How many pounds do you lose in Phase 2 of the Medifast Diet?

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Got a question... How many pounds do you lose in Phase 2 of the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Good morning Steph! Good morning TLers. I have to report that I was beat up yesterday over in MC. Kicked by an old shoe. Never, ever ask her to explain a comment she makesit's just not done over there. It is considered very offensive. I have learned and am humbled...

Comment #2

Apparently I can't speel, either. Oh well..

Nan, I gotta tell you that there are whole months I don't show up on the Medifast boards at all. To be very honest, it's too depressing. I don't mean that there's not a lot of good here - there is - but there's a whole lot of serving self-justification, and a whole lot of people so wrapped up in their own delusions that they can't bear to even discuss an alternative..

100% on plan works. Something else MIGHT work, but 100% on plan works. Ignore the rest as unimportant...

Comment #3


It's freezing cold here (well for here, I do live in the south and on the coast). I'm sure my midwest friends would happily wake up to 22 degrees..

Hope you all have a great day..

Comment #4

Thanks Steph for getting the day started. I've been up for a long time, but never started a thread and was nervous. LOL....I walked away to do something and came back and you saved the day!.

Nan, I don't go out on the boards much either. Every once in a while, I'll see something that peeks my interest, but never off plan stuff. Not worth the time and effort. I know what works.....100% on plan. I know what doesn't work....eating off my plan. They don't want to hear that..

I think that is as profound as we need to be Steph!..

Comment #5

Anna, I would have been happy to wake up to 22 degrees here this morning. I think it was 6. Brrrrrrr.............

Now I know I should complain about this new body.....but geez, it is cold in this body. Hmmmm......cold and thin or obese and warm? I'll take cold and thin any day. I can always throw another log on the fire or move to De's!..

Comment #6

Morning TLers! Thanks for setting us up for the day, Steph..

It was 8 here this morning too. Hope the car starts I need groceries. My garage is detached with no electric or heat. brrrrr.... and I have a nice icy walk to get to it too. I have my silk thermal underwear on and I know I'll be cozy..

No steamed broccoli or chopped tofu from me this morning...

Comment #7

Good morning. I'd like to join your group if that's ok. I totally agree with the 100% works! It's the only way to go..

Anna, I live in the south too and it is a cold 20 something degrees here in MS..

Hope to get to know you all..


Comment #8

Hi Tamara. I grew up in the midwest but I've lived in NC too and am not used to being cold anymore. And my next move is to San Diego.


Comment #9

Thank you for starting this Am, Steph. I'm with Barb and never started a thread either..

I am so glad to celebrate the 1st day back fully 100% OP since my allergy scare. I thought it was soy. It's not as I stated back with a shake last night..

Being 100% OP is such a huge relief. I was grieving so deeply as I considered leaving Medifast just because of the soy..

I'll weigh in next Sunday..

I am so happy that I'm dippy at the prospect of continuing to cleanse my body OP all this week..

I don't think I'm going to venture outside this group for a while as well..

Thank you all for being here. You are my lifeline to sanity..


Comment #10

Beth, we're so glad you get to stick around..

Comment #11

Hey Beth. Hard to believe I've been around this long and have never ever started a thread. Geez.....even this far into it I'm learning.. I get all this ribbing about not buying the size 4 jeans that clearly fit better than the size 6 jeans, but scare the daylights out of me. Well....there are those that say must be nice to have that that their inner brat speaking? Oh yeah.......well anyway, I am so cold that I put my UA Coldgear Fleece tights on under my size 6 jeans and my jeans are not straining under the extra layer of clothing and I am warmer then when I had my silk on yesterday. I'll keep the 6's! Very handy today..

And of these days.....with a little tough love....I'll buy those 4's. I can see Rachel chasing after me with that syringe..........

Off to the grocery. Stay warm y'all. (Thought if I'd talk like a southerner I'd feel a little warmer)..

Freezy weezy Fuzzy Wuzzy Barb..

