How much does it cost for the Nutrisystem plan?

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Got a quick question: How much does it cost for the Nutrisystem plan? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... Hi - I've been a lurker now for about 2 weeks. After reading so many stories and seeing people's weight loss tickers it inspired me to place my first order. Everything arrived yesterday, and to be honest it was a bit overwhelming. Somehow I didn't realize that what I ordered also came with the frozen stuff so finding space for all that first was a challenge..

So this morning I embark on my journey and had my first Nutrisystem meal, crunchy cereal with skim milk. After that and a banana and coffee I already feel like I'm cheating.

I know the hard part is yet to come, but I'm excited, nervous, anxious. Amazing to think as a grown man, father, successful in business etc., that something like losing weight can seem so stressful and out of reach. I will be posting questions and hoping for the support that is offered here. My goal is 41 pounds (Would love to see 189 on the scale)..

If anyone has some advice on how to survive the first few days in making the transition I'd be grateful..

Thanks for listening...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Bolo is right. You need to follow the plan and follow it to the letter for the first month or two..

One thing that helped me is that I try to chose the high volume alternative to the foods. For expamle, I can have a 1/3 cup of apple juice or eat an apple. I always choose to eat the apple. I find it to be more filling..

Drink the water! And then drink more. The book says to drink 64 oz. Most of us here drink more than that. As you are starting out try to make sure that it is pure water. Nothing added to it. It helps you in so many ways..

Congratluations! You done the easy part. Now your work begins. Follow the plan, the weight will come off...

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Welcome... Frequently visit here for great support and information...

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Welcome to Nutrisystem mwoc!.

You'll find all the support and helpful tips you need here in our community. Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.....NutriSystem is a great place to start!.

Questions? We're here to help too! You can contact us at.


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Welcome, MWAC! You've done the hard part - starting. Now take a deep breath, realize you've got about a 4 month trip ahead of you and take it one day at a time. You'll be surprised at how quickly what seems confusing now becomes easy. Like others have said, follow the plan in detail. Also log your food for a month or 2 on your planner and on the Nutrisystem page. That will show your real calorie consumption and it's surprising how small deviations can add up.

After that, you'll have the rythm and it will keep getting eaisier. That has been my big surprise - how easy it really is. Good luck! Keep visiting here and get a ticker at It's really fun to watch it develop..


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Good luck, Nutrisystem has changed my life in a few short months , I'm sure it will do the same for you...

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I do want to make sure I'm doing this right. I plan on being on the boards often...

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I recommend reading these boards as often as you can. Not only do you get great advice, but you hear about the successes that others have had and it makes "staying the course" easier..

One last piece of advice...This is NOT a diet, it is a life style change!.

If you think this way of eating is only for a short time while you lose weight (which you will), then you are doomed to repeat the process over and over. You must retrain you mind and body using the principles that you will learn while using NS..

Best of luck,.


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Ditto on everything these great bunch of losers has already told you!.

Keep us posted on your progress!..

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MWOC, I just started this week also. It took me about a month to finally pull the plug and order my food. My wife decided to join me on this trip, so we are working hard together. I have no great advice to say other than you are doing this for yourself and for your health. What could be a better motivator than that!..

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Since no one else has said it yet..


When you're done, drink some more..

Then, go exercise..

Good luck and much success!.


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Hello MWOC and welcome! Lots of good advice above and within these threads so nice that you've got started...

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I'm doing the water .. good thing I can work out of my home office as the bathroom is steps away... seems as if it's coming out as fast as it's going in!.

Going to the grocery store later today for more add in stuff. What's the consensus on drinking the low sodium V8 for the veg serving? How often can I do that? That's an easy way for me to get the extra vegetables in during the day as I'm usually on the go...

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Welcome and congrats on starting! In my case I found that the trips to the bathroom slowed after a couple of weeks once the body got used to the amount of water I'm taking in..


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It's OK, but I find the real stuff is better for fiber and feeling full through the day. How about baby carrots and celery sticks to munch on? If you can afford it, most supermarkets have that stuff already prepped, although you can save a lot if you prep it yourself at home and baggie up into servings..

The frozen steam bags of vegis is something that I love as well. I usually cook it at home and divide it up into servings during some free time, and then grabbing a container for nuking at the office...

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Most supermarkets now have prepared veg in microwavable bags. Punch a few holes set for 4-5 minutes and they come out perfect. Add garlic powder a few sprays of ICBIB (Cant Believe ..Butter) and you've got a low calorie treat that will keep you satisfied. Vegetables and salad are a mainstay in maintaining over the long haul...

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Nothing new to say so Welcome to the new you...

