How much do you think this sandwhich would be on the Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: How much do you think this sandwhich would be on the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' FABULOUS FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Motivational Quotes:.

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be..

~ David Viscott.

You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.~Unknown.

If you want to look young and thin, hang around old fat people.~Jim Eason.

You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. ~ Ellen Degeneres..

Comment #2

Good morning Shams!.

I hope everyone is doing well today. I'm starting the thread REALLY early (midnight) this morning (late evening?)..

Darlene asked if we could post any tips or hints for the M.F. meals and any L & G ideas. I thought it might be fun to post our favorite L & G meal for her and Shalean(sp). So, when you have time, could you post it for them? Also, any tips you use for the M.F. meals. Okay, I'm repeating myself..

My favorite one is:.

Medifast Fettuccine Recipe.

Peel a zucchini with a veggie/potato peeler (approx. 2 veggie servings). Put into a sauce pan with c. low sodium, no MSG chicken broth. Cook until tender. (I boiled mine for a few minutes)..

In another pan rewarmed some chicken left overs (1 lean serving) cut up into little bite size pieces with 1 tsp of olive oil (1 healthy fat serving) or shrimp or ? When the meat is almost done, you can add 1/2 cup mushrooms (3rd veggie serving) and saut those for a bit. (I did mine w/o the mushrooms...YUK)..

Then combine everything with 2 slices of Laughing Cow Light cheese (I've read two Medifast reviews for how to count LC cheese, one says 2 slices = 1 condiment and another says 2 slices = 1 healthy fat) once melted it makes a sort of yummy chicken fettuccine Alfredo like concoction..

I will catch you all soon..

Much love,..

Comment #3

Hi. Me again. I wonder if I can get advice from you guys regarding the problem I am having with the lack of weight loss and even more weight gain. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I can do differently; what has changed; how to get passed this; etc. Could you guys take a look at this and see if it makes sense and if you think I'm addressing this properly? I appreciate any and all advice you care to share. Thank you, in advance..

I know that sleep plays an important role in the weight loss process. Having said that, and not being able to do much about that at this point, I've got to work around that little issue for now..

I have only been on the new med (for sleep) for two weeks. I had already gone from 213 to 222 from the last change in meds. Now, in the last two weeks, since the addition of the new meds, I have gone from 222 to 230. I am not happy to say the least and this is unacceptable..

From doing some research and self reflection (and a come to Jesus meeting with myself), I've got a couple of things working against me:.

1) the combination of: Xanax; Trazodone; and Cymbalta has made my metabolism move at a snails pace;.

2) When the scale started going up, I started to panic and on occassion, I have not eaten my L&G. I know it's wrong, but my head tells me not to eat;.

3) I am pretty certain my body has gone into starvation mode and is hanging on to everything to survive..

Obviously it's terribly embarassing to admit the above, but I feel like I need to so that I can get passed this and move on. I also know that it could take at least a couple of weeks to fix the damage I have done..

I came up with the following plan which I will follow to the letter starting right now..


Drink at least 115 ounces of water!.

Walk for at least 30 minutes!.

Do at least 15 minutes of weight training ~ Alternate leg & arm workouts (daily)!.




TO Medifast MEALS!.

DO NOT amend the plan..

Let the program do the work. When you bring your calorie intake too low, the body goes into starvation mode and starts storing calories, instead of burning them..

The result: an even lower metabolism rate and must more fat accumulation!..

Comment #4

Good morning Lauri. I think you're plan is right on. Follow the plN exactly as written. DO NOT skip any meals- the last thing you want is to go into starvation mode. Defineately exercise. The cardio will burn Cals and the weights will build muscle which in return burns more cals when the body is at rest.

Amf- going to a workshop today, again anything to get out of the hellhole then a meeting with the bossman which probably won't be too good. Luckily by then I get to leave and start my weekend! Have a great day!..

Comment #5

Thank you Miss Lara. The doctor smiles and says "that's part of fibromyalgia" and "that's what the medicines will do". I wanna smack him (and I don't mean kiss him). Thanks for the cyber hugs..

