I love this month's challenge because I know the stretching will make a serious impact on all of you! LOVE the stretching feeling. just a few minutes in the morning'll love it!.

Stretching is very good for you and helps with your flexability! I am in for a new routine in the A.M. I want to start getting up about 30 minutes or so before I usually do and exercise or just stretching sounds good!.

Today my DD has a few friends coming over for a quick tea party. She put a table in her room with a little table cloth. They are having gingerbread tea served warm in my tea cups..


I am OP, baby!! and gonna stay that way!!.



Good thing your son can get all that worked out. Sounds like his ortho knows what he is doing. My DS2 is getting his molars taken out and DS4 is having a mole removed...the list never ends. LOL.

I sure hope so!!! I am happy that he will not have to go all through high school with them.

Today is a new day and one day closer to goal!! We can do it PINKs! Please post a "fly by" to let us know how you all are doing...even on Fridays, we want to hear from you!!.


Yes, do a fly by PINKs!!! We miss you!!!.

LOVE and Hugs to the PINks!!..

Comment #7

Put me down for 4 bottles of water and each one = 16.9 oz..

Comment #8

Hi lovely Pink's,.

Just checking in and let you know that I am still having a time with my leg wound. This coming Thur. I will be getting a wound vac put on my leg. Dr. said it will speed the healing, I sure hope so. The is still the same size, because of having some unhealthy tissue cut out.

Now, I hope this will be the last for them. I do hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I will be reading all the posts. Love you all, Linda..

Comment #9

I'm at another chess tournament this weekend. My son won his first game and is playing his second now. As we were walking into the hotel, one I stayed at this time last year for the same event, I thought about how Medifast makes these tournaments easier. I know I get to have a meal every two hours, no matter how screwy my son's meal schedule is around games that begin at 11 and 6 and can last for more than two hours. It's a little harder when I can't use food to entertain myself, but that's not too different from how it's hard in real life (vs life in a hotel for the weekend)..

One of the things I read years ago in the book Fat is a Feminist Issue and believe is true about myself is that sometimes I want to eat prophylacticallyin case I might not get to eat later. Getting an Medifast meal every two hours during the day fixes that, for me. Those of you who have had serious medical problems (or are still having them; that leg wound sounds awfully painful) know what I mean when I say sometimes we react to pain that way toowe want painkillers not so much because it hurts now, but because we're so afraid of how much it's going to hurt later if we don't have something now. And just like the Medifast meals, the medical professionals usually tell me to take the painkillers on a regular schedule, so the pain never gets too out of hand..

Stretching was a good thing to remind me of today. I hadn't thought about packing workout clothes on this cold weekend, but from now on I'm going to do it, so I can make better use of hotel exercise rooms. I tried my first infuser this morning and found the taste kind of bitter, no matter how much more water I added. That could be partly because I have a cold, though...

Comment #10

PL, PL!!!! I AM HERE, PL!!!!.

OMGosh... The roller coaster just keeps going around the track of life (I wanna get off the ride, folks) and with each ride into the station and back out, it gets faster and faster. I thought my phone would help keep me in touch with PNKS but I don't have time to use it at work to pop in and post.

I miss PINKS! I MISS, MISS, MISS you..

Despite still being in pain from August injury... yep, it's still as bad.

, on meds that make me gain weight on 900 cals a day and back working 50-60 stress filled hours a week again (to pay for the thousands of dollars of medical crap, I mean tests.

, that didnt help me at all), I am trying to get OP and STAY OP..

I need any and all PINK suggestions on being OP, Baby! I wanna write them down and keep them with me... lay 'em on me PINKS!!.

PL... I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for always thinking about me and keeping track of me..


Comment #11

Hi Pinks...

OMG.. I am such a bad pink. I post and then gone.. post then gone.. I am about to pull my hair out. I came back, lasted a week and then had my pity party and fell off the wagon because of all the pain I am in.

I am so afraid to weigh in on Monday but I have to do it if I am going to be honest with myself about this emotional/physical roller coaster I am on since this crap happened with my health. I got my fav foods in the mail this past week and so ready to start enjoying them. I used the excuse of running out of my fav foods as an excuse to not eat the 10-12 boxes of Medifast that is in there that I prob will never use. THis is just insane because I have been so immature about this..

I am ready to put it past me and start Monday...

I have a doc appt Tuesday to see if I can get a shoulder xray and to get better pain pills as this tramidol I am taking is not working for nothing..

Take care all.


Comment #12

Sharon- I am so with you on this. I hear ya.. I am going through the same thing..


Comment #13

(((hugs))) to all.. Mesh- PL- Linda- Leita- Thinking of you all.


Comment #14

OhhhhChristine! I am co-miserating with you. Tramadol is not fun stuff and never worked for me... on the pain at least, only makes me feel "drugged" and crabby. I am on Gabapentin and that isnt working either except to make me gain weight..

Pain sucks!.

HUGGING YOU. I feel like I do the same thing... post then gone, post then gone..

Missing all peeps PINK!..

Comment #15

Put me down for 4 bottles of water with each one = 16.9 oz...

Comment #16

Good evening PINKs!!!.

Today was a busy Sat. 1st I had woke up 2 hours early like at 6 seems that I've been waking up WAY to early for about 2 weeks or's been either 5:30/6am...uuggghh! This kind of thing seems to happen to me right before the time changes. It will change pretty soon...I think that it is usually right before Halloween....I better check the calendar....we will FALL back an hour. I love an extra hour of sleep!!!.

Anyways, both DS1 and DS2 played awesome soccer games today! DD wasn't feeling too good and she didn't want to play. She's got that stinkin cold again! DS1 made an awesome goal....he was sliding and kicked it right into the goal. They WON 7-0 Then my DS2 was the STAR player today....very agressive and was always on top of the ball....we like to call him he can RUN!!! He totally takes control of the ball and takes off with it...he was playing his hardest at 100% I lost track of how many times he fell down....LOL.

Then I went and did some Krazy coupon shopping at Target....just loved it!!! I got a $10 gift card for transfering my DD perscription (which only cost me $4 ) and was able to use that gift card on my $43 bill which brought it down to $33....before using my other coupons my bill was about $ I LOVED it!!! Coupons + gift card = happy shopper!!!.

Came home and had to make sure my DS1 and my DH were working on my DS1 report....answer was kind of...uuuggghhh!! This report and a diorama is due on Tues. His report is on Oysters and Limpets. We already have pleanty of Oyster shells and tomorrow I will take him to a small beach area at about 2:30pm when the tide is low and he will gather/pry some Limpets off of the rocks..

We made our 6:30pm church service tonight because we can't go in the DS1 has a football game at 10am and he has to be there an hour early to exersice and warm up for the game. My DH has to work as it's just me and the kids. My DS1 will play a team that has a couple of his friends on it...and his soccer coach from last year is one of the coaches for that team. His friend that lives right around the corner is on the team and a girl that I use to watch is on the team(she lives down the hill from us) and an old soccer/classmate is on that team(his dad is one of the coaches) My DS1 should have been on that team, but we had a waiver signed so that he could play with several friends/classmates and this team represents his school..

Then we came back home and my DS1 worked a bit more on his report. So tomorrow will be report and football until DH comes home and then I will have to go and do my Krazy coupon shopping at Safeway/Winco...LOL.

Ok I'm just rambling now....LOL I might post some more pics from our trip to SF and sports/misc..

Ok have a good night PINKs!!..

Comment #17

HI Pinks!.

I am a stealth pink but I want to publicly fess up ((((Hi PL, missed you :-)))) that I am back and am weighing in tomorrow morning for the first time in ages..

I'm ready to re-start and to face down all the everything that gets in the way of me making the choice to be OP - I have plenty of Medifast food and plenty of pounds to lose.......soooo - I will see you OP in the morning!!.

