How much does Medifast Diet cost per month?

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My first question is How much does Medifast Diet cost per month? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. Morning girls!.

Still yucky but think I would see improvement after today. Food was good yesterday, what I could taste, and the company was good. Weather was gorgeous so it was nice to be able to spend it outside..

Mike thinks he will get called out for work this week at a new power plant in Terra Haute Indiana which means he'll be taking off and things with Dad/Mom shift back to me 100%. That's ok, I just have to do better at getting down to Dad's more often. I can do it it's just that having him there made it easier to not go there. Mike's been out of work a year this month so he definitely is looking forward to it..

Have a good Monday. Still keeping my Dentist appointment but feel a bit self-conscious about the fact I'm not feeling well. Shoot, they can send me home, I don't care..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Morning Ladies.

Nothing much with me. update on kiddo.

Well the "girlfriend" was here this weekend, kiddo played the third wheel buffer.

You know your relationship is going south if you need a buffer, especially when you live thousand of miles apart LOL. Anyway kiddo come home last night, early for a change and we had a nice dinner, I asked when the GF was going back and How they we doing together. Found out she was home early cause the break up happened last night.

It happened after she left. So now we will see how the transition from friends to BF and GF goes. OH to be young again NOT LOL.

Ok time to work..

Comment #2

Monica - wow, she arrived, it's over and now it's time for 'our side' to move forward. Good for her, I wish her the best (not the old GF)..

Have done an excellent job at doing NOTHING today. Dental all good, returned something to the store, picked up something from the store, did a load of laundry and snoozed off/on all day......Wish I felt better but don't feel as bad as I did.........


Comment #3

Charly vacuums to not be well for your bum day.

Well glad your feeling a bit better anyway..

Kiddo is holding her own, I know she is looking forward to being his date rather then just his buddy, but she's smart too and playing it by ear for now. Not that things are going to change much, just kissing will be involved now LMAO something new to rib her about..

Ok time to get shut down and off to BD I have such an exciting life..

Comment #4

Awwwww look I found a pic of the 2 of them from last summer as Just Friends.

Aren't they a cute couple..

Comment #5

Very cute couple!.

Tuesday, back to work, oh joy!! But I do so much better with structure in my day (lol). Crazy sore throat stuff needs to GO AWAY!! I think this antibiotic is playing havoc with my body, bc should be interesting tonight..

Nothing new to report from here, same 'ol same..


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Morning Girls! Charly maybe the antibiotic isn't strong enough? Hope you feel better today. Monica, such a cute couple, hope it all works out. Nothing worse than liking some guy who likes your friend. Went through that with the was rough..

Nothing new around here. Nephew did well at the Dr's appt. Next visit in 4 weeks. He was happy just sick of walking on crutches..

Still dark outside so I can't really tell what it's like out there. Have a great day everyone. Waiting for my next order to get here..all out of BROWNIES! AHHHHH!.

Talk to you later....

Comment #7

Hey Ladies!.



Monica - The picture of the couple was cute, she is a pretty girl. Love the doggies of course! Hope she finds happiness, it's hard to be young..

Ali - Glad your nephew got a good report with his doctor. He seems to have mended well. Hope he stays off of the dangerous equipment..

All is well here - well not really, my first adult backache - lifted a saddle at a weird angle, my show saddle with all the silver and heavy leather, and pulled something in my lower back. I have no back problems so this is a big ouch. Heating pad and Doans are really helping..

Horse show was good, bigger than expected. 2nd place in western pleasure, walk/trot and lope. 16 particpants. I was in the lead in horsemanship with patterns, my foot came out of the stirrup, I paused to fix it. A HUGE no-no (live and learn) I should have been disqualified I was told later. I placed 5th out of 8.

I thought that was nice of her. It was a long day but fun..

Hello NA wherever you are!.

Sandy prayers continue for you and your family, hugs to you..

Okay one last thing (when I post, I POST!! LOL) My neighbor Cindy, probably have spoken about her before, beautiful girl 45, gained about 50 pounds over the last 10 years. She has tried JC, Nutrisytem and hates the 1.5 pounds a week loss. She finally wants to give Medifast a try, I am going to give her a brownie mix, shake and soup to let her taste it..

Anyway she asks me over and over again how much she will lose, listen I was a very slow loser. What is the average WL for a woman in her 40's with 50 lbs to loose, does anyone know? Thanks.

Be good, Charly feel better and I hope you all have a good week!..

Comment #8

Patti average weight loss after the first few weeks, is 2 to 3 lbs per and that will go up and down. 1.5 is good I'm sorry to say. She need to remember it didn't show up in one day it ain't going to leave that quick..

WTG on you show, nice job even if you did do a big boobo LOL now you know..

Nice hearing from you.

Thanks the kiddo is a real cutie so is the boy, ask her last night if they were going to start dating now.