Good luck with your workshop. At least it's something different. Then...WEEKEND!!!..

Comment #6

Good morning Shams!!! Happy Friday!!!. sorry to hear about your struggles!! I'm sure having a new plan in mind will help you focus on your goals! I do best with "to do" lists.

And the exercise will hopefully help your mental game!! I always feel better after a little sweat therapy.

Don't give up, your body will get it's act together!!! (((HUGS))).

Lara...hope your workshop is enjoyable!! Counting down to the weekend...bring it on!!!.

AFM...took the baby back to the opthamologist yesterday and his eye is 100% healed in only 48 hours!!! **miracle** He's such a trooper! Still have to do the eye ointment for 3 more days..

My HS is having a 15 year reunion (OMG I'm getting old) this weekend! We're going to the football game tonight and a beach BBQ tomorrow. I'm nervous about the BBQ...I'm sure DH will "remind" me how much we paid for the tickets and expect me to eat that much...I just hope I can scrounge up a L&G out of what they're serving.....

Comment #7

Good morning Heather ~ Thank you for the words of encouragement. I appreciate it..

YAY for baby! That is a miracle. You must be relieved. Now, you can refocus on that "mommy of the year award". I have to restart everyday. lol.

I'm sure you'll do great at the BBQ. There's gotta be something...just stay away from the bread. If DH reminds you of how much the tickets were, remind him of how much Medifast food costs. lol.

Have fun!..

Comment #8

Hi Captain & Ang ~ I know you're not here...but I miss you guys...

Comment #9

Do you guys ever just type something random so you can see your picture? You don't? neither. Kidding...I do. lol..

Comment #10

Ok kids...I can't sit here waitin' for y'all to finish getting your beauty sleep...I need some, too..

I will bbl..

Much love!..

Comment #11

Thanks for comment- I have been very busy and with the kids and me....hanging in there. had a bad day yesterday but I think I can salvage the week. I need to be more consistent. I don't know why I sabatoge myself at this point- you'd think I wold be thrilled to get down to my fighing weight. I actually don't enjoy how I feel or feel comfort when I am eating off plan- guess I better deal wiht feelings as food isn't the answer- light bulb!.

Anyway, my boys arethe greatest. I was feelingsorry for myself and I am jsut so in awe with how much love my kids show me! they areally are the greatest and they deserve a healthy mom! I derserve to be healthy too... enough rambling.

I have noticed that I cna do 5&1 for about 3 days and then I am really hungry... I work out alot and play alot of tennis. does anyone do the 4-2 version of this? it seems to work better for me. anythoughts?..

Comment #12

Morning to the shams that have say hi already. Lauri, thanks for getting us started as usual. Hope you can get this gain under control. I know you work at it so it has to be very frustrating. My frustration comes from opening my mouth and putting the wrong things in there (usually something chocolate). However, I've done real well this week focusing on getting back on plan and have lost about 5 lbs.

Still can't exercise with this dang cold holding on but it's getting better. That being said, I'm over 25 lbs. since my lowest weight on MF. Now that's something to make you sick. It just slowly creeps up on you and takes off like wildfire.

Weight gain within 2 days. I have a very slow metabolism and a very active fat cell that likes to expand and turn heavy and uglylol. So take it from me, I know this plan works but we need to get our head into the game and go after what we really want. We all know what that is too. We want to be healthy and attractive to ourselves and others.

So whenever we're tempted to let the little devil start calling the plays, smack the shitz out of him and show him how strong you are and prove to yourself you're a winner. Wow, enough of my rambling speech for now. Gotta go practice what I'm preaching here and have my first meal. Love you guys and will talk to ya later. Hope Lori & Ang are having tons of fun...

Comment #13

That is so sweet about the boys..

As for the 4 & 2, I've heard great things about it when you do a lot of exercise. Val, who used to be on here daily, but is preggos now did it, cuz she was a mad woman when it came to working out. She felt much better doing the 4 & 2. I am too lazy. lol.