:-) Jonna..

Comment #18


Sunday... the calm before the storm called Monday LOL. I am starting again tomorrow. Making sure I have everything I need today and cleaning the junk out of the house today..

Hi Meshka!! GM Christina!! (((PL))), Hi "Stealth" Jonna!.

WOW! That was good! Here! Here! Me too! Isnt that it tho....

Facing down everything that gets in the way of us being OP.

And on the road the better health? Thought provoking..........

Hey PL... Can we do a fall recipe exchange? Easy, fast, crockpot comfort meals that are OP? I have NO time to cook. None. I really could use some recipes that have few ingredients, crockpot-able and are OP. Anyone else??.


BBL... gonna go clean and do laundry. Will pop in inbetween...

Comment #19

Hi Aunt Linda!! I am sorry I missed you in last post. I meant to and DD interrupted me so I quick tried to close and missed mentioning you.

(((((((Aunt Linda))))))))..

Comment #20

Ok just a quick fly trusty ol scale showed me a loss of 2 lbs this I'm down 26 POUNDS!!! I will up date my ticker later today. WOOHOO!!!..

Comment #21

Gabapentin as in Neurontin?? ME TOO .. I take 300 mg 3 times a day.. Is the med itself making us gain weight or is it triggering moments of wanting food that we know we shouldn't have ?? Now that has me wondering....

Comment #22

Welcome to the club of Monday ( tomorrow ) re starts.

We can do this.q..

Comment #23

Oh yes we can!! Thanks for the welcome...I weighed 216.8 this morning...up 8.6 from my lowest Medifast weight...sad about the gain, but I am back in business ;-).

Sorry to see that so many of the PINKS here are struggling with physical is harder to get into the endorphin thing when it hurts to move or you are all doped up from teh meds that allow you to is cool that you have each other though to problem solve together :-).

Mine is more mental, relational and organizational pain currently but it has still kept me from basically forcing myself to just get OP so I can ride the Medifast wave that I enjoyed (ok a bit of a stretch) during my initial weight loss....

Yikes back to it over here...three homeschooling kids, a cat, a husband and a home, plus I went back to school online (what was I thinking??) keeps me busy and self-pitying :-).

My plan today 2 eggs w/brocoli -8am/done, Medifast cappy,10 -done, looking forward to oatmeal at noon, rtd shake at 2,pretzels at 4,rtd shake at 6 and if I do a walk w/neighbor (4.5 miles in 1.3 hours-400+ calories at my weight) an extra Medifast brownie after - no extra walk (usual walk is 2 miles in 40 min 4 times per week) no brownie...for me that is motivation :-).

PINK power to you all!!.


Comment #24

Hi, Pinks and happy October! October is my favorite month.

I fell off the wagon big time and went completely off program. I'm starting fresh and just wanted to say hi for the first time in a few weeks. It's been a particularly stressful time lately but that is no excuse. I'm only hurting myself..

So, hopefully I'm back!..

Comment #25

Yikes...the system is slow....

Welcome Pink Betty - lots of us heading back here today...this could be good :-)..

Comment #26

Wanted to say that you look great!! Welcome back....we've missed you!!..

Comment #27

Hey Aileen- welcome back.. Join our Start back Monday program for those of us that fell off .. I am going to actually post some questions/ homework type stuff and see what type of results we get. I am sure PL won't mind...

Question # 1.

If and when you have fallen off plan- what was your trigger/ happened to have you fall off?.

Question # 2.

When you fell off, did you continue to post here, just read or totally stay away from the board? Did you feel guilty about any of these?.

Question # 3...

What do you think we could do better ( maybe a phrase on here or something) that would let people know we are struggling and need help to stay focused before we fall off next time?..

Comment #28

Question # 1.

If and when you have fallen off plan- what was your trigger/ happened to have you fall off?.

First time I fell off was when I went into the hospital a little over a month ago due to disk issues.. 2nd time was running out of my fav Medifast meals and being childish and refusing to eat the other stuff..

Question # 2.

When you fell off, did you continue to post here, just read or totally stay away from the board? Did you feel guilty about any of these?.

I didn't post here, but I read for a few days and then stopped because I was becoming more and more sad that I wasn't as strong as others here..

Question # 3...

What do you think we could do better ( maybe a phrase on here or something) that would let people know we are struggling and need help to stay focused before we fall off next time?.

I just want to be able to say " HELP ME, I"m SLIPPING" and get a size 6 or higher foot up my rear if I fall off...

You ladies are all wonderful and I so need your support...

Comment #29


! CONGRATS on the loss. GFU!!.

Aileen, Jonna, Christina... Moi....

Let's do it. I am all drugged up but ready to stop feeling so bad. I want to be healthy. I want to do fun things with my family and friends..

We can do it!!!!!.


Comment #30


! CONGRATS on the loss. GFU!!.

Aileen, Jonna, Christina... Moi....

Let's do it. I am all drugged up but ready to stop feeling so bad. I want to be healthy. I want to do fun things with my family and friends..

We can do it!!!!!.

Q1: Going back to work STRESS is my enemy. Definately..

Q2: I usually stop posting prior to a fall simply from lack of time and stress of life and lack of support from PINKS contributes to me falling. I do better when I am firmly in PINKS and not stressed..

Q3: BUDDIES helps me but have no one local.

That really helps me. Exercise helps me too..

Good stuff... I think we should start a 100 Days of Weight Loss Book Club again. Things quiet down a bit for me in 2 weeks..


Comment #31

There is something REALLY whacky about the site today, huh?.


... yes Gabapentin is generic Neurontin. Good times, huh?.

I found out the hard way that for me... Gabapentin and Advil LiquiCaps are not good. The Advil intensifies the Nyquil-feeling drug affect of the Gabapentin..

Comment #32

Dear PINKs,.

I am.


But I am.


I am exhausted....LOL Saturday, I spent the day walking around DS1's college campus. Got the whole tour thing and learned about meal plans, dorm rooms, financial aid, scholarships, etc. Then they had a football game. I was gone allll day but OP. Then today we had church all day (two services with a potluck in between and tons of things to take care of afterward) so I just now sat down at my computer for the first time. Tired.

This weekend we had several family meetings to discuss things like budgets, colleges, chores, etc... I am working hard to get things steamlined...and dealing with kid attitudes as they emerge. (as you can imagine, eek. lol).

Love and Hugs to you all!!.

I will.



Tomorrow I start my day.

...with my stretching.

...then weights.

...then Medifast cappy.

And a 24 oz. stainless steel water bottle..

(((Team PINK))).

We can do this!.

Goodnight, Sweet PINKs.

See you tomorrow...

Comment #33

Late evening PINKs!!!.

So today was a day for us....Me and the kids went to DS1's football game and they WON, what a game! They were really using strategy this time! They had to use defense almost the whole game and my DS1 didn't really get much play time. Offense wasn't playing up to apar I guess! I guess this team was supper hard to bet. At least my DS1 was always willing to help with water breaks and show his support!! I love that about him!!!.

Then we came home, had lunch and art time with a little rest time. Then we went and gathered up some Limpets, barnicals and sea weed for his diorama. Came home and I did chores...waited til DH was home at 7 pm so I could do my weekly shopping. Then we finished DS1 report and put together his diorama(we got the kids to bed LATE at 10pm) looks great!! I will take some pics tomorrow to post..

Hope ALL PINKs were OP today and are resting well..

I keep hearing my DD coughing....I feel bad for her! My DS1 woke up a bit ago crying and I had to comfort him back to sleep. It's one of those nights! Good night and sleep well sweet PINKs!!!.

BB in the AM..

Comment #34

"100 days of weight loss BOOK CLUB"? *pricks up ears*.