Comment #12

Good morning from chilly (38 degrees) Florida. This is my first visit to this thread. I'd like to hang out here once in awhile if that's OK..


Comment #13

Morning, All. 0 degrees here in southeast Michigan. Sunny, though, so it's nice to look out...and it's warm & toasty inside. DH had a fire going when I went down for coffee at 8..


- thanks for getting us started..


- I feel your pain going out to the car in the cold. We built a garage last spring and this is the first time in my adult life that I've parked indoors. The old driveway was about 30 yards from the house...we live in an old farmhouse out in farm country, so no windbreaks/snow breaks. Lots of drifting to navigate to get to the car. And of course, the scraping and brushing. I have a remote start and I still get antsy and start reaching for my keys to warm up the car while I'm fixing my to-go coffee.

I'm not gloating - I've been here 25 years and waited a long time for this luxury..

Waving to.

Freezy weezy.

(in your.

Fuzzy wuzzy.

Long johns?)- thanks for the chuckle! How about setting a goal to buy some size 4's for Maine? Better than a scale!!.


- didn't you say Michigan was the Midwest you lived in? Where abouts? I'm 60 miles SW of Detroit..

Hope to keep up a little better today. My plan is to organize the closet in my office, so if God doesn't have other plans for me today, I'm sure I'll be stopping in regularly to take a break from that chore. DH always tells me that if I want to hear God laugh, just make plans. So now that I've made the plan and posted it, I'm sure God will be roaring.


Comment #14

Good morning, kids! I LOVE seeing new faces in here! Glad to have all of you here with us this morning!.

Barb, thanks for reminding me that I have some UA cold gear tights upstairs that my hubby bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I'd been looking at ladies' long johns and they're nothing but leggings that cost twice as much! So I've been wearing my leggings. However, they're "grabby," whereas the UA tights are almost shiny..

I'm taking my little one for a haircut today and spending some girly time with her. Not sure what else we'll do, but it's bound to be enjoyable..

Thanks for starting us up today, Steph!.

Here's to another day of fat burning, getting healthy, moving me closer to my goals and being happy about it!.

100% Works. Every time. Period...

Comment #15

Good morning all my freezing TL buds! Dare I mention that as the sun comes up this morning it's 47? Looking to be yet another gorgeous day here in the desert. That being said, the one thing I want to do right now is drive up to the snow. Alas, laundry fairy passed my by yet again. So, it's laundry and sky chair in my day planner. Does look like we've got some wind going on, which I love, so I'm happy..

Barb - Chatty made a comment to me the other day about a storm brewing in MF-land and it might be best to hang around the clubhouse to stay safe, warm and dry. Think I couldn't agree more. Everybody's knickers seem to be in a twist out there lately..

For those of you who are asceered of starting a new thread, it couldn't be easier. When you enter the Clubhouse, just click on the start new thread tab, give it a name, and copy and paste the first post from the TL thread then post. Easy Peasy <ducking from Freya> Then just reply to the thread and post as normal. I would do it, but I'm probably 2-3 hours behind most of the rest of the team..

Waving to all, especially the newbies...

Comment #16

Steph, I was thinking that very thing this morning. Might just have to use my L&G on a Sunday morning. It would be worth it. I love breakfast, and I love breakfast with the family!.

Welcome Back Beth.

Good Morning Everyone!.

I told my DH that I was down 20 pounds since starting Medifast on 12/30/2011. He said, "it's really 40. The 20 you lost AND the 20 you didn't gain!" Love that...

Comment #17

Jan, no Michigan for me, I was born in Chicago and lived in St. Louis from the age of 4 until my dh joined the Marine Corps.

Penny enjoy your girl time...

Comment #18

Nan - Of course I had to go see what got to you. I refused to even READ that thread, simply because of the title and the drama that I knew would ensue. Funny, these people have OBVIOUSLY never watched Ru Paul's Drag Race! ROFLMAO!!!! Talk about a bunch of cat-fighting beyotches! Yes, I flipped to it by mistake one night and couldn't stop laughing long enough to change the channel. HYSTERICAL, and a bit disturbing. <laffin> Undfortunately I could not see the post of the one that attacked you because I have ignored her. I strongly recommend this function.