I've heard a couple of things that might help us all:.

1) since this is a food addiction we have, right now we should view food as medicine. Since we wouldn't take too much medicine...we shouldn't eat too much food and/or we should view Medifast food as our medicine;.

2) as Darlene described yesterday, as she was baking the wedding cake...she pictured the stuff we might view as yummy, as worms and dirt and gross stuff like that..

We really need to take it one meal at a time..

Today, I decided to log all of my meals in the a.m. and will not stray from that plan. The numbers look good right now. I just need to stick with it..

We can do this. It really doesn't get any more simple, which is what makes me so mad at myself..

The other thing we (I) need to remember is that all of the foods that are around us now, will be here at goal. We just need to serve our time in our food rehab. for now..

BTW: I'm writing the above as a reminder for me, too...cuz I REALLY need it...

Comment #14

Thanks Barb! Yes, it does make me sick about the gain. I don't understand the whole science thing of starvation mode, so I struggle with it. It sure is easier to pack it on than to take it off. I was doing lots of reading today about jumpstarting my metabolism...since it's zero right now. One other thing I read was to add spicy condiments to the L & G on a regular basis. Apparently that's a little secret to making it work a little faster.

Sometimes the Medifast food tastes so good, in the past I have actually eaten too much of that. I have to control myself and not buy certain things (like the bars; pudding; ice cream; etc.). I HAVE to have the brownies. I actually make them into shakes. They are pretty good that way..

Ok, enough rambling from me, too..

GREAT job on the 5 pounds! Stick with got this..

Love ya!..

Comment #15

Lauri - thanks for the quotes. My first thought is spacing. I cram everything in at night - 5's and water and I know that does not help. Little mini starves. I went into starvation mode in the first few weeks. I was not getting all my 5's in.

I printed one of the daily planners and mark when I have food and then made note of when I needed to eat again. It helped but I still have room for improvement..

Lara - hurry up weekend..

Heather - glad to hear about baby. I use to have an attitude about getting my moneys worth at events like you are going to tonight. I put on 12 pounds last season with that attitude. I am trying to think about getting my healths worth now. It is hard..

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with my nail lady. Her husband is "trying" to lose weight. He is drinking a bunch of soda so that is why trying is in quotes. Anyway, she went on to say he was raised in an environment where food is comfort and love. She is thankful she was raised in an environment where food is fuel. She gave an example where her husband was making her lunch and he made a full sandwich and chips and ....

She said she started to put on some weight and they had a conversation and she got her food back to fuel. I have been doing a lot of thinking about food for fuel vs. food for comfort/love. I know I can change my approach with a plan. Can I change me? Or will it always be a plan.

Either way it is up to me...

Comment #16

Recipes -.

There is a thread for newbies that has great info. I read it every once in awhile. I will see if I can find it..

I learned to soak the soup for hours and then eat it. I learned somethings taste bad and then a few weeks later they are OK. And something I like at first now I am not so sure. So eat the 5's you like when you like them. My L&G are pretty simple. Grilled fish and salad with Walden Farms dressing.

The salad is crunchy and I like that. I have added baked asparagus drizzled with olive oil and garlic powder and ground turkey taco salad the last month or so. I think Lori told me to try different things so.

I do not get bored and it sure has helped. It also helps to develop some plans for T&M. I made a dressing with raspberry vinegar and olive oil and some herbs and it was a nice change. I like the Walden Farms Asian dressing on my seafood. It just put it on the seafood and my salad. It is spicy. OK, enough rambling...

Comment #17

This is from yesterday, but i'm sure capt'n would be so proud to "hear" you say this!..

Comment #18

Today is my Anniversary. Rich and I have been married 22 years. We dated 9 years before we got married. It is also 4 months on Medifast. I started June 15th and have lost 40 pounds. I know the next four months will be slower but I do not want them to be..

Time for some coffee. It is nice and sunny here today...

Comment #19

Morning (almost afternoon) slores!.

Busy morning and now NOTHING! wish I could take the rest of the day as vacation, but I have a meeting at 3.............grrrr....