If it involves books, I'm usually there...

Comment #35

Morning Pinks.. Back to Medifast as of this morning. Just had my delicious choc bar. Gained between 10-11 lbs but I didnt take my water pills the entire time so I am sure the weight will fall off within 2-3 days..

Off to take my normal meds/vitamins and get this day started.. Stay OP!!.


Comment #36

Good Morning Ladies!!!.

Its been CRAZY around my house. Between school, work, throwing up, sleeping, and trying to fit some time in with the hubby.....b/c lets face it....just us time (no PL...not that type) is numbered. We have a baby on the way, and come January....all our time and engery will go into working on the nursery, and really cleaning out the house. Getting rid of things we dont NEED! We have fix our shower, and fix the guest shower (the shower head is coming out of the wall...easy fix...jsut need to do it). In April, we are getting the carpets cleaned in the whole house. Busy busy busy...them May the baby is due! I realized a few days ago, the baby is due on May 1st, and Mothers day is May 8th.

Anyways, so far I have just been flucuating in a 5 lb range. I dont eat as much as DH would like, but I eat every 2-3 hours. A lot of things upset my tummy. I just tell him...BABY doesn't like that! A few things that I use to eat between Medifast and actually get preggo. Chicken and Apples. I cant eat either right now.

Broccoli and Cauliflower both make me sick..

Anyways...I will talk to you all later! I have to get some work done, and do a worksheet that is due in my english class tonight!..

Comment #37

Hi PINKs,.

Good Monday to you all!.

I had two Medifast cappy's back to back for my 8am and my 10am and 24 oz. of water (working on more now), did my Morning Stretches but didn't get my weights in. Gotta do that this afternoon. I love it so!.

This week I wanna see a whole lot of participation in WIW! We see the numbers drop from week to week and motivate us all!.

(((Team PINK))).

On our way to goal and beyond! We can do this!!..

Comment #38

Krystin- Good luck on the English Class tonight.

PL- Great to see you.

Hello to all other Pinkies..

Comment #39

Dear PINKs....

Its taken me a while to ketchup. pull up a chair, grab a Medifast cappy or some warm tea to sip while you read..

(((Team PINK))).


Cases come 24 RTDs to a case and there is a slight discount for ordering a case at a time. I order at least one case a month and ration them out for when I need a fast Medifast meal or am going to be out of the house for convenience. If you order them with free shipping then you dont have to worry about the weight of them in the mail. LOL I drink mine at room temperature but others like theirs chilled. I just like to throw them in my tote bag-purse and go. did you say an extra hour of sleep? LOL lay it on me! LOL when is the time change? We always show up to church early by accident that week!!! Dont you love watching your children run? It is almost as we are running free with the wind with them.

Those kind of projects are fun! Btw, I dont even know what a limpet is. LOL Your coupon shopping has inspired me! I am going to get my kids on that project too. It is perfect for my younger to do. They can cut out the coupons on Sunday for me and then keep the earnings as their allowance/spending money. Weve never done allowances before but it would be a fun way for them to get a few dollars to spend.

I guess it's the college-is-upon us reality check! LOL First DS has started and now soon to be followed by the other 4! LOL We knew this day would comeso far three teenagers in the house at the same time. Eek! lol GREAT weight loss for you! Another two pounds, every pound adds up! 26 total so far! Awesome!.


Hope your legs heals. Glad you checked in. Feel better soon and type with your feet up..


, I loved reading how Medifast makes your life easier when you are with your kids doing kid things! Chess tournaments stress me out so I can learn a lesson from you to remain calm. LOL Congrats on your son's wins!! wooo hoo!! BTW, what you described about the leg pain is exactly what Ive said about before about MF, woohoo! Medifast is good to keep the pain of hunger away, just as pain medicine does for injuries but also with pain meds, if you get behind it is hard to catchup to the pain, same is with MF. If we get off schedule and allow ourselves to get toooo hungry then it is hard for Medifast to catchup to our hunger so it's best to stay on top of it by staying on schedule..

Wooo hoo! Goo MF! There are so many infusers flavors to try. So try another. White Grape Peach is my current favorite. There is a 100 days book that we have done together here on PINK before. We can do it again!.

It is called 100 days of weight loss by Linda Spangle. Every PINK can buy their own copy to read along with me and Ill will post a summary each day for a 100 days..

In the past we have done it for the last 100 days of the calendar year and once we did it for the first 100 days of the new year (if I remember correctly. Lol) PINKs, you can get your books on amazon or maybe locally wherever you live. I will start it tomorrow but we will have to either be a few days behind or I will combine a few days to catch us up because I dont think there are 100 days left in this 2010 year..


Is here! Wooo hooo for you having unlimited text now! Hee hee! How exciting is that! I am sorry you are still in pain but I am sooo proud of you for wanting to gain control of your weight management and be OP! PINKs are cheering you on! Posting here daily (EVEN if as a fly by, HELPS! I promise!) So PLEASE just keep checking in daily so we can keep daily tabs on you. We can do it together! EXCELLENT idea about OP crockpot ideas. PINKs, please post any you have. I will do the same! I LOVE my crockpot and use it mostly to cook those individually frozen chicken breasts. I dont defrost them. I just rip open the bag, throw them in and put the lid on.

I usually put them in at night before bed and then take them out in the morning. SO easy! Then I use the chicken for on top of my salads or make into a million different things for the kids..


, there is no such think as a bad PINK. LOL We are all PINK in whatever state we are in. Love you. Listen, not all the Medifast food is everyones favoritewhy dont you offer a trade with other PINKs or let me know what you have and I can swap with you. PINKs have done that in the past and it's kind fun getting a PINK package in the mail. LOL I am sorry about pain.

Think of being OP as something NICE you do for yourself. ~smile~.


Is here too! LOL at your stealth PINK HahahahahhahYall really know how to make PL cry with tears of joy!! PINKs are here! LOVE you all! Jonna, you have been on my heart/mind these days. I met you and fell in love with you in CA and now I am sooo far away. That relaxing day we spent on the beach together, gabbing while our kids played in the surf was soo special! Thank you for that day! Lets get healthy together, dear friend. We can do itONE day at a time. Just be OP for today. Do NOT worry about tomorrow (yet).

We are on this weight loss journey together. I havent posted my WI lately either because it is up from my lowest. But I will post it on WIW this week so you all will realize that none of us are perfect but we just keep on , keeping on. NEVER give up! Btw, yes, homeschooling, family AND law school is a lot! BUT you are one tough PINK and can do it! Just keep posting here so we know you are thinkin PINK. Youll have a lot more energy when OP to get everything you need to get done.


You are beautiful! I love your picture in your avatar! Such gorgeous hair! Welcome back! Two big things about being OP successfully: post to PINK (when we get away from being PINK, we lose PINK power and forget to be OP in times of stress. PINK gives us motivation and power to fight the urges to eat sludge. I am so glad you are OP and PINK!.


Ooooh, GF. I feel for you. I was good at pregnancy. I was a real trooper. It was the deliveries that I couldnt do and so had all five of my babies by c-section. Take your prenatal vitamins at night, after dinner or right before bed (but not on an empty stomach).

Eating a wide variety of veggies is healthy for you and baby so dont rule out the ones that bother you now for the whole time, just revisit them again later and maybe you will like them again. Keeping your weight gain SLOW is good because baby needs to gain (NOT you)..

Trust e on this! I gained most of my weight during my pregnancies and it took me 15 years to finally do something about it. Best way is to not gain a ton to begin with. LOVE the nursery colors you picked out with the elephants was that for boy or girl? Or just boy?.

A girl has to have some PINK in her life..

~wink wink..