Tkd - I absolutely LOVE the way your hubby thinks! KEEPER!!.

Jan - Did you try the soup yet?..

Comment #19

Well, De ordered some HoHum 70 degrees for my visit, and HoHum it got to 72 yesterday..

Man even the weather is afraid she'll SMACK it around..


Maybe next January we should have our Medifast meetup in AZ..

Nancharity - I hope your 'boo boos' heal quickly. (wink wink).

Corbie - Thanks for opening up the curtains and putting on the coffee for us this Sunday Morning. You should not lie, especially on a Sunday, dear. You always have something profound rolling around in that pretty head of yours..

Fuzzy - I brought in some extra firewood for the Clubhouse fireplaces today. Me thinks there might be a whole lot more of us curled up Drinking our OnPlan Hot Cocoa today, since there seems to be a storm a brewing outside of our wonderful little spot here on the boards..

Tamra - Welcome. Now you do know we won't coddle you, right? We won't enable any bad behavior, but we will make you laugh so hard you will 'spew' while reading, so be sure you are not drinking while reading,'k? Oh and we are sure of very few things, but we are positive that Staying OnPlan works. Go Figure, that might make you a meanie to others. If you are up for it, don't be neckid, and put on your banner..

Caliborne - My youngest son has always said he wants to live in San Diego one day. Ever since he got to tour the base there as a child and go behind the scenes with the Purple Foxes, he was hooked..

Kitty - Glad you found us. See my note to Tamra about how serious we are about our Tough Love mentality..

Penny - Taking my kiddos to the salon is always a fun day. Enjoy the time with your girl...

Comment #20

Bethie - So glad your scare was not related to MF, and welcome back..

Yiayia - I say that all the time: Man plans, God Laughs. Have a good day cleaning. On that note, have any of you noticed that your whole house seems more organized since you started on this adventure? And not just your house, but other areas of your life as well?.

MT - Thanks for sharing about wearing your underwear, today. Whew! Now we can all relax...

Comment #21

We've got a huge Super Bowl party today. GO BEARS!.

Both DH and I will be wearing our Blue and Orange!.

Sorry, if you are for the other team. But being from Chicago, gotta root for my home team..

I always travel with tons of MF, so I'm bringing some OnPlan food for me and also stopped by the market to make up some other healthy options for folks...

Comment #22

Chatty, the Purple Foxes is probably the squadron my dh is going to be in when he gets back from Iraq (what a small world). He's slated to go there but this deployment may have changed things. (he's a helicopter pilot)..

I've never been to San Diego, big change for me...

Comment #23

I did not know you were military..

Well, thanks for your service to our great nation...

Comment #24

Oh wow. Small world. One of our best friends used to command the Purple Foxes until he got a great gig. He became the pilot for Air Force One for GW back in the day..

Oh and I shot a popcorn prayer out to your hubby in Iraq...

Comment #25

Hey Chatty - I posted this yesterday, but wasn't sure if you saw it. Checked out that Restaurant and it looks pretty good. Down here in Old Town Scottsdale. Little pricey, not not terribly so compared to other places there. Looks like some good OP choices as well. If you still want, I can make a reservation for maybe 6 on Wed?..

Comment #26

Good god. I just tried to catch up on blogs. I wish I hadn't. The f%7king horse is DEAD. Why can't people let it go? It's like they NEED something to chew on since they can't chew on food anymore. F%&k..

Ok, I feel better now. Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!..

Comment #27

One must always share the wearing of luxury goal items...

Comment #28

Chatty, the more fire the better today. I've got one roaring in the fireplace. I wonder how many calories I burned bringing in the wood. Hmmm.....probably should count those. Too cold to run outside. I know no excuses, but heck it won't even break 20 today.

