How much does it cost to do Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem?

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My first question is How much does it cost to do Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Hey Guys,.

Here are the before and after pic's I promised in my goal thread. The sad part is that the before picture is not even at my peak level of sloth. Still unreal though. It's funny, I still don't quite believe that the pictures are me..

Some additional stats: When I started Nutrisystem I was wearing 42 pants, (should have been at least 44's, but like many of you I wore them below the belly, can you say Dunlop? Knew you could). Also I was wearing a 50 suit jacket, and XXL t-shirts, but those were getting tight too. Now I just got into and bought some 34 pants, wear XL t-shirts very comfortably, and most amazingly, tried on suits over the weekend and fit in a 44 jacket. I have never worn a 44!.

Also, when I started I was using cycling and weight lifting as my primary forms of exercise. I now regularly ride my road bike for three hours or more at a time, averaging 20+ miles per hour, and able to sprint up to about 30 mph. When I started twenty minutes was about all I could handle, and I averaged 12 mph. In May I started riding at lunch and it's very hilly around my office. For the first month or so I was walking my bike up the bigger hills. Now whenever people ride with me they can't hang in the hills, even the skinny people, and I heard that our CFO, who has been a semi-regular riding partner, told someone else "man he really flies in the hills"..

Even with my bad knees I have been able to start running again, which I didn't think I'd ever do again. About 6 weeks ago I started the "Couch to 5k" program, and am up to running two miles at a time. It feels amazing to be able to run, and I have already scheduled my first 5k race for late October..

The weight training has been different too. I have always been strong, and when I was playing football almost 20 years ago I could bench and squat some pretty impressive weight. Although I have been lifting for 6 months straight now I haven't really gained much strength. I think it's because I have lost so fast it can't help but be muscle I've lost too. At the very least it's been impossible for my body to build much muscle on 1800-2000 calories per day, which is what I had adjusted my intake to for the level of activity that I maintain. It's been a little bit of a mental adjustment to not be the "big guy" any more, and get over the ego thing of having a bunch of plates on the bar.

I am getting seriously cut though, and for the first time in my life a 6 pack is looking like a real possibility, (gotta lose the excess skin though-although it's going away)..

Health things are much different too. When I started it was mainly for health reasons. As an older Dad I was very concerned about being around for my little twin sons. I had developed some bad circulation problems in my legs, I was headed for diabetic land, and climbing stairs would leave me huffing and puffing with occasional pains in my chest. Now that's all gone, and I feel like I'm 19 again..

So, all in all, it's been an amazing change. Again, I want to thank you all because I really don't think I could have done it without the continued support and expertise of this group. It's funny, having read back practically to the beginning, you see people come and go. There are several generations of Nutrisystem people who have come, lost their weight, and then left. Often they come back later to re-lose the weight after gaining it back. I'm under no illusion about how difficult maintenance is going to be, but am committed to continue to participate in these boards as part of my maintenance strategy to help me stay focused and vigilant.

Also, I want to stress again that I am happy to help any of you however I can. I have learned so much throughout this and am more than happy to share that knowledge. Remember too, that you can do this! Believe me, if my no will power having ass can do it, so can you!.






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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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Congrats! Lookin good! Wow, I hope I can say the same thing someday and when you see/read results like yours it is encouraging! Thanks for taking the time to show it's possible!..

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First, congrats! you look great..

You brought up something I've been wondering about - gaining muscle while losing weight and whether it is even possible. If you google around, you'll find that people seem to be pretty evenly split on this one. Some say that while in calorie deficit your body will never build muscle, others say otherwise..

I've been lifting weights as part of my Nutrisystem program for about 10 months now. And while I'm definitely stronger, I don't really think it's due to having more muscle mass..

Assuming it IS possible, can it be done on only 1800 calories a day, or is that deficit too great?.

Also, I've heard from various people in the gym (no shortage of opinions, ever) that the intensity of the cardio I'm doing is working against me building muscle mass. I do about 45 minutes a day on the elliptical and keep my heart rate around 80% of maximum (~147 for me). What they're saying is that since I'm in calorie deficit, my body goes into something called "ketosis" to supply itself with energy while I'm on the elliptical, and ketosis necessarily involves the breakdown of fat AND muscle..

I just hate to think I'm wasting time lifting weights when all I should really be doing is cardio and diet..


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Awesome job, Bear! Really nice on the clothes and exercise NSVs...

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Hi Aaron,.

Those are both great questions, and they get pretty hotly debated by people a lot smarter than me. I do believe it is possible to build muscle and lose at the same time, because I've done it before, albeit on a smaller scale than this weight loss effort. I do think that you have to so exactly balance your caloric intake with expenditure that it's very difficult to do, and I don't think the basically one-size-fits-all nature of Nutrisystem is going to do it. The mix of nutrients in the Nutrisystem diet also doesn't seem to be well suited for mass building without some pretty extensive supplementation..

