How many pro points am I allowed on the Medifast Diet?

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Question I have... How many pro points am I allowed on the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... Hey any other So Cal Losers out there?!?!.

Anybody want to form a support group!.

We can do online and offline stuff to support each other!.

I'm in the Huntington Beach area....anyone else in So Cal?.

I have a so cal group from another diet website that I've been a part of for 8years and it's been great! To this day we all get together a couple times a year. Hoping I can find a so cal group now thats on Medifast!.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Hi Christine! Nice to meet you!.

How long have you been on MF?..

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Im in So Cal...I live in Sunny (well not at the moment) San Diego!!..

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Hi all! I'm in South OC and work in Irvine. I'm up for a Medifast support group!..

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Welcome Sam and cali girl!.

Its nice to meet you both!.

Please everyone share your stories! How you got here and how you're doing as well as any tips or advice that have helped you along the way!..

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I was able to lose 30 pounds in 2006 until I got preggo and had to go off... Gained it all back. Now, I'm back again to see it through to the end and try maintenance on for a change!.

I have to say, when I stick to 5&1 completely (and not fool around with "pizza" or "mac & Cheese" receipes) I do MUCH better..

I think a lean protein or meatless protein and a veg is always much quicker to cook and less chance of me underestimating what I'm eating... Just my 2cents!.

Happy shakin!..

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Cali girl I'm with ya on sticking to a regular lean and green. As of now I don't plan on indulging in maybe of the brownies of soft serves. I feel like that and things like you mentioned are only gonna keep the junk good addction roaring! If you're eating a Medifast brownie every day now, how much harder is it gonna be not to eat them when you're at goal?.

For the last months I've almost totally banished "junk food" type items from my diet and really don't want to bring them back in just because they are Medifast products...

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Hey girls!.

This is my second and final time on Medifast. I lost 35 pounds last year, then the holidays hit and I went off of it and back to eating as usual and gained it all back. This time I am seeing it through, and supplementing it with emotional and spiritual work so that I don't have a repeat of last time..

I have been on it now for a little under 2 months and I am down 24.5 so far..

I actually really enjoy experimenting with making alternatives like cauliflower pizza. It is gearing me up for being creative and cooking more once I am in transition, and it keeps me from craving the bad stuff because I don't feel deprived..

Everyone is different though. The most important part is that you know yourself and are honest about your habits and patterns. For some people even one OP item sends them in a downward spiral. I personally don't mind perhaps losing a tad bit slower, if it is setting me up for the lifestyle I want to live the rest of my life..

Hope you had a great weekend!.


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So Cal here - South Orange County - 3rd time on Medifast and happier with more food choices. I get bored easily so more variety means better success...

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I am in Santa Barbara and I'd be up for a locals-only support group. Right now I post my blog thoughts on the <150lbs+> and <Galloping Gals> here on MF. Here's what I am writing about today:.

Major life goal achieved for me, this last weekend I did 4 straight hours of endurance riding on Mr Mule, and the entire time I was speed racking, loping, or trotting. No walking along, no getting off, just moving out!.

You know how those gals in the tight pants in horse shows have thighs the same size as their calves? Always mystified me.... now I get it. They post up and down while trotting for hours, and the thigh muscles get a total workout..

So there I was on Saturday, sailing along through the chaparral in the front-country mountains, with the air saturated after a rainfall and the plants smelling like California heaven..

No chance whatsoever that I could have EVER done this at my previous weight. Most of the people who ride endurance are 90 pound gals on Arabians, and there I am still over 200 pounds on my big 16hh mule, but we are doing it! I am not in it to compete against them, I am competing for my personal best, and I can say absolutely this is the first time in my life that something that requires athletic endeavor has seemed like a good time!.

For me this physical transformation is unlocking a future in which I am not an old lady struggling just to walk around. I am claiming a body that will take me to adventure. And if that means I can't eat cheese, well, fair enough...

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Hey SoCal Gals!.

I'm in San Diego..& would love to hook up with others as well.Down to my last stretch of my refocused goals..So just about 5lbs to go..Darn hardest now since I look fine now, but just want to fit into a size 6 proper without it being a little snug on my bottom....

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Hey gals!.

I am in Moreno Valley (Inland Empire). Been MF'n for almost a year. Have lost 125 lbs. In the home stretch towards T&M. Hope to get that done before the new year but not setting a deadline for myself..

Would love to meet together and maybe have an OP L&G night out, recipe swap, chat about Medifast and stuff...

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Hello All!!!.

Well... my story goes something like this.....

I got pregnant SUPER duper young and instantly stopped caring about taking care of myself..Well body self at least. I was thrown into motherhood and all of the stresses that come along with being a single parent that I just ate and ate and ate. Wellllllllll.....she is nopw 10 years old and I finally came to the point where I want to feel good about my body, I want to have more energy, etc. Pretty much all the way around I wanted to feel like a 28 year old should feel and be proud of what I look like..

I did a zero carb diet that I stuck to and lost 90 pounds but it was not a change I could make for life! I worked really hard on that too but could not see eating double cheeseburgers (minus the buns) and egg salad with mayo for the rest of my not healthy either! I heard about medifast and wanted to give it a shot. I have lost 20 lbs so far and am about 3-5 pounds from my goal. I have already started transitioning, but will always have Medifast in my life in one way or another!!!..

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Nice to have so many wonderful people in here!.

Klynne you inspire me! I have about that much to lose too!.

I know with support we can all do this!.

I just finished my weekly hot hula class at the gym. This was however my first workout since on MF. I kept it short and only did the first thirty mins instead of the whole hour. I feel great and look forward to getting back to the whole hour! But certainly understand why they want you to keep your workouts short in the beginning..

How is everyones day going?.

Any victories?..

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I've been having a lot of compliments at work this past week, which is nice. And this weekend I cleaned out my closet and all of the "skinny" clothes I bought when I lost 35 pounds last year (and then gained it back) all fit again. I got rid of anything that was even slightly big. I am never going back up again..

How is everyone else doing?..

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I'm doing good! Anxiously awaiting getting to throw out clothes that are too small!..

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Good morning So Cal'ers..

I'm in Upland. I will look forward to chatting with all of you..

I started Medifast September 21. So far have lost 23 lbs. However, I have been stuck for the last 7 days and am getting frustrated. I have stayed completely OP and drink half my weight in water..

I'm sure a loss is around the corner..

Have a nice sunny day everyone...

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Happy Celtic New Year !.

Samhain, and the start of another year. It is the time for taking stock, harvesting what the year has grown, and setting things to rights in the gathering-in season..

I did a fabulous 4 hour trail ride on a private ranch, a fund-raiser for a local art museum, and met some nice people on that happy trail. We started the day driving to the ranch in rain, but the skies cleared and although the trails were muddy no injuries and all fun..

I look back at this last year and I am completely astonished at the levels of personal growth and accountability I have achieved. I take complete responsibility for the fact that I ate irresponsibly, for so long, that even after 2 years of Medifast eating I am still slimming off the excess. I also take compliments and credit for having stuck with it, and every day I am stronger..

Over the time I have been doing this I have watched how several people I inspired gave it a try, then they all fell away. I did not expect that. I really thought if I could stick with it, if I could do it, that these fat friends of mine could, would, should do it too. But listening to their excuses, I understand better why programs for weight loss fail almost everyone. I find Medifast so easy, so helpful, that I thought I'd found the cure. But now more than ever I am thinking about the component of responsibility.

Remember the 1970's Jethro Tull lyrics:.

"Don't want to be a fat man.

Have not the patience to ignore all that.

Hate to admit to myself.

I thought my problems came from being fat..."..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.