She doesn't think so LOL Seems to be under the impression that since they are good friends can't do much more. I told her being best friends is a great start, I don't thin she wants to get her hopes up???? and afraid of losing her best friend too..

Onward the drama goes LOL.

Ok time to get ready to leave this dump, go play drums tonight..

Comment #9

Thanks for the info Monica, I will pass it on. Have fun at your drum lesson/class..

This is sort of "out there" but one of my favorite "teen" movies is Drum Line. I love drums, any kind will do, have a good time!..

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Dum tek drum.

Dum tek ka 3 sounds.

Now just getting them in the right order different sotry LOL..

Comment #11


Wow cooties still have a steel hold on me, actually worse than before, I think the meds aren't working (LOL). Stupid cooties!!..

Comment #12

Awwwww Charly, dang cooties.

Hope they vacate soonest.

Drumming went well almost LOL need lots of practice.


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Morning Girls!.

Charly time to go back to the Dr. Everyone in my family that had it couldn't shake it for two weeks. Most had a fever, I was lucky and didn't have that symptom. My stupid cousin gets on Facebook and starts telling people (in her condescending tone) "maybe you should all stay home from work and family affairs, and keep your kids home while sick." Her husband and older son had it and couldn't shake it. I typed back on her page, "did you ever think you might be the carrier working in a hospital?" Didn't go over well, she erased my comment from her page. LOL Ewww she is just so irritating..

Patti I am a slow loser too but I also don't watch my condiments. I go over on Crystal Lite in my water every day. I lose between 1.5 and 2 a week, a heck of a lot better than what I did on Weight Watchers. Hey that was a great show you had, hope your back feels better soon. Backaches are like toothaches in my opinion. They make everything in your body hurt, from the head to your toes..

Monica hope things are better for you at work this week. Stress levels down?.

NA, have fun on your trip!.

Talk to you all later..cooler out today!..

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Comment #15


I Will go back to the doctor today, I've had enough! Nothing much to report here. Construction on the new building (about the size of an oversized 2 car garage) is ongoing this week and little Charlie is exhausting himself being on patrol, he's wiped out and ready for bed by 8:30p. Rob needed somewhere for all his woodworking tools and storage away from his Dad's farm, so that's why the building is being constructed. I ran out yesterday and put our initials in the cement before it totally dried. Rob's BIL who has his own construction company is doing the work. Nice guy (good thing (LOL)).

I intend to purchase an above ground pool for myself. He gets a building, I get a pool.

Brother Mike got called out for work Tuesday night and is working now in Terra Haute Indiana on a new power plant. Should be good for a year, he's been out of work a year. This ramps up my responsibilites for Dad/Mom but that's ok, Mike needed to get his work..

Got some rain, we sure needed it. Doubt that I will make it to BC since I feel bad. Feel like a total loser for missing BC but can't see getting through it feeling this way...

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Morning Girls!.

Charly the best thing is going back to the Dr just to make sure it's not something more than what's going around. Went to Walgreen's yesterday and the line at the pharmacy was unbelievable. People hacking and coughing..oh I just wanted to get out, and get out quick. Feel better and I love the idea about the pool, great exercise too..

Other than that, nothing else going on around here. It's freezing this morning, furnace kicked itself on at 3am. Burrrrr!.

Well I'm off to start the laundry. Talk to you all later!.

Hi's out to Monica, Patti, NA and Sandy! Have a great day!..

Comment #17


Charly feel better.

Ali stay warm.

Me werk..

Comment #18

Charly - Hope the doc can give you something to speed up the recovery..

Ali - Stay warm, it's back in the 80's here, would love some cooler weather..

Monica - Waving at you and hoping your day is going smoothly..

Hey NA and Sandy..

Went to the barn, could only walk no trotting, back is still hurting a bit. Peanut was good, we are trying to learn some new things to enter 8 events in a big Nov. show, we shall see..

Need Botox so badly, got some pics from a friend that she took of us at a show, I hate growing up, enough said. ) :.

Hugs to all of you!..

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Morning Girls!.

Up way early today, gonna be a long one..

Charly hope you are feeling better today? Did you get back to the Dr.?.

It's cold and dark outside! The birds aren't even up yet! LOL Currently 52 degrees...only going into the mid 60's today. It was so windy yesterday all the leaves from the neighbors tree blew into my front yard after I just got done raking all his crap off of it the day before..

Oh well, more exercise for me..

Have a great day ladies! My goal to try and stay awake past 11am. LOL.


Edited to add: I did it again, didn't go to the next page of posts! Patti hope your back is doing better today also...

Comment #20

Morning Ali!.

I am feeling better but no thanks to a doctor, said there was nothing else he could give me to help so just to push thru.........oh well, I'm alive and I guess that's good enough..

