How many registered Godaddy domain names out there? How many of them are active?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... How many registered Godaddy domain names out there? How many of them are active? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Never heard of is it any good for anything?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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By that I mean a term in your HostGator that is a Top Level Domain..

Generally these are sites like:.


You should be able to see the difference, both in the words and the extention..

I have a domain: - I purchased this because was taken, and this was my next best choice. It is the exact word, but with different extention..

Priority on value would go like this:. / net /org/ /.jp, etc.... / net /org/ /.jp, etc....

*NOTE: if you are going for a HostGator specifically for Search Engine Optimization purposes where you are targeting a specific keyword, then disregard that order. This is because a Hyphenated HostGator works better for this purpose..

-Scott Fish..

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Thanks so for example and yes I know they are all gone but just as an example if. was gone but they offered would that be worth anything at all?? or is two words not worth buying?..

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It depends on your usage..

You should think about how customers will find your site..

Do they need to type this in, in order to find you? - If so, it may be difficult..

If they get there from links or advertising, then you should be fine..

I'd rather have a keyword rich HostGator like the one youre describing than a HostGator that doesnt mean anything and is just the name of a company..

I assume that you will be using Search Engine Optimization techniques to get visitors to your site. If so, then figure out the keywords that you want to target and consider getting a HostGator that uses those keywords..

For me I target keywords associated with Satellite Radio so I bought: just to drive traffic to my main site..

You may want to consider a main HostGator for your GoDaddy site that uses your top 3 keywords that you want to target..

If you need some help with.


(Search Engine Optimization) I can provide my services and evaluate the market that you are trying to go after..

-Scott Fish..

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Thanks again I am very green and need all the help I can get lol. I will keep reading and reading and hope that one day I will know what I am doing..

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Good luck!.

I am always looking for new partnerships - so if you're interested in starting up any new sites, let me know. I've quite a bit of free time on my hands while Im in my last year of college next year..

-Scott Fish..

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Lol well thats what got me here into trouble in the first place I live in england in a very unknown small area that about to become known internationally very soon so thought it was a good idea to buy up a few area names for example.

But please dont go buying lots of greatbromley names cos it's not there lol.

Not sure if anyone will want them but but it seemed like a good idea at the time lol..

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Wow if I told you that I would have to shoot you.

Lets just says something really big is going on at the moment and not many people know about it but once they start an international campaign in January Im hoping people will be interested I'm my GoDaddy site names lol..

But if you ask me nicely I may tell ya..

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Yea will be tied in with that in a few years but will be big before then so hoping someone will be interested in giving me a few bucks for my names lol..

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I wouldn't say or are in the same league as

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I agree- but they are still severely discounted from a .com or .net extention..

Personally, since Im am from the U.S. and I tend to use HostGator names based on keywords - not extentions, any HostGator that is keyword rich works for me. Atleast for marketing other sites...

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.ME.UK was designed to give people from the UK like myself an online presence.CO.UK was always for business and .ORG.UK mainly used for charities, appeals and non-profit organisations..

I have a bad story with a .ME.UK domain... but I wont bore you with it!..

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