Everyone at work is so pizzed off, it kinda sucks being here today...we started this new electronic computer system for our time recording and our ordering process. well, there are a few bugs and everyone is so mad. there are always going to be a few bugs....we've got THOUSANDS of staff members all over the country using this system at the same time, chill people, chill......

I will say that it's about damn time we got some sort of system like this.... we are the "Business of Innovation". How can a company that supplied input on the first xerox machine and golf ball dimples be sooo behind?! crazy!.

Anyway... I really need to find something to do for another 4 hours, ugh!!!.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!! oh- weekend too, i'll be gone..

Comment #20

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SANDY - Erin, enjoy your weekend away...

Comment #21

Hi dear Sham-wow friend...I wanted to include your whole post because it bears re-reading. Good stuff here, sharing and a hard copy plan to follow. I would love to share some ideas and thoughts that I have..

1.- meds- first question is, do you feel better, feel improvement on these? Take out the weight gain, just the overall state of well being effects. My middle son, (asbergers) has been on most meds as well. The Xanax caused him to gain weight and retain alot of water. We could tell how he would also sweat doing very little. I know the additional cymbalta adds to those effects. He didn't 'feel' any improvments in mood or anxiety on those or any others.

He take trazadone to sleep and he is back down to a regular weight. (He also has a very limited diet though). Again I have to ask do you feel improvement or are you still in the ramping up to dose phase and too soon to tell? Balance and improvement must be maintained..

2.- spacing and fueling metabolism. You are spot on when you think you have stalled and killed metabolism and things are actually worse. I was very successful on another plan called Michael Thurmond 6 week make over. One of the key points was to eat small meals every 2 hours to truely 'stoke' the fire of metabolism, and then it keeps burning inbetween. Just like a real campfire. Our body wants to protect us from lack of food because then we lose muscle and healthy organ tissue.


Food comes in the body continues to store until it can till it is sure more food is coming.


To be safe. It also has to be regular non-fatting food because it will use/burn that first and store the fat making fats and sugars-simple carbs. I could also write pages on the feedback system involving insulin/ pancreas/ blood sugar in weight loss and metabolism, but wont right now..

Wordy huh? the other factor I have been wanted to explore and actually discuss with the "mature" MF'rs here is the ratio of Soy protein in our Medifast meals. Another big key point in the MT6WMO- (Michael Thurmond) is each person has their own blueprint of body type and metabolism and your foods need to match that type. Again, way too long to write about here and I am just picking out some ideas to share. My body type did not allow any soy at all...uh...? I lost 40 lbs 5 years ago on that plan the first time, easy and not hungry. When I tried it again before my DD wedding, I wasn't as quick to respond. I think the big difference was the damn menopause.

Any who: anyone have any thoughts about the amount of soy-plant estrogen-we get as post meno ladies? And with that in mind, could anyone be heading to peri-menopause and the soy is effecting metabolism cause the body wants it to keep on pumping fertility?.

Nut shell votes from me-.

~water always=water and fat out.

~eat all your food everyday!.

~Try 1 week of splitting your l&g into two meals one mid morning and the other before 6 oclock pm-or for you no closer to 4 hours till you might get some sleep. Your internal/metabolism clock is a goner, you must make it up..

~try to be at peace that lots of the new weight #'s is water weight-but.


You are feeling better can be a necessary trade off for the interim..

I have final at home decor and support system install to do to cakezilla today. Tomarrow will hoist it up to site and stack and to final touches. The groom is a ultimate fighter, ask your teens about that. Anywho, it is a good thing all his friends, other fighters will be there to help carry. bottom tier- 16" square weighs 50 lbs, mid 12" weighs 20 lbs, baby bear 8".

My DH has the super glue at the glue my arms to my side when I arrive home so that I can't catch.

Hand in the air disease.

Again. You know that? I can do that, I will do that, sign me up cursed obsession..

Happy Anniversary Sandy!!! hope it is filled with love and all your favorite things. Hey do you need a cake =)..

