How much does cost a month for iPage web hosting?

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First off, How much does cost a month for iPage web hosting? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... On my home page I have a dhtm menu at the top, below that is a floating inlinef frame, that is used to load the content of my site, with out haveing to load the menu every time. However any links that are in the floating frame and underneath where the menu drops out dont work..

The links that are further down the page work fine, but if I scroll the page up, as soon as they are under where the menu comes down to, thay too dont work.

Anyone had this prob before or know why/how to get round it?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Fargo, no acurate help can given without seeing your page, code, or script as you have it on your page, please post the url to the page you are discussing or set up an example we can view showing your problem, or post your source code..


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Sorry tha page is only running on my test server at the mo but hear is the code if any one want's to play with it (it is still a bit messy though).






#divbod{position:absolute; top:160; left:68}.

#divdev{position:absolute; top:47; left:-2}.

#divMB{position:absolute; top:44; left:350}.


#divBg{position:absolute; top:0; left:59; visibility:hidden; height:600}.


DIV.clSub{position:relative; top:-5; font-family:arial black,helvetica; font-size:12px; padding:10px; visibility:hidden; background-color:darkgreen; layer-background-color:Silver;}.

A.clMain{font-family:Verdana, Helvetica, Helv; font-size:12px; text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold; color:#00FF00}.


<script language="JavaScript">.



Var moveOnScroll=false.

Var hideAll=true.

Function makeMenuBar(obj,nest,vis){.

Nest=(!nest) ? '':'document.'+nest+'.'.

This.css=(n) ? eval(nest+'document.'+obj):eva (obj+'.style').

This.hideIt=b_hideIt; this.showIt=b_showIt; this.vis=b_vis.

If(ie && vis) this.css.visibility='hidden'.




This.obj = obj + "Object"; eval(this.obj + "=this").


Function b_gettop(){.

Var gleft=(n) ? eval(;.

Return gleft;.


Function b_showIt(){.



Function b_hideIt(){.



Function b_vis(){.

If(this.css.visibility=="hidden" || this.css.visibility=="hide") return true;.


Function checkScrolled(){.


If(n) setTimeout('checkScrolled()',100).


Function menuBarInit(){.

OSub=new Array().

OSub[0]=new makeMenuBar('divSub0','divBg',1).

OSub[1]=new makeMenuBar('divSub1','divBg',1).

OSub[2]=new makeMenuBar('divSub2','divBg',1).

OSub[3]=new makeMenuBar('divSub3','divBg',1).

OSub[4]=new makeMenuBar('divSub4','divBg',1).

OSub[5]=new makeMenuBar('divSub5','divBg',1).

OMenu=new makeMenuBar('divBg').



If(moveOnScroll) ie?window.onscroll=checkScrolled:checkScrolled();.


Function extract(num){.



If(num!=i) oSub[i].hideIt().









<body background="images/backg_1.gif" bgproperties=fixed>.

<div id="divdev">.

<img src="images/bodydiveder1.gif" border="0">.


<div id="divMB">.

<img src="images/logo2.gif" border="0" width="240" height="80">.


<div id="divbod">.

<iframe name="inframe1" src="body.html" Align="center" width="790" height="330" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0">.



<div id="divBg">.

<table width="102%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" align="CENTER" valign="MIDDLE" >.


<td height="30" background="images/comp%20back1.gif"><a href="body.html" class="clMain" target="iframe1"><center>.

<font size="3">Home</font></center></a></td>.

<td background="images/comp%20back1.gif"><a href="testp1.htm" onclick="extract(1); return false" class="clMain"><center>.

<font size="3">In The Scrap Yard</font></center></a></td>.

<td background="images/comp%20back1.gif"><a href="testp2.htm" onclick="extract(2); return false" class="clMain"><center>.

<font size="3">Bargain Corner</font></center></a></td>.

<td background="images/comp%20back1.gif"><a href="testp3.htm" onclick="extract(3); return false" class="clMain"><center>.


<td background="images/comp%20back1.gif"><a href="testp4" onclick="extract(4); return false" class="clMain"><center>.

<font size="3">About The Scrapyard</font></center></a></td>.

<td background="images/comp%20back1.gif"><a href="testp5.htm" class="clMain" target="_parent"><center>.

<font size="3">Links</font></center></a></td>.



//to be used proj.23.2.

<td valign="TOP">.

<div id="divSub0" class="clSub">.

<a href="#" class="clsub">#</a><br>.



<td valign="TOP">.

<div id="divSub1" class="clSub">.

<a href="testp6.asp" class="clsub">Soundcards, Speakers & Audio</a><br>.

<a href="testp7.asp" class="clsub">CPU's & cooling</a><br>.

<a href="testp8.asp" class="clsub">Diskdrives & Storage</a><br>.

<a href="tesp9.asp" class="clsub">Monitors & Display</a><br>.

<a href="testp.10.asp" class="clsub">Modems, Internet & Communications</a><br>.

<a href="testp11.asp" class="clsub">Networking</a><br>.

<a href="teasp12.asp" class="clsub">Printers, Scanners, Cameras & Imageing</a><br>.

<a href="testp13.asp" class="clsub">Mice, Keyboards & Input</a><br>.

<a href="testp14.asp" class="clsub">Motherboards & Cases</a><br>.

<a href="testp15.asp" class="clsub">Memory</a><br>.

<a href="testp16.asp" class="clsub">Graphics Cards</a><br>.

<a href="testp17.asp" class="clsub">Peripherals</a><br>.

<a href="testp.18.asp" class="clsub">Other</a>.



<td valign="TOP">.

<div id="divSub2" class="clSub">.

<a href="test.19.asp" class="clsub">Bargains Of The Week</a><br>.

<a href="offers.html" class="clsub">Current Offers</a>.



<td valign="TOP">.

<div id="divSub3" class="clSub">.

<a href="next1.htm" class="clsub">Sell Item/s</a><br>.

<a href="signupform.asp" class="clsub" target="iframe1">Register To Sell</a><br>.

<a href="inbox.asp" class="clsub" target="iframe1">My Inbox</a><br>.

<a href="userview.asp" class="clsub" target="iframe1">User List</a><br>.

<a href="profile.asp" class="clsub" target="iframe1">View/Edit Profile</a><br>.

<a href="membinfo.html" class="clsub">About Membership</a>.



<td valign="TOP">.

<div id="divSub4" class="clSub">.

<a href="next2.htm" class="clsub">How To Use The Scrapyard</a><br>.

<a href="next3.htm" class="clsub">Terms And Conditions</a><br>.

<a href="next4.htm" class="clsub">Contact Us</a><br>.

<a href="next5.htm" class="clsub">Scrapyard Info</a>.



//to be used Proj.23.4.

<td valign="TOP">.

<div id="divSub5" class="clSub">.

<a href="#" class="clsub">#</a><br>.








I have played with HTML and web design for a while but this is my first "real site" it is probly prety plain that I have had no formal training..

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One thing you could experimnet with is the z-index. if the visibile layer that you want to be clickable has a higher z-index than the rest of the layers, then it will be on top, and will respond to the mouse..

You can probably in corporate a change of the z-index value at the same places as you change the visibility..

Sorry I don't have time to ive you code, but there is lots of help here if you need a hand with the detail of the code...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.