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I survived day one, only got hungry right before dinner. I had the frozen ravioli and it was very good..

I'm surprised by the quantity of food. It seems like a lot. For example, this morning I made the eggs with veggie sausage (wasn't that impressed with sausage bits) and I added a fresh egg and some onions. Then a banana and coffee. That's more than I usually eat for breakfast. I didn't do the Low GI (bread) so if need be can I use that later in the day?..

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Welcome! A thing that I know I have to do is NEVER get hungry - that's when I lose control. Keep up the meals and add-ins and you'll stay full and be able to make great decisions..

I think you can use the bread later. Not sure though.....

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I like to keep something in my hip pocket for use later if needed. No problem doing that..


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I am the same. I get hungry and bad things happen to good people. That's why the 6 meals per day are key for me. As for veggies, I use the Glad microwave steamer bags. They work great. I use them for veggies as well as salmon and the like.

While V8 is convenient, real veggies will give you a feeling of satiety that will help you avoid feeling hungry...

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I really appreciate all the advice..

It still feels like I'm eating too much for breakfast, even though I'm following the plan to a T. I guess it's because it's a lot more than I normally would eat for breakfast...

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Welcome to the forums!!.

I felt the same way when I first started. It seemed like I was eating alot for breakfast. That will change as your body gets used to eating at regular intervals thoughout the day..

In the first week, it seemed that I had to force myself to finish all the food..

Once you get into a regular'll be fine..

Also, I know you heard this a bunch of times throughout this thread but it can't be emphasized enough. Drink water!!! Lots of it!!.

Good luck. Post often. Stay strong!!.


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Welcome WMOC,.

Just look these guys tickers. You can see progressive success after the first 30, 60, and 90 days. You can have a beach body by July 4th!..

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My advice, aside from drink the water and then some, is to eat a full breakfast and make sure to eat the salad. You will feel less hungry the rest of the day. If you want to save an extra for later, that's fine. I do it all the time. For example, sometimes I make tofu with a little bit of teryaki sauce and have it as a protein portion with salad for dinner..

You, like me, start out needing to lose 40 lbs., which is not a lot compared to some here. So I offer the following advice that many here may not agree with. You will find that in a month or so you will start to crave other foods and want to cheat. After having my share of bad days, I decided that cheating is inevitable. You can either not plan for it and eat really poorly, or plan for it and minimize the damage. So I plan to cheat, and do so on a regular basis.

For example, like I said above I often cook tofu using some teryaki sauce. Technically not allowed but I don't douse it with sauce and I do it because it makes the tofu so much better. For protein I also like fat-free Greek yogurt. Usually I use fresh ripe berries that have some sweetness like strawberries or blueberries to add to the yogurt, but often I add a little honey. Again, not a lot, just enough to make it taste good.

I actually look forward to my salads with all of these things. Be creative with your extras, it'll keep you going. And if that means you step out of bounds a little it's okay. In fact I think it's good for you psychologically to break the rules some, as long as it's within reason. Better that than a late night run to McDonald's.

Slower than some yes, but right now I know that what I'm doing is sustainable for me personally. And that gives me a lot of confidence for the future...

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Jules, great post! The key to long term success is using Nutrisystem as a starting point for a healthy lifestyle. Sense most of us got here by having a very unhealthy lifestyle, I think it's important to follow the plan strictly for at least the first month or so - then make adjustments to find the healthy lifestyle we can maintain. Planning is certainly the key to long term success. You're adjustments are well thought out and in control - the key is whether they work..

If you're only staying on plan through gutting it out - it won't last for long - making adjustments you can live with will last! Congratulations on achieving a healthy lifestyle...

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Thank you Jules for your advice as well as all the others. I've survived the carb withdrawal headaches and am now looking forward to my first weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm getting use to drinking the water and getting in a regime on eating throughout the day..

I'm sure like most I'm anxious to lose the weight and am surprised how much I'm thinking about it during the day. It seems as if I'm planning my day around what I'm suppose to be doing on the diet. Since every couple of hours I'm checking on what snack I should be having, have I had my protein yet, where am I with the water, etc. I continue to browse other posts and marvel at people's weight tickers. It gives me inspiration that I too can have a ticker like that, although at times it seems like it will take forever to get there..

So tomorrow marks the 1st week done. I know the next week will be easier, and then the dreaded week 3 will be here. I'm sure I'll be posting a lot and reading a lot then...

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One day at a time, one meal at a time and 100% dedicated and before you even realize what's going on, your results will amaze you...

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That's one of my mini goals actually. We have a community party every year in our neighborhood and we're always swimming at someone's house that day. I'm motivated to shock a lot of people with the new me...

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