Inside step aerobics for me!..

Comment #29

Just saying.....I have this list of 10 minute chores on my refrigerator and pantry. Even in maintenance, when I go shopping for food and it isn't time to eat, I make myself do a chore. My house has never been cleaner or more organized. Thank you MF!..

Comment #30

Hey all. I am just checking in real quick. I am really busy with stuff as the new usual since being back to school. But staying OP and working it. Hope everyone is well. I have went on 3 dates with the new guy now....Exciting stuff!!..

Comment #31

You know - reading the wheating crap and commenting on it is validation. It's engagement. If you want to defuse the crap, you have to treat it as what it should be - a matter of complete indifference to you..

If you MUST engage, you gotta stay out of the ******* contest. You gotta engage the thought error - the we're only human, the we must cheat, the we ALL cheat. Engage the error, not the person..

Believe me, I know how hard that is to do, and I don't always succeed. But the ONLY way to discredit personal attacks is to do what they cannot or will not - engage the argument, not the person...

Comment #32

We knew there was something profound in there today!..

Comment #33

What she said. I don't know if it's the new year junkies not yet really in recovery, or the fearful rep of the banner, but it seems pretty damned hard to say anything out there and not ignite a firestorm of controversy. I'm starting to expect to be told how hateful and judgmental I am when I post nothing more than "congrats for your success!!!".

I like the bunker, I really do. Ya'all make me happy. And you don't judge when I say I'm having a lovely OP day..

De, you frighten me with your long memory. I will never live down anything I said here with you around, will I?.

*muttering... easy peezy my azz..."..

Comment #34

Oh so sweet! Sounds like he's proud of you. That's wonderful... and congrats!!!..

Comment #35

Oh you have never been so right! bwahahahaaaa..

Oh the dirt I could post on some of the moral minority if I really put some effort into it! But, I'm completely content to stay right here with my dysfunctional family. I woke this morning with no headache and no racing pulse and I'm likin' it!.

However, I just realized it's 10 am and I've had nothing but coffee yet! DANG!!! Off to find something to eat...

Comment #36

Marilee - 3 dates ZOMG yay!!!!!!!!.

Steph - thank you. That was a lovely summary of how to deal with the bull. Yuppers on profound...

Comment #37

I'm here if you'll have me!!.

I've been reading these daily threads and so enjoying everyone's wit and wisdom! You all are the women I've admired from the start!!..

Comment #38

Oh my God. I am completely amazed. I post two freaking lines about how Medifast provides this forum at their expense and I think it's more polite to limit discussion to their products. TWO LINES. And someone has posted an entire rant where #1 is about how I'm a playground bully because I suggested finding another forum for that particular conversation?.

I really am amazed that those two lines indicate I have no sympathy for people with financial issues, am probably being paid by Medifast to be a spokesperson (although clearly a bad one because I suck and am mean), have my nose in the air, and that my weight loss has caused me to lose touch with reality and become a bad stuck up hateful cliquish person..

That's a lot to extrapolate from 2 lines, but luckily the super-sleuths out there are on the case and have found me out..

Holy crap. Why bother? Ya'all go right ahead. Make up whatever plan you want. By mid-Feb your new-years enthusiasm will have faded and you'll either be gone or will actually be a tiny bit amenable to hearing that 100% works, and cheating makes this diet harder...

Comment #39

Good morning everyone! or afternoon almost for some of us..

Super cold here too, but at least the sun is out, snow has stopped and it's not windy. Wish it were more than 5 degrees though..

I'm eating the most delish egg beater quiche. I love when I have time to make this because it's soooo filling and yummy..

I had to buy a new scale yesterday because mine broke, so I see that I was not eating enough veggies. I'm glad I can start weighing them again..

Ok, off to catch up!..

Comment #40

Holy crap! that's pretty much the sweetest thing eva! He's a keeper for sure!..

Comment #41

ALWAYS welcome here hon!.