Its past my 12noon meal and so Ill be back after I eat to answer my homework that Christina posted (thanks, Christina , for doing that!).

Love and Hugs to the PINKs!.

We are stronger together! PINK POWER!!..

Comment #40

The Elephant theme was for a boy. We haven't really looked at too much girl stuff yet!..

Comment #41


, there is no such think as a bad PINK. LOL We are all PINK in whatever state we are in. Love you. Listen, not all the Medifast food is everyones favoritewhy dont you offer a trade with other PINKs or let me know what you have and I can swap with you. PINKs have done that in the past and it's kind fun getting a PINK package in the mail. LOL I am sorry about pain.

Think of being OP as something NICE you do for yourself. ~smile~.

Thanks PL. Ya know, I was putting all my food up today and saw the oatmeals and soups and hot cocoa that has been sitting in there unused... Plus I got some new soups in my new order. I wasn't excited about them 1-2-3 months ago but I think I was using as an excuse. I still have a long ways to go on working with this stupid eating disorder ( see food- eat it) mentality. Anyways, as I was looking at them, I got more excited to eat them again ..

I think the hot foods didn't do much for me during the heat of the summer..

I have drank almost 50 oz of water.. I have taken my water pills so spending some time today with the toilet. Him and I get along real well. HAHA Anyways, took two advil for my shoulder/ neck pain and goin to go lay down and watch some tv with the heating pad on it..

I have a doc appt tomorrow in hopes to get an xray of this shoulder. The er, hospital and neuro docs have ignored my request of xray for shoulder. I will not leave the doc tomorrow until I have an order in my hand for an xray. Something is going on with my neck and shoulder and I am gonna get to to the bottom of it if it kills me. Good news is that unless I really do a lot of lifting or too much moving around, my back pains are subsiding and under control. Lower back bothers me if I stand too long and if the weather is not nice- which makes sense since I have mild arthritis in my lower back..

I still have the slight numbess/ tingling on the entire left side of my body. My leg isnt that bad anymore. I really don't even use my cane anymore and I rarely lose my balance. My left arm tingling really only bothers me at my hand and that is only if I am using it too much with heavy items. So I know things are looking up. I just still have my good and bad days..

I didn't sleep well last night so I think I am more tired than anything..

I am remembering that I will feel like blah/crap/poop/ etc for the upcoming few days as I detox the bad food out and enjoy my MF. I am ready for it. I will also keep in mind that if I am really really hungry and need that extra meal- I should be content with having an extra Medifast bar or shake or something along those lines then to get off the program and eat something horrible for me..

Sorry for the rambling.. Just felt like writing.

Be back later after I lay down for a bit.

Oh BTW- Krystin- if it's a boy- I love the elephant theme. You don't see that often and I love that idea...

Comment #42

Hi PINKs!!.

We will be starting the 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle tomorrow. Well be counting down the days through the holiday season and into the new year!.

My plan is to incorporate the daily assignments into our daily.


Homework to make things as easy as possible for us. (There will also be a typical get-to-know homework question for you all to answer .) Each day I will follow the book and give a short thought for the day. If something strikes you and you want to comment on it, please do. But do not feel the need to make comment at all; just take it all in..

Buying the book is optional. If you decide to buy, you can probably find it on or maybe ebay. The book recommends to get a notebook to do your homework in. You might want to buy a pretty notebook but any paper or even taking notes on your computer with Word, will do..

The homework assignments can be recorded in your notebook or typed into your team.


Post. It is up to you!.

I would also like to put a countdown ticker of the 100 days in my signature and you are encouaged to do the same if you like or you can just watch mine. Counting down a 100 days together will be fun and get us through the food-filled holiday season..

Some days, if you have the book, you will think she got that right out of the book but other days I might go off in my own thoughts that I want to share with you inline with the days topic..

Thank you for being a part of.

Team PINK!.

Everyone of you make this team what it is. I am looking forward to being a 100 days healthier with you all!..

Comment #43

I am a newbie and would love to get in on Team PINK. I am only on day 5 and have a long way to go, so any support I can get would be great. Thanks!..

Comment #44

Hi Clgunn, I PMed you..

PINKs, wowsa this day is flying by! It's 3pm! I just had my 2pm meal and soon it will be time for my 4pm meal! I love days like this when I am not hungry!!.

Wooo hoo!!!..

Comment #45

Well, PINKs, it is the close of the day (depending on what time zone you are in). How did your Monday go? Everyone please chime in and give us a report. We are here to cheer you on and help find solutions to any OP problem scenerios that might arise!.

We can do this! (((Team PINK)))..

Comment #46

Thanks PL for texting me off the cliff! U R my hero and PINKs, because of our beloved PL, I can say... I am OP, Baby!!!.

I cannot wait for 100 days book club. U can also get the book on. Linda's website:

HI PiNKs... more tomorrow.. I am in car on way home from VBall game 2hrs from home. I am getting car sick reading on my phone..

I am OP! Hear me roar!!.


Comment #47

Hi Ladies! Did we ever finish the water challenge? If not here's my water for the last 2 weeks:.

Water Challenge ==> Total = 971 oz..

22-SEP-10 ==> 90 oz.

23-SEP-10 ==> 50 oz.

24-SEP-10 ==> 64 oz.

25-SEP-10 ==> 75 oz.

26-SEP-10 ==> 100 oz.

27-SEP-10 ==> 100 oz.

28-SEP-10 ==> 105 oz.

29-SEP-10 ==> 68 oz.

30-SEP-10 ==> 60 oz.

01-OCT-10 ==> 60 oz.

02-OCT-10 ==> 45 oz.

03-OCT-10 ==> 80 oz.

04-OCT-10 ==> 74 oz..

Comment #48

Just catching up while I can, here's HW from last 2 weeks.

Team PINK's Friday Homework:.

1) Where is the first place you notice weight loss on your body? Where is the first place you notice a gain on your body?.

I noticed weight loss in my wrists first and weight gain in my boobs first..

2) Do you have a craft? What can you make?.

Not really, but I do love to do anything that is artsy fartsy. Although I use to sell card toppers on ebay while living in England. Now I just make cards for friends and family.

3) Do you know how to tie a men's tie?.

Yes but out of practice, havent tied one in years, DH showed me awhile back..

Team PINK's Thursday Homework:.

1) At what age do you feel you've been the most fit in your life? What did you have to do to get there at that time?.

Would have to say the year I went back for my 10 yr HS reunion. I got down to 118 lbs. (could just kick myself) I dieted and workout 2 hrs a day, doing an ab workout, weight lifting and cardio/aerobics..

2) How many countries have you been to? Name them..

Mainland Japan (x1), Okinawa (x3) (counting it separate since the culture is different) Hong Kong (x1), Korea (x1), Hawaii (x1), England (x1) and Paris, France (x1).

3) Do you make your bed every morning?.

No, but I do, make it about 90% of the time. The other 10% is me making it before getting in bed or DH making the bed..

Team PINK's Monday Homework:.

1) What's your mindset: Do you see how "good" you can be or do you see how "bad" you can get away with and still lose weight?.

I would have to say how good I can be..

2) Are you an early bird riser or a night owl?.

I am a night owl, it's just so much quieter. At the moment I get up @ 5:45 every am to make kiddos breakfast. I usually dont fall asleep until around midnight. I should be knocked out by 9 pm, but it never happens. I am looking forward to going to night shift. DH will b changing shifts in about 2 weeks time.

3) How old were you when you learned to ride and bike and who taught you?.

Not sure how old I was, but my dad taught me.

Team PINK's Friday Homework:.

1) What is your favorite recipe using the Medifast packets? Please include recipe and/or pictures..

My favorite recipe using Medifast packets is currently Oatmeal Bar. Since I found the reipe posted on hte boards awhile back, I haven't eaten oameal any other way. The recipe is easy and quick..