Comment #22

Good Morning Ladies!! Just swinging in to say a quick hello. Happy Anniversary Sandy!! coffee hasn't yet kicked in for me to remember who else to shout out to.

Hope you guys have great day!..

Comment #23

Checking in quick from work. Have a buttload of stuff to do. Finish lesson plans, do an IEP meeting, go to the pumpkin patch, get mani & pedi, take niece to dinner for her birthday. Will try to check in later hookahs...

Comment #24

It's sad we're at so few posts - where is everyone? It's not like in April when there were 12 of us in AClol. Took DH to hospital for MRI and then we had a nice dinner out. Just got home and wanted to check in. Hope everyone is out having a fun start to the weekend...

Comment #25

Kori - I am tired just reading all that yo do..

We had a fun day, lunch some shopping..

It sure is quiet...

Comment #26

Hopping in to say HI - headed out to dinner. slow day here - hope all is well. will be back to check in and shout - after seeing Lauri's Medifast meal and L&G request - can't wait to see what others have shared and will share my faves too.. later lovelies! MWAH!..

Comment #27



Here's a toast to the two of you.

As you celebrate together;.

You're the poster kids for happiness,.



Or stormy weather..

Your love continues,.


And bright;.

May it shine throughout the years;.

Youre an example for the rest of us,.

So heres to you:.

Three cheers!..

Comment #28

I know you're right! We may have to carry this over so she sees it tomorrow night. lol..

Comment #29

Sand ~ I have followed my menu from this a.m. to the letter and have eaten 3-3.5 hours apart. I have one more meal to go. I had my L & G (chicken & "fettucini")..

I know what you mean about spacing. It hasn't been a problem lately, but for awhile, since I'm up almost all night, it wouldn't be unusal for me to have my first meal at 12:01 a.m. and go every 3 hours from there. Obviously I would run out of meals that way...which doesn't help since I had the tendency to sleep eat and night time is the worst for me...

Comment #30

I LOVE the ground turkey taco salad! How come I never remember to make it?..

Comment #31

I hope your day got BETTER!.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend. What are you doing this weekend?..

Comment #32

Wholly moses! I'm tired now, too! Don't forget to: pack your clothes; shave your legs; remember your phone charger; any medications; bathroom goodies; flight information; and to have a WONDERFUL TIME! I'm sure you'll check in cuz we should be seein' or hearin' for the gals tomorrow night...

Comment #33

Do yee suffer from CRS (like me)? CRS = can't remember shxx (stuff)...

Comment #34

Heck, I was beginning to think you all went and left my sorry azz her to man the board.


I'm not sure I've EVER seen it this slow. Even when you guys went to AC (without us.

), Dawn and I spent a considerable amount of time posting pictures from It took up some time; space; and was quite entertaining. I'm sure it was better than AC. lol..

Comment #35

I'm really hapy things are going well at home. I mean...really-really happy!.


Comment #36

Hello love!.

I hope you're not holding your breath for all the great recipes. lol.

I will post some more later...they may look eerilly familiar to you, cuz I think many of them may have originated with you..

I am NOT beyond a bit of plagerism and I thank you at every meal!..

Comment #37

Oh man are you guys gonna get tired of me if I have to take us to 100...

Comment #38

Oh no.. only 5 pages today. I was clearly not here to help out..

Going to catch up and come back.....

Comment #39

Are you celebrating? If not, you better start!!.

Happy Anniversary.



Comment #40



....I have not been around much lately myself. Real life has been keeping me busy..

My DD had sugery today nd they removed (7), yes SEVEN stones from her bile duct that had been there causing her pain for over a year since she had her gall bladder removed..

Between my cleaning jobs, restaurant job, taking care of the house, grandbabies and visitng the hospital I have had very little time to post....


Comment #41

Hi jo...

Ok.. while there were not too many posts, the ones that are here are awsome. really got me thinkin..

Lauri... sorry this is really tough for you right now. love that you are admitting stuff and puttin it out there. love your plan. oh, I heart you too!.