Freya - Welcome to MY world. I could post something completely innocuous like "the sky is blue" and world war 3 could break out. It could be consider a slam against other colors and not at ALL PC to say such a thing, well you get the drift. The end of it would be me being called negative because I would state something like that and what a bully I am for even suggesting such a horrendous thing! WHY? Because of the banner I USED to wear. It saddens me deeply to see the same stigma being handed down on THIS wonderful banner...

Comment #42

Ah, you must have all read "the blog" that got me so p|ssed this morning...

Comment #43

There are so many to choose from. Not sure Connor...

Comment #44

I went and looked for it after I saw your post. *shaking head*..

Comment #45

Hi TLers..

I have a confessionI am wearing the banner because I do believe that the program works when we follow it 100%. But I've been giving only 50% for the past 3 or 4 days (counting the first 12 hours of the day when I've stayed true to the Medifast program before tossing the next 12 hours of each day into the garbage)..

I know that the program works when it is followed 100%so why in the world am I being so stoooopid?! (Retorical questionI know why, because I'm not giving 100% effort to resist that darn inner brat that says 'what the heck, you can begin again tomorrow')..

So, why am I outting myself here? Well, because A) confession is good for the soul B) I am an honest person and if I am going to wear the banner I need to do what I believe is right and C) confession is another way of beating myself up over my past poor choices..

All done100% today! I'll deal with tomorrow's 100% once I get through today..

If this were easy, no one would be obese. Not easy but definitely 'simple'. Just do it, Talien!..

Comment #46 I blogged. Got a little out of my system. There should be something worthwhile reading out there. Something safe. At least I hope it is safe...

Comment #47

Fuzzy that was a great blog, I just got done reading it..

Comment #48

Thanks Anna. I've got a few of them in me right now. Was one of those weeks...

Comment #49

Amazing blog, fuzzy!! I read a few of them, you're a wonderful writer and I'm grateful for your insights!!..

Comment #50


, thanks for the repost of the recipe. I copied into my Word doc, so I'll have it. I haven't made it yet...maybe tomorrow. I don't have all the ingredients, or even suitable substitutes, so a shopping trip would be in order. I just went yesterday, sheesh, when it was warm (15!) Don't know if I want to venture out again today. I like to stay in my loungewear on Sunday's and a trip in the world requires dressing and, what, combing my hair, too?.



- one packet at a day at a time. I've been struggling with the same issues. I'm on day 10 and I haven't made it past day 10 since I restarted 5&1, so this is really a trigger time for me. My inner brat is.


, but I'm using one of Barb's a chore from my chore list every time I go looking for food. So far today, I'm organizing my closet and doing laundry (usually DH's job) Both of these chores are outside the normal 15 minutes chore list, but they need to get done and will keep me busy...if I can just stay off my 'puter long enough to make any headway..

Another thing that helps me is to exercise - keeps me busy, plus helps with the weight loss - what a concept! I've been very lax lately, but I'm stepping it up. I also put a pic of me on 'goal day' so I can see it and remember what it felt like and looked like to actually.


At goal. I could beat myself up over it, but BTDT, even ate myself up over it...did that help? Only to raise the number on the scale and number of lbs I need to shed to get back there..

So, as our wise Penny says.

"Onward and Downward!".

Another one I need to remember:.

"If we have 1 foot in yesterday and 1 foot in tomorrow we're p**sing all over today".

Back to work for me.....

Comment #51

Morning all! Down almost 10 pounds now...woo hoo! I'm sorry that I've been MIA this weekend. We found out a friend from college passed away yesterday. He fell and the EMT's cleared him, but then he didn't wake up the next morning. He was in a coma and they took him off life support yesterday...really sad..

I hadn't talked to or seen him in 10 years, but makes you think..

I have a stomach ache...I'm so nervous about the Bears game! No chopped tofu, have to go cheer..

Hugs all,.


Comment #52

Wonderful Blog Fuzzy! And great job on all your strategies. Love it!!.