Oatmeal Bar.

1 Medifast Oatmeal pkt. (any flavor).

4.5 TableSpoons of water.

Mix well is small container, I use a ramkin or similar size container. Microwave for about 1 min. depending on your microwave and container your using. Top of oatmeal meal bar should look dry, if not just microwave an additional 10-15 sec. until it is..

2) When it comes to parking do you park close to the building or far away?.

I just park where ever, unless it's raining then as close as possible. But on days where I feel I need a little extra walking, I'll park far away..

3) What color is your house? Has it always been that way or did you paint it?.

My house in England is white and brick, the house we are uaing here is , hmm cream color bothi inside and outside. I hate it...

Comment #49

Good Morning PINKs!.

Sorry I have been MIA, thing have been getting really busy here. Just made it through 1 Bday (DD1, she's now 17) and have one more to go. DD1 has started taking Driver's Ed course, I am excited about that. DD2 was acting funky about homecoming, practically had to force her to go. But now she is excited. I ordered 2 dresses and a pair of shoes from JCP, hopefully it'll get her by Sat.

The 9th. If it doesn't will have to take her off-base to get a dress. Which she happen to find 2 options just in case. DD3 joined a new club and I have a meeting to go to for it this Thurs. and she's doing a car wash on the 16th I think.

Fortunately I took car of their costumes last month. I just have to make DD3's card wand thingy. I'll post a pic when I get it done..

I went off plan once on the 3rd. It was DD1's Bday. Made angel food cupcakes. Put a little frosting on them since she's been wanting something sweet. I had one myself but put FF cool whip on top instead. After that went back on plan..

I may B gone a few days or more, who knows. I got full blown sick yesterday. I am sooo tired, didn't get much sleep due to coughing and not being able to breathe. I am trying to stay out of the emergency room. I'm hoping with my weightloss that the DR will decrease my medication for asthma/allergies. But if I end up in ER it won't happen.

I've been avoiding my yearly breathing test trying to get my weight down and b more physically fit before I go take it. Anyway, just waiting for Dh to bring me some more tissues, cold medicine and starbuck's coffee, then I'm gonna try to take a nap. As long as I don't get a fever I should B good..

Have a great OP day!..

Comment #50

Hi Setae. Hope U feel better soon!.

Ok we are home and I am going to help DD w/her homework then go to bed. I am exhausted..

Nite Pinks!! Let's make it TWOsDay... 2 OP Days in a row!.

Have a great OP Tuesday...

Comment #51

WOW - it's a PINK paradise here!!.

I am so excited to be back on Medifast at this time!.

I have yesterday and most of today under my belt OP!! Woohoo! Looking forward to WIW (for once :-).

Am also looking forward to the 100 days of weight loss experience...PL is that a book that we can buy/borrow from library to follow along?.

OK thanks for support PL - you rock woman - sorry that I am such the hider outer !!.

Off to walk with my neighbor in our safety vests (it is night time here) - they are not pink but they do reflect...we want to be thin, not flat :-).

Til tomorrow!.


Comment #52

LOL, Jonna! THIN, not FLAT. you are too funny. We hope you don't get run over! lol.

OK, PINKs,.....all you PINKs, please post a nightly check in.....

How did Monday go for you? What was easy? Difficult? What are your Actual Factuals? Did you exercise? Please post so we know how you are doing..

Setae! Soooo awesome that you are here! Thanks for your water report and all your homework..

Hope that dress comes in time for your DD's homecoming AND that you feel better. Let your hubby pamper you for a while. It's good you arrived today. We are starting the 100 day book tomorrow..

Btw, Jonna you can order the book yourself "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle(probably from Amazon) or just follow along here. I'll keep it short and sweet here..

.....still waiting for some more PINKs to report in....We can do this!..

Comment #53

Good evening PINKs!!!!.

Today was a day 'OFF' for me because my DD was sick. I kept all of my kids home from school today. We just hung out, snuggled and finished reports and homework..

Then tonight my DH worked with my DS1 on his final draft for his Oyster and Limpet report. My DS1 didn't want to re-write it, but then he decieded to finish a final draft....oh boy....he is sooooo happy that he did and it looks so much better!!! I am so proud of him!!!.

I am looking forward to this months challenge! Sounds very encourging!!!.

Have a great evening PINKs!.

Welcome ALL new PINKs!!! I will catch up tomorrow..

Comment #54

Morning Pinks.

Need to lose another 7 lbs and I will be back where I started before I fell off round 2. LOL Half asleep right now. Will take a nap later before my doc appt..

My Monday went great. It was hard because of old habits but I stuck with it..

Here is to a Terrific Tuesday to all.


Comment #55

Good Morning, PINKs!.

Mornin' Christina. Hi Meshka..

(((Team PINK))).

This morning my phone alarm went off. I set the phone down on my nightstand and it slipped off and fell AND broke..

I have already put in a claim though and should receive a new one tomorrow. Sharon, I got your text this morning but can't reply now. LOL.

I am already going through phone withdrawls. LOL.

Christina, I am sooo proud of you...hang in there ONE day at a time. In the beginning for me, I used to say "Weight Loss is a decision made every hour." because just about once every hour I felt like cheating and had to make a conscious decision to stay OP. Then I just counted down the minutes until my next scheduled meal can do it! Come here to PINK if you need a distraction from the food..

PINKs, we have some GREAT ladies here....I know all of you but what we need to be a TEAM is for you all to know each other better. SO, please post an introduction of yourself. Tell how much you've lost (if it's not on your ticker), where you live (or at least what time zone), what you do for a living/hobbies/family/pets/skills/favorite Medifast foods/why you love MF/anything!.

Let us all get to know one each other better!!!.

We can do this!! Medifast works! Gooooooooooooooooooo Team PINK!..

Comment #56

Here's my homework that Christina posted for us:.

Question # 1.

If and when you have fallen off plan- what was your trigger/ happened to have you fall off?.

I have fallen off before. Most recently it was because I went to CA on a trip for my son's chess (CA for 11 days) and I changed my shipping location AFTER the food had left the warehouse...long story...but UPS lost my shipment. I didn't have my Medifast food and used that as an excuse to go all out and eat what I wanted in mass quanity. I REGRET that decision. If I had to do it over again, I would of had Medifast send me a new shipment and paid expedite shipping on it to the hotel. I will never make that mistake again!!! I was deep into the fat burning state when I arrived in CA and should of done everything humanly possible to protect my ketosis.

Lesson learned..

Question # 2.

When you fell off, did you continue to post here, just read or totally stay away from the board? Did you feel guilty about any of these?.

Sometimes if I am not perfectly OP, I will hide. LOL But I know that if I stay away tooo long then I can't get refocused. EVERYTIME I come to PINK I get motivated, pumped up and recharged! Medifast works and I see it everyday here in PINKdom..

Question # 3...

What do you think we could do better ( maybe a phrase on here or something) that would let people know we are struggling and need help to stay focused before we fall off next time?.

I like this idea and am open to suggestions but just a simple: HELP or S.O.S or anything will work. A good vent, a good cry....however we need to reach out is what we need to do. There is something you should all know....if you eat off plan...just eat your very next scheduled Medifast meal and POOF! you are already OP again! No need to wait until the proverbial Monday. No need to even wait until the next day! ...just pick up the next Medifast meal. Trust me. Just pretend the cheat never happened and go on. (except learn from the experience so you can avoid it next time.)..

Comment #57

PINKs, PLEASE post your introduction... here's mine:.

I am PL, Prairielady, homeschool mom to five kids: DS1 is 18, DS2 15, DS3 13, DD 10, DS4 is 9. Same hubby for 20 years and he is an Electrical engineer. We met and married while in college. His graduated before we got married. I graduated after we got married (BBA in Accounting). Nobody knows what a BBA is...LOL.