Sandy.. congrats on the anniversaries!.

Barb... thanks for sharing what is going on with ya. I know it's hard, but so imporant for all of us to know..

Hi darlene, erin and kori..

Cant write more now...bbl..

Comment #42

For you, my friend, it was necessary to have two windows open, so I can read and answer your questions. Which, might I say, were very good..

It is difficult to know if I feel better on the meds. The cymbalta works as well as any of the other antidepressants I've used...I think I've tried 'em all. I know this is wrong, but I have had varying degrees of weight gain on each one. When it gets too hard to control, I have been known to recommend a change from my doctor. The Requip and Mirapex are the ones, I think, that are causing me problems...but it's hard to say for sure. I started having the really bad insomnia when I started taking those...however, before I started taking those I was drinking (not water).

I was on Oxycontin at that time, too. So, rather than sleeping, I think I was in a mild coma every night. I didn't think the Requip and Mirapex were doing any good, but when I stopped taking them, I was in more pain. The Xanax seems to help with the ramped up feeling from the other two. I was taking more than 2 a day, but now I may go a day or so without taking that's a good thing.

Instead of two hours of sleep, I can now get 3 hours of deep sleep that almost feels like 7 or 8 hours. The other meds I take are: Synthroid and Hydrocodone. The pain is really bad all the time (especially the past week or so). When I learned (10 years ago or so), that I had a thyroid disease, I was thinking this is a fat woman's dream come true! I knew it was the damn thyroid!. I lost no weight when I started taking the meds.

I did Michael Thurmond, too...years ago. I know you're right about fueling the metabolism. I think there are two parts to my weight loss brain thoughts: One is rationale and understands that I MUST eat or my body will hang on to everything. The other is the childish one that gets mad if the scale shows I am up a bit and refuses to eat; thinks about fasting; and other quick fixes. Stupid I know...but she won't listen. Off subject, but read the first sentence of #2 again.

I seriously crack myself up!.

As for finding a mature Mfer. Ya ain't gonna find one on this board..

LOL I know what you mean. I'm gonna have to study this one a bit further. ToM is not a regular visitor at my house. I'm not sure why. It's been that way for some time now and I assumed I was maybe nearing the change or peri. Then, the day I started MF, he shows up.

He stayed for a few days and hasn't been back since. I have read that this can sometimes happen when one is on a very low calorie diet, but I'm still not sure what was going on before and now after..

Interesting about the soy. I need to do some more reading about that and re-read your post..

Today, as I mentioned earlier, I have one more Medifast meal and one more giant glass of water to go...but I feel totally in control and lighter. Interesting, huh? Maybe it's because I'm not thinking so hard. Lol.

I should probably hide my scale for a bit..

I don't know if I can split the L & G yet. This may sound silly, but it takes all my energy to prepare food at dinner time for me and everyone else. Although they are good about eating whatever I give them. I just can't see myself preparing it a day early. Maybe when my body doesn't hurt so bad, I will try planning ahead and going this hurts so bad just to stand up..

Stress is really a factor for me right now. Money; money; money or lack thereof..

Let me know your thoughts on this when you have time. Let me know if I've made any sense..

Thanks again for taking the time to analyze all of this and then writing a book about it. Hee, hee. Seriously, I think this is good dialog...although it's embarrassing for me, I'm sure others have had at least one of these issues. Anyone? Ok...just me...

Comment #43



How is DD feeling now? That's a whole lotta's no wonder she's been in such terrible pain. Now she can live!.

We've missed you!..

Comment #44

Missy! Where the H!ll have you been? I've been worried sick! Oh have a mother. I'm glad you're here..

I hope everything is okay with you. Did you work today?.

DH is a grump...that money thing again. I guess I better go for now, too..

Love you all!..

Comment #45

Hi lauri... glad your here.

Jo... hope dd is feeling ok. thats quite a day you had..

Work was so busy today. some days I can chat but fridays are crazy. do we know if lori and ang are having fun? need cliff notes, stat!..

Comment #46

Dont think I have the energy left to post 50 more times. can barely keep eyes open now..