Talien - I'm a newbie so may not be the best to respond to your confession. All I can say is that I've been there a zillion times in my life and until I was willing to refuse the excuses, I couldn't get on and stay on any plan. Distraction and an iron clad commitment worked for my first few days. There are times I literally sat on my hands! Whatever works..

Comment #53

Em, I'm so sorry for you loss!.

I'm rooting for the Bears, too. DD26 (step) and her BF are in Chicago, his good friend is on the team!..

Comment #54

Went to Ruby Tuesday's last night with the family to get out of the house. After three days of -20 degree weather, it was time to air us all out..

I must say, their grilled chicken breast was awesome! I don't think it's any different than what we grill at home, but for some reason, when it's served to you, it seems better. Then I had my usual spinach and cucumbers. And ice tea as a special treat! It was a wonderful meal. It's nice to know I can still venture out to restaurants and stay OP..

Glad to read some decent blogs today that counteract the one that rubbed me the wrong way. (Ok, if someone doesn't take a swing at that one, I'll be disappointed!.


Comment #55 do I get my new banner to show up? It's a jpg image...anyone?..

Comment #56

BARB.........I laughed when I read you had not ever started a thread BECAUSE, it is waayyy beyond my comprehension to even consider it!!!.........just like copying and pasting. I am going to try quoting something though since someone here made it sound simple!......great blog today!!.

MARILEE........I am so thrilled for you that you have already had 3 dates with this man!!!! I live vicariously through my young single coworkers most of the time, but Medifast is getting pretty exciting!. sorry to hear about the loss of your friend from college..

TALIEN........100% today, don't worry about tomorrow!.

KITTY.......cold is right!........maybe we should head to Miami! I know better than to really complain because there are too many folks that live in the north that can't afford heat, let alone a place to turn on the heat......

To all you other TL'ers : keep up the 100%........I am now living proof that it works........since I did transition MY WAY once, I do know that the Medifast WAY is WEIGH BETTER!!..

Comment #57

Jan- I'm orginally from Novi! I don't miss the snow because here in sunny Phoenix it's 62 and only getting warmer.

My first week back on medifast I cheated twice (i love you sushi and pizza) but this 2nd week i've been OP and my official weigh in is on tuesday but I just checked and I've lost 7lbs. I think staying OP seems to be the way to go; which requires honesty and tough love. We all need that kick in the butt at times (no i'm not asking for one now thank you.).

I smell bacon and real pancakes so I'm taking myself to the gym...

Comment #58

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on my blog. Being 100% honest with myself and 100% on plan when the going gets tough, that has kept me going. But y'all know that...

Comment #59

Talien -.

We fight it and fight it and fight it - and paradoxically, when we quit fighting it and just do the plan, it stops being such a battle. It's hard because we allow those choices into our heads - we admit the possibility, and then it's a temptation, and then we have to fight it, and eventually we fail because nobody can be strong all the time..

It's really not about strength. It's about options. When the only option you allow yourself is on plan, then you'll stay on plan..

You'll get there. You just have to keep working at it until you find the mindset that works for you!..

Comment #60 do you all get those photos in your signature? I'm stumped. The Tough Love one works (from the instructions posted on the first page) but I have my own little ditties I want to post and can't find instructions or what I'm doing wrong. Sad face...

Comment #61

Can't wait for the natives to get a load of THAT banner!..

Comment #62

LMAO Connor! Awesome!.

Just got back from a 3 mile hike. I checked and it said I burned 1098 calories. I think I'm going to celebrate by eating my way through those calories! LOl Just kidding. Really. I celebrated by having some yummy Medifast CC pancakes. Good stuff..

Marilee - Yay for 3 dates. Sounds like it's going well..

Connor - Whose blog is putting a bunch in your much smaller panties? I want to go read..

Fuzzy - Great blog! You are a very good writer...

Comment #63

CONNOR!!!! You made me laugh so hard I had to kick my cat off my lap. Thank God I wasn't mid-bite of soup. (Will they never learn???)..