LOL It's a Bachelor of Business Administration. Anyway, I have the dipolma but have never used it. See above where it says homeschool mom to five kids? That's why. LOL 5 kids is a lot! I was knee-deep in diapers and/or nursing for about 10 years there. Just came out of my "fog" and realized I was 317 pounds at my highest recorded weight (gained more with each baby).

I've been "carving" myself out ever since. That's also how I became a Health Coach. I believe in Medifast and have seen it change lives..

We live in the country, surrounded by soybean or corn, depending on what the area farmers plant that season. I grew up in the big city so am a transplant to the country life. In the past we've raised our own pigs for meat and for the sake of giving our children chores to teach responsibility. We currently only have chickens for the eggs but also make a great chore for my younger children to gather the eggs. I am a wanna-be quilter, knitter and more recently have dabbled in crochet. I gave up scrapbooking for lack of time and talent and enjoy photography.

My older two are the most experienced/highest rated out of all my children, of course, but my DS2 takes chess the most seriously and has been our state's Scholastic champ for two years (but not consecutively). My kids also like go-carts, shooting guns in the backyard at target or skeet (clay pigeons). We were going to a lot of chess tournaments this summer but just cut back to one a month and I am only taking my oldest one or two now to give the younger kids a break (and more time to prepare). On PINK, I am notoriously known for being under HIGH stress when my kids play chess but I am getting better about it. LOL Tournaments are usually in big cities so we drive anywhere from 3-12 hours each way to get to one.

I love books and read non-stop as a child. I still love to read but it's usually non-fiction these days. As far as exercise goes, I know my body loses great by walking 2 miles a day but have recently started weight training. I love it! I also start my day by stretching and it realllllllllly helps me get off to a wonderful start. My church has a potluck EVERY Sunday which has also been something I've had to deal with on my weight loss journey.

I've dealt with the potluck in almost every way at one time or another and have come to realize that my most successful options are to either bring something specifically I can eat for myself or avoid the potluck altogether because I can not seem to "build" an LG successfully. (no way to measure and rarely anything that is not laden in sauces).

We have two dogs (one that my son just got for his birthday this summer, a yellow lab. and one that was a stray that adopted us, a beagle of some kind). We also have ten outside cats! (all fixed so as not to make more cats. We have names for them all and love them all. And we have one indoor declawed cat, named Diamond. She is grey with a white diamond shape on her chest.

LOL She does, however, love my youngest DS and often sits on his lap when he does school....well...that's more than I planned to type but I could go on and on..

LOL I can talk about my kids and/or Medifast all day!.

Please introduce yourself (even if you have already before)..

(((Team PINK))).

I will be back later to post the first day of the 100 days! woo hoo!!!..

Comment #58

My introduction:.

I married right out of college and have been married for 28 years now. We have two children, a daughter who is a senior in high school and a son who is a sophomore. The son plays chessthat's how I met PL in real life and she got me interested in MF..

I'm an administrator at a liberal arts college, where I train and schedule the writing tutors. I taught college classes for 26 years but gave it up this year because the commuting was too much and I'm trying to increase my commitment to my writing center job, possibly expanding the hours and responsibilities. Because the Writing Center is open in the evenings, I'm not often on the computer then..

I read all the time and review books at a blog entitled Necromancy Never Pays. When we have time (mostly summer, now), the kids and I volunteer at the local cat shelter. We have four cats, all from the shelter, who go outside during the day. We also have a white bunny. We used to have guinea pigs and parakeets and fish but haven't replaced animals when they died lately because it was all beginning to be a bit muchwe think caged animals need some time out of the cage every day. I also play the violin in the local volunteer symphony orchestra, which rehearses for 2-1/2 hours every Monday night..

Because my daughter and I are both very tall and because we live in a rural area, I order most of our clothes. In preparation for reaching the 50-pound-lost mark (I'm one pound away), I ordered a pair of jeans in a size 18 long. Tried them on yesterday and they fit! I'll wear them by the end of this week...

Comment #59

Hi Pinks.

I am Christina. I am married ( been for 5 years) have 4 cats, 2 dogs and a bird. No kids ( yet). I live in VA Beach, VA and love it here..

My highest ever recorded at a doc office is 420. I started Medifast shortly after on May 3rd 2010 weighing 412.4 .. I got down to 332 which is a 80 lb lost but have fallen off twice. First was not really my fault as I had a health scare and ended up in the hospital. Was told to stay off Medifast for a bit until results came in. ok- going off it wouldnt had been bad if I ate healthy- but nooooooooo that was an excuse to eat foods I can't even write out because it's like food porn.

Lesson learned!.

I'm still proud of how much weight I have lost but no happy that I am still in the process of learning why my body yearns for the food that are so bad for me. T.O.M just showed up today so I can see why day #1 restart yesterday was tough even though I stayed OP. It explains why I pigged out over the past weekend. LOL.

I am a stay at home wifeI just started up making candles again for my business that I will be bringing back up sometime in Jan of 2011. I have to test everything again and make sure it's perfect..

My fav Medifast foods are the Chocolate Shake , peanut butter crunch bar and the chocolate crunch bar. Notice- it's all sweets? ( evil grin).

My personal non food related addictions is Criminal Minds , Reality shows, facebook and I play World of Warcraft. I will attach the man of my dreams off Criminal Minds to this post..

He is MY " McDreamy". Looking to trade hubby in dor him. lol.

Anyways, hope everyone enjoys their day..


Comment #60

1 Day down 99 to go!.

Day 1: I used to be that way.

Your past does NOT have to dictate your future. Harry S. Truman is famous for saying The buck stops here. In the past, we made bad food choices and/or BLTed. But we dont have to be that way any longer. Today can be the start of a whole new life for ourselves!.

When you begin to doubt if you can stay OP and think you always go off plan, begin to build a new way of thinking by telling yourself:.

I used to be that way, but now I am different!.

Suppose you are worried because you always gain the weight back. To change your thinking pattern, make a list of negative behaviors that have hindered your weight loss success in the past and then say aloud to yourself, I USED to be that way, but NOW I am different..

PINK homework:.

1) Fill in the blanks- I used to ________________(fill in old behavior) but now I __________ (write in your new ending)..

2) Do you speak a foreign language? If so, which one(s)? If not, what language(s) would you like to learn?..

Comment #61

Hi lovely Pink's,.

I am back OP, this is day 3 and starting to get a throbbing head, must get the Excederine. My wound vac came today, it looks so complicated, but on Thur. the wound center nurse will show me how to do it myself, if I can't then I will have the visiting nurses come to my home to change the vac dressing. I don't like the idea of the visiting nurses because I will be home bound as long as they come, so I am hoping I will know how to use the vac..

I hope everyone is well. Love, Linda..

Comment #62

Hi Leita,.

How awesome that you teach college level English (yesterday when I posted that long post, I didn't proof it and cringed when I read it as saw my mistakes. lol).

My oldest DS would make a great college professor. He LOVEs to talk and is passionate about current events. Congrats on your DS's recent chess win! My second son and I are impressed! You'll make that 50 pound mark soon and then be added to the "PINK 50 pound club!" woo hoo!.


I LOVE candles! You will have to let me have a chance to buy some from you when you are back in business. I am glad you are here and PINK (and have lessons learned). You have a great weight loss and with every pound down, you are closer to goal!.

BTW, speaking of "eye candy". LOL....Here's mine (He's Booth from the TV show "Bones"): (hee hee, Candace, T&M PINK texts me all the time to tease me and tell me she is watching MY eye candy on TV because she knows I don't watch TV (I have to netflix.)..