Pattishakes - sorry about that back thing, what bit I've hurt mine with BC is miserable so I can totally sympathize..

Ali - cold/rainy here, been up since 4:30a with Charlie.....long day ahead..

Monica - how are you and how is the new dating scene for the niece????.

NA - where are you and how is the weather?.

It's Friday woohoo. Fast week for being so miserable!!..

Comment #21

TGIF for sure on this end too.

Nothing much going on here, guess the youngest niece is coming home with me this weekend to spend time with her sis and "BFF" Some kind of horror movie marathon..

I did ask Kiddo if they were going to start dating now LOL I got the "look" and a "probably not" cause they are friends, I told her she couldn't ask for a much better start LOL she did agree with that. I don't think they realize their relationship as it stands now is doomed one way or the other. If they don't become a couple, once either one of them finds someone they want to date, the attached at the hip business is done. I do think it's telling the first weekend after he breaks up with old GF, the other kiddo is invited up, even though niece has been with him every night, including spending tuesday night at his house (yes she actually sleeps over at least once a week but no hanky-panky this guy is a saint LOL) heck she stayed one night when the GF was there, well fell asleep is more like it..

Watching these 2 and I have no doubts as why I am still single and likely to stay that way too, makes me want to beat my head against a wall "Make it STOP" LMAO..

Comment #22

Monica - (LOL) single, I could actually go with you on that one. Not too many days go by that I don't ask myself why I did what I did but I did and I'll live with it....

Comment #23

LOL Charly it would be OK it's just that initial getting to know someone, that makes me crazy. I don't play the games and won't play them, easy enough to weed them out most run like crazy when I mention 10 cats LMAO, I"ll know I'm on the right track when they ask indoor or outdoor.

Sounds like someone is in the dog house He better shape up..

Comment #24

Morning Girls! Yep, fell asleep on the couch again and woke to Peggy Sue Got Married on the tv. LOL.

It's cold here, really cold..furnace has been running for the last few hours. I had to actually put the heater in the fish tank...water was dropping to low at night..

Poor fish!.

Single??? OMG, I will be that way until I die. Never, ever getting married again. I like my life the way it is..come and go when I want..

Charly hope you're feeling better today. At least it's the weekend and you can sleep later and no BC..

Hi's out to Monica, Patti, NA and Sandy...Have a great day at my brother's house this afternoon. Ewwwwwwwwwwww, my sister will be there. There goes the afternoon. Curious to see how big she is now!.


Comment #25

Morning Ali - Cold here too, current temp shows 39. No BC this morning, didn't think I was up to breathing the cold air. Have loose cough and break up so that's better. Do feel better so far but only been up a few mins. Party sounds like a good idea today perhaps you can keep good distance between you and evil (LOL).

Monica - no one in the dog house here just a honest comment I made. I hate/hated the dating 'games' as well but like you, did and could still hold my own..

Pattishakes - how is the back? Have you tried the stick-on heating pads? Love those. Take it easy and don't push it..

Not sure what is on the agenda here, have things to do here as well as errands to run, we'll see which one wins...

Comment #26

Hey Girls,.

Charly - glad to hear you are feeling at least a little better, this cold has really knocked you for a loop, hang in there and improve every single day!.

Ali - I can't believe how cold it is over there! Brrr. I hear you about not getting hitched again, me either, never, never, never..

Monica - I wouldn't want to be young again for all the tea in China. Young love can be a difficult thing. She sounds like a smart cookie! Hope your weekend is going well..

Patrick had a great CC race today 19:55 for his 5k. He just BBQ'd for us, good kid..

That's it, I went to the race, rode Peanut for about 10 minutes, walking..

The BACK is much better, yes Charly I LOVE THOSE STICK ON HEATING PADS!!!.

Hot showers, motrin, heating pad and no lifting has really made a huge difference..

Hi NA and SANDY!!!.

Hugs to all, Patti..

Comment #27

Morning everyone!.

Pattishakes, I'm envious of P(s) 5k time, I wish I could be that quick. Perhaps if I were his age I could be. Glad your back is feeling better. I agree on the 'young love' statement, not me, couldn't handle it at all..

Ali - how was the party?.

Monica - what's up in your part of the states?.

Not much going here. Probably mop the floors today, Rob will be outside working so he can have Charlie out there with him and not get in my way. I am feeling much better today. Only good thing about feeling bad is that it makes you slow down and be mellow. I can feel the surge of the 'get you a&& in gear' welling up inside me to get back to normal around here. Cough is good, not much pain or soreness in throat neck anymore so I kind feel like I might have this whipped....maybe.

Gorgeous outside so far. My buckeyes lost yesterday so it was a sad evening however I did not spend my night watching the game. Tough for me to sit and just watch an entire football game. Hamburgers out of the freezer for the grill tonight. Have a good day, bbl to check on what you all are up to...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.