Comment #47

Thanks to all for the words of support about the party I went to. it went really well. there was some shrimp and vegies I could eat and drank a lot of water. got free tote bags, pens, etc..

Lara... hi. I didnt win anything, but waiting in line for a free massage. it was awsome. quite a day you had today sports and art.. you are a well-rounded mom...

Comment #48

Hi sandy... forgot to say CONGRATS on those 40 lbs gone forever! you are awsome!..

Comment #49

Thanks for worrying about me, lauri. didnt even have time today to pee, eat, or log on to see my shammie pals. guess it made for the other days when I did nothing.....

Comment #50

Jo - hope DD has a good night and that surgery is over..

Andrea - I am proud of you. You did great last night..

Thanks for all the congrats today, shammies..

I should have made this 4 posts. We have a way to go to get to 100...

Comment #51

Lauri - Hay girl. You did great today. I know you can do this. I hope the pain is getting better. I will write it a letter...

Comment #52

I need to try the recipes that come in so I have more options. I am glad we are doing this. I think that I have Lori's meatloaf. I have not made it yet...

Comment #53

It's nice to see you guys...FINALLY. I just made me a shake for my last meal of the day. I know I'll do good tonight...

Comment #54

This might seem really simple...but I wonder if the pain I'm having is due to not eating any "real" protein for a few days...

Comment #55

I need to look at what recipes I have. BRB..

Comment #56

Hi sandy... this morning I made broccoli cups but cant take credit for the recipe. it's with Medifast COB soup. I know it's not a lean and green, but it is really yummy. my kids want mine when I make it...

Comment #57

Im so proud of you lauri... I know WE can do this!..

Comment #58

Im having frozen Medifast hot cocoa for my last meal soon. I like to only freeze it a bit. comes out like choc kisses!..

Comment #59

Tomorrow is a normal day for me. Workout and piano practice. DH is walking for the politicians. My Mom is having a good time on her trip from her Mn home to her Phoenix home. No bed bugs so far. She stopped and saw the new great grandson yesterday and that was very special for her.

She will be 1.5 hours from me this winter. We go and visit and help her out about every 2 or 3 weeks..

Then in April I will drive her back to Mn...

Comment #60

Andrea - glad you are here. How do you make your broccoli cups?..

Comment #61

Andi - I think I got this from you..

Spinach dip.

Chop spinach (I usually used about 1 cup) and saute it with a quick PAM spray and garlic - fresh minced if you can - but JUST A LITTLE! then blender 2 T water with 1/4 C cottage cheese. add the cheese mix to the spinach in the saute pan and heat for just a moment - just long enough to warm the cheese. serve with a CoC chip if you like.....

This is another recipe I want to make...

Comment #62

That's what I mean about the plagerism. I did it at work, too! It's awesome. Worked for 13 years there writing policies...I took credit for all of them. lol.

Can you share the recipe?..

Comment #63

There is a fancy grocery store in the area that sells this wonderful smoked trout dip. I would think we could make it OP somehow. Serve it with the snack crackers or soup chips. The way they make it is with smoked trout, cream cheese and some herbs. The smoke trout is probably high in sodium so would want the rest of the day to be a low sodium day...

Comment #64

Meat Muffins:.

1 lb ground turkey.

A bunch of hot sauce.

Laughing cow lite cheese bites - the little square ones.

Mix hot sauce and turkey together (sometimes I substitute 2 tbsp of ranch dressing instead of hot sauce). Form into balls big enough to fit into muffin tin. Press one lc square into middle of each. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes..

Zucchini Fries:.

Take 1 large zucchini peel cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds (I use a spoon) slice into french fry size chunks. Put into a colander/strainer lined with paper towels; sprinkle with salt and let sit for 30 minutes - this sucks some of the water out of the zucchini. In Large zippy bag I put in 2 tbsps of Lowfat Parmasean cheese. Throw in the zukes and shake shake shake. Place on pam sprayed baking sheet and cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

I think from Lori...