Comment #63

OhhH David is definetly eye candy.


Welcome back Linda.. Hope you are doing well (((HUGS)))..

Comment #64

If we are talking about eye is mine:.

Channing Tatum.


Comment #65

Krystin, LOL...he's YOUNG (and makes me feel old! LOL) but hot!.


My Actual Factuals: (what I have actually eaten).

8am cappy.

10am cappy.

12noon LG.

2pm Swiss Mocha Shake.



Comment #66

Hi PINKs,.

Tuesday is coming to an end. How did you do today? OP all the way, baby?.

I am OP. At least I think I am. I can't remember if I ate my last meal or not. I meant to...LOL. But I think I had hot tea instead to wait until my proper eating schedule and then when that rolled around, I wasn't hungry. That must be what happened...I think.

We need some more PINK introductions!..

Comment #67

Hi Pinks!.

My name is Jonna (sounds like Donna) - i'm 49 year old - was always a bit heavier than most people around me then I really plumped up when I had kids. I started Medifast in April of this year lost 26 pound then went off and on P for the last couple of months...back at it now and have the headache and foul mood to prove it (hoping that will pass today - starting 3rd OP day-yay).

I have three kids (ds-13,dd-11,dd-10) I homeschool them in 4,6,8th grades this year...I am in the the 3rd year of a 4 year lawschool online program. My husband is also an engineer although unlike PL, who met her engineer in college, I did not meet mine until we were both in our 30's...married 16 years now we are struggling a bit and my weight has become and "issue" in our's a drag..

So I work to keep my focus ...I'm losing weight for me so that I can feel healthy and not be focused on my excess weight all the time and not for my hubby or anyone else (kids included) since I have already spent a lot of years trying to lose weight to please my mom and resenting her for that which has not worked out too well :-( My girls are chubby and I don't want to start that pattern with I am embracing a healthy lifestyle and like PL has explained to me working to meet them in the middle when I have lost my weight...where their eating is a bit better over time so that by the time I am ready to transition we are all eating similar things... OK yikes, got a little carried away there.....

Comment #68

Wow! Those are some eye candy pic ladies. =.

Here's mine. I'm a pretty simple girl... I even got to meet him when I worked in radio, gave him a hug and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. One of the sweetest, most humble and talented artists!!!! I almost died! And I am not easily impressed by stars..

Sighhhhh!! Keith Urban......

OK so there is my fly-by PINKs. I love you all..

More tomrrow..

Nighty Night. <3..

Comment #69

Oh poo! How could it cut off the BEST part of KEITH URBAN?????.

The horror of it! That's what I get for trying to use the phone instead of the laptop... No control when you're mobile LOL.

Can't fix it now, hubby irritated by the glow of the phone LOL.

Night pinks!..

Comment #70

Hello Pinks!.

I am a newbie and today marked day 6 for me. Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow as I have resisted the temptation of stepping on the scale every 5 minutes. I am a 34 y/o stay at home mom to 3 great kids. After my second child, I never lost all the baby weight and it went downhill from there. I am in the learning phase as I am soaking up all the information and tips that are on the discussion boards. I have a great support system at home, so I know success is in my future.

Let's just say that the last 3 days, I was a not so happy, very hungry, you better hide if you see me, type person. BUT, today I am doing great. I look forward to going on this journey with everyone and am so glad that PL is so encouraging. Have a great night!..

Comment #71


Not to worry... we saw your eye candy, just have to scroll the bar at the bottom of the pic over. I am sooo laughing at us and our eye candy! LOL.

Thanks for the flyby!!.

AFM (as for me).

I could not remember if I had that last Medifast meal....and was HUNGREEEE so I drank a Medifast chocolate shake and more water and am fine now. I am doing sooooooooooooo good on drinking my water since I stopped keeping diet soda in the house. I am probably saving money too! woo hoo!.

WELCOME clgunn!.

75 pounds is VERY do-able on MF! You'll see! We are here to cheer you on and let us know if you have any questions. It is nice to get a few perspectives on them from the PINKs. It sounds like you are already into the fat burning state if you are not hungry! woo hoo!! How old are your children? boys or girls? (DS1 is for first born son, DS2 for second born son, DD is for daughter, etc.) Please post a pic of yourself in your avatar so we can get to know you. We like to see who we are talking to..

LOVE your goal list in your signature! 199 and below is what we call ONEDERLAND around here and it's a very special occassion! yeah! You'll be there soon! Medifast works!.

Tomorrow is WIW....

We used to do the crowns for PINK QUEEN of the WEEK and then did the charm bracelts but I think we will go back to the crowns for now. I"ll post the rules next...

Comment #72



Queen of the Week Crown Rules.

~ New MFers joining team.


During their first week of Medifast are not up for the crown until they are in their second week or more on MF. (Because typically the first week is the greatest loss and we wanted to make it fair to all the.


Who have been losing for a while now.).



Works best if you post your weight on the first Wednesday you join team.


As your "baseline" weight and then the following week you will be up for the crown the following Wednesday..

~ Some people have other weigh in days that they would like to keep but still be eligible for the crown on Wednesdays. That is fine as long as you repost your weekly weigh ON Wednesday. (For example, you weigh Sunday but don't report until Wed. each week, as along as it is comparing a full seven day week.)Although it is more simple to just change to make your official weigh-in day on Wednesday..

~Another thing I need to point out is that we actually post our weights and do not take it from our tickers (sometimes we get behind on our tickers). So please post something like this:.

WIW: 217.4.

Height: 5'4".

It makes it easier to read through all the posts searching for our weights. Our weights stand out easier and would be very helpful like adding large font, add color, and maybe even space it apart from everything else to make it stand out..

Thanks!! We are getting more fit each week! go.



Comment #73

Love the eye candy pics.

YUMMY for all of them.

Welcome CLG.

Glad to have you on board. Pink team ROCKS!!.

Well, I had my doc appt today. I am going in the morning to have a shoulder xray and then possibly a mri of it if the xray doesnt show enough or shows stuff more that needs it. But finally someone listened to me that I need one. She did some testing on my shoulder and realizes that I have very low mobility with it. Also realized I wasn't taking enough of my pain pills. I can take up to 400 mg a day an I was taking 100.

So far, I can feel a difference for the better..

Had a great OP day .. The doc said I had lost 5 lbs since last there. I explained I lost, gained, lost gained and now losing again. LOL She said it doesnt matter how I get there, as long as I never give up. I won't be cheating again AT ALL until Thanksgiving day and then it's portion control but there are some days of the year that I won't sacrifice family traditions for a diet. Just not gonna happen..

Well except for Xmas day too. Anyways.. I am loving the weather change even though I think that is also why I have bene hurting more. My favorite times of the year Fall/Winter may become my worst enemy and I will be so sad about it.. Hopefully it doesn't effect me too much..

Anyways- glad to see more posting going on.. WIW is tomorrow. I haven't been back on a week but I will do my starting back weight that I weighed on Monday..

PINK HUGS to all.


Comment #74

Welcome clgunn76!!! So happy that you have joined team PINK and looking forward to getting to know you better!!!..

Comment #75

Welcome MFjust4today!!! I am looking forward to getting to know you better!!! So happy that you have returned to Medifast and joined Team PINK!!..

Comment #76

Good luck at the Dr. appt.! Glad that you learned that you can have more pain relief. You are doing great! And never give up!!! We are here to support you...

Comment #77

And this is why I love you and the Pink team.. I haven't been able to go to sleep for some reason so I am gonna go get my xray when hubby gets home from work. Sometimes it really sucks to only have one car.. That will change at the end of next year.


Comment #78

Hello Lovely Pinks!!!.

Already 6 days into October and this is my first post? What is wrong with me???.