As far as cardio hurting your muscle building, I think not. I mean sure, if you were juicing and packing on mass before cutting for a body building competition then probably. But for the kind of lifting I think you're talking about I don't think so. Such is the problem with fitness advice you receive in a gym, people hear something with a little bit of truth in it and take it as gospel that applies in every situation, and are all too ready to share it with you..

I'm sure that some of the more educated muscle heads will be along shortly to give their opinions, but that's what I have learned/observed..






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Way to go Bill!!!.

Aaron- Your question deserves it's own thread...

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Congratulations on your phenomenal achievement! It's very inspiring to see your transformation..

I just ordered my Nutrisystem plan today and I can't wait for my food to arrive. I'm bigger than when you started (I'm a 46 waist, 58 coat size, xxxl t-shirts) and I hope to get down to around 200 lbs..

Thanks for posting your success story, it's got me excited to lose weight and achieve my goal!.


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There is a fair amount of study showing that cardio retards muscle growth. For instance a group of champion cross country runners was looked at when in 20s and then followed up in their 40s. Most of them were no longer running, with guts...yet their vertical leap had gone up 10"..

That said, I really don't think this is an issue for the average one of us, having a medium build and doing a combination of cardio and strength...but not near ultimate levels. I've seen people build both strength and cardio in boot camp style exercise as well as on wrestling teams and the like. More of the gains were cardio, but strength was maintained or slightly increased. If you think about functional usage of your muscles, that is probably fine. Also, some cardio exercise (swimming, biking) builds a little more muscle than flat out running (which I think is the ultimate cardio exercise, though.)..

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GREAT post, Bill! Great example! Amazing loss and testimony..

Welcome, Chet! Glad your first experience was to see Bill's story. THAT's where it's at! Hang around. Post often. Follow The Plan. It's that easy..


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Thanks so much for telling such a rich story. It really does help those of us working on this same journey. I didn't think we would have that much in common. I'm not a huge guy. But there were some things that really resonated with me, nonetheless..

I have started biking as well. I really love the feeling of the speed and the outdoors and the thrill of it. I actually rented Breaking Away a few days ago for motivation. My hill days are probably over (knees) but I did get a cool comment from a truck next to me, who asked if I break speed limits (I am not as fast as you, but do try to keep up with city traffic as I ride to the gym)..

I also have not really gone up that much in weights. Somewhat joint limited, but perhaps also calorie. I have had very slow gains though...and I think the program has at least reduced muscle loss (except the hell can a fat man expect to keep the same calfs after putting down the 24-7 rucksack.) And really unless you juice, strength programs need to be long can't expect rapid increases unless you were very weak to start with. But if you stick with it....

I did the dunlop thing too. It will be also be neat to have a smaller jacket size. I'm hoping that suits won't be that much impacted or can be tailored, but may want to treat myself when/if I get to goal..

Again, huge congrats to you and thanks for taking the time to share the particulars. It really does help to hear some other experiences. And the story about people talking about you behind your back, how hard you take the hills on your bike is just cool. They see the eye of the tiger!..

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Thanks Gordon! I just saw your pics and man you are an inspiration too! Congrats on reaching your goal, look at those guns!..

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From what I understand, in order to go into Ketosis, you need a nearly complete lack of carbs so that insulin production is halted and the body begins to produce ketones. Ketosis is the concept on which the low-carb diets are based, Atkins, South beach and the Zone..

If you're eating carbs regularly then there's probably no way that you can go into ketosis from working out...

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Results. Way to go...

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Here it is. I saved one pair of before pants & still have the belt. These were not taken today, but probably about 10-15 gained back lbs ago. I'll be back in the after pants in a couple of weeks, for sure..

Bill, you should change your user name to skinnybear! Thanks for sharing the before/after pics and your story. It's an encouragement for all of us..

Before size 52 pants, now 38. Shirts 3x to currently L ( was in M.


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Look at all of the extra holes punched in the big belt before he sprung for a new belt. NSV!..

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Awsome Inspiration! Congratulations. I hope to be reading your posts for a long time...

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Great job Hugebear. I know just how it feels brutha'..

Ain't it cool?..

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You have done some amazing stuff and your story is like mine. I was very happy to see (and then hear from you) that the lose skin - even hanging on this old body - does eventually tighten up. I was shocked initially when I was doing planks (a core strength move that puts you in a position like you're doing a push up) without my shirt and looked down at my stomach - hanging there like an empty sack - ugh. Still hangs but much less so and it's only been about two months since I reached my current weight..

Maintenance is as tough as the diet itself and what I've really struggled with is adding enough calories to maintain my weight and support my activities. I log my food every day still..

Best wishes on your continued journey...

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The reason for doing resistance training is to stall the muscle loss while you're in calorie deficit. Without resistance training you lose a large percentage of weight from lean muscle mass - not the fat you want to lose. So, keep doing the resistance training in addition to the cardio. 1800 calories is probably too low to support much of any exercise program beyond the 30 minutes per day of cardio (low impact stuff). So, be aware of calorie usage versus calorie intake...

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Hugebear - There is not a lot left to say about your success but.



Remember results not typical!..

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