Comment #65

I've been meaning to ask you...which side of the aisle does hubby support? Not to worry...I'll still love you if you're a Democ...I can't even write it. Just kidding...

Comment #66

I'm glad mom is having a good trip. Super-duper glad there are no bed bugs. That is so weird how there is an outbreak now. I thought they were made up. lol I've seen them now on T.V. and they're horrid..

I bet it was special to see Will..

I bet she LOVES being so close to you...

Comment #67

Lauri - I was bite bad by the bed bugs in August. Hurt like h3ll. Not say about politics. I just don't think we want to go there...

Comment #68

That sounds good, too. would take a low sodium day, I would think. I can taste the salt just thinking about it...

Comment #69

Lori would be so happy! She loves it when we say "meat muffins"..

I don't know how that recipe slipped past me. I guess the name was not appealing, so I never asked. That is a MUST MUST MUST have!..

Comment #70

I have not looked at my bottle of smoke to see what it says about ingredients. Maybe one could smoke some grilled fish and eliminate some of the stuff we want to stay away from...

Comment #71

YOUCH on the bed bugs! I don't like bugs inside or outside. I know I wouldn't want them in my bed. And all this time I've said I sleep nice with others. Yikes!.

Funny about the politics. So, I guess you don't think the video I posted on my page was very good..

Sorry if I offended...

Comment #72

Ok, I am going to sign off. Hope everyone has a good night and sweet dreams. See you all in the morning. Oh, I have a ton of water to go swallow...

Comment #73

Lauri - you never offend me. You are a great friend and supporter...

Comment #74

An Medifast member had put together an entire book of recipes that I stumbled across when I first started. It was old, but had been revised. If I find it again, I'll let you know where it is. We just need to keep in mind to double check for ourselves to make sure something is OP or not. Ya never know. It looked pretty good to me. I can't remember if I saved it or if I need to search for it on here...

Comment #75

Hi all. hope you guys are still here for the broccoli cups recipe:.

1 pack of COB soup.

Cooked chopped broccoli.. not sure how much.. I eyeball it.

One egg white or T of egg beaters (enough wet to make like batter).

1/4 tsp baking powder.

Put broccoli in muffin tin. mix other ingrdieants then add some batter on top. bake 20 min at 350 degrees. makes 2 muffins. I usually make 3 or 4 servings at a time. I like one egg white per two packs. turns out fluffy and yummy..

Comment #76

Oh good! The last message I saw was that you were signing off. I thought I did offend you. I'm glad I saw this one...

Comment #77

Did you have to go make some, so you could give us the recipe? lol.

I wondered where you went...

Comment #78

Good night sandy....

Hey lauri...wish I liked spinach, cause the dip sounds. I tried the meat muffins, but didnt like the cheese part. I am way too picky..

Comment #79

Andrea ~ It's late there. It's no wonder you can't keep your eyes open...

Comment #80

Can you tell I never cook. I had to sit and think about the recipe, even though I made them already today...

Comment #81

I wondered about you and the cheese. I remember that you don't like the creamy kind of cheese...

Comment #82

Yeah... going to finish my tea, and head to bed...

Comment #83

Im such a cheese snob. too creamy, too sharp, too processed. will not eat any cheese that did not have to be refrigerated!..

Comment #84

I'm the same way. I really don't like cooking. I truly need a recipe to make hard boiled eggs. Go ahead...laugh! I found a way though so that they don't using my Betty Crocker cookbook. I really only boil them at Easter and there is nothing worse than cracked; colored Easter eggs, especially if you're going to eat them...

Comment #85

Meat muffins - I add just a touch of egg beaters to help hold the turkey together and use dry ranch dressing instead of wet or hot sauce... though Frank's is AWESOME in a meat muffin..

Comment #86

Zucchini fries - how did that one slip past me... is it too late in teh season??? gonna shop tomorrow.....

Comment #87

Did I ever tell you in high school I worked at a swiss colony in our local mall? I was the biotch handing out samples and harrassing people. I know more about cheese than people should..

Comment #88

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.