Comment #64

Sassy, weren't you here already? Of course - welcome!!!..

Comment #65

Good morning pretties,.

Any tips on MFing with the flu? My kidlets have passed on the pestilence by way of the stomach flu. So fun to try and throw up food that is not present in your body. LOL. All I want is to nibble on a saltine or dry toast to try and calm the beast. But damn those carbs. My hubby respects my dedication but thinks I may have finally gone right off the deep end......

Whoa is me.....


Comment #66

Connor, you crack me up, girl! I love it when someone GETS it!!.

Hey, who knew WE didn't make this up?..

Comment #67

OMG that's a picture of white bread..

I just went into a binge tailspin. *helicopter crash sounds*..

Comment #68

Thanks all.

Between the posts about cheating, hypersensitivity, and other things, the MC board is not a pleasant place to be right now... I've been thinking lately about the difference between being kind and nice. What is nice is not always kind, and vice versa. Being kind is telling someone their fly is undone. Being nice is pretending to not see it so as to not hurt the open fly person's feelings. I feel like enabling people to go off plan may be nice but is not kind (or loving.) Tough love does work..

Anyway, glad to be here..

Comment #69

I love Connor's new banner and Penny's picture. I'm trying to get my grading done and you all have me laughing..

Off to make some B and B for dinner.....barramundi and steamed broccoli! One of my favorite meals. Not enough steamed broccoli in here today. I've got to go make some..

Fight on! Well....that is fight the good fight!..

Comment #70

Drove by MFC (in know it's a sickness) and there is yet another post intended to cause drama and controversy. Sped up and came right here where it's safe and happy. It just never freakin ends..

I've spent the biggest part of the afternoon hanging from my tree reading. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon...

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Today I made an amazing discovery in the supermarket. Polar White Chocolate Seltzer. Deeee-licious..

Emma and I went and got her a muffin and hot cocoa for breakfast, then off to the big box store so I could exchange the pallet of Lipton Green Tea with Citrus I bought last night for the DIET kind I can actually drink. Emma scored a new DS game in the process. Then it was off to get her a haircut where we waited over an hour since all of Bebe's kids were there waiting their turn. A blowout and a couple of streaks of red Sunglitz later, we were off to the discount beauty supply store so I could get MY hair stuff. Then to PetSmart to get food for Gary... basically just a free afternoon of riding around at our own girly leisure, from store to store.

Of course, I brought meals to get me through the afternoon (Dutch Chocolate shake mixed with white chocolate seltzer is da bomb) and now it's almost dinner time. Haven't decided if I feel like cooking or if I want to venture out. I should really cook....

I haven't gone out to find the posts that are troubling everyone and I don't think I want to. I'm wih DE on the IGNORE function. I haven't used it much, but there are several people I'm considering blocking. Most of the people who hate on the 100% mindset won't be around that long anyway..

Freya, I hope the white chocolate seltzer redeems me. I didn't even see the hunk of squishy lead... er, I mean bread...

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Penny, it *is* nice to have a tasty beverage to wash down my binge. And since it's diet, I'm still OP...

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Sounds like a nice day Penny. I'm a terrible grandma because I've been enjoying a CC free weekend. Love my girlie, but alone time is a pretty nice thing too!..

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I just visited the blogs. I am going on a blog plan: no blogs at all..

Still at #1 is the very well written blog inspired by my antics..

Cold turkey..

Log meals. Log exercise. Check on all of you. Get off line..

I am back OP after the allergies. and I'm going off line NOW..


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Well, the clubhouse is getting a little crowded with all the new 100%ers checking in! Glad to see the team grow..

Just checking in to say "hi" after a great, cccccold weekend at the cabin. Love the hot tub when the thermometer dips below 0..

Love my TLers! Have a great week!..

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Hey, Doctor Tramp! I'm jealous of the hot tub. It's freakin' COLD here. Normally I don't let that stop me from running outside, but I draw the line at sub zero windchill. Hate a treadmill. Hate frostbite worse...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.