I have been so busy at work and with my grad class, that the thought of the computer really stresses me out, so I have been avoiding it! Know what else I have avoided? TEMPTATION! I am OP!!.

Still working nights which should end soon, and then back to the land of the living for me! I can not wait for that..

I am flying to Jacksonville Fl this weekend for a wedding. This is the wedding that I wanted to be at goal for, but i'm not quite there yet....

But thats ok, There is 25lbs less of me to show off now! LOL I havent seen some of these people in about 15 years! Its going to be like a reunion!.

I will try to ketchup either tomorrow or Thursday, and will post my introduction and do all my homework..

Hello to the new and returning pinks. And hugs and kisses to the rest of you!.

I am so glad you are always here waiting for me!.


Comment #79

Good morning, Pinks! Just checking in here....PL says I should be playing with the T&M Pinks, but I miss you all. Transition is going well....thanks thanks to all the support I get from everyone. Gotta love the Pinks....PL posted a couple of pics of me at/nearly at goal on the T&M pink thread....I am challenged and don't know how to post them or I would share them here, too..

PL, are you listening? Can you post them here, too?.

Christina, good news about the pain meds. Maybe the increase will give you some relief. Good luck with the Xrays/MRI, too..

Meshka, you are always so positive! Keep it coming!.

Aunt Linda, welcome back to the world of OP!.

CLGUNN, welcome to Team Pink. I have to say that this is the BEST team to be with...amazingly supportive. You can do it!.

Enough for now...gotta go to work. (In my size 6 slacks....I LOVE to say that!).


Comment #80

Good Morning, PINKs!.

Yes, Lynn, I am listening. I will post your pics here too. I don't know why I didn't think of that last night...I guess my brain had already gone to sleep. Sorry. Will do it now..

You've done so well!! Medifast works!.

2 Days down, 98 to go!.

Day 2: Interested or Committed?.

At one time or another weve all probably been on a diet that goes by the wayside the first time we are challenged with a special occasion. It might be a party, company or vacation, but we use it as an excuse to go off plan. We do that when we are only interested and not committed to our weight loss program. In order for THIS time to work and get us to goal, we have to decide to be committedno matter what..

No longer can we use excuses like not having enough time to plan, money to spend, or not having supportive family or friendsWhen faced with those challenges we must say to ourselves, I am staying OP, no matter what..

Wednesdays PINK Homework:.

1) Chances are that you will be given the opportunity to go off program today. (Every day has challenges of it's own.) When this opportunity arrives, identify it as such and say to yourself, I am committed to stay OP, no matter what. Report to the team a time when you were able to say this to yourself. It may be that you got off your Medifast schedule and then had to double up. It might be that you didnt have any Lean and Green in the house and had to make a special trip to the grocery store. Or it might be that someone at something in front of you that wasnt OP..

Whatever the opportunity, scream out to yourself NO matter what!.

2) What shoes do you find yourself wearing the most? And why?..

Comment #81

Fly-by at work....

Hi Pinks. Meshka, FGS, babyPink, POView nice to see u! PL, Clgunn, Aunt Linda... I need more coffee... I hope I am not forgetting anyone. Hello all!!!.

Christina... praying for u!!.

I went to water walk last night them came home and took meds and laid on Hot Rice Pack before bed... WOW, WOW Wubsie!!! I am still in pain, but nothing like yesterday or recently. I have to try that again tomorrow. I am OP, Baby!!!.

So busy here at work... I better go. Will try to pop in after VBall game tonite. Love and hugs!!.

WIW: 299.8.

H: 5'6"..

Comment #82

Here are the pics of our.


At about 5 pounds before goal!.

This is a traditional PINK bum pic! (I have a lot of PINK bum pics stored on my laptop!.


Notice how TINY her waist and hips are!!..

Comment #83


, sorry about your pain but I am sooo encouraged what your doc told you....just keep on, keepin' on. Those are the words I used to tell myself at the beginning of my weight loss journey (and even now). I've been through the Holidays OP and it is not that bad. There are Medifast friendly recipes to make "mock" traditional favorites that I can share..

Those are yum too!.


You are.


Here or there and everywhere!.

I just posted your pics. SIZE 6 pants you say!?! wowsa!! I would like to see single digits someday myself!.


, you are here! Glad to hear you are OP even though MIA (does that sound like alphabet soup? LOL) Anyway, can't wait to see your wedding pics and hear the stories of your reunion. People are going to be amazed at your healthy condition!!.


Thanks for being such a great encouragment to everyone. Your own weight loss is adding up and you are becoming slim and trim! yeah! Last night I went to bed early (earlier, anyway) and thought to myself, "I hope Meshka shows up tonight." You are.

West Coast.

Time so I knew you would probably be on later. Glad you did!.

...NOW, if we can get.




To post each night... HEE HEE. I am teasing her...I know she's busy with her law school but I miss her when she is not here too!.


, a.


, we have met (more than once!!) and I love you too! I know I'll be seeing you soon at various chess tournaments this spring. woo hoo! Your son is.


Rating points like crazy as you are.


The pounds! woo hoo!!.

Thanks for telling me that you aren't online in the evening like that do to your workshops so I will try to get the 100 Days posted earlier in the day, before lunch, at least..


My driver's license still says 299. You put a sad face by your WIW because you've been lower but you've also been higher, GF. So don't dispair. You are on your way down and don't have to be over that mark again..

Glad you flew by at work!.

THANKS for your WIWs!.

Some PINK is going to get to wear the crown in her signature for a week!.

Who will it be?!..

Comment #84

I FOUND A SIMILAR PRODUCT IN CANADA ... horray ... I have been looking and looking, getting more depressed and more depressed but I have found a product that is similar to medifast that I can use ... soooooooooooooo ... my new focus will be "from thanksgiving to Christmas" (canadian thanksgiving is this coming Monday) ......... as my husband knows this is the only program that has ever worked and I have been so depressed about my weight gain (daily increasing as we speak) .....

And start the day after thanksgiving ... wish me luck everyone!.


Comment #85




Morning all it's a fly by..

Comment #86

I just finished my 5th week on Medifast and loving it. I would love to join your team. I was wondering how you get the cute bracelet on the bottom of the posts! Today I weighed in and lost 2.0 lbs for a total of 16.5 in 5 weeks...

Comment #87

After I posted above about starting after thanksgiving - I read all of your posts and about the 100 day challenge and so I will start as soon as I get the product - tomorrow .... I am in for the 100 days ....

Here is my catch-up.

1) Fill in the blanks- I used to give up but now I keep trying every day.

2) Do you speak a foreign language? If so, which one(s)? If not, what language(s) would you like to learn? - sometimes I talk like a "trucker" - not a language I like so I try hard not to use swear words (not really a foreign language but it should be a banned one - LOL).

2) What shoes do you find yourself wearing the most? And why? - I wear my black leather boots with high heels because it makes me feel taller and slimmer..

Comment #88


I ended up eating three medifast meals and two lean and green meals last week. I did gain a I'm one lb. up right now but only on day next week better be good! lol.

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope you all have a great OP day..

WIW: 170.

Height: 5'5"..

Comment #89

I have a quickie NSV to report thren I have to go to training... It's been a VERY stressful morning and I want to eat a house!! (Setting stage for why it is a big deal) Stress eater here....

One of our favorite Gen. Supv. Came by and was treating EVERYONE to Ice Cream Turtles.

I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and politely told him I was unable to eat them. He was so sweet and moved on to the other girls in the group! YAY ME!!.

Hugs Pinks. We can do this!..

Comment #90

Hi Pinks!.

WIW - 215.2 (down from 216.8 on Sunday - yay).


Dreary rainy snuggle-up weather here today...i wish that I had a day off and a good book :-)..

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.